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Lifebeat Concert: Hanson will be one of the performers at the Lifebeat Concert.
You can order your tickets at TicketWeb.  They list that Hanson will be doing an acoustic performance

Hanson Hotline: June 15th Isaac updated the Hotline. He mentioned the upcoming LIFEbeat benefit concert this Thursday, June 19th. He said it will be really fun. He said the final dates for the upcoming acoustic tour are being booked and they will be announced soon!

VH1: Greatest Songs from the Past 25 Years: "MMMBop" came in at #98 on VH1's Greatest Songs from the Past 25 Years. The show will count down all 100 songs. Check the appearances for all dates and times.

Gap Kids just got ANOTHER album that plays Madeline right after Dear Jessie by Madonna {Jen}

MMMBop is #98 on VH1's list of the hundred most influential songs of the  last quarter decade.  The entire list can be found HERE {-SRA}

Australia: I was watching Big Brother 3 this week and Saxon (one of the guys) was singing 'weird'! I couldn't believe it! my flat mate and I nearly  fell off the couch in shock! it was insane and then we just laughed  ourselves silly for an hour!

I was also listening to Tracey & Matt (Australian morning radio crew) and they have this competition where three guys ring up and introduce themselves  and people have got to guess if they're single, married or gay. one guy rang  up and he said the most embarrassing CD in his collection is Hanson! {Bali}


Hanson Label and New CD submission-  
You may recall we had a controversial post up a few weeks ago about Hanson's problem with retaining all the songs and securing a label for the new CD. Here is an update from the submitter. You will have to judge this for yourself.
It is true and I am one hundred percent sure of the things I told you. See,  on the main page of Clear Channel stations (that's a page only Clear Channel  employees can view) it says a few things about Hanson and well from what I  have been reading its not all good news. In case you didn't know Clear Channel is a corporation that owns thousands of radio stations across the  nation. The news that radio DJ's get about celebrities comes from this page.  In other words, it's a source from which DJ's can get news that  they can choose to broadcast. My cousin works for a radio station that is owned by Clear Channel, as many are. He lets me view the Hanson news that they have been putting up on the site for awhile now and  its not good news. As of right now Hanson is looking for a distributor and a  label. If they don't get signed soon with a label they need to find a  distributor to enable them to release the new album. That's going to be hard  for them because the music industry is very shaky right now. From what I can see you did take the news down but I know its true and the reason I had  told you this news was because I wanted  everyone out there to know that the  guys are in a bit of a mess and we need to come up with something to help  them out. I don't want this to be there last  album so please put the news back on. We should work together as fans. {anonymous}

Just dropping a line to let all your interested readers know that the annual Tulsa FanFest is back for another year. 
For more info: http://www.rizockingproductions.com/fanfest {- Tara}

Go vote for "Wake Up" at www.topmusicradio.com
 Hanson are at #3 this week, and they were only 5 votes away from #1!! {Kaisa}

I found out this past week through the Phantom Planet newsletter that Hanson will be making an appearance at the LIFEbeat Benefit at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles Thursday, June 19th. They will be doing an acoustic performance. I have no idea if tickets are still available (through Ticketweb, not Ticketmaster). There used to be tickets available for the after show party (I got one!), but I don't think there are anymore. I hope to see some of you there :) {~Kelly~}

Hey all! I have the most wonderful news for all u Fanson's For those of u who have Hanson.net this isn't new to u but for those of you who don't Hanson's  planning a tour at the end of July! So look for them!! {Amber}

It's only a small mention, but today (June 11, 2003) me and my friend were watching that red carpet thing on VH1, and there was this thing about celebrity interviewers. The person was interviewing someone and while he was talking she was like "AHH! IT'S HANSON!" not like a screaming fan, but like and "Oh Hey you guys can i interview you!" It was really funny!  {Patty}

At Gap Kids, their new CD consists of Mmmbop and Thinking of You.  So you  might hear if if you roam around that store long enough. {Jen}


Hey, My friend and I were in Woodland hills mall a few days ago in Tulsa and we saw Isaac Hanson with what appeared to be his Girlfriend, they were standing by the old Camelot music store right in between the coffee bar and the bookstore, They looked really sweet together, We didn't go over to them because we didn't want to disturb their day. Also we saw them again upstairs in the mall right by the Disney store, There was someone else with them, looked a little like Taylor and then also we saw a girl with long hair holding a baby, but the girl was not Natalie, and I'm not too sure who the baby was because we didn't stop to talk with them.. Anyway that's my story.

Chile: Hey everyone! Today, at 3:22pm, the Hanson "MMMbop" video was on MTV. I was so surprised to see it, because I haven't seen MMMbop video in a very long time. I just want you to know that I was so happy to watch my fave group again on MTV. I think this is awesome. {Veronica}

I absolutely love Shia Lebouf, so I went to his official website and looked under Fun Facts, and under the question, Who is your biggest inspiration?, he put Aaron Carter, HANSON, and the cast of Queer as Folk. I thought it was SOOO awesome that my favorite actor found my favorite band an inspiration!!! Thought I'd share it with ya!

Hong Kong: I study in UK and Last week I watched a movie "Talk About a Little Mini Family", then I heard "Weird " for the last song. I am very surprised and happy that I heart Hanson song on TV again. Hanson rocks! {Eugenia}

The Rolling Stone has an area where you can play Hanson trivia.  There are like 900 different trivia questions asked by fans.  Go over and play, and add new more updated questions!! Hanson FOREVER!! {Jen}

Hello, I'm making a Scrapbook for Hanson, and would like all Hanson fans to participate. If you want to help me out please send: a hand written message, picture of yourself, some art work, poems, ect. Please contact me! Thanks! {Jenny}

I was reading Timeline by Michael Crichton and in it he wrote that the characters felt as if they were in the 'middle of nowhere'. The characters were in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I thought it was funny because Hanson got the idea for Man From Milwaukee while in Albuquerque. It's not exactly a Hanson mention, but it's really close!!! {Bonnie}

Hey I was at the store with my grandma, and I went back to look at the CDs. I looked at the new releases, they had these three pack deals. I looked at one and the CDs were "Boy Bands", "Girl Power", and "Mega hits" now keep in mind these said new releases! I looked at the boy band one and it had "I Will Come to You" as the last song. I almost screamed but realized I was in a store and contained myself! {Ashlee}

Hey everyone! Don't forget to Vote for Hanson on the Rolling Stone Best Live Act Poll. {Jennifer}

On the heels of their split with Island Def Jam earlier this month, Hanson are being courted by two record labels. The brothers are aiming to release their upcoming album, Underneath, in September. {MTV}

Today I was watching the "I love the 80's" thing once again this time it was show casing 1983, and long behold in famous birth's I saw Taylor, he also had an old pic! So, I'm only guessing that Ike will be in there too!
Chat with ya later! {Erica}

Today on TRL (5/16/03), they were doing this odd thing, where you could either pick today's video, or a video that was on that same spot in 2001. Well, today at #8 was Lillix, so fans picked them. However, they show what people would've picked (just a card, not the video) that would've been played instead of today's video. Well, on May 16th, 2001, Hanson's "If Only" was #8 on the TRL countdown. {Stacy}

Taylor and Natalie's Wedding!
:                   6/2/2003
Time:                   9:00 PM
Show:                  Celebrity Weddings
Channel:             VH1
More details:      VH1 All Access Celebrity Weddings will include Taylor and Natalie's wedding! Visit for more info!

