For anyone who didn't go to FANFEST this year, you totally missed out! Taylor, Isaac, and Natalie were there! They pretty much stayed up in the balcony but Isaac did come down to use the bathroom once. Taylor and Nat were dancing and kissing having a great time! Isaac was really getting into the music! Kim was there to. The girl that went with Zac to her prom. I have no idea where Zac was. No one ever saw him. They waited till the bands were all done playing before they came down and singed autographs and took pictures. Taylor didn't let Natalie out of is site the entire time they were on the floor! I don't care what anyone says, Natalie is the sweetest person you could ever hope to meet! She talked to us and everything! They are made for each other!  {Cleo}

In the BOOKS section of the Entertainment Weekly, there is a picture of Hanson. And it says "MMM...WAIT? Bracewell likens Hanson to fellow singing siblings the Osmonds." {-Ashley}

Hey I think I found out where Natalie Anne Bryant went to high school. Here is a list of grads from Northgate High School. Looks like Taylor married a smart girl... it says she graduated with honors. Her name is in the 14th row. Check it out.. pretty cool.
http://www.coweta.k12.ga.us/grad/2002GradNGHS.htm  {Cassandra}

I was watching 'Taildaters,' a new show on Mtv where like two people go out, and 3 of their friends or family or something watch them from cams, and they have pagers... so the people watching page them telling them to relax, or do stuff. So the other night the girl starts talking and she's like 'My favorite band is Hanson, I know everything about them, I have every CD... they're so cute' And the guy kinda laughs but is like 'Oh... where are they? Are they still around?' I just thought it was kinda cool that an older girl would admit on TV, and to a guy on the first date that she loved Hanson. Also towards the end they showed the guys friend and showed a caption that said something like "he always knew Hanson was better than Backstreet boys" HaHa.  {-nikki}

The other day I was out and guess who i ran into, none other than Zac Hanson, he was with a few friends. so of course I  asked him about the new album and here's what he said!!! He said that the new album would be out sometime in Jan. 2003 haven't picked a day yet and the single in either November or December they hadn't decided. They have started mixing the album, they were just taking a few days off for the 4th  of july. but that it would be all finished in a few weeks. I can't wait!! {Sean}

I was just watching MTV and it had something about the Ozfest and they showed Kelly Osbourne from way back in the day and they asked her "do u still like hanson?" and she said "no" and Kurt Loder was like "why, what happened?" and she said "I grew up" then they played a little bit of the video for "mmmbop." I thought it was kinda rude, but it was still cool that they mentioned hanson. well see ya'll later! - {Amanda}

I went to starstruck-mag.com to check out the Hanson stuff, and found a Hanson mention in the Lifehouse article with Jason Wade. It's a small mention, but hey it's something! Go HERE or just read is here: "It's been told that the band Hanson is personal fans of yours, any opinions on them?  Hanson? Really? Oh haha, IThat's awesome, I didn't know that. Maybe we ought to hook up with them and say hi sometime, haha, that's crazy. " 

I am starting a project for Isaac's birthday called the Ike's Guitar Birthday Project.  I thought it would be cool if the fans bought Ike a nice guitar for his birthday.  It'd be special that way, from us, the fans.  You can check out my website HERE for more information.  Thanks!  {Chrissy}

When you go to download yahoo IM, the picture of what the messenger will look like has several made up user names, one of which is HANSONFAN. the url is http://messenger.yahoo.com/messenger/download/mac.html if you want to see it... just thought it was cool! {~Meghan~}

I was watching Vh1's "Driven" featuring Nsync and they had this par of the show where they were talking about bands that were popular in 1997 and they showed part of the "MMMbop" video. Not really Hanson news, but a mention! {Latosha}

I was just watching Craig Kilborn (Wed. 7/10) & in his normally hilarious “In The News” segment, Craig said i guess as a part of today’s news (must be a slow news day): “this just in... everyone that said the band Hanson is “for real” is wrong... this just in!” at least they showed a 2000 photo rather than one from ‘97. Also in the new Rolling Stone (w/Ozzy on the cover), in the random notes section they mention Tay’s wedding: “ ...And at the tender age of nineteen, Taylor Hanson became an honest man at the hands of recent high school grad Natalie Anne Bryant, in Georgia. Many happy mmmbops, kids!” There’s also a small pic (the same as the 1st black & white wedding pic that was posted on HansonHouse w/ the caption "Sunrise, sunset: Taylor weds.") {Andi}

Yesterday I was watching VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders. Number 64 was the New Radicals (though i don't remember the name of the song) hopefully most of the hanson fans have heard it but if you haven't one line says "Fashion shows with Beck and Hanson". When Gregg Alexander, the lead singer, talked about the comments on putting the bands into the song, he said he only put the band names in because of admiration. He said he was a big fan of Hanson!! I thought it was cool b/c many people, especially celebrities, won't admit that they like Hanson. {Lauren D.} ...kick their asses? doesn't sound like admiration *shrugs*

I was watching SClub7 and Tina was trying to teach the other members of the band how to speak "American" and she was going over a few things (like what we call elevators, etc.) and she came across the last pic and said "And this is Hanson, over here they call them talented" I thought that was stupid of her to say because SClub7 sure as heck aint talented! Then later on in the episode SClub7 performed in a courtroom, I don't know which was more realistic the fact that they magically had their background music with them on a boombox or the fact that everyone in the courtroom were clapping and actually liking the music.Luv,Luck, & Lollipops!!! p.s-Also about a week ago Carson Daly spoke of Taylor's wedding his words were "Did you guys hear about Taylor Hanson getting married? He's 19-years-old, good luck brother!"

For those of you having problems downloading the videos, we will be moving them to a new server soon. Be sure that you joined the HansonHouse mailing list and we will send out an email letting everyone know when they are back up. We will also be adding some exciting new format videos very soon! The quality of these will far surpass anything we've done before. :)

Chile: Here are articles from "TV Novelas" Magazine from Chile, enjoy.  Click to view fullsize:)  {Rosario}

Canada: The other day I was watching the Wimbeldon tennis tournament, and it was going to a commercial break, and they were showing some highlights of the tournament so far, and there was this song on in the background.  I wasn't really paying attention, but asked my sister why that song sounded so familiar.  Then it finally clicked, and i realized that it was the background music for "Runaway Run"!!! They played mostly the guitar riff played after the bridge.  I was really surprised to hear that song played, especially since it wasn't a single or anything!!! {Tanya (Montreal)}

UK: I am trying to organize a UK Hanson FANFEST for sometime this August, probably in London, and I was wondering if you could post this on your site to tell anyone who's interested.  They should email me at charlie@hanson.net.  Thanks a lot :-) {Charlie.}


weddingbig5.jpg (40978 bytes)
Here is a nice pic from People magazine (left) on page 83. (click to enlarge)

I was watching the Teen Choice Music Mania show last night, and before Michelle Branch played, JC and Chris were talking about how she got discovered and JC mentioned that "she opened for the band Hanson." I thought that was pretty cool :) {Emily}

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (#660/661 June 28/July 5 2002), there was a brief mention of Taylor's wedding announcement, in the  section of the magazine titled "Monitor" (pg. 20) The magazine mention reads  "...Guess who's MMMarried? On June 8, Hanson middle son and keyboardist  Taylor Hanson, 19, wed recent high school grad Natalie Anne Bryant, 18, in  Pine Mountain, Ga. It's a first marriage for both..." And that was it!  Just thought you would like to know! =-) {Amanda}

THE HANSON HOTLINE HAS BEEN UPDATED! *GASP*! ISAAC SAYS THE ALBUM HAS BEEN FINISHED! It will be mixed soon and after so they will go on the road and release the album. I have heard that the album will be released in early 2003, but hopefully it'll be sooner. Which may mean : Yay great Hanukkah or Christmas present! And TOUR! What is better than a tour? Woo hoo. {Auddy}

Last weekend (Sunday the 16th) CASEY KASEM announced that the # 1 song in 1997 was MMMBOP. and also tonight (the 20th) on the 2002 MUSIC MANIA PERFORMANCE they announced Michelle Branch by saying "she got her start by opening for HANSON!"  {Mary}

I was at TeenPeople.com trying to look some stuff up on the guys and I came across this poll from some time ago. It was a poll asking which music star family should have their own reality series (like the Osbournes). I voted (for Hanson of course) and the results showed that they came in second place (under Christina Aguilera), beating out other artists like Britney Spears, and even Michael and Janet Jackson.  {Nina-}

I went to see Incubus and Phantom Planet Tuesday, June 25th. I asked Alex, the lead singer of Phantom Planet, if he went to Taylor Hanson's wedding and he said he doesn't really know Taylor that well.. and he wasn't invited *LOL* I thought it was cute:) {Kodi} lol

Here's a link to another article about Tay's wedding...and a poll about it...go check it out at Katrillion {Nikki}

Just wanted to say that I was watching Who's Line is it Anyway on TV the other night. (love that show) Well, they were at the part of the show where they had to do an improv of a song the theme was cows and the host chose to do it in the style of Hanson. (I hope I'm making sense, if not, you need to see the show) So the actors were singing "mmm-milk". It cracked me up. {Erica }

I am making an article about Taylor's wedding through the fans' point of view, how the fans feel about it and how the fans are dealing with the situation. Once I'm done, I'm going to send a copy to all Hanson sites and Hanson. Please e-mail me your thoughts, feeling, point of view, etc. Please tell other fans about this and/or post this on you site or whatever to help. PLEASE HELP!! { Rose: itz_jamz@hotmail.com }

I was watching The Best of Great Pretenders: Karaoke on ABC Family and  this boy about 14 years old sang "If Only". I was so surprised. He was so  good and even dressed like Taylor! Lol! Well, not big of a mention, but I  thought it was something :o) {Jessica}

gossip: I'm visiting my cousin in Jenks, OK for the week and this afternoon (6/29) we decided to visit her friend.  I've always thought it as really cool because her friend lives on W. 78th St!  So, I enjoy going over there! Anyway, we were driving down to her house and passed their old house.  I really wasn't expecting anything, but there was a white car parked in the drive.  We kept on driving and then I saw the door open!  We parked a little bit ahead, so I could see what was going on.  I saw a girl with dark hair come out and I thought "no way, is that natalie!"  But then taylor came out!  Of course I knew that was Taylor!  He was carrying a box.  At this point I was positive the girl was natalie!  She opened the trunk of the car and Taylor put the box in.  The trunk was still open and Taylor said something to her.  She totally flipped out!  It was so funny!   Her arms were swinging around and she had her mouth running. Taylor had this "OMG not again" type of look on her face. haha. After that Taylor just walked away and went back into the house.  She just stood there with her arms folded.  Taylor came back out with 2 boxes and put them in the trunk.  When he came out the second time I told my cousin we should get out and act like we are doing something.  So we got out and went to the trunk like we were looking for something.  Taylor put the 2 boxes in the trunk, and we could hear her bitchin'.  She said something like, "You are so freakin' slow!  We were supposed to be there at 2 and it's 2:15!"  She sounded so dumb acting like Taylor was stupid.  Taylor told her "Well, if you would have been ready to go on time we'd be there!"  She stormed into the car and slammed the door.  After that Taylor closed the trunk and went back to the house door and locked it. We got back into the car and waited for them to leave.  Natalie was driving and you could tell by her driving that she was pissed.  She flew down that street!   Just thought I would share with everyone, Taylor didn't look too happy.  Oh, and she might really be pregnant.  She was wearing black shorts and a long blue T-shirt that covered her stomach, it looked like there was a little something there.  But it could have just been the  shirt.  I'm not sure.  Most people don't show that much till the 5th month of their first pregnancy. Also I heard that Taylor and Natalie are now living in that house.  I don't have any confirmation for that, but I heard it from 2 Tulsa residents and 3 fans have told me too. (Caty) 

oi oi oi Aussie Aussie Aussie: On 'Take 40 Australia' the one where The Secret Life of Us stars were hosting, they mentioned before the break "Find out which of the Hanson Brothers have tied the knot" Then later they crossed to Penne Dennison for Entertainment news and she said " The Middle Hanson brother, of course who is Taylor, has tied the knot to his sweetheart Natalie Anne. But not to worry Hanson fans because the boys will be back as early as next year with a brand new album!" (or something like that) Mmmbop was playing in the background! Its not much but its good to see that Hanson aren't forgotten here in oz! {-Aimee}
Today on Foxtel, Hanson were mentioned in a movie on Showtime called Cruel  Intentions 2: Manchester Prep. I just happened to turn the channel to that movie when a group of girls were  at school and another girls goes "I got Hanson's new cd!" and runs off. I didn't really hear it properly but it sounded a lot like she said Hanson. It is around the 1 hour mark when she said it. 
Also, last night on Nickelodeon, they showed the repeat of Noah Knows Best episode with Hanson. They were really cool. {Cathy}
There's a magazine called New Weekly and there was a small mention in it this week about Taylor's wedding, so I thought I'd let yas know even though it says what we all know now anyway. "Marriage was on the minds of many celebrities over the weekend. MMMBop singer Taylor Hanson may only be 19, but he went the mature route when he wed his girlfriend Natalie Anne Bryant at a ceremony in Georgia." {Joanne}
Hanson mentions in august 2002 DOLLY magazine::: page 29 - interview with Michelle branch. she mentions touring with hanson, and how performing with them helper her get her big break. page 48 - dolly dream doctor. a girl wrote in about her wacky dream involving her favorite band, hanson. great to see a couple of mentions, just not about Taylor's wedding :-) {Ange}

England: There's a mention in this week's Heat magazine in the On or Off? section. It says- On! Taylor Hanson and Natalie Anne Bryant Not five minutes ago the middle Hanson was Mmmbop-ping on TOTP. Now he's all grown-up and just got married. "It was just how we envisioned it," he says, "romantic and intimate, and surrounded by our families and friends." { Liz,}

Brazil: Hanson was mentioned in an Brazilian magazine called 'CAPRICHO' the issue of last two week, the magazine mention reads " Taylor married!", the article talks about the place where he married, callaway gardens, and have 3 good pics, plus a pic of the chapel, and says a lil 'bout the new album " ... the new album, will be propably realise next year.." and much more. The article have 2 pages. {Bia - florzinha85@yahoo.com}

Ashley Greyson (close family friend of Hanson) has answered some questions from frustrated fans about Taylor's wedding and it's apparent level of secrecy.  You can read these questions and some responses from HansonHouse users on the BBS Forum HERE. Don't expect to get any new info from him; the responses are basically defensive.

