Connecting to HansonHouse using mIRC

First, download the latest mIRC version at
Install and run mIRC, and you should be presented with a screen called 'mIRC options'.
Fill in the fields 'full name', 'email address' and 'nick'.

The two first fields will show up when people do a whois on you.
For example, if you wrote 'hansonhouse' in the full name field,
and 'tomato' in the email field, and your nick was 'user', people
would see this on your whois:

user is Hansonhouse

If this doesn't make any sense to you, you can just put
random letters as full name and email, like 'dafadfdafdsf'.
After these fields are filled in, click the 'OK' button.
Now you'll be at the status window. Type this:


It shouldn't take long to connect.
If your nick is registered, enter your password like this:

/ns identify (password)

When you are done, type this to go into #hansonhouse:

/join #hansonhouse

Now you should be in #hansonhouse, you can see the nick list
on the right. One difference: mIRC doesn't have 'spiders' next to
users nicks. Instead, people who are voiced have a + next to their
nick, and operators have a @.