weird.JPG (26713 bytes)with enhanced audio     +   RealVideo Version
12-14-99 Hanson Hotline updated with a message from Ike


12-07-99 New Video Clip of Polka Power segment with Mmmbop and more!!


12-03-99 Posted 21 new Hanson Fan fiction Stories!
More Video and Audio waves are coming up next..


11-29-99 Added new Chat OP Ryan16 to the OpsPage =)
The Hanson Survey Quizlet has been updated


11-21-99 Tons of great new tour Pics from Magda added! We love ya Magda :) 


11-5-99 HansonHouse BBS is now up and running!
Get registered today and be a part of the fun!!


11-4-99 Checkout this new pic of Ike from Teenbeat!
Also added to Group 9, Taylor and Zac Pics


11-3-99 The Hanson Survey Quizlet has been updated...Answer it!


11-1-99 Checkout more Zac, Tay and Ike look-a-likes
Hanson Hotline updated with a Halloween message from Ike =o)


10-30-99 Cool exclusive pics from Magda in Sweden!


10-27-99 Hanson Hotline updated again...2 more weeks left in the Studio! 
+ More exclusive pics from last year's concert coming up!


10-23-99 Video of Space Ghosts C2C was added!!
Hanson Hotline
updated...Hear Choir sing Happy BDay to Zac


10-6-99 Checkout these HOT sneak preview pics from MOE 6
A new Video and more MP3's are coming up this week!!


10-4-99 Hanson Hotline updated...This time it's ALL Taylor!!


9-26-99 New Hanson Rare Video 3  has been Posted !! 
* Special thanks to Magda for supplying the video to us *
Also checkout these new wave clips
+ More new Hanson Look-a-Likes =o)


9-23-99 The Hanson Survey Quizlet has been updated (no more hair questions)
Another all new video is coming - check back!
Added new OP Zac_ to the OpsPage
Check it out and come into the Chatroom to say hi 


9-18-99 Hanson Hotline updated...All three guys on this one!


9-15-99 Added New Chatroom Operator Pics of:
Trent, Nitzan, Robby, Christine and Brian - check them out!
Then meet us in the Chatroom =o)

9-14-99 The Hanson Survey Quizlet has been updated.


9-12-99 Posted Video #2 from the 1995 Performance
This time they sing Boomerang and there is a surprise
family member appearance!! It's so cute!
more to come...


9-5-99  Hanson Hotline updated...We hear a little from Zac this time :)
More of the New Song Demo Clips have been posted


9-4-99 Collectors Edition video of an early (around 1995) 
performance of Love you Save at what appears to be a Mall!!
More performances from this appearance are coming up next.

Want to Save the Video or Audio Clip to your Harddrive? 
No Problem. Just be sure you installed Microsoft Media Player and after 
the file is finished downloading,  select  File / Save as, and save it to your C: drive.


8-28-99 Hanson Hotline updated - wish we could hear from all 3 guys more
The Hanson Survey Quizlet has been updated...
Also check the new Look-a-Likes I posted  ;o)
New Audio coming this weekend, promise!
Also that rare video footage is on it's way, stay tuned!!


8-22-99 Here's some new exclusive Pics from Magda in Sweden
Included are a few recent ones from the WWC in California!
Hanson Hotline
updated, They are in California and it sounded like Isaac
was calling from a cell phone in the Van. If you listen you can hear Zoe and maybe Mac...not sure :) probably on their way to the beach!


8-21-99 The HansonHouse CrewPage was updated and added back!
Checkout CJ's page and become a member, and see you in chat!
I will be adding some more MP3's and soundbytes this weekend
+ Coming Up, some very rare footage from Hanson's early years 
that you have probably never seen...being mailed to us now
So be sure to stay tuned for that and much more!!


8-19-99 Added a fun Hanson ItzJamz mix MP3


8-18-99 Hanson Hotline updated with another clip from MOE5
New Zac Pic was moved from the front page to his page
Still working on some new things (video and MP3s)
Check Back !!


8-14-99 Hanson Hotline updated 


8-7-99 Added a new vote in Rock the Vote - Vote for Taylor NOW !!


8-5-99 Hanson Hotline updated with a short clip of a possible new single!
Also I am making the current one available in MP3 format.


8-2-99 Hanson Hotline message updated; Zac is being nuts =o)


8-1-99 Checkout Polka Power by Weird Al Its so funny I had to
put it up for you to listen to. It also has part of Mmmbop
in it so listen for that!


7-28-99 The Hanson Survey Quizlet has a new funny question. =o)


7-27-99 Added a few Hanson Look-a-Likes
Here's some Mag scans from Germany from the tour


7-23-99 HansonHouse Chat Ops Page was Updated
Hanson Hotline
message updated


7-22-99 I am adding tons more Hanson Fan Fiction 
and True Stories today, take a look and check back for more!