Natalie I got this information right from a DJ off my local radio station 100.7 Mix FM. He said the Taylor got married last Saturday to his long time girlfriend Natalie, and he said that she is rumored to be 3 months pregnant. Whether or not she is doesn't matter. What matters (if the information is correct) is that Taylor is hopefully happily married. Congrats Taylor! {Meg} This could explain why it was not announced earlier then it was and why they got married so young?
I don't know if this was addressed: apparently Natalie is pregnant? I have no idea if this is just a rumor or not, I'm not aware of it being confirmed, but it was mentioned on the radio in Chicago tonight. The dj mentioned in passing that "Taylor Hanson got his girlfriend pregnant, and now the 19 year old is getting married."  {KateAlso on 'Romeo 9 at 9 on Z100 radio in NYC and several other radio stations too many to list here including the US and Canada. They claim reliable sources...we'll see. 

I'm making a scrapbook for the newly wed couple that will be dropped off at the business office when I am in tulsa for fanfest. I need you guy's stuff  to go in it! I need letters (emailed or hand written), poems or anything  that you want them to see that can fit into a book! Email  dainsanebunny@hotmail.com for the address to send everything to. The  deadline is July 10! (it must have arrived by then) Thanks guys!! {Jen}

There was a small mention about Taylor's wedding in the Chicago Tribune today.
Pop Singer Weds - Taylor Hanson, the 19-year-old lead singer and keyboard player of the pop trio Hanson, has married his girlfriend of two years, 18-year-old Natalie Anne Bryant. Relatives and friends attended the small, private ceremony in Pine Mountain, Ga., on Saturday. Hanson and his brothers sparked the teen pop craze of recent years when they made their debut in 1997. They were just 16, 14, and 11 years old when their first hit, MMMBop, went to No. 1 in 27 countries.

Cute Hanson mention in 6/21 issue of Entertainment Weekly (Gellar/Prinze Jr. on cover) - p. 85. "SHEDAISY Knock on the Sky: If Hanson were girls and played country, they'd be Shedaisy, who drop their third edition of wholesome Utah-bred twang."

I was watching some old episodes of Road Rules and they were showing one of the first or second episodes from the season back in 1997. Well, they played MMMBop for a really long time and I thought that was pretty cool. On a side note, Congrats to Taylor and Natalie! -{Ashley}

The website Pitful has the piano notes to "Never Let Go" and also that Musically Speaking has the guitar tabs for "Rock n Roll Razorblade" and the piano notes to "Song To Sing" and "With You In Your Dreams". Enjoy :)  {-Jackie}

I was watching VH1's "Undercover" where they try to sell fake merchandise to people in the Virgin Music Megastore (they tried selling other stuff like a fake Backstreet Boys country style album. LOL!) Anyways, they showed a clip of the "MMMBop" video and a man trying to sell a "Hanson shaving kit" with a picture of them from 1997 on all the merchandise and some other stuff, as well. It was cool to see Hanson mentioned again even after their huge success back in the day :o) {Kristin}

On VH1 there was a "boy band" version of Rock of Ages-Undercover, and Hanson was mentioned (they were testing Hanson's effects on merchandising products). I thought it was cool that Hanson was mentioned, although I always hate when they call Hanson a "boy band".  {Cathy}

Smile was played on Malcolm In The Middle on Monday night! The same episode is repeated on BBC2, Saturday afternoon, at either 12 noon or 2 pm  depending on the footie! {Claire}

Canada: I was listening to mix 96 (Montreal radio station) and one of the announcers said he wasn't going to tell us where he got his information but his sources were very good. A girl called and asked him this "I got a phone call from my friend saying the you said Taylor Hanson was getting married is this true?" he answered by saying "Yes, it seems that Taylor Hanson has been mmmboping a bit to hard, he got his girlfriend (did not say her name) pregnant and now the parents of both family’s are planning their wedding." Well all we have to do here is support Taylor and his future wife, face it fans there is only 2 left. CONGRATS TAY!!!!!!!!!!! and stop mmmboping....hehe {Amanda}

Australia: Foxtel channel FX plays a documentary every weekend, called Famous Families...and guess who featured last Saturday? None other than our boys...it also had rare footage of them performing Rockin Robin in leather and sunnies...and dancing! (Alana) 

Wedding Pic (click to enlarge) Well, the rumors are TRUE. Taylor has married his love
Natalie Anne Bryant. His long-time GF that we told you about over a year ago has now wed Tay. We wish them the best. Here is the article now posted at MTV.com (click to enlarge wedding pic)
I recently was watching Another boy band bopper has walked the aisle with his baby boo. On the same day that NSync's Joey Fatone denied published reports that he got hitched on the down low, Hanson's Taylor Hanson, 19, announced that he married Natalie Anne Bryant on June 8 in Pine Mountain, Georgia. "Our wedding was exactly how we envisioned it, romantic and intimate, and surrounded by our families and friends," the middle Hanson brother said in a released statement. "Natalie and I are looking forward to our life together." At the reception, Taylor showed off one of the perks of being in the music industry: no cheesy wedding singer. His friend David Garza performed for the couple. A spokesperson for the group Hanson said the brothers should be ready to roll out with another LP in the beginning of next year. {Shaheem Reid}

Here's more from TulsaWorld -
MMMatrimony - Hanson hottie has gotten hitched

A generation of women long ago cried rivers over Paul McCartney getting married. This week -- likely nonplussed about his latest wedding -- they can hand the hankies to their daughters: Taylor Hanson's hitched. The 19-year-old lead singer of Hanson married Natalie Anne Bryant, 18, his girlfriend of two years, in a small, private ceremony Saturday in Pine Mountain, Ga. The wedding and reception was attended by close friends and family members. Hanson pal and Lava-Atlantic recording artist David Garza provided music. "Our wedding was exactly how we envisioned it -- romantic and intimate, and surrounded by our family and friends," Taylor said in a statement that was released to the Tulsa World on Thursday. "Natalie and I are looking forward to our life together." The news took fans by surprise, although rumors began circulating early this week on Internet newsgroups after a photo was circulated featuring the bride and groom standing with two other girls. Taylor and brothers Isaac and Zac currently are finishing work on the Tulsa-based, multi-platinum Island Records trio's next CD, due early next year. {Thomas Conner} as Tay is on their honeymoon!

(This pic of Tay and Nat from Last year)


I recently was watching Savage Garden "The Affirmation Tour" video and when Darren visits his old home and other people live there and they show a Hanson poster on the wall! it was so cute! it was the one where they are all 'snowed in' {Niki}

Last night I was watching America's funniest home videos, and there was a video of 2 little boys boxing and fooling around in the living room of there house, and the AFV host (I can't remember his name), said "it takes a little more to be Hanson's body guards". It was really funny because then one of the boys crashed into the cd rack. I thought it was cool to hear Hanson mentioned on that show. :D {Reagan}

For those of you who have  little brothers or sisters might watch that show on Disney called Pepper Ann,  and the one time i watched it, she wanted to do something great; aka, play  the piano, or learn anyway. So, eventually, she kept comparing herself to the  one and only keyboard player we all know and love, Taylor! One scene, her  mother asked her to put out the trash, and she said something like "Well I  bet teen pop-sensation Taylor Hanson's mom doesn't ask HIM to take out the  trash!" and small stuff like that. Thought it was cute! Rock on guys! (you  two, Hanson!) {Marissa}

This weekend, my local radio station (102.7 Kiss fm in Los Angeles) was playing all the number one singles from 1982-2002, and they played mmmbop! after they played it the dj goes "and I can say i knew them from way back when, that was hanson with 'mmmbop'!" it was so awesome to hear someone actually giving it up for hanson like that. :)  {Nina}

A band "Saved by Grace" which is friends with Hanson, and is being RUMORED to be their opening band when they finally go out tour will be doing a show on June 7th at the LOFT in Tulsa. Its at 1730 Boston in Tulsa. They are an awesome band and fans might be interested in seeing the possible future opening band for hanson. Hanson is often seen at different shows of theirs as well. (Taylor is good friends with the one member, I however forget his  name) Not sure where they are, in Tulsa or Cali, but the hanson fans around town might be interested.  {anonymous}

I went to the Roll & Roll Hall of Fame today and I just wanted to let everyone know that Hanson's outfits from the "If Only" video are still  up. But What I noticed was that Taylor's pants and shoes aren't the same. In  the video it shows him in tan chords and tan boots but in the display he's  wearing jeans and black boots. I don't know why they have those up, probably  because they couldn't get the whole outfit. Anyway, they also have a display  of teen idol merchandise and they show Hanson's 98 calendar, a hanson  necklace and hanson the cover of 16 mag from 97. That was pretty cool. But  Isaac's guitar isn't on display anymore, they said they change the display's  every so often and that's why it wasn't up. But I'm sure many people would  love to see it.  {Misty}

I was just watching How to live like a Celebrity's Pet on Mtv and they showed a clip of hanson at one of their photo shots.. I just wanted to share that with you guys before I forgot. 

I was just listening to the radio, and this DJ (Atom Smasher from Houston, Texas on 104krbe) got asked who had he wished would have never been played on the radio?? And he said Hanson. and the person (or one of the persons asking) goes hey I like hanson (or something) and then they said something and someone goes NSYNC and she goes hanson, but i cant remember what the question was.... okay so that's not news or anything, but i thought it was awesome that this chick tried to defend them or something. {Tara}

There was MTV Icon: Aerosmith the other day on and Ike was also there! They  showed him laughing shortly when a guy was talking about Hanson and that he thought Taylor was a handsome girl!

Hi ! I'm Lucile, 20 from France. I'm going with my friend Celine to the USA this summer from July10th to August 20th. We'd love to meet many Hanson fans there from everywhere in the States so if you can, email me l and give me your phone number, we'll try to contact you while we're there and maybe you can show us around where you live ! I hope to get tons of emails ! { Lucile}

I was watching something on VH1 where they have ppl on there picking their fave songs and stuff like that. anyways this one was on the worst song and some bitch (excuse my French) in the audience said " the song I cant stand that really gets in your head in a REALLY Bad way and drives you crazy is "MMMBOP" By Hanson." I was soooo pissed! This chick had no clue what she was talking about anyways! sorry I'm just pissed that she dissed Hanson. {Shawn}

UK: On VH1's 100 top albums of all time, there was a short clip of Hanson talking about Paul Simon's "Graceland" which came at number 66 (I think!). They were saying that it is one of their favorite albums, and Isaac's favorite song on it is "Diamonds on the soles of her shoes" which he and Taylor sang a short part of. 
Also, in Live and Kicking Magazine there is an interview with Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle and he is asked who the nicest famous person he has ever met is. Well, he says Zac Hanson, and that they met at a party and really hit it off and ended up talking for 7 hours, and have kept in touch ever since! He also says that he really likes Hanson and he learnt to play the drums by watching Zac. :)  It's great to know that they really are nice people, isn't it! (Holly)

Australia: Someone posted a message about Hanson being on Sabrina this  week, everywhere in Australia. This is not entirely true because Melbourne  are still in season 5 while Sydney (and some other states) are in season 6.  Melbournians won't see Hanson appear in the show for at least 21 more  episodes, assuming channel 7 keeps the show running. There are 12 more  episodes left of Sabrina in series 5, then 9 more till the hanson episode.  So don't worry Melbournians if you thought you missed it! You didn't.
There was an article printed in the Herald Sun last week in the section Hit about Michelle Branch. It mentions Hanson a fair few times in the article saying that Michelle has Hanson to thank for making it big. It was Hanson who founded out Michelle and got her touring with them, in which Madonna's record label heard her and signed her up. There is also a picture of the brothers. 
There was also a little section on Ike in the MX newspaper {Viv}

London: I was in Gap in Covent Garden, London, yesterday and as i walked in the door I started to recognize the music they were playing in the background, and then I suddenly realized it was 'Wake Up'! I was soooo happy and I didn't leave the shop until the song finished, because I've never heard it all the way through before. I think it's really cool that they played Hanson music in such a popular store as Gap and even cooler that they played it in London, because Hanson get NO recognition in the UK nowadays! Hanson Rock! {Kath}

BRAZIL: Hanson are among the bands that can be voted to play in the next Rock in Rio. Please, vote for Hanson (even if you're not from Brazil). Go to http://www.universorock.com/ and look for ROCK IN RIO 4 (right; above). {Sandra}
Olá Fansons! Meu nome é Camila e eu estou organizando o PROJETO HANSON! Ele consiste num álbum de fotos de fans que será entregue ao Hanson na próxima  vinda deles ao Brasil! Além do álbum, será entregue também uma carta  quilométrica, feita por fans brasileiras de todos os estados e cidades!  Participe e chame seus Hanson friends! Para participar é só mandar um e-mail  para camila_strawberry@hotmail.com com seu nome e endereço. Dentro de alguns  dias chegará em sua casa o informativo sobre o Projeto. Lendo o informativo  vc ficará sabendo de tudo que precisa fazer para ter sua foto no álbum e  suas folhas na carta quilométrica! O que está esperando? Não perca tempo!  Participe! MMMB-JOS da Hanson fan louca e alucinada: {Camila}

Hong Kong: On Friday, I had watched a old Korea TV program called "Goodbye my Love", and when the two girls was talking some funny things, I had listened MMMBop in the background! It's give me a very big surprise!! {Eugenia}

On MTV there was that special on the MTV Movie Awards and they showed at least three clips of Hanson when they were on back in 1997. It was so cute. I remember watching that when I was 13...those were the days. {Ashley}

I was at audiocard.com and when you chose your card you chose a song, and I was listening to them and I came across one the said fly the wings of an eagle and I was like hmm, might be hanson!! And sure enough, it was, and I also saw mmmbop....so, check it out!! {~crys}

There is a cute Hanson mention on page 73 of the paperback copy of "Princess in the Spotlight" by Meg Cabot.   "She doesn't have to worry. I was so embarrassed about the whole thing, I was seriously considering never coming back to school at all, let alone on Monday.   I don't see why I can't be home-schooled, like the boys from Hanson. Look how they turned out."  {Brynne}

I went to watch the movie The New Guy yesterday. Around the middle of the movie the character Dizzy was in the counselors office with his dad. She had Hanson posters all over the wall. I thought that was pretty cool!!! Just thought I would let you know. {Candy}

On the Hottest 25 thing they had a question and it was Who was the youngest person to make the list, and it was Zac Hanson!!! Then they started playing part of the mmmbop video where they were at the phone booth. {Kayla}

I just wanted you to know that I was at Home Depot with my father and mmmbop started playing. 
I thought it was really kinda kewl! {Audra}

Oi - Australia! - I was on the internet playing a game called Download and this question came up:
  1. "MMM Bop" was a huge hit for who
  2. Spanish dance act who were on the way to Ibiza
  3. Latest single for Spice Girls
  4. Finish the lyrics to this Peter Allen song "no matter how far or wide I roam I still call…..
    On the Drew Carey version of 'Who's Line Is It Anyway' on TheComedyChannel in Australia (May 21), they had to to a skit where each sentence had to be a song title. It started off with Chip Esten and Wayne Brady and... Wayne was doing something with volleyball and Chip was saying something about World War 1... but Chip ended up saying 'MMMBop'!!! I thought that was very groovy *thumbs up* And then I remembered Hanson are on Sabrina this Saturday... woohoo!!