Australia: All Perth Hanson fans!! We're hoping to organize a Hanson meet up roughly 4 weeks from now (6/14/03) in the city at Gloria Jeans. It would be a great chance for Perth Hanson fans to meet each other, since Hanson have never been here. Any interested fans who would like more information please contact either {Shanna or Mel}

Hey this is Erica! I was watching VH1's "I love the 80's" Marathon and when it came to 1985 and births in '85 it showed a older picture of Zac! I thought it was cool, its cool seeing the guys ever now and then!! Love YOU GUYS! LATER {Erica}

Hey everyone, I was listening to a local radio station the other day, 93.3 WSNE in Providence, RI, and they had "The Greatest Hits of the 90s" (or something like that). Hanson was on the list, they played MmmBop, I thought it was pretty cool. It's good to know that although people (on some radio stations) say rude comments about Hanson, some of them still, in a way have a great amount of respect for Hanson. Thank you!
{Another Hanson Fan}

Australia: Yesterday, I was watching a show on BBC News on Pay TV, called 'Cars and Their Stars' was on and when they were showing some of the cars driving MMMbop was playing! it was exciting to hear them on the telly! {Aimee}

On channelv.com.au, on the music news page there was a short story on Hanson, its gone now but it was saying how they're about to make their comeback and that their music is something that everyone will want to hear on the radio and that people wont get offended by wanting to listen to it, or something like that I cant really remember, but they had a little pic of Taylor when they were at VHQ it was also good to see them on channel v website, because v are usually the first to bag them out. {Aimee}

Hey, I was watching "25 years SNL Music's Greatest" last night Friday, May 9th, on Much More Music in Canada. They were talking about how all bands that come ask for booze and stuff on their riders, and Hanson instead asked for Pokemon and video games. Then they showed their SNL Skit and MMMBop performance from back in 1997. It was so cool to see them on TV again, even though it was old!! {Avery}

France: Last Saturday, I was watching Dawson, with m2m. The one where Joey, mentions Hanson!! He was making fun of them, but I thought it was cool to hear "Hanson" on the TV here, in France we never hear about them, :( but French fans are there!!! Please, Fansons, all around the world, sign the petitions! {amandine}


Here is a picture of HANSON with their new producer, Danny Kortchmar.

Admiral Twin will be releasing their new CD "Creatures of Bread and Wine" on or after May 13th.
Hanson among others in the Tulsa area, helped sing back up on the track "The Fools' Brigade".
You can pre-order their CD on their Site.

Hey, this is the band Three Nails Short. Wade, the bassist is wearing a Hanson shirt!. So check out Three  Nails Short at www.threenailsshort.com. wooooo! {Toast} We've got word that, Wade, is not in the band anymore!

We could not confirm the rumor about Hanson loosing some of their songs to Island, so it was removed. It could be that they are unable to use some of the recordings made with Island and are having to re-record them which is why they are back in the studio....we'll see.  Still no word on whether the title is still even Underneath.

My friend and I are trying to get Hanson back on top. We need the signature of ALL Hanson fans. I'm trying to make sure all fans know about this. Just by a few minutes of your time, can we show Hanson that they changed our life and we care. We owe them the world! I got through Cancer in my brain stem with them in my ear, other's turned to them as a retreat from their teen age life. Whatever your situation was or is, please sign the petition, here. and give them 2 minutes for your time. There is a supporting web site that you will go to as soon as you sign the petition. Thank you for your time! {HTT}

Hey there was an article on HANSON in the Metro Newspaper (a free Toronto paper - Monday May 5th 2003) here's what it said:
Hanson trio looking for deal
MUSIC Brotherly pop trio Hanson has left Island Def Jam (IDJ) and is working on a new studio album.
"For a long time, it was building up that this partnership wasn't productive," group member Taylor Hanson tells Billboard. "We said, 'Hey guys, let's make it easy on both of us - we would like to leave this label. Will you let us? It's time to part ways,'" IDJ did not return calls for comment. The group is looking to sign a new deal to release its upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. The set features probable first single "Penny & Me", "Deeper" featuring Michelle Branch on backing vocals, the Matthew Sweet co-write Underneath, and the Lost Without Each Other, co-written with Gregg Alexander (New Rascals).

It's like basically the same Billboard article, but I was so excited to see something about them in the paper!! {Avery}

When I was on the school bus, we were listening to the radio and I heard a clip of "MMMbop" by, Hanson. The radio station is having a concert on May 16, and they were trying to give away tickets on the radio. People who called in trying to win the tickets had to unscamble 5 songs, one of the songs was "MMMbop". :-) {Jackie}

I was listening to the radio, and a song "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 came on. They sound just like Hanson. It is kind of scary. I was kidding with my brother, and said it was them. The more I listened to it the more it sounded like them! {Sasha}

I was watching Clueless on Nick the other day and Cher wanted to work at a record store at The Valley and the guy that was hiring her asked her word associations and he said Sugar Ray and a whole bunch or artists and she would say what she thought of them and then the guy said Hanson and she said MMMNot. I thought it was kind of mean but I couldn't believe they mentioned Hanson. This was a rerun because I remember seeing it a long time ago too! {Shannon}

I was watching an Episode of Lizzie McGuire called "Lizzie's Eleven", and Lizzie was the DJ for her school's Monte Carlo night. She had the switchboard switched to the microphone instead of the walkie talkie to get through to Gordo. She said something about Kate coming, and that Gordo needed to get out of there quick. Kate heard, and asked what she had said. She said, "Oh that was a song I was going to play, but I think I'll play MMMBop instead, do you guys remember MMMBop?" (Song starts, Taylor-"Ohhhh") {Emily}

Hey everyone. I'm running out of space in my room, and I have way too much Hanson stuff, so I've decided to sell some of it. Please email me for the lists, and if you'd be interested on buying anything on it, please let me know. Thanks! {Lauren}

Australian MOE MEMBERS:
The MOE ordering deadline has been extended to June 1st to coincide with the release of MOE 12. Click here for more info.

There is a petition  for European fans to try and get Hanson to go there! Check it out, here! {Anna}

Island Records has apparently dropped Hanson as a client. Hanson will probably either produce the new CD under their own label or some other smaller label. Stay tuned...

(see the Hanson sticker?)
You can check out a very awesome band called Something Corporate and a live video of theirs at www.punkrockvids.com. Andrew McMahon has adorned his piano with a lovely sticker of the Hanson logo. Kinda cool to see someone of a completely different genre to show some Hanson love. I got a cap for yah.. It's right under the towel laying on the top.  {=catherine=}

As all the frustrated die hard HANSON fans in Utah know, Hanson has been there for the Sundance Film Festival but has NEVER come in concert. Well even though tour dates have not been announced for their tour this year, I've decided to get prepared in case they pass over Utah like usual... I've begun a campaign to bring Hanson to Salt Lake City in concert for this upcoming tour. I've created a website which is the gathering place for all fans in Utah (helps those in Idaho and Wyoming as well) to work on this. Among other things there is an online petition to sign. Check it out at http://community.webtv.net/Scander3/utahhansonfans
{~Steven Anderson (Salt Lake City, Utah)}

Hanson made it on Rolling Stone's Mama's Boy list. {Renee}

Hey y'all, I was just on the website www.amiannoying.com and both Hanson and Tay, were on there separately and their annoying percent was Way to high! go vote for them as NOT ANNOYING! lets try to get it down to 0%! you can vote 10 times each visit i think, so vote away! {Jessica}

I just wanted to say there's this new band called All American Rejects songs "Swing Swing" they kick ass lol. Anyhow,  like our handsome Hanson boys,  they are also from Oklahoma  Check them out :) {Amberlini}

March 16,2003 I went to the pre taping of ABC 50th Anniversary Celebration. When Jaleel White played Steve Urkel talks about  TGIF   You will see a clip of Family Matters after moments you will see HANSON singing TGIF. So stay tuned and watch for Hanson. {blujeans77}

Hey, just wanted to let you know that there was some kind of a battle of the bands that was held through a local radio station here in Toronto, and the winner of the competition was a band called The Cheap Suits. Their winning song was called "In Love With the Lead Singer" and it's all about him being in love with Taylor Hanson until he found out that he was a man...lol. If you're not so serious about people thinking Tay is a girl, then download it (you can get it off Kazaa) and you'll have a good laugh:) {Jaxx}

Australia: Hey guys, Aussie fans have started up a petition to get Hanson to come and do a full scale tour over here. We have  been waiting since 1997 for Hanson to come and  perform for us. So even if you're not from Australia, can you sign the  petition... and help make alot of us Aussie fans very happy.  http://www.petitiononline.com/hanson02/petition.html  Oh, and I was walking through our local shopping centre the other day and I  heard a drum beat that sounded familiar! "WHERE'S THE LOVE!!" I couldn't  wipe the grin off my face.... and I'm also keeping the Hanson tradition  alove by playing them over the sound system where I work. I must look pretty  silly singing and bopping along, but eh, it's all good fun!!