7-19-99 The Hanson Survey Quizlet is now working.
If you participated before, re-enter your response because it
wasn't counted- they had a server problem.


7-17-99 Updated the Survey Question of the week...


7-16-99 Hanson Hotline Updated with all 3 guys this time! 3D 3D lol

7-15-99 Ugly Phil Interview with Hanson Posted!! (Thanks to Bill in Sweden)
+ Added Dido's Full-Length version of the Anthem from Europe
Hanson Hotline Updated with thanks from Isaac for our support
Plus, now you can checkout Hotline Past messages!


7-11-99 WWC Anthem
  Video Posted
  Audio Clips added


7-7-99 Famous Families Part 2 Video has been added!!


7-6-99 Hanson Hotline Updated


7-3-99 Added more Hanson Look-a-Likes Pictures


7-2-99 Here's some nice B&W pics sent in by Magda


6-28-99 Famous Families Video(part 1 of 2) added !!


6-24-99 Hanson Hotline Updated - but from now on, check the date next to it
to see if it has been updated each day!


6-24-99 Fox Famous Families Pics has been posted !


6-23-99 Finally updated the Survey Question of the week, check it out.
Also, there's a new Hanson Hotline message today from Isaac...


6-22-99 There is a new Chat - check it out :))


6-17-99 Hanson Hotline Updated again, this time with Isaac as Austin Powers !
I love to hear from him, but wish Tay and Zac would get on there too.


6-13-99 New Video upgrade posted - check it out!


6-08-99 Hanson Hotline Updated with more news about the new CD and MOE 5


6-04-99 With You in Your Dreams Video added!


6-02-99 More awesome Hanson Pics from Magda in Sweden !!


6-02-99 Added a link to a new HansonHouse Chat Crew page by CJ. It will include chatters as well as OPs, so if you would like to be added to it send her an email with your bio and Pic and she can add you if your a regular =o)


6-01-99 More Awesome Pics from Argentina added thanks to Maru =o)
and a really great original photo from Germany !!


5-31-99 Hanson Hotline Updated with a special effect requested by Isaac! :)
The pics from the MTV/Lucas Ranch thing are posted in appearances.
Added a new vote to the voting page - Keep the guys #1 !!


5-29-99 Survey Question was updated (finally)
When I saw this question I just totaly cracked up :) so I just had to ask!
New Pics added from Argentina !! - Formatting by HansonHouse


5-27-99 Hanson Hotline was updated


5-26-99 Added cool new search engine to to help you locate things
you might be looking for on the site. Link on the front page (left)


5-25-99 More new Hanson Stories were Posted
Few new Group pictures and  Tay at a BDay party!
+ added another Zac look-a-like


5-22-99 Adding more Pics to the Look-a-Like Page - Wow


5-21-99 Added a new Java Chat for Style #1 - Try it out!!


5-19-99 newflash.gif (3167 bytes)  Video posted from last nights MTV private screening!!


5-18-99 Hanson Hotline updated with message from Isaac about Star Wars!
We will be recording the premiere and will have a video up later today
So check back for all the Latest Coverage!!


5-17-99 Cool new Hanson Pics from Magda in Sweden !!
and a rare Pic of Taylor thanks to Camila


5-15-99 Working on a new Hanson Midi of Minute Without You
We're not finished, but you can check it out so far...
More coming later tonight!!


5-14-99 New vote added for Greatest Pop Group - get the vote out!


5-11-99 Added a new section- Hanson Look-a-Likes
I never seen one that looks so much like Taylor as this one did.
Anyway, this is officialy denied as being him. I believe him.
Therefore, I'm putting it in a new look-a-like section. You decide.

I am also working on a new page of Misc Pics that you can checkout.
Although it's far from being done, there are tons on it already. These
are pics that were once on pages of HansonHouse but had since
been deleted from those pages. There will be some really cool ones here.
By tommorow I should have them all on there.


5-08-99 Video posted - Weird / Artists Cut !!


5-05-99 Hanson Hotline updated with message from Isaac about the tornados. :)
Finally updated the Survey Question (sorry for the delay)
Be sure to come by the Chatroom to celebrate Hanson Day 1999 !!


5-03-99 Posted some classic and exclusive Pics in Group 9 pics page


5-02-99 Added the Hanson Hotline to the front page- no more busy signals!!

4-30-99 Another Pic added to Group 9 Pics from Teen Beat mag
+ a really dreamy one of Zac~~~~~
4-29-99 Hot new pic posted in Group 9 Pics - Check it out!