Hanson on Sabrina was aired on Saturday night, and it was  great to see Hanson making an appearance on Aussie TV once again. Isaac is  looking very spunky, i must say, though it was shame that we couldn't see a  bit of Zac's and Taylor's acting talent. Hopefully we will be getting  Hanson's new CD sooner, rather than later. A great performance of "Hey",  also. Hanson, keep up the good work, and we hope to see you again in Australia soon!  {Amy}  Notice to all Australian Hanson fans: The episode where they are on Sabrina airs this Saturday at 6:30pm on Channel 7!  No excuse for missing it now! (Alana)

On the ad for The Panel they have a montage of guests who have appeared and Hanson is included. It's 'blink and you'll miss it' but it's from their performance on the show on 22nd March 2000. (Alana)

Hi, this is Alana who asked M2M at their in store about touring with Hanson! My friend said Marit especially looked a little uncomfortable! But they handled it like pros! Marit said something along the lines of 'they had a great time and loved opening for them...plus they got to watch one of their fave bands perform live every night, it was a good experience" (no mention of Ike of course!) Then Marion nodded and smiled and there we go! Thanks to Laurachel for remembering me! :) (Alana)

My friend Holly went to see M2M perform live at the Virgin Megastore on Thursday and she got a signed cd.
I asked her "I wonder if anyone asked them what Hanson were like?" and she said that a girl in front of her asked them.
Here is what the girl said:
"Do you know Hanson?"
"Uh, yeah, we do. We're really great friends."
"Have you really gone out with them?"
"That's none of your business, but if you really want to know, we have. I hope you enjoy the cd. Bye"
Holly said that there was more to it but she couldn't remember.
I just thought that it was really cool that someone actually asked them about Hanson. {Catherine}

I was watching MTV movie awards 2001 and literally 2 seconds I turned it on and heard the speaker say hanson, of course i really didnt think they did, then i looked up and sure enough hanson was standing on the stage. I think it was for a 98 thing and they were just showing clips because there hair was still long. Then since they pit hanson on i gained respect for the show and kept watching intently and sure enough they showed hanson AGAIN !!!!! i thought it was awesome! {Alyson}

I was at audiocard.com and when you chose your card you chose a song, and i was listening to them and I came across one that said fly the wings of an eagle and I was like hmmm, might be Hanson!! And sure enough, it was, and I also saw mmmbop....so, check it out!! {Crys}

Australia: The Episode of Sabrina that Hanson guest star on, will be aired on Saturday night, 6.30 on Channel 7. The preview only shows Isaac at the end but hey! {Aimee}

Argentina e Uruguay:  Hola a todos! Soy Michelle y este e-mail es para dar una informacion a las fans latinas. Cómo todas sabemos, el proximo tour for latinoamerica ESTA EN  NUESTRAS MANOS, nosotras DEBEMOS hacer algo al respecto. En este momento con fans de Argentina y Uruguay, estamos haciendo un  proyecto para que HANSON incluya a Latino america en su proximo tour. Si estas interesada o quieres saber más al respercto, no dudes en escibirme:  {Michelle}

There is not official word out as to when the new CD will be released but we will let you know as soon as we get word on it. However it shouldn't be more than a few more months.

I was watching E! today and Rank was on. It was the one where they were ranking the "sexiest men" and at the end they were asking Kathy Griffin who she thought was sexy. First she said "Lance and Joey from *NSYNC, but not Justin." (I thought that was funny!) She paused and was like "I'm still holding out for Taylor Hanson. Have you seen him lately?" And she got a really goofy grin on her face and said "Yeah, I like them young." Not too much of a mention, but hey, it's something, right? -AshleyI was watching E! today and Rank was on. It was the one where they were ranking the "sexiest men" and at the end they were asking Kathy Griffin who she thought was sexy. First she said "Lance and Joey from *NSYNC, but not Justin." (I thought that was funny!) She paused and was like "I'm still holding out for Taylor Hanson. Have you seen him lately?" And she got a really goofy grin on her face and said "Yeah, I like them young." Not too much of a mention, but hey, it's something, right?  {Ashley}

I was in the Gap on 34th Street in NY and I accidentally found myself in the kids/babies section. I was about to leave when the next thing I know, I'm hearing the beginning chords of "Wish That I Was There." That made me happy :) Oh and during Christmas, I heard What Christmas Means To Me on the escalator at Bloomingdale's. yay. {Jess}

In People's 25 Hottest guys under 25 in the beginning of the TV show on MTV they showed a picture of Hanson when they were younger. {Kayla}

I went to Michelle Branch's only Sydney instore yesterday- Saturday- and she's wicked! Anyway, I asked if Hanson were cool guys (we know they are!) and she was so enthusiastic -"They are VERY cool" she also said that she "was with them last week" so there you go! Her eyes lit up when they were mentioned! (Alana) 

Check out some cool Hanson pics on Felipe's website Hanson Pictures.  He's just redesigned it and added some new pics.

My sister and I went and saw "The New Guy" last night. It was extremely dumb, but-in one scene, he gets sent to the guidance counselor. His guidance counselor is some dorky, gum snapping, twenty four year old with a pink, peppy office. She's got posters of all these bands. The first one I saw on the wall was Youngstown, and then when it cut to a different angle, it was Blink 182, and next to it was Hanson. I was freaking out and pointing at the screen. My sister had to literally slap her hand over my mouth to shut me up. Okay, so it's not a big mention or anything, but it was still cute. {Honey}

This isn't new news or anything but on AudioGalaxy I found this wack  version of mmmbop that maybe you haven't yet heard it's a cover by purr machine. actually it's a parody: "...Purr Machine get their hands on this Bubblegum Boys' kiddie favorite they flip it upside down and rip it inside out..." {Dominique} 

Singapore: In this month's issue of LIME magazine, with Josh Hartnett on the cover, there is a mention of Isaac. On page 14, under the Then & Now section, they feature an old and new pic of Ike. The old pic has Ike in long hair and the new one has him in his short do, with a goatee. Anyway, the article goes like this :" Isaac Hanson undergoes image overhaul. At the beginning of Hanson's career, Isaac's shoulder length hair was part of the band's trademark. These days, Ike, 21, favours a shorter crop and some whiskery bits on his jaw. Um... nice!" I think it's great that they featured Ike cos' Hanson hasn't been on the mag for years, even when TTA came out.  {Lynette}

Happy Hanson Day Everyone!!
Jen (TickleMeBunny), a moderator here in HansonHouse Chat, was lucky enough to be the winner of the most points over at Hanson.net and got a personal call from Hanson! Read her Complete Story of the Phone Call and what they said. :) go Jen

Hanson Hotline was finally updated by Ike! Check it out on the front page

The song going around 'Underneath' isn't actually Underneath. It's been going around WinMX. If it starts off with a guitar entrance, a breath in, and then a drum bit, and then the first verse of "I gotta make a phone call to my best friends/I gotta let them know that I'm leaving everything behind me and politely/I don't wanna hurt their feelings (oh no)", it's actually the song 'Chill' by a Scandinavian group called The Rasmus. They're a pretty good band! {Cara}

I was watching Mtv and they had a show on which was teen people Top 25 under 25 and when the show went to a break, they asked the question: "Who's the youngest person to be on the list? a) Mandy Moore b) Britney Spears c) Zac Hanson ... I thought that that was cool that they mentioned Hanson and Zac is the youngest person to be on the list. Oh yea they also played a part of the Mmmbop video. {Prudence}

I went to a concert a few weeks back featuring the popular punk/hard rock  band Sex Machine in Detroit, and I was surprised to see that the singer was  wearing a Hanson shirt! After the show I was talking to the guitar player  and he told me that the guy who does their website is actually a big Hanson  fan, and the singer often wears it as a rib to their webmaster. There are  several photos of the singer wearing the shirt at Sexmachinerocks.com, on the first page of the "current photos" section. {Nick,}

THE OSBOURNE'S KID YOU'VE NEVER SEEN (rumored to be romantically linked to Taylor?) {Sarah}
I came across a very, very old article (sometime in 1998) with the headline "Aimee Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy has put in a $16,000 bid to meet Hanson", and then there is a short article. Hmm...I wouldn't doubt if that's how the two "hooked-up" in the first place, if they even did. Here it is: Week 10, 1998 - Undercover Music News  just scroll down a little bit. {Jackie}

I just wanted to let everyone know that Cruel Intentions 2 was on last night(5-3) And aside from the Hanson mention, it's the stupidest movie ever made! If you haven't seen it yet, don't rush. It's exactly like the first Cruel Intentions, but that one has better actors. It's almost like it's making fun of the first one, maybe it is. Who knows? { Britney (hold the Spears)}

FRANK McKLUSKY C.I  This movie where Hanson guest appear during a concert scene had itz premiere on Friday, April,26th-2002 in ten cities in Florida. Here's a lil something about the movie; The main character guy is trying to catch a guy who is in a wheelchair, but isn't really handicapped...And that guy is a Hanson fan! So first they show him in a Hanson shirt, and he is on the way to the concert. Then at the concert you hear a bunch of people screaming and stuff. Then Hanson came out!!! They showed Isaac a lot! They don't sing the whole song [Get Up And Go], but it is awesome) The guy in the wheelchair ends up on stage, and crashes into Zac's drums! So Zac ends up on the guy's lap...Then Isaac is on there too, and everything gets broken and stuff. Then they wheel off the stage. But Taylor is still there, and he wasn't touched. So they sort of zoom in on him, and he just kind of stares and looks confused...This part was definitely the highlight of the movie :o)  {Maggie}
I am one of the lucky ones to be living in Orange Park, FL and they released Frank McKlusky CI here. It was SO funny! They were following someone who they thought was claiming false insurance. He was in a wheelchair and they thought he could walk. Anyways when the guy come out of his house he's wearing a Hanson shirt. So they follow him to the concert. They get in and Frank sees him on the side of the stage and says "Man it must be great to be a Hanson fan with a disability cause you get the best seats, right on stage." So he tries to lure him with a free hair cut coupon but gets it stuck on the lever that controls the wheelchair and the guy goes all over the place. He runs into Zac and his drum set then Isaac who are now on his lap screaming. All while Taylor is just looking on in disbelief. They run into a speaker and the scene is done. The movie sucked but the $5.50 to get in was worth seeing those shining faces on screen! {Tristan}

I ran into a cute little Hanson mention in the Replay member's magazine "Request". They review the movie "Slap Shot", featuring The Hanson Brothers. In the picture which I'm sending you, they have the Hanson Brothers, and in the caption it says "Which one is Zac?: Slap Shot's Hansons". I just thought this was funny because the Hanson Brothers names are Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson, and David Hanson. So they must mean "Which one is Zac Hanson?"  {Mel}

I was watching TRL and when they came back from commercial it showed a couple celebrities who were having birthdays and Taylor Hanson was mentioned, along with Chris Klein. Another interesting fact: Albert Einstein shares the same birthday (If you all remember, he was featured in the original MMMBop video). He was born in 1879, which makes him 104 years older than Taylor.  {Emily}

It's April 29th at 9:48 and I was just watching VH1 literally one second ago and Hanson came on. It's the "SNL: The Music Marathon" They are showing guests and skits from 1997 and they showed Hanson and the elevator skit, and then they showed them perform Mmmbop. Good stuff...LATER DOODS!! {Jessica}

Mmmbop Hanson fans!! Well, this pic is from Spanish fans, in a Hanson Fanfest!! We would like to say that hanson have a lot of fans here, and we would like that they come soon to Barcelona. We make a lot of concentrations for specials days like Tay, Isaac, and Zac's birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!!, or Hanson's day!! we wanna that hanson back to Spain, but we want that they come to Barcelona too, the last time they went to Madrid. well this is all for now, Mmmkisses {RakZac}

Europe: Hanson took #1 with If Only on "The Fridge" chart on MTV Europe. Next show is on Friday. Vote for IF ONLY! here {Judy}
1) On MTVE, there's a show called "What a guy wants" (probably in America also) and today the guys were talking about Metallica. Anyway, on the show, questions pop up once in a while and one of them was "Which band holds the record for the loudest rock concert?" They had four choices.... and Hanson was on of them!! and of course Hanson was the right answer!  It's cool that they recognize it as a 'rock concert'!  2) The band called The Rasmus (the one that sing the song 'called' Underneath that is going around in WinMX) are from Finland! Just to let you guys know :) <3 {Kaisa}

Canada: On Saturday, April 20, on Much Music USA i was watching this show called "Behind the Music that Sucks," which is basically a show where they pick a band that nobody likes anymore and make fun of them. Anyways, the band they had picked was Kiss, and they were talking about the bands that took away all their fans, and they showed Britney Spears, a weird guy that i don't know, and Hanson!!! It was so cool! {Kayla }

Australia: I was just at the Hoyt's website ( www.hoyts.com.au ) and it says that  Frank McKlusky CI will be out in Australia on the 27th of June if  anyone's interested.. =) {Emily}

I just read this in a newsletter of some band called Stephen Speaks.  Its a really cool article about Hanson called Hanson Helps Out. So I thought you guys might want to see it. Click HERE to read it! {Missy}

Well Iv think everyone has been waiting for Frank McKlusky CI to come out, and today would be the day, BUT I read on a website, it doesn't come out till July! I'm not sure if maybe it just didnt come out around where i live or whatever, but here's a link about the movie, Hanson's mentioned in it too <3 {Alyssa} http://www.emovies.co.nz/mcklusky/index.html

Taylor was mentioned in US Weekly. (I think it was that, it could of been something else) The article was talking about the Osbourne's and mentioned how Aimee isn't abnormal and that she "has been romantically linked to middle Hanson, Taylor." Not much of a mention, but hey.