Brazil: Galera do RIO!!! Haverá um encontro de fãs e fã-clubes com um show todo especial com 25 músicas exclusivas de hanson tocadas especialmente na comemoração do lançamento do novo CD e do Dia Hanson!!! O encontro/ show é totalmente gratuito e ocorrerá no doa 4 de maio das 13hs às 18hs no Méier, Rio de janeiro. Rua Padre Ildefonso Penalba 338 Play.  Para obter maiores informações e incrições ligar: 25962398/38990170 ( Ana Paula) Rio de Janeiro. Corram pois as vagas são limitadas!!! Até mais...

In Teen People Magazine from February 2003. They had they're 5th anniversary special. On page 62 Hanson in on the bottom and it says, "The "MMMBop" brothers, who debuted with the successful Middle of Nowhere in 1997, have been writing new tunes. They're almost ready to release their third album, Underneath, with Michelle Branch guesting on one of the CD's songs." Taylor is also on page 65, it says "In Pine Mountain, Ga., Taylor Hanson, 19, got mmmarried to Natalie Anne Bryant, 18, on June 8. (They had a baby boy in November.)" So check it out! thanks {Cara}

On VHI Music Teen idols and pop stars past and present discuss the perils and pitfalls of stardom. Included: Hanson; the Monkees; Tiffany; Leif Garrett; the Backstreet Boys; 'N Sync; David Cassidy and his daughter Katie Cassidy, who's following in his footsteps---to his chagrin. Showtimes are on:
February 3- 1PM-3PM (Eastern Time)
February 5- 8PM-10PM (Eastern Time)
Check your local listings for availability. (Source: Rachelle Gregorio)

The new Hanson CD called Underneath should be released this Spring, probably around May. Stay tuned for details.

Last night I was watching Sabrina and her best friend was removing a tattoo from her body and Sabrina asked her what does the tatto look like and she said Hanson- i love Hanson and everyone was making fun of her because she had a tattoo of Hanson!! {Jackie}
Also, at the end of the show they played one of their songs from the upcoming CD!

On VH1 Bubblegum Babylon they have Hanson on there and Zac said a few things.... just thought id let ya know....peace! {Lacy}

Isaac was at Nordaggio's Coffee in Tulsa (left) last Saturday the 21st, seeing Nathan Brant play. I was s surprised when Isaac walked in, because he had a Mohawk. It was really cool seeing him there with all his friends and they were dancing and singing and enjoying themselves. :) Towards the end of the night, Isaac was asked to come on stage and play a Christmas song with Nathan. That was really cool, because it was totally unplanned. Isaac played guitar and sang "Run Rudolph Run"... It sounded great considering the band had never even played the song before... Also after Nathan's set was over, Isaac went back up there and grabbed a guitar, and him and the rest of the band (including Nathan on drums) continued to jam for a couple hours. It was great. I got it all on video for memories. :o) Fun times were had by all. {AntarcticTulip@aol.com}

I was watching Maternity Ward on TLC the other day and one of the mother-to-be's was wearing a Hanson t-shirt from about 5 years ago! :)  {Kristin (Canada)}

My friend knows a girl called Jamie, who is friends with Taylor, she sent me a picture that Jamie had sent to her, of Natalie and Ezra, This has to be a recent picture because the baby looks about 2 months old, I thought i would send it you, to show y'all that the picture does exist, and you no longer have to doubt it like you did before, thanks {Jean}

This is just a silly Hanson mention, but I was surfing some Color Guard/Winter Guard websites and under a page called "Great Songs to Make Routines Too," "Smile" and "Runaway Run" are mentioned. I just thought it was funny because I've actually made routines to those songs. :)   {Shana}

Omg, this is so hilarious! I was watching TLC personal story.. and this teenage girl had a breast reduction and they showed her in her room and their was the same Hanson poster I have over her bed, and then she had another one by her closet, just thought I'd tell you, haha. I thought it was kinda funny, I know I'd be embarrassed if Hanson saw that, LOL!!!! God Bless, {Jamie}

Taylor & Natalie's wedding is featured in the Feb 2003 issue of InStyle Magazine, page 243. (Drew Barrymore on the cover).

I found a website that's like a dollmaker thing, and I went to the celebrity spot and saw Hanson! Its a younger graphic thing, but its still Hanson! Here's the site. http://jcn.cjb.net/

Australia: On Australia's Funniest Home Videos "Down On The Farm", they showed a clip that was filmed on the 22-4-02, of a young girl and she was showing the camera a Barbie magazine. On the first page in the top left hand corner was a picture of Hanson's This Time Around CD cover. {Cathy}
My name is Renee and I am from Australia. I was reading a magazine that  comes free with our local paper (The Newcastle Herald) called 'Weekender'  which featured an article on our own hometown superstars, Silverchair. They  were talking about their rise to fame and success and how they had to  reshoot one of their videos before they broke into America. This is the  quote from the article. "They did 'Tomorrow' again for a good reason. When  they went to America they were a year and a bit older [from when they made  the original 'Tomorrow' clip]. There's a big difference in the way you look  at 13/14 and how you look at 14/15. It's such a huge jump in development. By  the time they arrived in America, the [original] clip would have had them  looking like Hanson or something like that."  I know it's only a small mention but it made me smile. The lead singer,  Daniel Johns and Tay used to get compared all the time, possibly only cos  they both had long blonde hair!  Anyways, enjoy the mention. Feel free to edit it it at all... not even sure  if it's worth a post, but I thought I'd give it a go anyways! Love { Nae =0Þ }


Here is a picture of the guys with Sterling Sound mastering engineer, George Marino. You can find the picture in the gallery of the site. If you look under George Marino's info, you will see Hanson's album was listed as one of his current projects. It appears the mastering was finished on October 24th, 2002. Sterling Studios is located in New York City.

Space Shuttle Columbia breaks apart over Texas.
Our prayers go out to the families of the 7 lost Astronauts, including the first Israeli Astronaut
Col. Ilan Ramon.
For a complete story check CNN.com



This photo is taken from the latest In Style magazine. Check it out! (click to enlarge) {thanks Helen}

On Friday Jan. 17th "InStyle" magazine will be on stands featuring Celebrity Weddings of 2002.  Taylor and Natalie will be featured in it. On January 21st (tues) at 8PM on NBC there will be the Celebrity Weddings of 2002 television special.  No word if Taylor and Natalie will be on this, but since they're in the magazine, they'll more than likely be featured on the special as well. - {Bianca}

I just wanted to say today(1/14/03) is Zoe's b-day. Hanson's lil sister turns 5 today. happy birthday Zoe! {Amber}

I was watching Lizzie McGuire and they played MMMBOP on the show! I was so surprised to here it!