4-25-99 I found a flaw in the new video, Gimme Some Lovin, and have fixed
it. So if you downloaded it yesterday, you may want to get it again
so you won't have the copy with the problem. sorry about that...
More updates are coming- new MP3's and MIDI's !!


4-24-99 Video posted - Gimme Some Lovin from VH1 HRL !!
12 new Hanson FanFiction stories and 1 new Real Story posted


4-21-99 Survey question of the week was updated


4-19-99 RealVideo HansonDownUnder Part 3 from Australia !!


4-16-99 More great Pics from Magda of when
            Hanson was in Toronto Canada 1998 !!


4-14-99 Waiting on an exclusive audio interview from Mexico that is being
sent to me probably today, and more!!


4-13-99 Pics posted from Mexico thanks to Jessy !!


4-12-99 Survey question of the week was updated


4-10-99 RealVideo HansonDownUnder Part 2 from Australia !!


4-9-99 RealVideo HansonDownUnder Part 1 from Australia !!
Server problems are continuing- many of the older Videos and Audio files
may be not working while I am trying to fix this. If you are downloading one of these
files, it may just stop,  as this server is being started and stopped during the day.
I think if you come back later though to the same file, it may resume where you left
off, but no promises on that...sorry. This is a tough  problem we're dealing with- won't
bore you with the details, but much of this is not our fault (not mentioning names..grrr)
When it is working, you may notice it's ALOT slower, again not our doing. Note that
all new videos and audio are not affected by this, only the older ones.


4-7-99 More cool exclusive pics from Magda in Sweden !!
15 new Fanfiction Stories have been posted- many more to come!
Stay tuned!!


4-4-99 Read It !  Final parts to the Aussie Interview with Ugly Phil and Hanson
             have been posted!! Big thanks to Mike from Sydney!!

4-3-99 Read It !  Aussie Interview (Part 2) Includes Isaac and Taylor

4-2-99 Hot all new pics being added to Group 9 Pics page !!


4-1-99 Read It !  Zac just talked to Ugly Phil in Australia, hear it NOW !!

Added new link to vote for Best Band - Keep Hanson #1 !
Posting lots more right now - check back !!


3-29-99 Added more exclusive Pics from the incredible Magda in Sweden!!


3-28-99 More MP3's added from VH1 Hard Rock Live
  Gime Some Lovin
   Minute Without You
   Ever Lonely

The new Chat Style #1 is back up now- try it out !!


3-27-99 MP3 Added:
   Mmmbop from Oprah Show
   Where's the Love from from VH1 Hard Rock Live


3-26-99 Satarday Hanson Fever - Checkout this Pic by Rob B. - cool
The new media is coming, sorry for the delay, I hope to have some
things posted later today so check back!!


3-25-99 The chatroom has been updated with a new Java and server- Try it out!
If there is any lag or you have a problem connecting, please let me know!


3-24-99 I added a direct link to the MTV RealVideo News feed on the
front page- check it out, it's cool. It uses the newest technology
from Real Networks Server to auto-adjust to your modems speed!!
Working on more MIDI's and MP3's...


3-23-99 Added some rare Pics of Hanson when they were in Taiwan
in '97 thanks to Magda =o)
Also added 3 nice Pics from Sweden thanks to Jeanette !!
I updated the Survey of the week Question!
   Guys, I'm running out of ideas here, if you have a good survey
   question idea submit it to me from that page, thanks ;)
Tons of new info in Latest News- check it out!!


3-21-99 Time to even the score!! Added 42 new Isaac Pics


3-20-99 ballmv.gif (1653 bytes) Added new MPEG version of Where's the Love
This replaces the other 3rd party version we had up
with much better audio and video- a must have =)


3-17-99 Added new MPEG version of Mmmbop
This replaces the old mov one of it.


3-16-99 Added my fav Pics of Zac, Tay and Issac from MOE 4


3-14-99 New MIDI version of Speechless
This is not completly done yet but I thought I'd let you hear how
it is coming along so far- SoundBlaster 64 works best =)
Happy 16th Birthday to TAYLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3-13-99 New Pics added to Taylor - Zac and Group 9 Photo Groups!


3-11-99 Heres a new Pic of Zac from Germany (when in Cologne)

Updated Survey question of the week- finally!!
Ok, I resisted asking this question, but many people emailed me
wanting me to ask it so here it is :)


3-9-99 Added new drawing of Zac from Monica- nice!
+ new Group Photo and Tay Pic


3-7-99 ballmv.gif (1653 bytes) New MPEG version of Weird(the Video) that rocks!!
Completly re-recoreded and audio mastered makes this the best
version of Weird yet. This will replace Weirdv.avi


3-5-99 Posted Australian Interview (Part 1) MP3 from Mike
and new Dance Mix version of I Will Come to You from Maya


3-3-99 Added new exclusive Pics from Magdalena !