I'm helping to spread the word about the Fanson Hershey Park Takeover! For more information, check out Raven's site HERE We hope to see you there!

I was searching for Hanson on the new Morpheus version and I found some of the news song of Hanson!! There was "Breakdown", "Crazy and beautiful", "Dream girl", "Rock n' roll razorblade", "Someone" and "underneath". They are all very nice songs!!! So if you guys have Morpheus search for hanson!! {Déia - Brazil}

I was checking out AOL MUSIC and found a poll for the worst song ever.  Hanson's MMMBop was in there!  They were voted the second worst song of all time.  I mean c'mon!  Are people crazy?? AOL Music: Terrible Tunes Poll I'm so pissed off that Hanson is on there. Vote for anybody but Hanson. Right now they are in 2nd place!! {Rachel}  btw, AOL just posted the largest quarterly loss of any company in US history, $52 Billion.  Guess people don't love to hear they have mail so much. :P

Hey guys!  You need to be sure to check out When Fansons Attack.  Its a new "FanFest" if you want to call it that.  A big group of Hanson Fans getting together at Six Flags Over Texas, the same place hanson played at in August 2000!    You get to meet a ton of new funs, and have tons of fun doing it! check the site out at here See ya there! {Jen}

Rumor (don't like? don't read): I was walking through the downtown area of LA on Saturday and i saw Taylor  and Isaac with two girls, Taylor was with a girl with long blond hair and  Isaac was with a girl with short blond hair, I was with my friend Jesse, she  went over to get their autographs and to ask about the new record, Taylor  said that things were going well with the recording, and then jesse asked if  the two girls were their g/fs, Taylor looked at the blond girl and smiled,  Taylor answered "This is Janine and Amy" He never told Jesse if they were their girlfriends but they looked very  close. He said that the records finished and that its release date is still being  discussed.....C'mon guys......we wanna hear your music!! {Lauren}

Canada: On Tuesday (Apr. 16) on MuchMusic, the VJ's were playing Truth or Dare Tuesday  on MuchonDemand (the all-request signature show). Anyways, two of the VJ's  (one of them was Rick...the guy who always interviews Hanson at Much) gave  the "hardcore" VJ, George, a choice between wearing two band shirts (he always  wears Metallica, Rancid etc shirts) The first shirt they showed was a Hanson  one. George grabbed it, crumpled it up, and threw it on the ground. He was  like, "No matter WHAT the next shirt is, I am NOT wearing the first one!" The  next shirt was Creed, so he like, DOVE for the Hanson shirt he'd thrown on  the floor. Hanson and Creed are George's two least favorite bands, but he's  still my favorite VJ, even though that wasn't the first or the last time  he'd insulted them (last year when Hanson sued MP3.com, since he does Much  News, he added after the news story, "The question is, why would anybody want  to download Hanson 150 000 times?" {Abby}

UK: In the UK magazine J17, in the May 5th entry for 'Diary of a Crush', Grace mentions how she got off with a guy in a Hanson shirt, who she later refers to as 'Hanson boy'. It's not a big mention or anything, but I thought it was quite funky. {Kirstie}
UK FANFEST 2002 - It has been suggested by a UK fan that we should have our own FanFest, since the US fans are organizing theme park invasions and everything. It will probably take place in August, either at a theme park or in a city like London or something. We'll just meet up and have a hell of a lot of fun! If you are interested, email HERE  to ensure that you are kept informed on plans and arrangements. And also, if you know of anyone who would be interested, tell them!! Thank you!!!
Also, Hanson were on UK TV twice this last weekend!! They played Weird on the most expensive videos ever made and Mmmbop was on the Greatest Hits of the 90's,thought that was cool. {Chrissy}

Australia: On Triple M (an Australia radio station) this morning, there was a conversation between the DJ's, Amanda and Mikey that went a bit like this:
A: "The guy from The Calling looks like a ten year old but doesn't sound like one...rather like Hanson."
M: "Whatever happened to Hanson?"
A: "They grew up and everything dropped."
M: "Dropped with a bullet, hey. Hanson look like a bunch of numb-nuts now."
Mind you, these 2 people aren't exactly oil paintings, so I thought it was rude and ignorant. DJ's always pass comments on things they don't know and I'm sick of it. So if YOU want to pass a comment to THEM, go to www.mrock.com.au  (Alana) 

Germany: On German TV called VIVA there's a thing called INTERAKTIV where famous people show up to talk and play alive. Anyway, some days ago the guest was Michelle Branch and she shortly mentioned Hanson. She just said she was writing with them. I thought it was really cool. She seems to be a very nice person, really natural and talented. That's what I wanted to tell you. Thanks! Keep on waiting for this masterpiece of Hanson's new album! *Annie*

Mexico: Las Hanson Fans Mexicanas están escribiendo a una estación de radio llamada "Exa" (104.9@exafm.com.mx) para que vuelvan a transmitir un programa llamado Hanson Radio, están enviando 2 mails cada dos días.Para más información escribe a yolanda_itz@hotmail.com


Isaac attended the mtvICON: Aerosmith show on April 14th.  David Spade was talking about how when he first saw Hanson, he had a crush on the lead singer. He thought she was a "hot chick", and wanted to screw her. But when he found out "she" was a guy, he still wanted to screw him LOL. I thought it was hilarious. They turned the camera on Ike. He was laughing his butt off! It was great!!! ~ {Sarah, Tristan} You can see him here photographed with Liv Tyler and Michelle Branch
If you guys missed it on mtvICON, it is being repeated. Checkout the schedule:
Thu 04/18 6:00 PM
Fri 04/19 10:00 PM
Sun 04/21 5:00 PM
Thu 04/25 8:00 PM

I wanna announce my 2nd huge Hanson Contest !! You can win alot of cool Hanson stuff ~ If you wanna participate and enjoy to solve Hanson games, please register HERE {JANNY}

k i am watching Rosie O'Donnell and you know when she talks at the beginning of the show to the piano guy and she's talking about Lionel Ritchie's guitar  player and she goes "everyone in the audience totally had a crush on him"  and that guy at the piano goes "he's cute??" and she goes "omg he looks like one of the Hanson brothers...so cute!" ya it was excited! LOL {Stacey Q}

i was watching Dawson's Creek yesterday (yes M2M were on it), but there was a Hanson mention. Joey's friend Charlie was picking up on Hillary from TRL and Joey  whispered in her ear that he is really the youngest Hanson all grown up. She said "oh well think god I didn't hook up with him, how embarrassing would that have been". a few seconds later she told Charlie what she said to Hillary. and Joey said that it's actually a big compliment. and she also said "Hanson are alot deeper then you think". or it was something like that...i thought it was a nice compliment. but of course when m2m was on the show. There would be a Hanson mention... {Nikki} Here's how the convo went:
Joey: He's just being modest.
Charlie: Excuse me?
Joey: He didn't tell you his name, did he?
Charlie: Ok, look. I barely even know this girl, so if you could just, you know, go away.
Joey: I don't know how many times I've told you to be honest when you're trying to pick up a girl. Don't be ashamed of your success.
Girl: What success?
[Joey whispers into the girls ear]
Girl: Oh, wow. He grew up to be way hotter than I expected.
Joey: Right? I mean, you can see it, can't you, now that I've mentioned it?
Girl: No, totally. Totally. I see it. Thank god you told me, right? 
       Like I probably would've hooked up with him, and how embarrassing would that have been? Later.
Joey: Keep in touch, Hillary.
[the girl leaves]
Charlie: So, would you mind telling me what it was that you said to that woman to make her flee?
Joey: I may have said that... you were the kid from Hanson-- the little one all grown up. Which is actually a compliment, really. I mean, they were much deeper than people realize. 

{dialog by Randi}

I was watching a game show called, Street Smarts and Frank (the host) asked this girl who her favorite band is, and she said Hanson. Then Frank said that he owns Hanson's newest album! It was so cool to hear that there are still people who care for Hanson. [Heather]

There was a Hanson mention the other day by a member of the Goo Goo Dolls... On a radio interview, the Goo were asked how long they'd been together... they answered "Fifteen years... since we were twelve.  We were like Hanson when we started out, man."  {Brynne}

Just wanted to tell you all that I was on the Michelle Branch's website, and if you click on The Spirit Room part of the website there are quotes from reviews of her album. The very last quote is from Tom Long, Detroit News: "The best album of its kind since Hanson's debut..." Anyway, I just thought it was cool. {Carrie} 

I was watching a Britney Spears Special about her new movie Crossroads on MTVeurope. The movie is prduced by a woman, who has produced over a 100 video clips. After her interview they show 3 shots of clips she produced and one of them was mmmbop by Hanson. I thought it was kinda funny that the Mmmbop video is kind of related to Crossroads. {Myrthe}

Hard to believe, but Hanson hasn't updated the Hanson Hotline for almost 3 months now! I think that's a record. hmm

Mexico: I was watching a Spanish talk show call Cristina on Univision (Spanish station) and there was a Hanson mention. The guests on the show was this family of Selena a Tejano sing who passed away 7 years ago and when her brother, who is now have his own band since he was helping Selena in her band, the band is call Kumbia Kings and well, he was talking he was listing the great people he knew and he mention Hanson which that was cool. if you wanna know about the band he is in go  HERE {Eva}

Canada: I was watching a movie that was on Family Channel and it was called Ready to Run or something like that. It was about a horse that couldn't run in a race it was scared or something and the only thing that could get the horse to run was to use music well it was the last race and the horse was not allowed to have music they used a Discman. But some guy who was riding the horse wet to the announcer and put Hanson's song can't stop on so the horse could run faster and the horse won. {Lisa}

There is a Hanson mention in the latest issue of Stuff Magazine, a guy's-only mag similar so Maxim. Kylie Minoque is on the cover. There is a small article in the Hype: Music section with a quiz where you have to match the band with pictures of their fans. There is a picture of Hanson, Elton John, The Beatles, Insane Clown Posse, and some hippie group I don't recognize. Well, the Hanson fans are obvious cuz they're all wearing Hanson shirts... {Whitney}

I was watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway" on Thursday April 4, and one skit they were doing is a CD compilation, "Songs Of The Cowboy". The first song they talked about was from Hanson "Mmmmooo". Then they introduced the song, and the two guys Wayne Brady, and some white guy sang a weird version of "Mmmbop" (it was really "mmmmooo"). After the song, they said "Thank God Hanson isn't around. You know, kids don't listen to Hanson much anymore. Music styles go in and quickly fade. Such as grunge." And then they went on about grunge. The crowd loved it, but we all know that Hanson is still around, and kids every much listen to Hanson still. ^.^ {Jen}

Last night I saw Phantom Planet in Detroit & met the guys after - We were talking to Sam about how they hung out with hanson & he said "ya they are really nice guys, I'm suppose to play on their new album" I thought that was really cool because I love phantom planet, but I'm not sure if that mean he's just playing on it or if the whole band is playing with hanson - who knows - I guess we'll just have to wait until the album comes out - or more info on it does! I was too stupid to ask him if it was just him or the whole band - but if I meet them again in Cleveland I just may ask! lol {Margo}

I was watching Drew Carey today (April) and Drew, Lewis and Oswald had all died there hair blonde and Drew Said "Oh my god we look like Hanson in 30 years" I thought that was kinda mean but hey at least they mentioned Hanson right?  {Cara}

Back in November when Hanson made an appearance at the International Day of the Child Benefit in Santa Monica, CA. The website for Mainstream Magazine www.MainstreamMag.com has pictures taken from that event along with a few from their autograph signing. Just wanted to let the fans know that there are somewhat of recent pics of the guys on the net.  {Katy}

FYI: I've been trying to send this email for awhile so I done know if its going to work this time. Ok well anyways, I am a Potawatomi Indian and I also speak the language (simular to the Ojibwe, Menominee, Kickapoo, Miami-Illinois, Shawnee and Cree languages). Mmmbop in Potawatomi means soup, I told my friend this and he said "Um ok so they like to sing about soup, flowers and friends?".....I thought it was pretty funny 

i was watching "Buffy", so it was when Buffy is death and Willow is going to survive her, also they have a "Buffy Machine" and this one is fighting with a Vampire and it looks kinda bad but.... he is wearing a Hanson´s shirt, it was funny because he doesn't look bad at all. 