I was reading the February 2003 issue of Disney Adventures, when I saw the music section. I was hoping they would have something on Hanson because of the album coming out this year. I looked through all the big ones, but didn't see anything. Just as I was beginning to give up, I saw it. A small picture of them. Hanson was in something? I was jumping up and down! Though nothing was said, I still think it's cool that you can still she them in something.  { Marissa}

Australia: Just wanted to let you guys know that today's Baywatch was the episode where they played MMMBop when little kids were learning to swim! Thought it was pretty cool to hear Hanson on TV again!! {Karen}
If anyone lives in Melbourne, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre you will probably know that there is a music and book sale. At the sale, they have all the old Hanson CD's not including singles for less that $10 and they are also selling the Hanson Star Profile interview CD for $5. Not really news, just though I would let you know. Also, I found a website where you can view Hanson's Christmas video without being a member on hanson.net. Just click HERE to listen to the video from the December 27 update. {Cathy}

Canada: On much music, last Friday they had Kelly Osborne talking to Nardwar (an interviewer on Much on Demand) and he asked Kelly if Amy (her sister) was dating or had dated a Hanson, she said no; a small mention, but still. {Ashleigh}


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Sorry for the long delay this time, but we've been very busy. There will be lots of Hanson updates soon as the new CD is released this Spring.

On Wednesday(12-18) on VH1's 'I love the 80's' they did '85 and in the births they mentioned Zac and showed a really old picture of him. I just thought it was neat that they said something about him.  {Brittney}

Hey, I was just checking out this article on TV's Winners and Losers of the season, and I came across this Hanson mention! It kinda surprised me, but nonetheless, I thought it was pretty cool... here is the link if you all would like to check it out...
Enjoy! Go Big Red* {Kati}

I was watching Bubble Gum Babylon on VH1 last night and Hanson was on there alot. they were talking about how crazy things get when your a teen idol and everything. and Zac said "even if our next record doesn't do well and our record label drops us, I'm still gonna do music. even if i have to flip burgers or something, I'll be rockin' out at the seven eleven". hopefully that never happens but anyway, i just thought I'd let you guys know. - {Amanda}

I prefer to stay anonymous, But I have been sent, Official pictures Of Baby Ezra,,, If you would like to check with the Hanson Family, then please do so, Here's Ezra, at 3 days Old, In Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. {Mich.}

The video for Passenger Seat will be shot this weekend, in Tulsa, OK, with Ashley Greyson, who has done work for many talented artists, such as Hanson. The video will air in the Asia later this month, and we will be working on airing it in the US as well.  I'm glad Hanson is related (in some way) to may favorite bands hehe. :) {Vida Quezon City, Philippines}

My friend Scott has a cool site you should check out if you're a Tay fan @ http://www.taylorhanson.com
He's taken some great pics of Taylor in concert and does excellent graphics work as well. :)

Australia: in a free Australian (Melbourne actually) newspaaper, the MX, there  was an article about Jordan and Natalie's baby and marriage. Attached is a copy of the article. If you would like i will collect more  articles and send them to you. {Loryn}
Ezra's birth was mentioned in this past Sundays' "Sun Herald" (Sydney newspaper) under "hatches". Also, another mention on the last page ('What happened this week') of the new WHO WEEKLY magazine (with Ben Affleck on the front). Also, about 2 weeks ago, WHO WEEKLY had a weddings special (with Nia Vardolous on the front) and Taylor and Natalie's wedding was one of the "Weddings of the Year". There was half a page devoted to the couple, and a picture! David Garza, who sang at the wedding, said "it was beautiful. Just like Taylor & Natalie." and that Diana got up and sung Everly bros music!  Congratulations to the new parents :-)   {Angela}
My brother called me out yesterday when he was watching 'Pick Your Face' (don't ask) and one of the people who's faces you asemble and then guess who it is, was Zac. The girl didn't guess it and in her defence said something like "but he has brown hair" she meant in the picture his hair looked brown. That's about it.  {Carly}
For those of you in Australia (Perth particularly, I'm not sure about other  states) Zac Hanson's version of 'I Want You To Want Me' was just featured on  the premiere of 'Scrubs', a new series on Channel 7! Cya, {AiMsTeR}

I was watching the Craig Kilborne show last night and he was telling some really bad jokes, just like Jay Leno in the beginning of the show. He was talking about a guy that had been in a coma for the past five years, and he'd just woken up. the first words that came from his mouth were, "HANSON RULES". not really news just a Hanson mention. {Snophish}

Brazil: This is not something new, actually I'm just writing in response to what Bruna from Brazil said about brazilian fan clubs. I'm from Brazil too and I think that the reason that many fan clubs have closed was because Hanson is taking a long time to release the album, what makes a lot of fans start to get into some other bands, some other stuff, and don't take too much time for the fan club because there is not so many news. But it's not because of Taylor's Wedding! All the fans should be HAPPY for him, no matter how young he is to start a family. We're not here to discuss his personal life, we want to know about it but it's not up to us to jugde them on their actions. So, if anyone stopped being a fan because doesn't have a chance to be his girlfriend anymore? Well, believe me, you didn't have the chance before either. A true friend will listen to other bands and stuff while they don't release the album. But many fan clubs will re-open when it goes out. And the true fans will still be fans when it happens. And it's not only in Brazil, it's worldwide. That's all I've got to say! {Angela}
I was watching the brazilian MTV Top 20 last weekend and the hostess menitioned Hanson, she just made a few comments about Taylor been married to Natlie and about Ezra and how happy Taylor sounded when the subject was brought up on an interview. She talked about the album wich should be out sometime next year and blah blah blah....but anyway, I was really happy to see they mentioned that with such intusiasm. After all, I know most of the brazilian fans still care...and suport them no matter what. The  fact that SOME ppl got upset b/c Taylor got married is just cruel. If they´re real fans they´ll get over that. Fans are meant to suport and not to judge they´re idol´s private life...been a fan is about been touched by they´re music. I really hope some day ppl will understand that.  {Katia}

UK: A few days ago I emailed Hanson asking them (and arguing my point) about them doing a show over here in London on the next tour. As promised, I am now following it up with an email signed by all the UK Hanson fans who support them and would attend. In two days, I have received emails from 55 fans around the UK who agree and want to sign it. If you are a UK fan and would like to sign the petition, or would like to request a copy of it and/or a copy of the email sent to Hanson, then please email me and be a part of it. Some fans have also sent in possible venues they could play in so that they have no excuses for not being able to make it, lol. **Staz**

Hey I live in Tulsa and I was at the Cinemark movie theater last Saturday night to see Harry Potter 2 and I saw the entire Hanson family including  Natalie and Ezra and Isaac's new girlfriend.  Ezra was so cute and Natalie  was holding him all bundled up in blankets.  Isaacs girlfriend is really  pretty, is tall and thin, and has long curly brown hair. I think she might  go to the university of Tulsa cuz she had on a sweatshirt from there. She  was sitting in between Isaac and this guy who I think was her brother cuz he  had brown curly hair and was really tall too.  She walked in later with  Isaac and that guy and Avery yelled hey Kristen.  I think that's her name.   Taylor got up and gave her a hug and then she talked to Natalie for a long  time before the movie started.  After the movie they went outside and  Kristen was holding Ezra and Isaac was talking to her but we didn't want to  be obvious so we didn't get close enough to hear.  My friend said she heard  that Isaac was with Kristen earlier that night at Charleston's this really  good restaurant in Tulsa.  I don't know though cuz I wasn't there to see that.   Just thought you'd like to know. {anonymous}