3-2-99 Added 2 new Videos from a Hanson performance on Fun TV


3-1-99 Added new Tour Pics from Philly thanks to DreaminofHanson
You can join her newsletter by emailing her here


2-26-99 Videos from Japan posted from the PopJam program!!


2-25-99 Updated the Calendar of Events - sorry for letting this go!
Added MP3 version of Ever Lonely from Motown Live!


2-23-99 MMMBop Live Video from the Japanese Show MUSIC STATION
It's seems they sang over a recorded instrumental version of MMMBop.
Thanks to Remy of France for this video!

Tons more Hanson Fan Fiction has been added!!


2-22-99 There is a new link to Rock the Vote


2-19-99 ballmv.gif (1653 bytes) Ever Lonely/Motown Video This Rocks- Check it out!


2-18-99 8 More Exclusive Pics from Magda were added on her new page!


2-17-99 Should Tay keep the ear-ring? Goto Quizlet and lets see what we think!


2-16-99 Checkout this Pic of the guys from 1996- (thanks to Magda)
   man have they grown since then!


2-12-99 Videos Posted: Flashback series
   European Index Advertisement thanks to Remy!
   Swedish Interview from Hanson's '97 visit thanks to Maya!


2-9-99 Awesome Interview from KJRH Radio (thanks fo Stephen) !!
Added a cute wave file of Hanson talking in Swedish (& translated)


2-6-99 Updated Survey question


2-4-99 Original Pics from London includes Wembley in background !
New Group Pics 9 page is started


2-1-99 Here's a nice Pic from Magda in Sweden! cool


1-30-99 Read It !  Tin Soldier video posted
We had many requests for this video because we
have no other one of this song.


1-27-99 Checkout these awesome new Pics from Germany !!
Survey of the Week was updated, please answer this one.


1-25-99 Read It !  Have you seen this pic? It's cool.
Heres a cute Pic of Zac from Brazil


1-22-99 Read It !  Where's the Love Video version 2 posted !

1-19-99 Read It !  The lost videos all restored !
More Hanson Fiction was added


1-17-99 New Pics posted from Brazil thanks to Tatiana


1-15-99 New Pics posted from Sweden thanks to Magda

1-12-99 New Pics posted from France thanks to Virginie !!
New Pic posted from Brazil thanks to Jessie (love this one)
New Stories are being posted now including TULSA 74132

1-11-99 The Chat has a new version of the Java added, try it out!!

1-8-99 Read It !  HansonHouse Animations posted on Pics page.
Get you votes in for Hanson on Donny and Marie
Its' over on Monday!

1-7-99 Read It !  New Pic added from Jessie in Brazil !! (more coming)
               - International pics now on 2 pages for easier browsing!
Hanson Survey Question updated with new question of the week.
Updated the instructions on the chat - please read thanks!

1-6-99 Read It !  New Pic added from England by Jenny
Great new pic of  Taylor was added!
1-4-99 New Zac pic was added

1-1-99 Happy New Year!!
Read It !  New Articles from Brazil with photos!
Some new Hanson MIDI's were added (thanks Gabriel)
Added another link to Rock the Vote (we need you here)


12-29-98 New links were added to Rock the Vote - go everyday!
See Calendar of events for new listings!
New question for Survey of the Week (thanks Ashley H.)
Another Fan Fiction story was added from Ashley


12-24-98 Videos Posted:
* Melrose Place with Little St. Nick
* ET - What's Hanson doing for Christmas
New Pics are coming!


12-20-98 Video Added Today!
* Ever Lonely from Donny and Marie (enhanced sound!)
I added another link to Vote for Hanson - so go by often!
Added 2 more Hanson Fan Fiction Stories


12-18-98 New RealVideo posted of the Donny and Marrie show Interview
+ over 20 Custom Pics from the show were added!!

* Note that I am using a new method with RealVideos. If you are
   lucky enough to be using a cable modem or ISDN then the 100K
   link will stream the video. However, because the quality is so bad
   for lower speeds, 28 and 56K links will download the RealVideo file
   before it starts playing. All new RealVideos will work like this.

12-15-98 Here's a pretty cool pic from a Taiwan Newspaper from Tina.
"Ike for casual clothing in Taiwan"? :o)


12-13-98 Checkout this Pic of Tay and Zac from Israel!!
More Hanson Stories are being added
+ Look for an all new "Question of the Week" quizlet
or survey to be posted on the front page today.
Do you have an idea for the 1st survey question?


