I knew Hanson before they made it Big
by Natalie

I guess you could call me lucky cause I got to see hanson before they made it big.  
Well the first time i saw them I only watched them sing a song called Summertime
Blues at Mayfest 1992. There were a couple others I can't remember though. The
second time was at Mayfest 1993.  They had lots of girls there. When they we done
I went up and meet them.  They were extremally nice for that age. They didn't even
think I had cuddies!  Zac was a little shy though!  Well I got my picture with them and
autograph and then left.  Over the years I saw them perform at all the mayfests, Big splash

water parks performances, Blue Rose Cafe and even at a friends house!  To us it was like
Hanson was famous.  I mean they had the girls screaming and the gigs!  At big splash,
after they performed I didn't bother going up and meeting them again, I mean it was hot
out and they wanted to go swimming.  When they were done, Tay and Zac were standing
by me in line for the waterslide.  We started talking and I told them how good they did. 
They were really cute in there bathing suits!  On the way out I saw them again.   The last performance before they recored MON was at mayfest 96'.  After they performed I met
them again (for the 11th time)  And said goodbye and goodluck.  I asked them if I could
have there autographs, pics and a hug from each of them. They said yes. I remeber just how Taylor's hug felt!  Nice and warm and my stomach turned to butterflies. I then had to say
goodbye and ever since they left, they haven't changed a bit. 

- zacisahottie@AlloyMail.com