I just got done watching Frank McKluskey C.I. The movie itself was pathetic - but the Hanson part was pretty humorous. It starts with the guys playing 'Get Up and Go' but the whole beginning part you couldn't hear because there was talking. (during this whole concert scene all the extra's are funny - they are 'clapping' WAY off-beat.) Anyways this guy in a wheel chair (with a brown Hanson shirt on) runs into Zac's drum set and Zac is on top of the guy in the wheel chair - and they manage to run into Isaac (am I making sense?)- and he is on top of Zac and they all run into a speaker (the facial expressions are very funny)- in the meantime Taylor is trying to sing...Get Up and Go sounds AMAZING - the intro is REALLY cool and they sing the chorus a second time and it's a bit different, but overall the clip from H.net and this is the same! Also in the credits they called the song just 'Get Up' I suggest renting this - there are a lot of other funny things during this scene ( the EDITING is HORRIBLE and Isaacs' stunt double has BRAIDS - VERY FUNNY ) Any questions - e-mail me! I know this really doesn't make much sense!  {RYAN}

Spain: Hey everyone!!! This isnt a notice.. but im so happy to share with you the greatest week that we've had here in spain. October 22: we were chatting on "40 principales". In "Fans club" program the put for us Smile and Lonely again, they red some emails for zac and finally the put the message that Hanson recorded when they stayed in spain. WAS SO FUN!!! Some fans made a virtual card for zac (you can see the pic) and i put on hanson.net :) so awsome cause zac saw the card, and he saw the message on i said about his party!! October 26: Zacz Bday Partie :) awsome and cool!!! we stayed at Burger king, with hanson pics, ballons lol so crazy, we sang happy bday for zac and we signed a card for him :) Auxxxx we were laughing a lot and we wrote a short fan fic.... (without comments LOL) hehe well this is all for now, soon Ike's bday!!!! Will be Cool and Crazy like zacz bday??' YEAHHH!!! hugz everyone {~Rak~}

I just thought I'd let you know that I was listening to my favourite Radio Station, SAFM, in good old Adelaide, Australia, when they mentioned Hanson. The lady said, "It is true that, after being married 5 months, Taylor Hanson is now a proud father. Him and his wife, Natalie, do not yet know whether it is a boy, or a girl, or a Hanson!" I thought it was a little rude, but still... they mentioned Hanson!!! Yay!! I'm so proud of Taylor and happy for both him and Natalie. I hope their relationship lasts and that they have a great life together! {BeLLaRiNa}
I saw this in The West Australian newspaper yesterday. The middle brother of the pop singing trio Hanson has become a father. Taylor Hanson, 19, and his wife Natalie Anne Bryant, 18, became parents on October 31. Bryant gave birth to Jordan Ezra on Halloween morning. "We're so excited to start a family, "Hanson said in a statement. "Having Ezra is the best thing wave ever done. Life and the art are all about these moments.  then there was some crap about them finishing the album for a release early next year. well congratulations Natalie and Taylor. {Noni}

Brazil: Hello, everyone. My name is Bruna, and I'm from Brazil. I just want to say that here in Brazil, we're very happy with the new Hanson member - Ezra. But we're not happy with Taylor. I think that Hanson lost, at least, 60% of their Brazilian fans, because of Taylor's wedding. I have contact with some Hanson fan clubs, and believe me, lots of them just don't exist anymore. It´s sad, but I feel the same way too. I'm sure that, even knowing that 'date' Taylor was 'impossible', everyone had a little hope about it, and Taylor, somehow, just broke his fans dreams.... Of course, he has to live his life and start his own family, but I think it was a little fast!


Happy Birthday Isaac!!


As we had reported over 5 months ago, indeed Natalie was pregnant and has now
given birth to Jordan Ezra Hanson on Oct 31 (also my birthday )!  Checkout this article from MTV.COM

It has been brought to our attention that the Ezra baby pics might be fake so we are removing them for now. Some claim though that the pics are very real, we just can't be sure yet. You have to admit, they do look alot like Tay :) The main thing is that Taylor asked that they be removed so we have complied.

Taylor's wife of five months, 18-year-old Natalie Anne Bryant, gave birth to Jordan Ezra Hanson at about 7 a.m. on October 31st. "Becoming a dad has been a euphoric, awe-inspiring experience," said Taylor.  "We are all really happy."

Also, this was on Much Music:
A Hanson In The Family
Remember that boy band Hanson? Well, it looks like at least one member, Taylor, is practically a man now. The 19-year-old became a daddy on Halloween. Taylor's wife of five months, 18-year-old Natalie Anne Bryant, gave birth to Jordan Ezra Hanson at about 7 a.m. on October 31st. "Becoming a dad has been a euphoric, awe-inspiring experience," reads Taylor's posting on hanson.net. "We are all really happy." In other Hanson news the band has finished their next album, which is tentatively called "Underneath." The CD is due out sometime next spring. As well, a documentary about the band is in its final stages of production.

Here is some info about Hanson's new album.
Expect "Hey" and "Strong Enough To Break", produced by Hanson and Greg Wells, "Underneath" and "Dancing In The Wind", produced by Hanson and John Shanks and "Dream Girl" produced by Hanson and Bob Marlette

I was looking for this book at Barnes and Noble (Survivor by Chuck Palahnick. GREAT BOOK!!) Anyway I was checking it out and looking through the holiday CD's they had up front. I flipped one over that had pop artists on it and Hanson's version of Everybody Knows the Claus was on it. I thought it was pretty cool.  {Becky}

In the new Entertainment Weekly (the one with Avril Lavigne on the cover) there is a very tiny Hanson mention on page 66. Its about Christina Aguilera's new look and album (Stripped).  "Hardly the stuff of sympathetic drama, but it's the least of Stripped's difficulties. Clearly afflicted with Premature Serious Artist Syndrome, last seen in Hanson, Aguilera wants to demonstrate the range of her interests."  {Amy-G}

Australia: On Channel [V] today, they had a quiz and one of the questions was :
There are rumors going round that Taylor Hanson from the band Hanson has had a what this week?
A. A baby
B. A fatal car crash
C. A haircut
and the answer was
A. A baby *faints*

I'm going to choose to stay anonymous, but I would just like to say congrats to Taylor and Natalie on their new baby boy born on Halloween! Natalie went into labor about a month early, so their son is small, but he is doing well. I'm not sure what his name is, but when I find out, I'll make sure to let you know!

Last night (11/1/02), a friend and I were watching Howard Stern and he had Manson on, well there was this girl who wrote Stern and she said that she was  19 and still a virgin and that only she would only let two people taker her  virginty. Either, Manson, or Taylor Hanson. I was sitting on the edge of the  bed, I nearly fell of. And my friend was laughing so hard. He was like," I  know she didn't admit that on TV". Anyway, I just thought it was cool that  Taylor H. was mentioned on Stern. And Manson and Stern didn't make fun of Hanson. That was really surprising.  (Cris)


Happy 17th Birthday Zac!!

Isaac has a short chat last night at hanson.net. HERE is an edited version of what he said!