12-12-98 Video Added Today-
* boxer skit from Letterman

12-11-98 Video Added Today-
* Merry Christmas Baby - Leno


12-9-98 Video Added Today-
* Regis and Kathy Lee Interview


12-8-98 Videos Added Today-
* Interview from Jay Leno
* Hanson at the 1998 Billboard Awards
* Skit from Leno Appearance

Read It !  Another cool B&W pic from Magda in Sweden!


12-7-98 Read It !  Checkout this GREAT Pic sent in by Magda from Sweden!
Also, heres a nice collage of Zac Pics made by Becka.


12-6-98 Buddy Farro Video clip posted!!


12-3-98 Read It !  Hanson Wins 1998 Ugly Awards for song of the year-Weird!!
            Great audio clip of the awards just in from Australia!


12-1-98   Some nice pics were added from Italy!


11-30-98   Another cool pic from Japan!!


11-28-98 iwc2u_uk3_small.JPG (2204 bytes) I will come to you - The UK video
It's a large file, but definitely worth it! Tell me if you don't agree!!

11-26-98   "Saturday Night Live" '97 Flashback
Skit on the appearance was requested by some guests.
Checkout this new pic of Tay and Zac from Japan!

11-23-98   "Stories" from Road to Albertane
Checkout this awesome cut!
Reason enough to go buy the video now!!
If you live in the US, you can find it at
BlockBuster Music for around $19

11-20-98   Rosie Show Video was added!

11-19-98   Added an acapella version of "I will come to You"

11-17-98   More Hanson Stories were added !
Vote for Hanson vs N'Sync on the Rock the Vote page(over)


11-16-98   MTV Total Request Live Day 2 Video added


11-14-98 TRLive3.jpg (70840 bytes)
MTV Total Request Live Day 1 Video
New Hanson stories added from Jen...


11-13-98   Howie Mandel Show Interview in RealVideo posted
Videos of BOTH MTV appearances in MPEG are next!!


11-12-98   Special Video Pics from Fox Special - Road to Albertane!!
New Hanson stories posted from Janna


11-10-98 "Gimme some Lovin" from David Letterman video is up!!


VH1 Hard Rock Live - Interview Sections!
Isaac and Tay talk about the writing and tour.


10-30-98 ever3b.jpg (6766 bytes)
Latest Video from VH1 Hard Rock Live!!
The new song Ever Lonely


10-29-98   Listen to this Hillarious clip of Zac talking
            about their voice's breaking!
Videos from VH1 Hard Rock Live are coming this Friday
and coming soon special RARE videos...stay tuned!!


10-27-98   Listen to Jackie'o talk about Hanson on Melrose Place
+ Checkout Sarah's Story about meeting Hanson


ET Exclusive of  Hanson on the Melrose Place Set
  + Swedish VoxPop 97 Interview Videos!!


10-23-98 Zac spent alot of time yesterday on the NET reading emails
according to Taylor!! hehe

  Checkout this clip from the Ugly Phil Show!


  Checkout these Clips from the new Live CD


10-20-98 Added more Pics from
Mabelle & Mariangela & Jessica
New videos are coming up and I'm still working on
getting the audio files back...stay tuned!!

10-19-98   New Pic added from Jessica in Brazil
10-17-98   More Pics and Story of the
            Cologne Concert from Magda!!

Added a new Pic from Planet Hollywood NYC...

10-16-98  Very Funny audio clip added...hehe


10-14-98   HOT - Checkout this exclusive preview of
       "I Will Come to You" from the yet unreleased "Live
        from Albertane" tour CD thanks to Ugly Phil and Mike!
Also, checkout the new Hanson Lake Gif - It's cool!!


10-13-98   Here's a few more Concert Pics from
Cologne Germany Show thanks to our Magda!

...more to Come later today!!


10-12-98 More pics were added from Mariangela in Italy !
Will Smith reading Mmmbop was fixed and re-added..hehe

Are you using Windows 95 or 98? Then use should be using
the latest Media Player for best results here!! With Media Player
you can listen to MP3 files right away, also Wave and RealAudio.
See Top of the Audio Page for the link ;o)


10-10-98 Planet Hollywood
Exclusive Pics from Planet Hollwood.
Taken by us at the event!!


10-9-98 More pics from Magda ! ;o) nice
and another from Jessica in Brazil

+ checkout this funny wave of Hanson talkin bout Dancin


10-7-98 chan11b.jpg (30271 bytes)
Planet Hollywood Dallas Coverage from KTVT 11
Exclusive pics and more are still coming...


10-5-98 New story added and previous story link repaired.
News Clip video of the PH interview and Pics are coming!!