My  sister was watching this movie on family channel today and its like some horse racing movie. anyways, the main characters horse loves Hanson. Every time that horse is about to race they put these headphones on the horse and play "Can't Stop" by hanson lol and the last horse race that they had to win they blasted "Can't Stop" from the speakers...and yes the horse won! lol Also, i was watching 'Sex in the City' and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Park) was wearing a Hanson shirt. thought that was kinda cool too! cya! {Stacey Q}

This was on a Detroit radio stations 'celebrity dirt' site. Taylor is linked to Aimee Osbourne {--Libby} www.q955.com
The Missing Osbourne
The members of Ozzy Osbourne's family were divided on the idea of having their lives filmed for a TV show. As a result, Ozzy's eldest child, daughter Aimee, declined to participate in the making of "The Osbourne's." Not only will she not be seen on the show, her existence has not even been acknowledged in the first four episodes of the show. Aimee actually moved out of the house for the five months in which the family shared their Beverly Hills mansion with MTV camera crews. "She can't handle being around us lunatics all day while she's trying to start her career," says Mom of her daughter, who is reportedly interested in a music career. We've also heard an interesting rumor not too long ago that she used to be linked romantically with Taylor Hanson, middle brother of the teen trio "Hanson."

As you may know I have a significant selection of her photos posted here at HansonHouse. Well, I have decided that the entire original Hanson photo collection is up for grabs! If you need a reminder of the pics, simply click HERE for various alternative photos, and HERE for TTA Tour photos. Email me HERE  if you are interested in buying any of the originals! {Magda}

Also, along those lines, there is a new site www.madelineandlucy.com that is selling some Hanson items. {Alyssa}

UK: In the Popworld pull out of the Sunday Mail there was an interview with Michelle Branch that mentioned Hanson listed below:- In 2000, Michelle wrote her debut album, Broken Bracelet was released on an independent label, but several influential people heard it, including "MMMBOP" stars Hanson!! The three brothers were so impressed, they asked Michelle to support them on their This Time Around Tour.  While on the road with Hanson, Michelle was spotted by a representative of Madonna's record label, Maverick who wasted no time in signing her up!  Also on Channel 4 this morning on Real World Seattle they played the intro to Weird which was the second time this week I heard it on British TV as they showed The Borrowers at the weekend too!!!!  {Claire}
In The Sun Newspaper ( it's a national paper) on Thursday or Friday their was a picture of Huey from the fun loving criminals and he was wearing a hanson t-shirt, and the little article said "looks like Huey has got over his feud with brother group hanson after an argument with zac over a little joint smoking backstage in Amsterdam, here he was spotted on Wednesday in SoHo London sporting a hanson t-shirt" i thought it was cool that hanson was mentioned and that the newspapers actually remembered the little argument they had. {Rachael}

Chile: Hola, soy Rosario de Chile y quiero que sepas que soy la administradora de "A Place In TheSun" >>> http://www.hanson.issweet.com En la sección " Artículos Chilenos" encontrarás un montón de Nuevos Artículos de Revistas Chilenas! Son de Alta Calidad y se pueden leer. Revísalas!


Hanson were featured in a Sonicnet.com article about SXSW.  {Carly}

I was watching 100 Greatest Albums of Rock and Roll and when the Beach Boys were on Hanson came on and talked a little bit about how great the album was and all. It's not much but I was so happy to see them! {Grace}

I just got the newest issue of Teen People *with Josh Hartnett on the cover* and there's some kind of article about rock and pop and how its grown and in the beginning of the article it says something like "ever since Hanson MMMbopped their way to the top in 1997 rock doors have been shoved open for other artists.." or something to that effect. I don't remember it word for word but hey it was a Hanson mention. I'm glad they are getting credit :) {*tish*}

Hanson is motioned on page 6 of the December issue of Maxim Magazine in an article about why your ears ring after rock concerts. They rip on them a bit but who doesn't now a days? There's a little picture of them sharing a mic during the last tour. {Melissa}

I just figured out the Guitar tabs for Strong Enough To Break and they're up at my site, Aww... Muffin. The link is on my main page.  I was wondering if you could announce this in your 'news section'? If you play, come check it out! {Jackie}

*Hanson Mention* This isn't really anything major, but it's pretty cool. I was at a Radiohead site, Green Plastic Radiohead, and while looking under the "Life Philosophy" section, I discovered a quote from Thom Yorke that went a little like this, "If you want to be entertained, go and see Hanson." Now I know that's not much, but I thought it was pretty cool since Hanson has mentioned of their liking of Radiohead.  {Tiffany}

Hey i think that Hanson is working with The Dust Bros. in the studio. I'm looking at a studio pic of Tay and another guy and the other guy has got to be Mike Simpson, it looks just like him. I'm almost positive that its him. I haven't seen pics with John King, but that guy is Mike Simpson. so maybe we'll get info on producers soon. {~Sean}

You all remember the book I was making for Hanson, "From Us To You" With fan Thank you's, support letters, pictures, poems, and drawing's from all of you guys to Hanson? Well I'm happy to say that the book is finally done. It took a long time to construct but it came out awesome! It has a table of contents and colorful pages and everything. I'll have the pics real soon. BUT HERES BETTER NEWS! I'm going to be giving Hanson the book personally since My friend and I are going to be attending Hanson's next tour. So anyone who sent in something, Hanson will be reading it! {Jessica}

Jessica Harp (very popular among Hanson fans) just finished up her indie album! For sound clips and info on release dates check out JessicaHarp.net :) Thanks Lindsay

Hey everyone! My mother was listening to our local radio station (Kiss 108 FM-Boston) and there was a very rude DJ on the air. Some girl called in and requested Hanson's Christmas song and the RUDE DJ said something like (i don't know the exact words), "HANSON? They need to cut their hair and the fat drummer boy needs to go on a diet." The girl hung up on him live, on the air. And he refused to play the song. So I called in all night and FINALLY got a hold of the JERK and I told him that he was very unprofessional and rude. I told him he upset a lot of people and he told me that that was his intention. I told him that it worked and that now everyone hates him. Then he told me that HANSON (actually, Zac) called him and complained. Zac said they were listening to Kiss 108 online (weird) and Zac was very upset with the comment. Supposedly Zac said that he is going to cut his hair and he isn't overweight. I made him promise not to say anything else bad about Hanson and he agreed. *** I am not saying that this is all true... infact, the DJ was probably lying...I just thought I'd share that with you all. *** I am not sure who the DJ was. I checked the Kiss 108 webpage and it says that the DJ on from 6-10 is Artie the One Man Party....but i am not sure if it was him. The webpage is www.kissfm.com Later! {Emilee}

UK: A magazine over in the UK called J-17 was reviewing The Princess Diaries soundtrack, it basically said the album was crap but the highest and best point was Hanson - Wake Up, they said they can't help but like the brothers,  Like I said it'z little but nothing much is ever said in UK about Hanson  love and drumbeats {Rachael}

Latin America: Please vote for Hanson as the ultimate from the list. The link is: HERE The page is in Portuguese, but the link will take you to the right place to vote. You shouldn't have a problem. Kiss. {Cleiton Alves (Boy Fan)}

Philippines: There will be an MTV ASIA Award on Feb. 2002. if you want guys to win Hanson some please try to vote for them... just go to http://www.mtvasia.com/TV/Shows/AsiaAwards2002/ you got to vote ok!!! cya!! {Jane}

Argentina: The Princess Diaries opens on January 10th, according to DisneyLatino.com. There's no estimated date for the soundtrack release (I don't know if it's gonna be released here), but I think it will be around the movie's opening date. * For all Hanson fans: I made some Hanson Christmas and New Year cards and added them to my site, Mad About HITZ. Check them out! (you can print them out ;c) Thank you, those are the news I wanted to submit. Later, {Anabella}

Josh has a video capture of the Hanson appearance on the History Channel at his site Peppermint Skies. You can download the video file directly from his Multimedia Page. Enjoy (thanks Josh)

Here are the lyrics to Strong Enough to Break. (corrected)
(Also posted on the Audio Page with the song)

I was watching TRL today, Dec. 14. Anyways, one of the VJ's Quddus was going around Times Square asking people what they want for Christmas. I was thinking 'I want Hanson for Christmas lol' and one of the girls he was talking to said she wanted to meet Hanson for Christmas. Then Quddus goes 'You don't want to mess around with them or anything?' and the girl goes 'Well maybe Taylor....' haha. I thought that was cool because right when I was thinking that she said she wanted to meet Hanson for Christmas. So yea. BYE! {Jessica} 

I work at Wal-Mart and Princess Diary's comes out on Tuesday.  That is the official release date.  We already have boxes of it in stock, but we're not allowed to put it out until Tuesday(12-18-01).  Just thought I'd tell ya just incase you didn't know. {Star}

Hanson.net has posted some new Studio Pics (left). You can find pics from the radio station visit posted (see their news for the link). There are new studio pics posted for Dec 11th also. Click the pic for more samples.

I was looking in a book called "The Top 10 of Everything 2002". I came across a list of the top 10 youngest artists to have a number 1 single. Unfortunately, group members were not available, but if they were Isaac would have been #9 at 16yrs 6 months, Taylor tied at #5 at 14 yrs 2 months, and Zac would have been #1 at 11 yrs 7 months! Thought I'd let you know cause I think itz pretty awesome!  {Emily D.}

SWSW News! Hanson might (according to an Austin newspaper)  be a part of the 2002 SXSW Music conference  The music part of the festival is scheduled for March 13-17th. We'll keep you posted on any updates concerning this.

My friend Courtney went to see The Calling on Tuesday Dec 11 in Greenville and we got lucky and met Alex Band, the lead singer.  I knew Hanson had went to see Michelle Branch who was touring with The Calling and Lifehouse at the time so I asked Alex if he had met Hanson and he said yes and that they were very nice.  *Also: if anyone watched TRL on Friday, The Calling was on there and the Snowman in the background was from the radio station guys that did the show we went to!!  Plus, they asked some people on the street what they wanted for xmas and one girl said she'd like to meet Hanson-well actually just Taylor- but I thought it was cool!*  I also found out a lot of Hanson fans went to see The Calling at their show on Thursday. {Kodi}

Hey guys, I don't know if you'd be a fan, but I was really impressed with the voice of Billy Gilman and I think if you haven't you should check out his site and listen to some clips. You can get some of his MP3's on AudioGalaxy as well if you'd like. :)

I have news on Hanson on a commercial! There was a commercial about a CD store and telling everyone to go there! When I was watching it I was amazed to here Hanson's "Where's The Love!" It was really great to here them and one of their older songs on a commercial! {Sarah}

Belgium: On TV, there's a commercial for the radio station Donna, it's the one where young people call all the people in a hotel and they play them the radio station.  And guess what song it is.... Where's the Love!!! It's the very beginning up to the first 'whoa'.  It's awesome!! I was totally surprised since I haven't heard their song on a commercial before! <3 {Kaisa}

Australia: I suggest all Australian Hanson fans go out and buy today's (Monday, 17th) Herald Sun. There is a letter on page 22's Youth Forum about Hanson and a big picture of one of my best friends (who wrote the letter) and a few Hanson posters in the background. So if you don't want to read the letter that gets a Hanson fans arguments across very well, buy it for the little Hanson pictures. =)  {Christine}

New Zealand: Hey all you New Zealand Hanson fans out there. Hanson will be talking to Stag on the Top 20 on December 21st. Hanson will be talking about there new album and the release dates. I'm not sure how long the interview will take but its Hanson so who cares if its one second or one hour, right?. {Michelle}


Hanson Interview and Songs clips from the Mark and Brian Show posted, check the Audio Page for new downloads!!
To check out pics from the show, go to the Mark & Brian guest page.

Hey guys- I was at the radio station today!  Me and my friend Heather were the first ones there-- 4 am!  When Hanson drove in, Isaac was wearing the hat and driving.  Zac was riding shotgun, with Taylor and Ashley Greyson riding in the back.  Everyone yelled for Hanson, they waved, but had to go in.  I think they said they would come out for a quick visit after the show. After the radio show, they came up to the gates.  They did autographs for EVERYONE, shook hands, and chatted.  Taylor didn't look up as much as the other...it was difficult to get good pics of him.  They all were great, and in good moods! I finally got to Zac last, to get his autograph.  As he was signing my CD, my cell phone started ringing.  I was pretty sure it was my husband calling... I asked Zac if he wanted to answer my phone.  So I handed it to him and he said "Hello?"  My husband was like "hello?" and Zac said "hi.....this is Zac....Hanson"  and they talked for a minute.  Then Zac said he had to go. It was really cool!  My husband wont admit it, but he thought it was pretty cool that he got to talk to Zac. So, the pics of Zac on the phone is when he was talking to him!  :-) Another girl there actually has the whole thing on video....maybe after she sends me the tape, I can try and put it online.  My pics are uploaded here:   http://photos.yahoo.com/kewliz If you click them you can see the larger version.  Feel free to use any on your website, and the small review, as long as you give credit to kewliz7@aol.com Thanks! {Laura}

Hey people! The FanFest 2002 website is already up! Check it out here => http://fanfest2002.cjb.net/

Hanson need your help now!! Go to vote for them to Top Celebs of 2001. Now Tay is number 4, Zac is number 12 and...Ike..oh..I can't see him in chart. Hurry Up!! This chart will over this year. Please vote Hanson at http://www.teencelebsplus.com/  { BaiTong}

I just read in the TV Spoilers section of Teenmag.com and it says: "Hanson performs a song from the group's upcoming CD as Isaac Hanson plays the ex-boyfriend of Roxie (Soleil Moon Frye)." Just wanted to let you'll know :) {Samantha}

"I'm making a 'Hanson fan collage' which will hopefully get sent to the guys themselves if I have enough fan participation. So far there are around 15 fans, and space for the smaller pic is running out. So if you want to be included on this 'masterpiece' (lol) then please email me at HERE with your picture and any details you want to include on the credits page. I'll send a copy of the finished product to you (via email sorry!) once it's done so you can test it out before I get it printed professionally and mailed to the guys. Thanx, {Steff}."