Hanson was mentioned in the October 7th issue of Popstar magazine. It says: "Taylor Hanson- the cutest of the three? discuss!- really did get married. Shockingly, the 19-year-old hottie walked down the isle with his 18-year-old girlfriend, Natalie Anne Bryant, last June 8 in Pine Mountain, GA. "Our wedding was exactly as we envisioned it- romantic and intimate, and surrounded by our families and friends," Taylor said. "Natalie and I are looking forward to our life together." The wedding pix were cute, but at such a young age they practically double as baby pictures- seems too young to be getting hitched! But we sure wish the photogenic couple the very best and hope they have a long, happy m-m-marriage!" {-Kellie FL.}

MTV is celebrating TRL's 1000th episode.  They will be counting down the top 10 retired videos, voted by you. Vote for Hanson's "If Only"  HERE. Catch this TRL on 10/23 @ 3:30p.m. ET and vote as many times as you want :) 

I'll stay anonymous just for the hell of it, but I'm friends with someone who works w/a relative of Natalie's-- she's due around November/December, its a boy and they're naming it some funky biblical sounding name. they don't plan to formally "announce" the birth or any of that-- they're keeping it private.. well.. as private as one can. ok, that's all =) cross my heart, hope to die, I'm a reliable source, I'd just rather not announce who this info is from, cuz I'd like to continue receiving info about Natalie and Taylor =) {Kerry}

You will be able to purchase the Frank McKlusky C.I. DVD on November 19th. {Pam}

This really isn't news, but I was at wallmart buying some make up and I start to here Mmmbop!! They were playing it on the radio!! I thought that was really neat. You never here Hanson on the Radio anymore especially Mmmbop. Well anyway I thought u guys would like to know that there still is plenty of love out there for Hanson!!!  {-Kris}

I was watching Finding Forrester tonight, and noticed that Save Me is playing while Jamal is getting ready to play at the Garden. Peace, {Kel}

The 9/11 benefit single that Hanson and other artists did with Michael Jackson is now being played on the radio. 
  is the link to the article online. {Nikki}

Hanson was one of the Featured Artists at Starstruck Magazine Online http://www.starstruck-mag.com/ today (Monday, September 23)! There is also the article written about them by Liana Wyant http://www.starstruck-mag.com/featuredartist_hanson.asp. On that page,  there is a poll asking us which tour we want them to follow, and Hanson is a  choice. They are currently winning 81% over Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Kelly  Clarkson (from American Idol) and blink182, so check it out and vote! :)  Nina

I prefer to remain anonymous and won't reveal who gave me this precious news but HE is very near to Hanson. He told me that THE NEW ALBUM will be released the next summer. This delay is caused by the ISLAND DEF JAM hesitation after the Taylor's marriage. The record company is considering the bad fans reaction. He said also that Natalie is pregnant and Taylor will remain at home until  the baby won't be 3-4 months or more. His son will be born around January. Taylor married Natalie 'cause she was pregnant and it was an unforeseen  event for the band. They are worrying so much and Taylor is afraid but doesn't know what to do. {anon}
Hi, I'm a long time fan of hansonhouse. I actually live in Tulsa and ran into Ashley Greyson at this gas/and food store called Quick  Trip. After asking him and talking to him for awhile he finally admitted that it is true that Natalie is 5-6 months along, and she is defiantly  showing now. He also said that they are living at the main new Hanson house in something sorta like a pool house, "he wouldn't say for sure" but his description sounds like that. He hinted that it is indeed a boy. I also drove by the old house and saw that the Hanson's all have new hair cuts. They all  have short ..short.. hair. It's kinda spiked on top. All three had the same  hair cut, they look soooooo cute!!!! Well that's all the info I have now. {Becky}
I have a friend that recently saw Taylor, Natalie, and Zac on a flight from  Memphis and I'm not sure where they were going, but I just wanted to confirm  the report that Natalie is indeed pregnant. She said that it was very apparent.  {Rachel}
I think my friend may have wrote you already, but I thought I would tell you my story. I went into work today (I work at a luggage and gifts store, in Tulsa, Ok) and Taylor and Natalie came into the store. I said "Hello" to them and let them walk around a little more, then I asked if I couldn't help them find anything. Well, Natalie had said "Hello" earlier and this time she just said that "They were just looking". Well of course being the Hanson fan that I am, I knew who they were! But I was so nervous that I didn't really talk to them or ask for autograph or anything of the sort. But I did noticed that Natalie is DEFIANTLY pregnant. She was wearing shorts and a tight blue shirt that showed her stomach off with her hair braided pigtails (the nice kind). Taylor was dressed very casually, plain blue shirt and similar color pants with his hair pulled back into a little pony tail and the shorter hair tucked behind his ears. They held hands for a little bit and walked around. They weren't really talking much, I heard her say a few things but Taylor didn't anything. Um.. what can I say, they were "just looking" as I said, so Taylor was kind of messing with a large table chess set we had on display, and I think Natalie was looking at backpacks and day planners. Anyway, I think that's pretty detailed, and I don't need to bore you with any more. And my opinion on Natalie, she seems very nice! And it was great to see Taylor! So there you go.. C-ya! - {Lindsay}

I subscribe to modern drummer magazine and Zac is mentioned twice in the October issue. One section is about him working on the new album with his brothers, and the other is just a quick mention on his upcoming birthday. However, they spell is name "Zak" both times. Just thought I'd let you know.  {Tiffany}

I just wanted to let you guys know that on http://www.ecrush.com Zac is actually number one, Tay is number two and Ike is seven....Just letting you know! {Marnie (Australia)} Go to http://www.ecrush.com/cfc/index.phtml and vote for your favorite guy!!

One of the other Island Records Artists, Rosey has a picture of her and Taylor Hanson on her website under "My Cuties." The link is: http://www.islandrecords.com/rosey/gallery/7060-4802-123719.jpg  News Credit: www.MainstreamMag.com 

I was watching the show "City Guys"  the other day and theirs a scene where the long haired guy was denying that he ever lies- and then the other guys like "What about the time you told Rebecca you were the middle bro from Hanson?" and then the long haired guy was like "hey at least it worked for a little while". anyways I thought it was pretty cool- {Susan}

I was watching Daria last night and they played mmmbop. I totally forgot that scene and it was awesome. {Taylez}

I was looking for dog names on www.dogomania.com and was looking for names  that started with H. Low and behold, Hanson is listed there as a name for a male dog. In parenthesis it says "an AWESOME rock group!!!"

On Comedy Central they have a show called Mystery Science Theatre 3000 where they have really bad movies going while some puppets make jokes during it. Well they had this one movie that took place in teh middle ages and it had this blonde boy w/ long hair in it and at one point they showed him in slow motion and they went, "MMMMMBBOOOOOOOPP"...and then they said something about Hanson. Also I was watching the channel Trio and like 2 weeks ago they had like a pop music week and they showed a Smash Hits award show from the UK from '97 and thank goodness I was taping it because Hanson performed MMMBop!! Taylor also won an award for something like hottest guy of the year, and they won for some other stuff also. Also during the VMA's they had a commercial for MTV 2 and they showed snippets from past VMA's and they showed a quick clip of Hanson presenting an award 4 Sarah Michelle Gellar. {Chrissie}

Well, this isn't really hanson news, but you may find it interesting anyway. Okay, brace yourselves...M2M broke up...the girls have gone their seperate ways...hehe....personally I don't like them (it has nothing to do with the fact I'm a hanson fan...they just seem snobby, air headed, their music isn't that great and in an interview they called the U.S. a "terrible, double-moral country with a bunch of screaming girls" not to mention when asked about hanson...they just said "Norwegian guys are better" whatever....anyways....) they broke up after another under successful album and having not much of a fan base in the states (hum...wonder why). Both plan on doing their own things...in fact Marion has been offered a one million dollar recording contract with Atlantic who says they want to make her the biggest female artist sense Shania Twain (can't happen....for that she'd need talent, a personality, and uh...a body....and she can't buy that at a pawn shop like she does her clothes...so she is so outta luck) Well, anyways...that's the jest of it...I don't know about Marit....I got all my info from marion-raven.com BYE! -Whitney (a.k.a whit_baby123) p.s. I didn't mean to do any "band mashing" but I really don't like them. I apologize to anyone who does.