10-4-98 New Australian Hanson Interview posted from Ugly Phil
Added another great Pic from Magda


10-3-98 EXCLUSIVE!
Our own video from Hanson's Press conference at
Planet Hollywood Dallas


9-27-98 Read Kyndall's stories on meeting Hanson in Tulsa
Great pics of the Planet Hollywood PC and T from Brazil

9-26-98 VH1 - Before they were Rock Stars 2 video posted
Added more Hanson fictional stories

9-25-98 Checkout this very Mmmhot Pic from Canada
           + more great Pics from Brazil
           See Ivy, Camy and Jessica's new additions!!


9-23-98 Lots of new stuff today, check it out!
From Cologne: Special Shots and a story by Magda
Fan mag scans from Canada from Ivy and Jessica

9-21-98 weird.gif (16268 bytes) from Live at the 10Spot
Now Posted in High Quality MPEG format!
It's streamable and high enough quality to playback full-screen!!


9-18-98 Here's a nice Pic sent in from Canada by Ivy
and checkout this artistic photo layout from Rob B.


9-14-98 Wow-Awesome Pics were added from Magda


9-13-98 Special Pics were added:  See Group 8 and Magda
More to come!


9-12-98 Video from MTV VMA posted


9-10-98 Pics being added:   See Group 8 and ZAC

9-9-98 CNN Video posted - Isaac talks about college

9-8-98 Gimmie Some Lovin Midi File added (thanks Jenn)

9-7-98 Pic from Magda in Sweden of Hanson in Cologne, funny!

9-6-98 CBS This Morning - Live at Chelsea Pier NYC
ball1.gif (1653 bytes) Where's the Love ball1.gif (1653 bytes) AVI Video Posted

Pic from Magda in Sweden of Hanson
entering their coach about to go from Cologne to London.

New Wave posted of Zac talking about his shiny hair...

9-5-98 cbsmorn2.jpg (24984 bytes) New Video from the CBS Morning Show!!
This first video is of the Interview and also includes parts of Mmmbop

and Speechless...Now available in RealVideos and AVI
The RealVideos include "Where's the Love"!!

9-3-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Pics posted from Magda in Sweden


9-2-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) 18 Photos from the French TV program Exclusif !!


9-1-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) New pics added from Kathleen in Germany and Group 8


8-30-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Added 2 new stories by Kristina


8-25-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) CNN coverage of the Planet Hollywood Press Conference!!
Videos posted in both AVI and MOV formats

+ Checkout the Video Pics from it!


8-23-98 grammy.gif (39708 bytes) Grammy Appearance Revisited
Hanson nomimnated for 3 Awards...AVI posted!
+ New Pic from Magda in Sweden's Frida magazine
More Videos and Pics are coming today


8-22-98 Here's a cute Pic of Zac from a German Mag
+ New story added to the Hanson Fiction Gallery


8-21-98 A couple of new Waves were added to the Audio Page (thanks Ash)


8-16-98 More Videos
MOV version of FANatic is up for non-Windows PC's
+ Flashback to Oprah Winfrey and Mmmbop from the 97 appearance!


8-14-98 phasetwo_logo.gif (2115 bytes) Videos up on RealVideo & AVI pages !!


8-12-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Posted The Magic Show video pics from Rob B.
+ New story was added: "Love Always Wins"

8-10-98 Montana added Chapter 20 as well as some more poetry to Blonde over Blue story page.

8-8-98 Im adding new Pics to Group 8 and Zac now ... check it out!

+ launch.jpg (908 bytes) Added a new remix of Where's the Love

8-7-98 More new Pics have been added to the new Group 8 page Zac & Isaac too
Lots more are coming. I'm scanning them now...Stick around!!

launch.jpg (908 bytes) checkout some more hot pix from Atreveda Brazil! thanks Camy

8-5-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Wow, Magdas friend took some awesome photo's of
Hanson in Cologne Germany- check it out
Sorry for the delay, I have many more Pics to add that I'm working on.


8-2-98 Another Pic from Brazil! Awesome photo from Atrevida Magazine
and a little help from HansonHouse artshop...more to come!
Story was posted from Michelle...

8-1-98 New Pic from Brazil!! Really nice of all three, very cute!

7-23-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Cool video Pics from VH1, Leno and ET !!


7-20-98 Added "River from the Tonight Show" in RealVideo and AVI !!
Special Pics are still coming from these shows


7-17-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes)  TONS of new Stories have been added (finaly!) - check them out!!
Hanson in the Studio with ET  -  Now in   AVI or RealVideo


7-16-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Tonite Show with Jay Leno AVI movie is up!!


7-15-98 Added "The Magic Show" interview in RealVideo and AVI
+ More Appearances were added to Calendar of Events


7-14-98 Added a new story "77th Street"  (many more to come)


7-12-98 Kelly and Amy Osborne meet Hanson in DC
RealVideo or Full-Size AVI movie
+ 2 New articles were added to Latest News
...more updates coming tonight!!