Holland: In a TV-commercial for the Princess Diary , you can hear the new song of Hanson 8 seconds. It's in the beginning of the commercial. The commercial is being spotted on all commercial stations in Holland. It will be showed until 19 December.
I was celebrating "Sinterklaas" (for all the Dutch) and my friend got a magazine Young&Famous. There is an article about boybands and they discuss Hanson. It says Hanson is not a real boyband because they make their own music. Also is mentioned, that they are very popular in the USA and not in Holland (I don't think the last part is true... They are "known" here) I haven't bought it yet, so I can't give you the details... sorry!! But it is still in the Dutch stores (it has Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover). {Myrthe}

Hey guys. Hope some of you were able to get into the Hanson chat on Hanson.net last night. Unfortunately though, many were getting disconnected or not able to get in at all. You may have caught many of the questions/answers in the HansonHouse Chat as we were re-typing many of them for those who couldn't get in. Special thanks go out to Emily for her help in the HansonHouse chat last night in that respect. Here's the TRANSCRIPT if you'd like to check it out :)

We are sorry for not having updated the site more lately, but have had a major internet connection problem that kept us from getting email for several days. This and having to do several setup changes has kept us from updating the site as much as we'd like. We're all set now though and will be posting everything we can get up here, so be checking back. Many of the videos were offline as well and we are working on getting those back online. The older ones on pages 2 and 3 are already available to download again, with the rest to follow this week. Also, the BBS is up and running on a new server, so check that out too!

Hanson Hotline has been updated - You can listen zxto it from the Front Page.
Also, checkout the Calendar of Events for upcoming Hanson appearances!

Yesterday (December 5) I was watching E! True Hollywood Story on New Kids On The Block. Near the end they were talking about how boy bands were making a comeback now and they gave Hanson the credit of starting it all again (something that is rarely done I say!). They showed Hanson's appearances on MTV for @MTV Week last year. Just thought it was out of the blue, but kind of cool. As a side note they also mentioned that Hanson was different than most boybands because they make the music themselves and that they have a long career ahead of them if they keep doing what they are.  {Sam in Arizona}

Hanson will be making an appearance on Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Friday, January 11 @ 8PM ET on The WB. Included will be Hanson's new single "Strong Enough to Break"!! Zapit.com TV News says this is how Hanson are introduced on the show-

Pop group Hanson will also appear in the episode and play a song from the band's forthcoming CD. Isaac Hanson plays the ex-boyfriend of Roxie (Soleil Moon Frye), surprising her with an impromptu song with his brothers at a soup kitchen where Roxie does volunteer work.

HANSON MENTION: Ok I was watching BETs' 106 and park and well they had a new joint of the day from timberland and there's this part in the song that goes "livin in a mansion next to Hanson" I was like yay!! it was really cool to hear a song that don't diss Hanson and I was listening to my Korn CD and they diss Hanson they go "you look like one of them dancers from the Hanson videos" I was like whatever but the songs really cool they just make fun of things they don't like hell they even make fun of themselves. so TTFN {~<3 Becky <3~}

Hanson will be among other celebrities asking questions on The History Channel's Great American History Quiz. You can play along and see how knowledgeable you are of American history, you can download a scoresheet. The show times are: Channel - History Channel Dates and Times : Dec 15th @ 8PM ET - Dec 16th @ 12AM & 12PM {Shauna}

fyi: Taylor Hanson has clear braces too as well as Zac. 

Triune FINALLY has their site design up....complete with Flash and all! Of course Hanson is listed on there....its nothing but their faces in a  flash thing but its cool to see them on the site. Also, Nathan Brant who is  from Tulsa, and knows Admiral Twin, is also managed by Christopher Sabec and  a very talented pop-singer is on the site. SO go check that out! {-Tasha}

Its not really news, but if u go to SillyJokes.com, and go to 'free fun' and then the 'dictionary of farts' (gross I know, but hey I'm British) under 'M' there is a fart called 'MMMbop' and the definition is something like 'sounds like the chorus of that Hanson song and usually occurs in rounds'. Lol, sad I know, but could sorta be a compliment? Maybe? See what u think. {Ria}

Here's something about Sabrina:  http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/011203/n03264707_1.html

HANSON FAN PROJECT: "The light in my window", it is fan submissions that will be compiled in a book and given directly to Hanson. to find out more info go to http://www.geocities.com/itzfanbook 

At Hanson Attic there is now a new Hanson Christmas Calendar up! =) Also lots of other new stuff up from greeting cards to bulletin board and new pics! =D Link: {-Spiderwebsters}

New Zealand Hanson Fan Meet: New Zealand Hanson Fan's are having a Fan Meet on Saturday 8th December 2001 in Wellington, New Zealand. Everyone is welcome to join us. For more information you can email us at nanunanu@ihug.co.nz or Jess at jess_luvs_hitz@yahoo.com. We just wanted to tell everyone here that there are fans here in New Zealand.  {Hazel and Jennifer}


Hanson are Chatting at http://www.hanson.net/chat/ but you probably can't get in.
      You can come to the HansonHouse Chat, users that are there are pasting what they are saying!!
      Check back here for more details on what all happened and lots more news.

New Hanson Single due out on January 11th! Read about it HERE.

Important Notice:  
The BBS and Email systems were offline the last few days due to circumstances beyond our control. If you have sent any email to us in the last 2 days, please resend it HERE for now, the usual emails will be working in the next few days. 
The BBS has been moved to
a new server and you can access it now at this temporary link.  Note: the address to the BBS will be the same as it was before, this is just a temporary link to it for now until the old one is working again.  Also, the videos will be offline until this is completed as well. I will post here when all services are back online.


Today the world mourns the death of a legend from the Beatles, George Harrison.

Head over to y-generation.com and under concert and interview video clips there is 21 short video clips from Hanson's Louisville, KY concert. They are all under 2MB so they are quick to download! They are awesome! Also there is a 20 minute interview on video of Hanson. Download it also {Sheree}

Vote for Hanson at www.celebratingonline.com. you have to register, but after you do, click on "Music" and vote for Hanson under the "Music Groups: Current" link. You can also vote under the "Boys in the Boy bands" link. Supposedly, Viacom (CBS, MTV, VH1) uses this to determine which celebs we want to see. so yay vote vote vote!! lol =o]  {Shannon}

At MTV.COM they have a new article on Hanson called, "Hanson is making a third LP whether you like it or not" At first I was kind of like, "OMG HOW DARE THEY!" But when I read it, it totally kix butt. They compliment them and take direct quotes from Tay. It talks all about the third album and the people they have/are planning on working with in the future. My favorite parts are where Tay talks about how much they don't care about what people think about them, and It's about the music only! HERE is a direct link to it. {Jessica}

I just went to m2m album-preview site and I checked the factsheets where 'Middle of Nowhere' is mentioned as Marit's favorite album! LOL...that's cool! here's the site: http://www.warnermusic.com.au/m2m/ {Adeke-Indonesia}

If you look really carefully at recent pics of Zac, it seems Zac is using clear braces, and now his teeth are really fine, all straight. So, look carefully, you'll be amazed. {Anna}

UK:  I emailed War.com and asked them when Imagine was available and if I could get it in England and here is what they replied! "As for it being shipped to England, I am checking on that, but don't think it will be a problem. I'll get back to you. The CD is still being mixed, so it will be a bit before it will be available. Please feel free to check back at our website www.war.com to get updates." So everyone out there it sounds like you can buy it wherever you live!  

A few weeks ago I've met SUM41 in Holland, And we talked about a lot of things and also about Hanson, well I have made a report on that and it's been placed on the most visited site in Holland. The drummer of the band says about Hanson: well, they have reached a high place at their age, and he thinks that Zac was really good for such a young guy. And he has fully respect for them. {Jereon}

Bop magazine is having a top of the bops voting ballot...and you can vote Hanson for favorite group. favorite song. favorite video. Taylor for best  looking male...email your votes to boptops@aol.com...for favorite song and  video vote "If only" since that video kicked major butt on TRL last  summer...hehe. everybody please vote. they have other categories that Hanson  can be put in like...least favorite band. song your sick of. and stars who  need to take singing lessons. I would hate to see Hanson put in one of those  categories so get to voting. we can do this!!  {~*Nikki*~}
you have to mail the entries instead of voting online. the online voting doesn't work. here's the addy you send it to:
Top of Bops, C/o Bop Magazine, 470 Park Avenue south, 8th floor, New York, Ny 10016

I was just watching WHO KNOWS THE BAND on MTV and there was a lady on claiming to have babysat Hanson! Her little description was "That's why I can say that I've put Hanson to bed." (that sounds WRONG!) anyway after she told her story the host (I 4get his name now) says o0o0o you babysat the Hanson SISTERS, aren't they so pretty. (ugh that was mean!) Throughout the round the lady answered everything perfectly from saying she babysat them when they were Ike 10 yrs. old, Tay 7 yrs. old, and Zac 5 yrs. old; to how Zac is the craziest. Every 1 including the contestants and audience believed her. It turned out she was lying but hey there was a Hanson mention!  {*tArA*}

Hanson will be chatting LIVE on December 5th at 8PM EST at hanson.net. To help promote the site and recruit new members, the chat will be open to the public. The direct link to it is here.

HOB REVIEW: November 14- Last night I went to the HOB on Sunset (Hollywood, Calif.) to see Phantom Planet open for Flickerstick! PP ROCKS!!!!!!!  I LOVE SAM!!!!! hehe, well, I wasn't on the floor level, I  was upstairs and when I turned around I saw 2 familiar faces sitting at a  table with some girl... it was Zac and Tay!!!! so I was like oh crap!!!!!!  my friend and I just stood there and before PP ended, Ike and their manager  Chris came up to Zac and Tay. I think this girl was a friend of Zacs... well,  Ike and Tay started walking around and Tay went to the bathroom- he took a  while LMAO!!!! when Tay came back in through the door, some girl was with  him! she had long brown hair and I know other people saw her, not just me.  she was skinny and she was actually pretty. she had on a tan/brown coat... he  asked her if she was alone , but then some girls came up and asked Tay for  pictures and so I went and took my picture (which I hope came out) and the  girl was just standing there . she seemed nice...and she let Tay talk to the  fans, which was cool. after that, I stood right there, pretending to talk  with my friend and Tay told the girl if she wanted that she could go hang  with them at the table, but instead, I guess she said bye or something and  walked downstairs. I didn't talk to Zac coz he looked mad lmao and Ike was  being Ike, but he looked good! all I have to say is last night ruled!!!! if  anyone has pics or pics of the girl, please send them to me here: TayzCRAZYGurll@aol.com {Krista}

Hey Everyone! I was down in Santa Monica, CA at this little hole-in-the-wall place called Pinks' Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. (It's an old-fashioned hot dog stand thingy.) Well, inside Pink's they have all these photos of all the famous people that came there to eat, (and there was a lot!) and Hanson was one of them. The manager said that Hanson had come in two weeks earlier so I thought that was cool. Their autographed picture is in a frame on the wall and it says," To Pink's! Awesome food!" and then they had all signed their names and stuff. I thought that was super narly! I suggest you go there if you're in town. It's on Le Brea Drive by the tar pits. Yummy!~ {Jordan}

I have 2 pics from the phantom planet / flickerstick show.....the ones Samantha sent you.....so if you want you can put my pics up too......I was the one that took Sam's pic.....my name is Kim Smith so um yeah here are the pics too .......I have a pic of Zac watching the concert too

Hanson performed at the Santa Monica Pier on November the 11th to celebrate "The Day of the Child". Photos can be found at http://www.mainstreammag.com/ Under the photos section. Pay attention to Taylor's finger nails. LOL Love {Jasmine}  hehe

If you go to www.mainstreammag.com and click on 'photos' you can see the recent photos from the Hanson appearance on the 'International day of the child'. Also guys if you go and look at the photos-look at Tay's left hand...he has one nail painted bright orange and one black (a little odd?)  {Nancy}

I was watching Rock & Roll Jeopardy this morning, and one of the questions was something like, "This brother band released an album of indie songs called 3-Car Garage in 1998." It was cool that the guy who answered the question got it right! {Abby}

Alright, more news from the Hanson Fan Yearbook Front. First off, all the pics I had saved at the Hotmail email address, got deleted, so I am starting from scratch. Please email your pictures to here if you have some online, or just email here for the offline email address to send your pics. Also, the Hanson Fan Yearbook is putting together a scrapbook for Hanson for Christmas. You can get more info at the site thanks! {Jen}

The Popview Interview CD is now available, you can find on cd.com (there's also a pic of it on that site) {Johann}

Canada: Okay, I was listening to Vancouver's newest rock station, 104.9 XFM, and  they were doing a concert announcement. The two dj's, Pepper and Crash,  called the lead singer so that he'd announce it himself, but he didn't pick  up so they left a message. They said his name was Chad, so I thought "Hang  Chad haha!!" and then thought it might be New Found Glory, but then they  said "Hey everybody! It's the oldest brother of Hanson!" and they started  playing MMMBop and laughed, apparently everyone says he's the oldest brother  of Hanson, cuz he looks so much like them! Maybe that's the Chad they were  talking about w/ the shirt? Haha I doubt it, but u never know! {Kristy}

Australia: I was going through a new edition (19th Nov) of WHO magazine (just a gossip mag here in Australia) and at the very back of it was this interesting little piece of info I read...$$$ - Pop group HANSON sued MP3.com for copyright infringement on Oct 30 in Los Angeles. The youngsters are seeking an injunction against the music distributor as well as US$150,000 for each song they say was illegally copied... {Krys}
Just wanted to let all u Aussie Fansons know that on December 1st Hanson r going to be talking on the hot 30.com countdown with Ugly Phil! I heard about this a month or so ago but itz now on hanson.net so itz confirmed!!! {MeL} Australian Fans: If you'd like the opportunity to help Hanson out, and promote them in your spare time please visit my site and sign up to help! I know there's lots of you out there, and I need help from each and every one of you, so please, visit the site today HERE Thanks! Bel

Spain: The Princess Diaries Soundtrack will be available in Spain the next 29th of October!! =) {Laura}

INDONESIA: A few weeks ago, I found an article about Hanson on Astaga!com ( famous site in Indonesia ). It's about Hanson's acting debut in Frank McKlusky ( as everybody knows ). But the important part is at the end of that article. It says ( I've tried to translate ) : " Meanwhile, a country-music diva, Parton, plays as overprotective mother in this film. She's got a child who work as insurance officer, named Frank McKlusky C.I. - who is played by comedian Dave Sheridan - ". Hmm ..... I just wonder, is he Dave Sheridan who plays as ' Doffy ' ( killer ) in Scary Movie film ?? ( BTW, if ya wanna know the full article, just go to www.astaga.com , then type HANSON in the CARI box , and click no. 3 : " -Astaga!com - Gaya Hidup - Debut Hanson di Layar Lebar " . But , SORRY guys ..... it'z Indonesian language =) ) HAPPY 21th B'DAY TO OUR IKE !! { Tutut Suhanson }
I just met M2M,(15 Nov) at HILTON HOTEL, on the  M2M meet&greet !It was so cool, they sang 6 songs. They look beautiful, and their performance were great. On the question- ession, I asked them 2 question. 1st:What is the most precious and unforgettable moment for you as a singer? and the 2nd question was: "Are you still dating the HANSON boys??" the answer for the 2nd question is "mmm...No, we're not anymore" with a little embarrassed face ... They look cute with that face...hehe, so I guess it's true ,they're not dating them anymore...(I heard it before, but not for sure!) I think It was funny, and they're really nice and friendly!  I just wanna let you guys know... (Adeke)

...posting MANY updates now - check back, sorry for the delays (for real)


Happy 21st Birthday Isaac!!

