Special Videos

                       Rare Video 2
Aww Zac  22MB MPEG  (S1) or (S2)
Hanson Live from around 1995 performing
Surprise appearance by family member! - I think it's little Mackie =o)
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                       Rare Video 3
  20MB MPEG  (S1) or (S2)
Hanson Live from around 1995 performing
                       Everyday People
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                       Rare Video 1
Rare Video Appearance  18MB MPEG
Hanson Live from around 1995 performing
Love you Save by the Jackson Five
More to Come of These! 


River   35MB MPEG
River - The video / New super MPEG version


dreams.jpg (28477 bytes)   31MB MPEG
With You in Your Dreams  


Weird Artists Cut  27MB MPEG
Weird - Artists Cut
Hanson explains the making of  the video Weird


Let me see your hands  33MB MPEG Enhanced Stereo Sound
Gimme Some Lovin - VH1 Hard Rock Live


Wheres the Love  28MB MPEG Enhanced Stereo Sound
Where's the Love - Better audio and Video


Mmmbop   28MB MPEG Stereo Sound
Mmmbop / The Video - All new MPEG version


Isn't it Weird?   28MB MPEG Stereo Enhanced Audio
Weird / The Video - All new MPEG version


Motown Live   27MB MPEG Stereo Enhanced Sound
Ever Lonely from Motown Live 2-99



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Tin Soldier   38MB MPEG
Tin Soldier - Stereo Sound Enhanced


Ever Lonely on Donny and Marie   18MB MPEG Enhanced Stereo Sound!
Ever Lonely from Donny and Marie Show (12-98)

 29MB MPEG worth its weight in megabytes!
I will come to you - UK Video
New edition with awesome Audio and Video!!


 18MB MPEG Great Sound and Picture!!
Stories from Road to Albertane-buy your copy today!
This will be our only clip from this video


"Gimme some Lovin" from David Letterman

Ever Lonely  25MB MPEG 16Bit Stereo
"Ever Lonely" from VH1 Hard Rock Live


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   30MB MPEG (240x180)
Weird from MTV Live at the 10 Spot

cbsWTL.jpg (23628 bytes)   21MB AVI (240x180) 16bit 22Khz Audio
CBS This Morning - Where's the Love
Live at Chelsea Pier / New York City  8/98


oprahbop.jpg (17778 bytes)  7.3MB AVI (160x120) 16-bit / 22Khz audio
Mmmbop - Oprah Winfrey '97


riverjay.jpg (18555 bytes)  14MB AVI (160x120)
River / Tonight Show - 7/98


vh1forty.jpg (17221 bytes)    15MB AVI (Enhanced Stereo Sound
~Minute Without You~
     VH1 Story Tellers
rivervid1.jpg (14056 bytes)         17MB AVI(Stereo Sound)  or  20MB MOV
     ~River Video~
      Titanic Spoof
river.gif (57403 bytes)                          16MB AVI  or  xxMB MOV
River from MTV 10Spot
mtv_speech1.jpg (34566 bytes)       17MB AVI  or  20MB MOV
Speechless / MTV 10Spot     
mtv_speech2.jpg (34303 bytes)       15MB AVI  or  26MB MOV
Man from Milwakee / MTV 10Spot     
lovin4.JPG (10675 bytes)
"Gimme some Lovin"  Medly from MTV 10Spot   14MB AVI  Stereo


mtv_c2u.JPG (11230 bytes)
"I will come to You" from MTV 10Spot   20MB AVI  Stereo Sound            


w_oprah.gif (27810 bytes)
"Weird" from the Oprah Show   14.8 MB MPG


abcman.gif (32958 bytes)    12.4 MB MPG
"Man from Milwawkee" ABC special


iwc2u1.jpg (19256 bytes)
  "I will come to you" NYC version  16.5 MB MPG


PopUp Oprah
"Mmmbop - PopUp Video" fom Oprah  10.6 MB AVI


Media/weirdcon.JPG (11473 bytes)   (14.2MB AVI) 16-bit Stereo Enhanced
"Weird" from Conan Obrian


popup2b.jpg (19271 bytes)
"Mmmbop - PopUp Video" from Oprah  14 MB MOV


Weird on Nick 
"Weird" on Nickalodian Awards 4-4-98   11.4MB AVI  Great Sound


cool.gif (2172 bytes) weird.jpg (10838 bytes)
Weird, the Video (15.4MB AVI)
Audio Enhanced


Media/madabc.JPG (11430 bytes) 
Madeline from ABC Special  (14MB AVI) over 3min video!!


Media/iwc2u2.JPG (12533 bytes)
"I will come to you" from ABC GMA (4.8MB MOV)



            "MmmBop"  (entire video) (12.1MB)
            "Where's the Love" (entire video) (17.6MB)
            "I will come to you" clip from Video (5.02MB)
            "Where's the Love" clip from Weird Al Show (5.9MB)