Hanson Look-a-Likes
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This is Mike on Drums. Looks alot like a younger Tay doesn't he?

This guy's name is Chris Hall, He's form the Band Stabbing
Westward... he freakishly looks like Taylor in this pic. The Band's website
is www.stabbingwestward.com okay dokie later {samie}

I forgot this dudes name but I think he looks
sorta like Tay. (from Italy)

This is my friend Tomy that everybody says looks like Taylor. In this picture is not 
very similar,  but in person is just like Tay now!! {Mariana from Argentina}

I'm Nicol and I have a boy in my class that is totally looking like Zac,he's called Romilio Gomez, 
and he's 15, so, here r the pictures...put hem on your web site...cuz the pix r great...It have been taken 
by me in my b-day the past May 13th Oktay....good luck and visit my website for more info....
HANSON 4 LIFE!!!  La novia de Zac {Nicol Mendoza Hanson)

This is Marc. He's in my grade at school. He doesn't look as much like Zac in this 
pic as he does in real life. He makes facial expressions sometimes that look 
EXACTLY like Zac. Itz scary! So.. please use this for your page [Cales]

 My best friend Aubrey looks alot like Taylor in my opinion...well when he had his long hair. 
He is in a band called Strychnine (please include link if you put up the pic!) {Bre}

I just want to say, that I've discovered a new Taylor Hanson look-a-like....
His name is Martijn, he's 17 years old and lives in Holland.
He's in a programme called Star-Maker, It's like Big Brother, but the 12 people that are in the house 
have a goal, becoming famous singers, they have English, singing, dancing and 
so on lessons, they are also recording a CD. {Ingrid}

This is my boyfriend Cody. He hates the fact that people call him "Taylor Hanson" or 
start singing MMMBop when they pass him in the hall. Haha, he'd probably kill me if he even knew that 
I am sending you his pic... Umm if it doesn't show up e-mail me back and I'll try to get you one that does work. 
By the way... He's 15 (16 in April) from Washington, he plays guitar and yeah.. I have more pics if you want. {Lyndsey}

This picture is a guy from my school named joe! i think he looks 
so much like zac! (Annie)

I thing he looks like Taylor. He is a Japanese {Pangtao|

I think he looks like Ike when he was 16. He was my first boyfriend !
(Lucyrose from switzerland) hmm lol

I Found a good look-a-like in my opinion 
Its Mooky Arizona and he's an actor :)

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The guy in the pic is Jonny Lang (the one and only!)
and he pretty young in this pic, and he look like
zac/tay when they were little kids!
BEY! ** from anna**

This is Dillon, a friend of the family who everyone thinks looks like Taylor, 
but a younger Tay I think. Like from the MMMBop days. 
OK, put em up cause I think he's a very good look-a-like.  :)

He is Jonathan ( Ireland ). I think he looks like TAYLOR

Ah, how could we forget Hanson's long-haired-blonde predecessor in PC
Quest!  But this time the youngest was the main lead singer, not the
drummer!  In case you'd never heard of them, they had two major-label
albums in '91 and '92 (the pictures come from each album).  Their
biggest hit was "After The Summer's Gone" which got to #41.  They came
from Shawnee, OK, about 40 miles east of Oklahoma City, and were
produced by George Tobin, of Tiffany fame.  After the 2nd album tanked,
they broke up and scattered to other bands--last I heard Chad (and his
co-PC Quester older brother) had formed a punk band (and he shaved his head!).


This is Jason...he's GREAT. looks eerily like Isaac...
with a lil eric von detton mixed in

My sisters and I found this picture at an antique store
while we were on vacation in V.T. 
Doesn't he look like Isaac?!

This is Ashton Kutcher from 'That 70's Show' and I think he kinda looks
like Taylor. Not really in this pic, but if you saw The List on VH1 with
them together they do

Hey this is me (Jessica) and country singer Amanda Stott's gutair player his
name is Murry and he looks like Ike ALOT! you can use it on your page:)

This is Daniel from Sweden... I thik he looks like Ike when he was around 16...

His name is Eduardo Hes 14 Hes from Brazil
He looks like Tay in my opinion

From Brazil, looks like combo of Ike and Zac.

This is Jan from Holland. You can visit his website HERE =)
He looks alot like Zac I think.

Here's Jacob, he kinda looks like Zac.

This is a guy that we met in Burger King 
on the way home from Tulsa in '98. {Brooke}

Looks Like Isaac/Tay combo.
It's Daniel Johns from SilverChair

Looks like Ike alot.

This is Vinnie, he acted in that Movie Masterminds =o) 
He Kinda looks like Tay =)  nice

Steven, he's from north Carolina. he's 16.

Ok, I have a pic here. I think he looks like Tay. 
(in real life he does !!!!!!)
He lives in England.

This may be the late River Phoenix. 
Looks like Tay here.

This is Benjamin :)

This is Leandro. He is 13 years old and comes from Switzerland.
His song called "Girl" sounds really good.
Listen to Leandro sing "Girl", its so sweet. :)
Visit his official Website Here to see and hear more!
His new album is due out since 29th July, 2000. The album is called "Leandro". It sounds really great.
Leandro Fanclub. c/o Jens Kruse, Postfach 3524, 30035 Hannover, Switzerland
Fax: +49-511-2880709

This guy's from Canada and his name is Chris.

Daniel Johns of silverchair (I love them btw)

Benny of The Jellybeans :)

Nicko from Argentina

This is Nick

Tomas from Brazil

Vincent van/de Hille
This could be Tay with a beard later on.

Brandon (Tay)

Zac look-a-like hottie Tal Ofarim

His name is Paul he's 14 and he looks a bit like Zac

This is Tom

Here's a guy that looks like Ike. (Ike da Monk)
He's dressed like that cause he was in a play.

Best Taylor Look-a-Like in my opinion


This boy is Scott Moffatt. This pic was taken from a story in the mag "Bravo" from Germany. 
In every issue of "Bravo" it had a little piece of the story till it ended. 
Just for you to know it's not Taylor and it's not a fake but Scott Moffatt! {Nadia}

This is Angelo Kelly from "The Kelly Family" I think he looks a little like
Zac Hanson, Angelo is a cute boy aint he?
Angelo is about 12-13 in these pics, he's 17 now and sexy, hehe :) AND
he still has the long hair, but now its even LONGER!

This is Angelo's older brother Jordan Kelly. Jordan kinda looks like Tay.
Angelo and paddy are two cute looking Brothers!! (SAYS me, hehe)

Tay look-a-like

looks like Tay his name is Steven - Valleri

Jordan looks allot like Tay!

Scott of the Moffatts...well, kinda


Jarryd3.jpg (32961 bytes)
He dosnt have long hair but hs face...kinda like Zac =)

Zach.JPG (38093 bytes)
His name is Zach - HE IS FINE from-Alyssa

ikelike2.jpg (4497 bytes)
here's a picture of a kid from spain that looks kinda like Isaac.

rafael.jpg (14896 bytes)
This is my cousin, Rafael from Brazil. He looks like Ike.

txtaof03.jpg (30765 bytes)
His name is Tal Ofarim.  He plays bass and
sings in his brother Gil's band.  Gil is a popular music
artist from Germany. {Dawn}

zaclookalike.jpg (58881 bytes)
Thanks to Alia for this pic of Adam!
Isn't he hot??? I think he looks alot like Zac. He lives near me....he's cool. {Saira}

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Officialy This is denied as being Taylor - Is it?
launch.jpg (908 bytes) Here is Ariels story behind this photo.


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