UK:  In Saturdays episode of 'Stars in Their Eyes', the boy who won was being Robbie Williams, but he auditioned as Taylor Hanson before his voice broke and he let Matthew admit it when he won! I thought that was pretty cool that a guy would admit liking Taylor Hanson.  {Holly Thompson UK}

Australia: I was just listening to Rove Live (on the Austereo network) and they were talking about David Hasslehoff's new CD. I think he said something about asking people to bring in crap CDs, and he said "Surprise, surprise, there was Hanson" then he said something else about them, then added "No, don't worry, we're not going to play Hanson". Not the best of mentions, but it's the first time I've heard them mentioned on the radio in a very long time here. {AiMsTeR}
On an ad for The Panel Hanson are shown playing If Only. You can barely tell it was them because they are only on for a millisecond but i just remembered when they played if only on there! it aint much but i thought it was pretty cool! - {Nadine}

ITALY: on october 2002 the BOOMERANG BIG BANG (hanson italian fans club) will open again!!!! it's its first birthday!!!!!
if you want know something more, email at: boomerangbigbang@virgilio.it  

PHILIPPINES: We are inviting all faithful Filipino Hanson Fans to join and have a rocking day to the 6th Grand EyeBall on the 20th of October 2002 at SM Southmall.  Attendance is a must. For more details about the said event head over to:  TBMH STATION

I was watching the best of Saturday Night Live on either VH1 or MTV, I'm can't remember which one, but anyway the WHOLE Elevator scene was on. I thought it was pretty neat to see that again. They also showed them performing Mmmbop. {Kristen}

Daddy!I have a friend that goes to Auburn University in Alabama, she has a class  with one of Natalie's best friends from high school. Her name is Ellena and is  from Georgia. She said that Natalie is 6 months pregnant and that is part of  the reason why they got  married. They live at home with the Hanson family. She was not for sure if it was a boy or girl. Just thought you guys might like to 
know that Natalie IS pregnant. {Laura}
Hi, I live in Tulsa, but would really like to remain anonymous on this one. I know this is going to sound false, but come January or February, you will all know this is the truth. Natalie is 4-5 months along with a boy. I just don't want to say who I am because the people who told me (at the hospital) were not supposed to, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble.  I know you must think "Oh it's just someone wanting to stir up trouble".. but when the boy is born, you'll know I was not kidding.  {-Anon}
I don't know if it's really news, but from researching a little bit (if no one knew) Natalie was from Georgia, and her high school (Northgate) is in Newnan, GA, about 25 minutes from her hometown of Sharpsburg. However, Pine Mountain, GA is about an hour and a half away. Just thought the info would be fun for people who didn't know.  Hanson Rocks On! {Rosie}

I just got the October issue of YM in the mail today, and it has Zac's  birthday mentioned -- "Little Zac Hanson is 17. Whatever happened to him and  his brothers?" Doesn't even have a picture or anything. There's also a cover  story on Avril Lavigne if anyone is interested. {-Rue}

In the newest Rolling Stone magazine there is a review of BBMak's cd and  they mention Hanson in it. This is what it says: If you are a popular  junior-high schooler, you still have a group that understands your soul. But  BBMak's innocuous pop rock lacks even Hanson's verve. {Emily}

I would just like to say that Hanson's outfits are still at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but they will not be in there much longer. Last time I asked the manager said they will taken down in Fall. So if you haven't seen them try and go its really good! I also snuck in a camera and got a pic of Tay's outfit, I almost got kicked out lol I was so scared!! (anything for Hanson lol), if anyone wants to see it or a copy of it please e-mail. {Itztwinangels@aol.com}

I was watching the world's most funniest videos and there was this one video where these two little boys were karate fighting each other. and one of the boys fell back and knocked some stuff over and the guy was like "it takes more than that to be Hanson's bodyguards" and I thought it was cute.  :)

I was watching "The Hughgley's" late last night, and the boy and his father were fighting over the radio. The boy wanted to listen to Hanson, and the dad wanted to listen to something else. After a few minutes of changing stations back an forth the father told his son that if he touched the button again he'd "MMMbop his a$$." I just thought it was kinda funny to see a little boy fighting with his dad in favor of Hanson. Oh, and Taylor& Nat are in the Sept. 15 edition of 'Parade'.  {Britney}

Hi , recently , meaning also today I saw the hanson with Sabrina episode over in England here for the first time . It was pretty cool , something which should hopefully give the guys a bit of credit .  {Ste , UK}

This isn't really news, but voting for the Hanson Top 20 ends on October 13, so everyone go vote to make sure that your favorite Hanson songs make the list!!

I just went to Redding California for a "business" thing and while I was there I decided to just chill in my room and watch TV. I found an episode of Disney's Lizzie McGuire (Sept 10, 2002), The one where she is having school pictures and has to wear the unicorn printed sweater her grandmother sent her. While Lizzie was standing at her locker talking with Gordo and Miranda, the door to her locker was open and I noticed a face half covered. I looked again and it was Taylor!! I was freaking out!!! I am not sure what they meant by having half of his face covered but it made my day to see the beautiful Tay.  {Sarah}

I work at Wal-Mart too, actually in the electronics dept...and they have been playing weird, as well as mmmbop and i will come to you, i only heard mmmbop and i will come to you played once, but oh well, it was enough to make my day. we've only sold three hanson cd's since I've worked there, 3 car garage, middle of nowhere and live from albertane.  someone has actually bought them all now, because Hanson's spot is empty. just a little tid bit of info. (Cass) 

This is Janey - I work for MOE in Tulsa (verified). If you have this posted, it is false. A girl named Tiana came by the Hanson's old house a few weeks ago. She asked me several questions, but I told her I couldn't answer any of her questions. I do not divulge information such as the info she has posted. Please note it is untrue. I was very kind to her - allowed her to take pictures, and gave her MOE pens, and CDs. {Janey}  See the post just below...so it is false...hmm...draw your own conclusions :)

Australia: Yesterday afternoon I was watching 'The Big Arvo' on Channel 7, and they often play music during their segments. This episode (the 20th of September) they played 'MmmBop' for their 'Big Arvo Big Kid' segment! But that's not all. I was also watching 'Sports Tonight' on the Channel 10 news, and they showed a montage of 'sporting stuff-ups' where things didn't go quite right for players. They also played 'MmmBop' here! {AiMsTeR / Perth}
I was looking up Chinese zodiacs on a site and I came across a section that said, "Find you compatibility with celebrities" so I went on and surprisingly it had Taylor Hanson as one of the celebrity choices. They didn't have Ike or Zac as one of the choices though. Here's the site: http://astrozine.astrology.com/starcompat.html  {Cathy}


Hanson Hotline was updated on the front page with a message from Isaac.

I'm in town in Tulsa from LA and I went to the MOE house this afternoon. Janine, the MOE employee told me that HANSON IS IN TOWN and that Natalie is NOT PREGNANT! She said that Tay and Natalie are living with the Hanson family. I also went to their new house, which is very hard to find, just so you know you guys have your work cut out for you. (Note: For any Admiral Twin fans , they will by playing @ The Voodoo Room in Downtown Tulsa on the 24th..Who knows.. HANSON MIGHT BE THERE!) {Tiana}

I just wanted to tell you guys Hanson is back in L.A. I live about 3 miles from the studio and i drive by it everyday going to work. Zac's driving a new silver Volkswagen Golf. I have no idea if it's his or not. {Cher}

Ike was at the Aerosmith 30th Anniversary Party last night. also, I was watching this thing on MTV and it was a re-run of MTV's 20th anniversary and it showed hanson. they were talking to Amanda Luis and they introduced TLC's performance of "waterfalls"......it's probably old news but I just found out...(I'm kinda slow, lol), anyway, I just thought that was cool! - {Amanda}

This Pic was thought to maybe be Zac at Taylor's wedding but its not its Zac and Ashley Greyson at Ashley's wedding that took place before Tay's in 2000.