7-11-98 Special New Pics in Group 7 - Taylor and Pic from Brazil !!


7-5-98 Hanson Rocks!
New Special Custom Video of VH1 Teen Idols in RealVideo
AVI  or  MOV !!
+ Terena's Review of the DC concert
+ Great new Pics from Magda in Sweden !!


7-3-98 vh1story.gif (54525 bytes)VH1 Story Tellers AVI Video of some Interview Parts
+ see Albie's review of the Washington DC concert in Latest News
More to come from VH1 Teen Idols!


7-1-98 AVI Version of "Minute without You" from VH1 Story Tellers

6-30-98 New RealVideo is posted from VH1 Story Tellers


6-28-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes) Tour Pics Page started with some
              photos from the Germany Concert (thanks Mike)


6-24-98 Added new pics to   ZAC - Taylor and Isaac  and  Group7


6-23-98 TvGuide.JPG (2438 bytes)  Special June 22 Hanson issue!


6-22-98 Added a new Pic to the International Page from Argentina (thanks Marina)
Pics and Video added to Latest News


6-20-98 Added  new Scans of ZAC - Taylor and Isaac  + Group7

launch.jpg (908 bytes) Added Pics and articles from Sweden! Thanks Kristen and Magda !!
btw / Magda looks like Taylor, Look at 2 of the Pics with her Pic in a logo on them :)
+ Added a few new funny WAV files (many more to add here)


6-19-98 Added a nice version of Incredible from Mmmbop in MP3 (thanks Eric)


6-18-98 Many new Stories were added.  Added some Pics too....many more coming
Added a link to SAFM Australia in the RealAudio section


6-17-98 Full Length MP3 Audio tracks from Live at the 10Spot are posted!


6-15-98 launch.jpg (908 bytes)  Our Custom River Video Pics are up..check it out


6-13-98 Just in!! The HOT 30 Remix of "Thinking of You"  Its WAY cool!
              from the Ugly Phill Show in Australia !!  (thanks Mike)

+ Checkout the backstage pic on the Latest News Page
+ Added a new version of Mmmbop to the Midi's

Later today I'll be posting special Video Pics from "River"


6-12-98 New audio MP3 Re-Mixes of several songs have been posted..their wild!
+ A complete set of the audio MP3 from Live at the 10Spot will be up today as well


6-10-98 Problem with the River Video's audio track was repaired (see Latest News)
+ MOV version of the video has been uploaded...Check the Video Page
I'm still working on The PostCard Shop and much more ... check back


6-8-98 rivervid1.jpg (14056 bytes) The new Titanic Spoof video of River is posted
                                          AVI Video and RealVideo is up
(MOV coming)


6-6-98 Added Pics from Australia's Ugly Phill show to go along with the Audio clips
of the same show....Posted along with MP3'S on the AUDIO PAGE

I will be adding MP3 clips of ALL songs from Live at the 10Spot tonight
....look for them shortly

Finished checking out the latest updates?
Then come on into the new HansonHouse CHAT and hang out with Hanson friends!!


6-5-98 ET preview to River Video in AVI and Realvideo is on the front page
We probably will not keep this one in the video collection, so get it now if you want it.
top3.jpg (28472 bytes) Pics and transcript from Top of the Pops posted on Latest News page
~more updates tonight~


6-4-98 Cool new Pics of Isaac - Taylor - Zac  ...
Gaby sent in a Hanson Word-Search Game that you can print out and play


6-3-98 Check out the new "Watery" Hanson animation on the front page
+ Added another Ausie Interview with Phill (thanks Mike)
+  2 new MIDI files
+ Kim has added a chapter to her "Blonde over Blue"   Story  


5-31-98 Working on new RealAudio and Pics ... check back
Come on in to CHAT while your here....


5-30-98 river2.JPG (11393 bytes)"River" from Live at the 10 Spot video posted...more to come
5-28-98 Live performance of "Thinking of You" in MP3
+ French TV Interview in RealAudio
   -All on the Audio Page
5-26-98 ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Checkout the awesome new pics in these sections:
              Taylor   Zac   Group 7   more to come!!
5-24-98 mtv_speech4.jpg (29712 bytes)  Speechless from MTV 10Spot
   Zac's really getting into it!  :o)


5-23-98 mtv_mfm1.jpg (32081 bytes) 
MTV 10Spot - Man from Milwakee video is posted !!

launch.jpg (908 bytes) Great new Audio Clips of last weeks Interview with Hanson
              on Australia's Ugly Phill Show.  This time Phill did a really cool mix of
              Hanson music clips along with it...check it out
Pics were also added to Group 7 and Family pages


5-21-98 etshoot1.jpg (37961 bytes)  ET Photo Shoot Coverage Video
                                          + See more Pics at Latest News


5-20-98 All New Pics added to-
        Taylor     Isaac   Zac   Group 7 
   + a new MOE pics page (updated with each issue)


5-19-98 New custom Pic of ZAC and article links in Latest News

lovin.gif (47938 bytes) Gimme Some Lovin Medly from MTV 10Spot is posted
                                           + Run Rudolph Run from ABC GMA (thanks Maya)

MTV Top 10 Sibling Video Pics have been added to the TV page!


