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Lucy (Kent, England)


Past Questions and the Results:

Q: What do you think of Taylor's hair now?
(of 5255 respondents)
44%   I think it looks great now.
40%   I liked the last style better.
7%   I liked it long, like at first!!
9%   It should be even shorter and spiked!

Are you happy that Hanson have girlfriends?
(of 2599 respondents)
36%   Yes, I'm happy for them !!
27%   No, I don't like it !!
37%   I really don't care either way.

Q: What should Hanson's next single be?
(of 3879 respondents)
58%   Runaway Run
42%   Save Me

What is your fav song off the TTA CD?
(of 4867 respondents)
7%   This Time Around
20%   If Only
30%   Runaway Run
15%   Dying to be Alive
11%   Can't Stop
16%   In the City

Do you think Hanson should be starting an Internet ISP business?
(of 2599 respondents)
44%   Yes, I think it will be cool.
56%   No, I think they should stick to music.

What do you think will happen when Hanson's new CD comes out?
(of 2688 respondents)
63%   A huge frenzy with interviews, radio...
30%   Medium interviews, a tour, radio etc...
7%   Will have to work extra hard for them.

If Hanson was to do another theme CD like Snowed In, what would you like best?
(of 2426 respondents)
15%   Another Christmas CD
6%   A Soul or Hip-Hop one
40%   50's/60's Classic Rock
39%   Unplugged or Acoustic

Do you wear Hanson shirts to school, movies, ect?
(of 1374 respondents)
25%   Sometimes
15%   On special occasions (Hanson Day...)
26%   Never (don't wear any band T-Shirts)
21%   No (I would be made fun of)

Out of these 4 demo clips, which one is your fave?
(of 2206 respondents)
47%   Runaway Run
28%   Smile
18%   Dying to be Alive
7%   Lonely Again

What did you think about Taylor's new Haircut?
(of 1189 respondents)
57%   I love it
19%   I liked it long better
24%   It doesn't matter, either way

What did you think about Zac's long hair now?
(of 1714 respondents)
26%   I love it, keep it long dude!!
18%   It's ok, just needs a trim though
30%   It should really be alot shorter
27%   Any way he wears it is cool with me :)

What would be your favorite candy of these?
(of 2472 respondents)
36%   TemTaytions
13%   SnIKEers
15%   Zac Tacs
36%   Hanson Kisses

If Hanson was going to do a duet with one of these, who would you pick?
(of 3229 respondents)
4%   Spice Girls
26%   Britney Spears
22%   The Moffatts
45%   Aerosmith
2%   TLC

Whose personality changed the most due to their fame?
(of 2252 respondents)
9%   Isaac
29%   Taylor
14%   Zac
48%   They are all 3 exactly the same!

If you got a Hanson tatoo, which one would it be?
(of 2653 respondents)
15%   Totaly Tay
21%   Ninja Zac
7%   Dancing Ike
24%   All three on one tatoo
33%   None, thats obsessive!!

If you could pick another song off MON for a video, what would it be?
(of 1819 respondents)
11%   Thinking of you
20%   Yearbook
7%   Speechless
15%   Look at You
10%   Lucy
37%   Man from Milwaukee

Why do you think some people don't like Hanson?
(of 1375 respondents)
11%   Don't like their music
20%   Because they're different (hair ect..)
13%   Because guys are jealous
11%   They're too young to get respected
44%   Answers 2 and 3

Whats your favorite Hanson single so far?
(of 1211 respondents)
9%   Mmmbop
10%   Where's the Love
14%   I will come to you
13%   Weird
8%   River
45%   I just love them ALL the same !

How much do you think the Internet has helped Hansons popularity?
(of 1385 respondents)
45%   Tons- Very much!!
42%   A little bit- somewhat
14%   Not much at all- none

If a Hanson had a girlfriend, do you think they would tell?
(of 963 respondents)
38%   Yes, they would be honest about it.
62%   No, they would keep it a secret!!

Who's your fav brother?
(of 2538 respondents)
15%   Isaac
34%   Taylor
29%   Zac
22%   All of them equally !!

Should Taylor keep or lose the ear ring?
(of 2753 respondents)
52%   Keep it !
23%   Lose it !
25%   Either way, doesn't matter

Whats your favorite CD from Hanson so far?
(of 1091 respondents)
14%   Middle of Nowhere
3%   3 Car Garage
19%   Live from Albertane
4%   Snowed In
61%   All of them!!

If your fav Hanson got a girlfriend, how would you feel?
(of 1488 respondents)
23%   I would be happy for them!!
10%   It wouldn't matter to me.
58%   It would bother me a little, but its ok.
8%   I wouldn't like him anymore.

Do you think Hanson should make a TV series?
(of 1209 respondents)
37%   Yes, that would be awesome!
28%   No, that would be stupid.
35%   I don't care, either way is cool.

What should their new album sound like?
(of 643 respondents)
11%   Just like Middle of Nowhere
6%   More popish like BSB and N'Sync...
17%   More Rock sounding- Heavier
66%   Whatever they want to do

Do you think Hanson should keep their long hair?
(of 1599 respondents)
65%   YES!! I love their long hair!!
12%   No, they should cut it!
23%   It doesn't matter