I f you go to http://home.netscape.com/music/ they have a poll on who's your favorite Rock and roll band brother, and one of them is Hanson, I don't know how it will stay on there, but all I know is that they are losing a lot! Kisses { ~Denise}

I was just browsing eCrush, and for celeb crushes, Taylor is number 1!! and Zac is number 2! Isaac is all the way down at number 8, but I'm sure a lil bit of more voting will put all three Hanson hotties where they belong.. top three!! {JenJen}

Hanson was sort-of mentioned on TRL today (6/5). They scroll facts about the artists on the countdown, and for Avril Lavigne (who was number one, you go  girl!) it said that she was once a big fan of Hanson! I'm not sure if that  means she still likes them or not, but I'd like to think she is. ;) {Nina}

I was checking out Justincase (a GREAT new band) on the internet, and came across a cool website with pictures of the group. HEN I saw a category "Hanson" and it was Justincase with our cute guys, Hanson!! Anyway, go HERE  for a direct link to the pictures. {Jennifer}

Okay, this isn't really Hanson news, but how much are we really working with these days? :D 
I was watching a TV game show called "Street Smarts" and it was to the part where the two contestants had to guess who out of the two people interviewed on the street got the question wrong. The two people where Matthew and Amber, and the question was "Which band of brothers sang the hit song "MMMBop"?" And the two contestants guessed Matthew to get it wrong, and he did! What Matthew said was "Oh man, I wish I could put socks in all three of there mouths." and he then guessed The Blues Brothers. And when it came back to the host he kissed his hand and said "That was for you Zac." That had me laughing. :P {Jen}

This is kinda dumb but I work at Wal-Mart and over the Wal-Mart radio system "Weird" is played all the time!!!!! :) just some tidbits of info for ya! {Jess}

In an Issue of People or Rolling stone (I forget which one) it mentions the song that Michael Jackson made for Sept 11 with Hanson, Celine Deon and Nsync among others... I guess a certain company didn't give them permission yet to release it and may never give permission...just an update on that song...also in the Millennium edition of Trivia Pursuit, on car #23, there's a question asking: " What annoying song title did teen trio Hanson put in people's minds in 1997?" The answer is MMMBop as we all know but I was so offended and shocked I nearly got sick to my stomach. \=

This really isn't news. But last night, I went to Martins, the local grocery store. It was around 3 o'clock. And I looked over to see some guy in a hanson shirt! It was the green one with the circle on the front. It was so kewl. So I went up to him, and said, "Hey, what's up with the Hanson shirt?" And he said, "What you don't like Hanson?" Then I replied, "Yeah, they are my favorite band." I thought it was pretty funny. I left and I started busting out laughing. Well, I just wanted to share that with you guys. (Shannon)

AUSTRALIA: There is a Hanson mention in the September issue of Dolly. In the 'What's the Goss' column on the Planet Hollywood page there is a mention of Taylor's wedding: "Heartache for Taylor Hanson fans - he recently got married! Taylor wed long-time love Natalie Anne Bryant. He says 'our wedding was exactly as we envisioned it - romantic intimate and surrounded by our families and friends. Natalie and I are looking forward to our life together'". {Yonna}
Hey Guys, my school had a dance last night and yeah everyone was dancing and having a great time and you would not believe what song came on..........yes the one and only MMMBOP........I couldnt believe, I was like AHHHH, and the coolest thing was even though I few people chucked a spack that the DJ play MMMBOP everyone was singing along and having fun, I just thought it was pretty cool that some DJ's were still playing MMBOP, so yeah I just thought you might wanted to hear that piece of information:) Seeya Guys:) and keep on MMMBOPING along and having fun:)

Sorry for the News delay -  we were in California last week. Heard Mmmbop played in a Hollywood mall :P

Zac's new haircut? - Zac cut his hair! Yep! It shocked me too. But you'd sort of expect it, he was the only one who hadn't cut it yet. I said after Taylor cut his, "I'm gonna kill Zac if he cuts it!" but it's kinda cute. I think this pic. was taken at Tay's wedding.  {Danielle}  I liked it better long, but I understand the pressure to cut it.
Hanson Hotline: "Hi this is Zac and you've reached the Hanson Hotline! Right now we're not doing anything um we're just sitting around, watching tv and um eating Chex Mix. No, actually we're working on the final preparations for mixing and finishing up the documentary, which we'll be starting editing soon. And uh, we'll be putting clips of that on the website and clips of the record on the website so you should always keep checking that for new updated incoming information. And that's about it right now. Keep calling and we'll keep updating you on the Hanson Hotline!" 

Avril Lavigne (love her!!!) is a big fan of Hanson! In Rolling Stone August 8th 2002 (with DMB on the front) there's a part in her story where it says ....Her favorite bands were Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20 and especially Hanson. "Check out the lead singer! He's adorable!" she enthuses. Then she reflects, "The funny thing is, we kind of look alike."... Thought it was rad a cool girl was a Hanson fan. Later. {Bridget}  she's great :)

FanFest_2002_1.jpg (57470 bytes) FanFest_2002_2.jpg (54919 bytes)
Here are some pics of Taylor and Ike at the recent 2002 Hanson Fanfest in Tulsa! (click to enlarge)

Hanson is featured in the recent Katrillion.com Poll titled Old School vs. New School. They're asking if you "prefer the brand-new thing or the tried-and-true?" Hanson is the choice for the last question, and they are up against Dream Street. Right now Dream Street is on the lead with 70% and Hanson is behind with 30%. So come in and vote for Hanson. 

Last night I met Hoobastank at Channel [V], Fox studios, and I said to the lead singer Doug, "hey do you like Hanson?" (I just had to ask him something Hanson related) and he goes "I actually know those guys" and I go "really?" and hes goes "yea" and I said "did you know Taylor got married?" he goes "Yea I did actually" and then my non fanson friend, making me look like *the* biggest teeny, screams out (because they were leaving) "IS HIS WIFE PREGNANT?" and he said "I actually don't know about that." and then they left. So there's my Hansony/Hoobastank story. {Carly}

i was just watching VH1 and they were doing a show hosted by Sheri Oteri about the music they have had on SNL. Well anyway, they showed a clip from Hanson from 1997, the one from the elevator, and them performing. It's nice to know that they were recognized! Lori

MTV played the melody to This Time Around during the Jenny McCarthy section of Laugh Track: 20 Years of Comedy. OK, just wanted to put my two cents in.  (Gwendolyn)

There was a Hanson mention on an episode of MTV's "Taildaters." In the  episode, during one of the dates, the girl mentions that she is a Hanson fan.  Then, at the end of the night, the guy's "taildater" comments that if he ever  wanted to talk about Hanson, he could call on her. Then, his caption after  his comment says that he "knows Hanson is no match for the Backstreet Boys."  I wasn't sure if this caption was meant to be rude, but it was pretty funny to watch! {Nina}

Hey guys. I was looking for a Devon Sawa website, and I found one that a guy named Ian has. Anywho- in his "pictures with celebs* part (HERE) there are two pictures of him with Hanson. and the link to the pics say "Me with those kewl pop brothers, Hanson." they are the 55th and 56th link down. It isn't a major mention, but it's a guy that has met a ton of stars that think they are awesome. {Jen}

This rude article was recently in TV Guide:
HOUSE OF HAS-BEENS: The WB has ordered six episodes of the reality series The Surreal World, which is described as a celebrity version of MTV's The Real World. Slated to debut this fall, the show will center around eight B- and C-list celebs as they live and work together in a Los Angeles-area house. Producers have already approached some 40 stars, including musicians, former sitcom actors and one-time pop idols. Paging brothers Hanson... 

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