5-16-98 rosie.jpg (21110 bytes) Rosie nterview Video from the recent show is up!!
+ 2 new Pics and the Swedish Interview in RealAudio
are posted on the new Sweden Page!


5-15-98 Another MP3 Interview with Taylor from Australia is up + a very sweet Pic from Sweden
We have a new design and look to the Group Pic pages

Hanson was on Rosie O'donnel today and they rocked!!


5-13-98 mtv_c2u.gif (56544 bytes) "I will come to You" from MTV Live at the 10 Spot


5-12-98 Complete Recent Hanson interview with Australia's Ugly Phill in MP3 format !!
They talk about 3 Car Garage and lots of other stuff.
New Chat room is up ... try it out!!
5-11-98 Read Natalie's Story about meeting Hanson 11 times!!
5-10-98 a1.JPG (30091 bytes) MTV Scrapbook Interview Video
+ Special original photo from Sweden w/ Zac and Walker on a new Swedish page...


5-7-98 Hundreds of new Pics are being added to the new General Appearances page
I still have more to add here....check back on this page
5-6-98 etw.gif (25209 bytes)  Here's the ET interview with the boys!! Check it out
I've got tons of new Pics that I havn't got to yet and even more to scan..yikes!! :o)
I am also working on a new Classifieds Section for your personals and trading...
5-2-98 abcman.jpg (28179 bytes)  "Man from Milwawkee" / ABC Special

woww.gif (9437 bytes) Over 70 text Articles ... Check these out from '97-'98

5-1-98 w_oprah.jpg (15304 bytes) "Weird" performance from Oprah Winfrey Show
+ Updated RealVideos of Mmmbop and Where's the Love for 28K/56K modems


4-30-98 MP3 of Boomerang from CD (thanks Eric!) It Kicks!
+ More MIDI files of Hanson


4-29-98 v2.jpg (10117 bytes)  "I will come to you" - London Version

New MP3 and RealAudio clips of  interviews


4-26-98 Awesome MP3 versions of Mmmbop 
RealVideos of
Mmmbop and Where's the Love


4-24-98 popup.JPG (24414 bytes) "Mmmbop PopUp Video on Oprah"
+ Mmmbop RealVideo and new MP3 audio clip
+ Many new Pics in Group6 - Tay and Zac


4-23-98 RealAudio Clip from MTV Artist's Cut
4-21-98 See the Latest News tons of cool links, clips and new info just in!!
4-20-98 More pics posted in Group5 and Tay
Swedish Hanson Pics on the International Page

Another BBC interview was added to the Audio Page
4-17-98 iwc2u.gif (30457 bytes) "I will come to You" video (NYC version) posted on Video Page!

+ I've added more RealAudio clips and another Pepsi add Pic in Latest News

4-16-98 See a picture from the latest Pepsi ad in the UK in Latest News   ... Cool !!

Wow! Apple just came out with a version 3 for Quicktime (MOV) format movies.
Go to the video page and download your version of it today.
I will be making a new better version of "Weird" designed especially for it!! - Check Back

Funny wave clip added to the Audio Page  

4-15-98 I've added 2 more stories to the Story Page - Many other updates are in the works.
4-14-98 More Pics were added to Tay, Zac, Group5 and Family
4-13-98 new1.gif (11099 bytes) Custom video Pics from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (with surprise from Zac) 
4-10-98 Nicalodian Kids Choice Awards custom Pics have been added to the TV page.
4-8-98 Nick's Weird Video of  "Weird" performance from Nick's Kids Choice Awards.
                                         Plus RealVideo Versions of them too!

Cool- Check out this article from TV guide on the Kellog's Hanson Eggo commercial.

4-7-98 Zac's a cutie :o)   Video of the Tonight Show Interview

Started new RealAudio section in Audio Page with Rick Dee interview 
(thanks Stacey)
4-5-98 GO HANSON!! Videos of the Awards are Posted
   -NICK was Rockin -         
   HANSON WINS Favorite Music Group and Song Mmmbop  Ya!!!