Cool Midi Sound Files
These files are best when played on a soundcard that
has Advanced Wave  Synthesis like the Soundblaster AWE32 or better.
A cheap 16-bit sound card just won't sound too good- sorry.
There arn't a whole lot here yet because I want to be as selective
as possible. I will only post the best I can find here


Hanson MIDI from Snowed In

new1.gif (11099 bytes) Merry Christmas Baby
new1.gif (11099 bytes) Christmas (baby please come home)
new1.gif (11099 bytes) Christmas Time
  Minute Without You (demo - not finished)
(by HansonHouse)
Mmmbop 1
Mmmbop 2
Mmmbop 3
Mmmbop 4
Poison Ivy
Speechless (by HansonHouse)
Thinking of You
Weird 2  (by HansonHouse)
Where's the Love
Where's the Love 2

HansonHouse Midis by Ken

Other Cool Midi Files

new1.gif (11099 bytes) Gimme Some Loving
Everybody / bsb
  Stairway to Heaven / Led Zepplin

  Semi Charmed Life
Walking on the Sun

Song 2, by Blur
Titanic Theme
Sail Away (Jazz mood)
Valentine (Jazz mood)
Uncle Albert

Mission Impossible
Peter Gun
Pink Panther

wpe1.jpg (1842 bytes)