On the top twenty on z95.7 radio station Isaac was mentioned under this weekends birthdays and they played one of the tracks from their XMAS album. happy Birthday Isaac !! meike2time.jpg (31264 bytes)

metay2time.jpg (36690 bytes)I was at the house of blues in Hollywood to see phantom planet open for Flickerstick and Hanson was there watching the concert! They were with a girl and an older guy, which i have no clue who they were! Zac was sitting down the whole time, but Ike and Tay got up and talked to some people so me and a girl i met there named Kim got pics with them! Kim works with the mainstream magazine you Fansons should check it out:) I have the pics here.....FANSONS ROCK!!!

Last night I watched Jerry Springer and there was this cute blond guy named Billie on the show later one lady had a comment and she said "you look like Hanson with a bit of anthrax" he stood up and said shut up and sit down and the next lady said " Hanson when are you gonna go on tour?" Billie then with his hand and was lip singing it was so cute. I just wanted to bring that up sorry no pictures :( Billie was tall blond cute he did look like Taylor hair and eyes. {Sharon}

Today( November16) we been on one site of m2m, m2mfan.com and on the news there was a part of an interview with the two girls. The question was : Are you still dating the Hanson?? They answered : No not anymore!!! We already know that Marion and Zac had broke up , but did Ike and Marit break up too?!?  {Mélanie and Virginie}

Harry Potter opens today - Be sure not to miss it!!

Hanson is in the November copy of Tiger Beat with Nick and Aaron on the cover.  Click on the pick to see more.

In the new Entertainment Weekly mag with Britney on the cover there's an article about Sabrina the Teenage Witch they were talking about guests scheduled for the new season. Included among others was HANSON!! So be on the lookout!! {Noelia}

On Thursday I was reading the newspaper and I came across a pic of the band  The Butthole Surfers. One of the band members has a Hanson t-shirt on. I'm  sending the pic so u can see it. Its not a really good quality scan sorry! (left) {Belinda}

Hey guys. I was watching the Rosie O'Donnell show the other day and Michelle Branch was on and she mentioned HANSON. She said that Hanson heard her single and Hanson asked her to open up for them at one of their shows. YAY!! {Brooke}

I was watching Great Pretenders on Fox Family...and one of the contestants chose Hanson's "If Only" to sing...I thought it was really cool...there were 4  other contestants but the boy who sung Hanson won! {Nikkii}

Hanson like the band Venice. You can listen to an audio clip of Hanson giving their opinion on the band HERE. Look for the clip towards the middle of the page. {Tami}

I was watching The Learning Channel (TLC) and they were talking about like back problems. One of the patients was  wearing a Hanson shirt (SIGNED!!) when the doctor came in, and her dad said  that her back was causing her pain and making her throw up at at Hanson  concert. THEN when they were checking her brain, in the cat scan thingy,  she was wearing a Hanson sweatshirt. I think the story was like from 3 years  ago, cuz they were when the boys were really young. hehe, i just thought  it was kewl. lol. OH, and when I was watching TRL yesterday, the 5th, they  had this "worst cds" bucket, and when they were going to a commercial,  they were holding up cds from the pile, AND ONE WAS TTA!!!! grrr {Jenie}

Hanson are mentioned in the Who's News section of the November 11th issue of USA Weekend magazine:
Despite, or maybe because of, my 52 years, I'm an avid fan of Hanson. When can we expect a new album? C.F. Castle, Troy, N.Y. You can satisfy your need for new material with their song, "Smile", on the "Malcolm in the Middle" soundtrack, or their remake of John Lennon's "Imagine" on a CD to benefit orphans of the Sept. 11 attacks. But you must wait till spring for their fourth album. The brothers Hanson -- Isaac, who turns 21 next Saturday, Taylor, 18, and Zac, 16 -- are revamping their image and sound, adding influences from Motown and classic rock to appeal to a wider audience. They want to be a serious rock band. To that end, the guys spent a week last spring at a songwriting workshop held annually by producer Miles Copeland. In a castle in the south of France, they collaborated on pieces for their album with the likes of the legendary (and now Gap-promoting) songwriter Carole King

About 4 days ago from 11/10/01 I was watching Dismissed and there was this guy with two girls riding on scooters with MMMBOP in the background playing. I just thought it was so cute. Byes! :0)  {Cindy}

Hanson is mentioned in the December issue of Disney Adventures magazine. On page 28 (The Look section), there is a pic of the guys from the MTV Birthday Bash. Talking about Plaid Power, it reads as follows: "Hanson-The boys go for a relaxed look 'this time around' with Isaac sporting a checked shirt." {Lisa} 

I was reading the new Teenpeople mag I got today (11/05), and it had  this little fiction story about a slumber party with Britney, Christina,  Mandy and Jessica, and they were talking about getting a new member of there  ... I dunno, group? ... So they were all talking about all these girls they  would like to get in, and Mandy suggested Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Britney said, "If I've said it a hundred times, I'll say it again: Mary-Kate  and Ashley Olsen are a serious no go. They are, like, the female equivalent of...Hanson.".. I thought that was VERY rude.. Anyway, go check it out for yourself {Nicole} ...write the editor about this

Australia: There is a petition online HERE to get Nova 969 a new Sydney station to play Hanson! Please go and sign it even if you aren't Australia! {~Lou~}

Argentina: The Madeline Official Hanson Fan Club in Argentina will be receiving all the letters Hanson fans bring to their next meeting on November 10. The fan club will cover the shipping and Triune will get them to Isaac personally.  [Flavia]

Indonesia: Last week I was watching FRESH at MTV Asia ( it's a program that shows some new music-videos ). And when a new video from M2M was playing ( titled ' Everything ' ), I was like, " OMG ... ! " Ya know what ..... In that video there are 2 guys who look like Tay and Ike ! Really, both of them truly resemble Taylor and Isaac ! {Noor}

URUGUAY: Hola!! Les escribimos de MMMBop Fans Club Oficial de Hanson para invitarlas a todas al festival que realizaremos el próximo 17 de Noviembre. Vamos a festejar el cumple de Isaac, y el de Zac atrasado, y además el aniversario del mes del primer concierto de varias de nosotras!! Vamos a ver videos, van a actuar varios fans clubes, y van a haber sorteos de  videos y CD's exclusivos, así que nadie puede faltar!! Se va a hacer en el INJU, y va a empezar al rededor de las 2 de la tarde, la idea es juntar la mayor cantidad de fans posible, así que no pueden faltar!!! Besos enormes!! MMMBop Fans Club
Here Wake up in a ranking del 30 al 1 , and Top 10,  plz vote for it! And in Maldoado too, in rankids. HANSON is the biggest, don't stop of voting!!! MMMbye. {MIChY}

On this month's issue of Tiger Beat (with Nick & Aaron Carter on the cover) they mention Hanson twice. The first one is on The Clubhouse, and it says that Ike and Zac are dating Marit Larsen and Marion Raven better known as M2M. And the second one is an article about brothers, and they have a small picture of Hanson at the 2000 Teen Choice Awards;

Sighting: Hey, On Saturday, I went to a Bob Dylan concert in Nashville. We got there like  an hour and a half early ( my sister I went ). So we were walking around the  place of the concert, and I walk right by this tall boy, with semi medium,  blonde hair, with a couple highlights in it. He also had on a blue t-shirt. Then I saw his face and it was Taylor Hanson. OMG!!! I nearly fainted, it was  so strange seeing him their. If it wasn't Tay, then it was someone who looked  exactly like him, LOL! He was throwing away some kind of food, and walked  right back in to where he was sitting. I have seen Tay with Bob Dylan shirts on, but i didn't think I would see him at one of Dylan's concerts. {Leah}

I was watching an interview with The Calling on GetMusic, and they were talking about how they got started. Alex (the lead singer) said they were deciding on what kind of band they wanted to be: "We had to decide if we were going to be a rock band or the next Hanson..." Then the interviewer said: "So the record company really wanted you to be the next Hanson, huh?" I thought that was cool. The Calling rocks...Buy their album! {Lia}

I was watching VH1 this morning and they have this thing called Jumpstart. Well any way, they were talking about how some bands were suing mp3.com. They used Hanson as an example!!! They showed part of the mmmbop video (where they're dancing) and then showed typing in Hanson on the website and having the middle of nowhere page come up and explaining how the whole thing would work!! I thought it was really cool because we never get to here any Hanson news anymore on TV!! {Katie}

Yesterday morning, (11-2), I was listening to the local rock/alternative station, Laser 103, on my way to school. They were telling the news of the  day. Well, they mentioned Hanson. Here's what they said: "Hanson is suing  mp3.com for copyright infringement. They are asking for $150 thousand per  song.......so they're going to get 150 thousand dollars. They've only had  one real song...Mmmbop. Wait, what was that other one? Where's the love? Ok,  at the most they'll get 300 thousand. Why are they even suing, it's not like  they have albums of stuff out. Nobody listens to them anymore." That made  me mad, because they do have more than one album. But it was a Hanson  mention....when the new album comes out, we have to request like mad to get  people to know that they are still around!!

In the November 1 issue of the Orange County Register, there was an article on Hanson! It was only about their lawsuit againt MP3.com, but it was still very cool to read about them! :)  {nina} 

I was just watching Great Pretenders karaoke style on Fox Family, and the first guy named Blake sang "If Only." It sounded a little weird - he said  the wrong line (when he was supposed to say "you've got to hold it in" he  said "she'd never let you in"). It was pretty funny...just thought you'd  like to know. :-) {Brianne}

Hey guys, we wanted to let you know about the Hanson Fan Bus. We are planning on touring all around the USA, going to all of the Hanson concerts on the upcoming tour. It's gonna be awesome!!! Check out our website HERE for more information about this project and contact info. We are already talking to sponsors and working for this thing to be as good as it can get, and even better!! Note: We are NOT related to the HITZ fan bus project. We don't know what they are doing with their plans, but we know OUR plans are for REAL. You can count on us!! Thank you very much, {Hanson Fan Bus staff}

In my newspaper The Huntsville Times they had these lists of the top 5 of things! Well they had one called "Top 5 Creepiest Pop/Rock Artists on the Planet", and guess who was # 3? HANSON!!!! I think its cool that people think of them but not in that way! I don't know if i should complain or not! It was 1) Michael Jackson 2) Slipknot 3)HANSON 4) Disturbed 5) Marilyn Manson! Now I have no clue why Marilyn Manson is # 5 but I think putting Hanson in there was a mistake! Just thought that was cool to see them in my newspaper and thought you all would like to know  {Diana Roberts}

I just had to write to you guys to say that when I was watching Conan O'Brien tonight he had David Spade on and Conan was talking to him about music groups and he asked him (David) if he like any of the younger bands. Well David of course, the funny guy he is, says oh yeah I like Hanson and that girl on there I thought she was hot and I wanted to screw her. And then he goes and you know now I'd still screw her. LOL  Now mind you this is a little inappropriate for some people but man I just laughed my ass off!! {Cat} 

I was leafing through this Adventure (I think) today and I came across their calendar and under November 17th, it read "Isaac Hanson, the oldest brother, Mmmbops his way to 21 today." I think it's cheesy they still go by the MMMBop thing. LOL. Also, during my Spanish class, my teacher gave us this question in Spanish which translates into "Do you save your money to buy tickets for a Hanson concert?" and when the guy he asked said no, he was like "no? don't you mmmbop with them?" and he sang a little bit of MMMBop. It was really funny but kinda cool. {E.}

On Fox 11 KTTV Los Angles this morning there was a Hanson mention about the whole MP3 thing. They talked about how the lawsuit came about and we all know about that incase your don't; Hanson is suing MP3.com for posting Hanson songs that where copywrited without their consent.  {Jamie}  

Ok hold on a sec. The song "Back to the Island" that Hanson covered iz an  oldie, not a Baha Men song. The baha men probably wrote their own song called  "Back to the Island." Just because a song has the same name, doesn't mean itz  the same exact song. Both Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias have a song  called "Hero" but Enrique didn't copy Mariah. PS- That version of "Weird" by Boom reeeaalllly sux. LOL They butchered  that song.  {**~Lindsay~**}  that's for sure lol  *  I take Spanish in school so I'm not that great at the language or  anything, but that cover of Weird in Spanish is definitely done with  different lyrics. The Spanish lyrics are (i think): Leave me to be Leave me alone If you can not understand me It's better not to return Nor to look for you Anyway, its something along those lines and that seems pretty different from  the words to Weird. I don't know, the tune's the same. It's all cool :) {Jess}

UK: My local radio station (Miz 96- Bucks) seems to be a big Hanson fan as I usually hear songs of theirs every so often. So it wasn't surprising when they chose to play 'I Will Come To You' after the three-minute silence dedicated to the victims of the September 11th terrorism. My sister was in the 6th form room at school where they were talking about it and listening to that song when some girl walked in and tried to put on Destiny's Child instead. They just looked at her and said 'What the hell do you think you're doing? Put it back right now!' It makes sense to have that song dedicated to what happened. You have to listen to the lyrics to think that-  'Have no fear when your tears are fallin'/ I will hear your spirit callin'/ And I swear I'll be there come what may'  {Liz}

Indonesia: I was watching Suddenly Susan the other week, and Susan ( Brooke Shields ) and Vicky ( Kathy Griffin ) were chatting with their friends, Zack and Warren. Suddenly Vicky asked," Well, who's your favorite Hanson ? ". Zack quickly went," Ooh, C'moon ... !! " ( something like that ), and Vicky answered by herself, " My fav is Taylor ! ". Then she asked Warren the same question ( Warren was described as a guy who look old and unfashionable, and wore thick glasses ). And after quiet for a while, Warren answered explicitly," Isaac ", and Vicky immediately gave a cynical response," I've guessed it !! " Hmm ..... I thought she indirectly had DESPISED our Ike !! {Wati Mohammed }

URUGUAY FAN CLUB: I just wanted u to know that WAKE UP is still in the Del 30 al 1 ranking here in URUGUAY, it's a daily ranking and they're # 22 right now, they've been in the ranking for more than 2 months. They reached # 7 three weeks ago. You can vote at del30al1@conciertofm.com or top10@conciertofm.com.Votes from other countries will count!! {Madiline}

Lithuania: Well heya there!!ok,I know itz been already 7 days since Zac's bday(HappyHappyHappy day,Zac!!!!lol) but I really had no time to email u before,so..what's the thing,heh,just wanted to let ya know something..well I was sittin in the kitchen at home whaen my brother ran down from his room where he was listenin to the radio and shouted me to turn it on too well I turned it on and heard the DJ sayin something like"So today we should say HappyBirthday to the youngest member of the teen band Hanson,his name is Zachary Hanson and he turns 16 today."then he played a bit of MmmBop(sure!) and continued like"the band Hanson,who made it big in '97 with the chart breaking single "MmmBop" had then gone somewhere and now they're having a break for more than 2 years because they decided to take more time for their School"!!!!!!!whaaaaaaaaatttttt?????I was like"School??????a break for 2 years???????what a hell is he talking about???"LOL,my brother then suggested me to call to this station and tell this DJ that he was WRONG but it was like nobody picked up the phone so I remained sitting there and didn't know what to do,laugh or cry...LOL.well itz like that they hardly ever mention or play Hanson there but anyways that was pretty cool to hear them sayin happy bday to Zac although it was so not true about all the other things.. Mmmbye!!! Lithuanian Hanson hugs to everyone, have a good time:))) {Rasa


Hanson attended the Michelle Branch/The Calling/Lifehouse concert on October 19th at the El Rey in Los Angeles as well as the Army/Phantom Planet/American Hi Fi concert at the Troubadour in LA on October 20th :) {Shaina}

me_n_tay.jpg (56826 bytes)I wanted to correct something that was posted about Hanson being at the Troubadour. They weren't alone, they were with a girl that had brown hair and Taylor seemed to stick by her so, just thought I'd let you know 'cause I talked to them and took pics and there was a girl! rock on!! Here are the pics of me and Hanson. Sorry in the pic with Tay...I have no clue what I was doing! {Samantha}  Click on the pic to see the others

There's going to be released another Popview interview of Hanson! It's called Hanson Popview interview vol.2 and it will be released on November the 13th 2001! {Johann}

Everyone needs to go to channelone.com and vote for Hanson for all request Thursday - last year they were ALWAYS on and this year they aren't even on the list of artist to pick from so I saw we all go over to channelone.com click on music - the on all request Thursday and then where they say "Don't see your favorite act listed? Suggest it here. " put Hanson - so maybe they'll add them to the list so we can vote and hear them on all request Thursday! Last year we got Hanson to be the most requested artist each week we need to do that again! {Zac}

I was just recently at CosmoGirl's website, and they are having Magazine cover contest called "Survival Of The Sexiest".   What it is...you vote for your favorite celeb (in this case, Isaac Taylor or Zac HANSON!!) and each month they'll knock off the five duds who got the fewest votes (I think Hanson has been on this list, and where knocked off!) and then they'll add three new faces to vote for. The final round will be in March, 2002—the guy who scores the most votes that month will be on the cover of CosmoGirl's next Sexiest Guys in the World issue. So WE GOTTA VOTE FOR HANSON, AND MAKE IT A DAILY GOAL TO VOTE FOR THEM UNTIL OUT FINGERS BLEED! Okay, maybe not...but, you get the point! We want Taylor on there!! {Jennifer}

BOOM - They've done a remake of weird. That link brings up where you can hear it. Personally, I think the lead singer sounds like a dying cow and has ruined yet another great Hanson song. Decide for yourself...honestly...Hanson songs are NOT meant to be sung by boybands. Oh geez. {Ariana}

On E there was a show about the 25 hottest stars in entertainment on. At the end of the show, Kathy Griffin was on and said something along the lines of "My number one? Taylor Hanson. Have you seen that kid lately? He's looking good. I like 'em young." That's not a direct quote though, I don't have a very good memory. I just thought it was cute that he was mentioned. 

I was watching Suddenly Susan last night, (they always have alot of Hanson mentions) and Vicky, walked up to her boss and said hey look at this cool thing I found on the internet, and her boss said if its more nude pictures of Hanson don't bother he'd already seen all of them. I just thought that was funny for them to say that. :) {Heathy}

On TRL Friday Oct. 26th Carson said (when introducing the new Janet Video), "This is the first time a brother and a sister have been on the countdown at the same time. Except if you count Hanson, but we can't do that." It was kinda mean but HEY it was a Hanson mention!! :) {Tristan}

Last night (10/25) I was watching VH1 and a show called "Sledgehammer" came on and the show basically tests peoples limits...well anyway, this guy was calling people and asked them if they liked music and they said yes, so the guy told them they would have to pay $90 a month (or something like that) for 12 cd's, then he would pretend to go over that little credit card machine and say. "your account has been charged"...then the people got really mad... he was naming the cd's you would get...he said REO speedwagon, Madonna, and a whole bunch of old 70's bands and at the very end of the segment he goes, "what do you think of Hanson?" and then the person hung up! I  thought is was funny! {Kady} Also, I was watching VH1 morning news and they mentioned Zac's birthday with the  caption that said something like: Only 5 more years until he can drink! I  thought that it was really cute. And also, they mentioned Zac's birthday  under the Celebrity Birthday section on the local radio station! It was very  exciting.:) {Kayla}

Rick D. mentioned Zac's birthday on his countdown. He played a short clip from when Zac was younger and on his show, then informed all listeners that Zac's voice had now changed and he was now 16. Just a random Hanson mention that made my day! {Marikit}

On the Savage Garden tour video, "Superstars and Cannon Balls" Darren Hayes, lead singer, visits his home that he grew up in. (It's now own by someone else, duh.) So he walks into his old room looking around, and if you look quickly, you can see Hanson's 'Snowed In' poster and pinups on the wall! *snickers* {Lita}

I was at the Dodgers game, and about a 1/2 hour before they went up to sing, I saw Zac and he was with some girl. I didn't get a pic =( but she was really pretty (it wasn't Kate) and she had brown had bout to her shoulders. She was short but pretty! lol! But I guess that's his new gf, b/c they were holding hands and stuff. They're so cute together! If anybody got pics, I'd like it if you send them to LuckyChiki@yahoo.com THX! Oh yea, I saw Zac in the parking lot, carrying this really big plaque (i think it's the one heather was talking about) and when he got to their car. She was there. He said her name, but I didn't quite catch it. I think it was something like Tori or whatever. Yea, i think that was it. Ok, I just though you'd like to know....bye! ~Lucky

I sent a week ago that "Back to the Island" was originally a Baha Men song,  but the person you posted the news from in the latest update said it is a  Leon Russell song....that's half right. "Back to the Island" IS a Leon  Russell song, but it's NOT the song that Hanson plays...it just so happens  that Leon Russell also has a song called "Back to the Island." The "Back to  the Island" that Hanson covers is a Baha Men song. The one the Baha Men did (originally, I think) on an album called Junkanoo! in 1992 is listed as being written by Butler / Rolle - not Leon Russell.  And besides that, if you listen to the songs (try the little clips at CDNOW.com) there's no way that these two songs are the same, even done in a different style!  Hanson definitely did their cover of the same song that the Baha Men did.  btw- Leon Russell was born in Lawton, Oklahoma.  At 14, he lied about his age to land a gig at a Tulsa nightclub. {Nick, Ann}

Today I was at my painting class, and Wednesdays we carry CD's because the class lasts two hours, and I always take my Hanson CD's (including The Princess Diaries Soundtrack) and all of my classmates see the CD and just because it's pink and from a Disney's film, they don't want to listen it; but anyway, today I just told them I wanna hear one song, just one, and nobody saw which CD it was, so I put Wake up. And when it started, everybody was like, who is the singer, and I didn't tell them that it was Hanson, I just said that it was one of my favorite songs. When the song ended, a friend asked me if she could see my CD, and I told her yes. She was looking at it, and another classmate in front of her, turned around and said "cool song, I liked it" and my friend just said yeah, and then I told them that Hanson was the interpreter, and thy just said good for them, But I'm sure that better times come for them! {Anna}

I am putting together a Hanson scrapbook that will be given to them at the Tulsa concert on their next tour! The  scrapbook has nothing but things about you, the fans! I  figure why not! I mean I think its about time Hanson  see how united they have made us as fans! You can send  in pics, poems, or anything you want that will fit on  an 8 X 10 paper! If you have any questions about the  scrapbook email me and I will  get all your questions answered for you! But hurry or you will miss out! {Ashley}

Hey there!! I'm Andrea from Mexico. I just wanted to say "Happy Hanyversary"  to all the Mexican fans. Tomorrow (October 26) it is a year that Hanson performed here in Mexico City!!..wow...I can't believe it's already been a  year...anyway...have a great day and ...VIVA HANSON!!! "In my music I'm trying to play the truth of what I am" -Charles M.-

Indonesia: I went to a mall here in Jakarta, to play ice-skating. And I was request for a song, I request Mandy Moore- I wanna be with you. After it played, I was heard familiar beginning of a song. and guess what song it is? It's If Only! I haven't heard the song since long time...!I was so exciting, it's pretty cool, and I sing the song while the song was played, and I feel so happy. That day was a fine day!


  Happy 16th Birthday to our Zac!

A few new pics have been added to his page. Check them out, many more to come!

I just wanted to say Happy 16th Birthday to our Zac! I hope he had a wonderful day and knows we all love him. Also, I wanted to tell everyone that Hanson showed up to the American Hi-Fi concert on Saturday, October 20th at the Troubadour in West Hollywood (and yes they were alone for your information). It was an awesome surprise! They were talking to Stacy Jones (the lead singer of American Hi-Fi). Although they didn't join the band on stage, it was still very, very cool to get to see them unexpectedly!! {Kelly}

Hanson were at the City of Hope Spirit of Life dinner (click for pics) on October 11th!  The dinner featured a salute to Motown music classics, with Roger Daltrey (from The Who) performing. The concert raised funds for the City of Hope medical research center.  {Celine} 

Hanson joined Ben Folds on-stage last night at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, singing backup for an encore performance of the Ben Folds Five song "Kate."  They forgot several of the words, but seemed to be having fun doing it. Thought you'd like to know.  {Andy}  You can read more about Hanson performing with Ben Fold's HERE.

There is an exclusive video from Finnish program JYRKI. It is from the times of "If only", and is definitely worth of seeing. Head over to Hanson Attic to check it out. {Nina and Kate}

Hanson are listed among other artists to have collaborated on Michael Jackson's What More Can I Give single. You can read all about it HERE. Jackson and some of the other artists will be performing the song at the "The United We Stand Benefit" concert in Washington D.C. on October 21st. This is an eight-hour live concert that will not be aired on TV. A two-hour highlight of this concert will air on ABC, November 1st at 8PM ET. {Amy}

In the new YM magazine with Drew Barrymore on the cover there is a little section where they were talking to that guy that plays Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer , and one of the questions were "If you had to pick a boy band to be in, who would it be?" and he said "Hanson, because they are talented and they write their own stuff" How cool is that?! {Shawndra} 

I just found out that there's a group here in my country (Venezuela) that translated the song "weird" to Spanish.... the name in Spanish is "Dejame ir" isn't it cool?! if u wanna hear a piece of the song go HERE =D {LISS}

There was a Hanson mention in the Oct 19th issue of Miss Truth that reads "The Strokes, this year's big buzz band and from New York no less, was the big hipster draw Thursday (Oct. 18) night at the Palace in Los Angeles. Checking out the show -- aside from every bigwig in the music industry -- were Beck (with a lovely blonde by his side), Bush's Nigel Pulsford, Hole's Eric Erlandson, X's John Doe, Hanson's middle brother, Taylor, and Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald." {Lisa}

Someone wrote about the Baha Men doing a cover of Back to the Island. Well that's not an original Hanson song either. They did it as a cover, too. It was originally done by Leon Russell. Just wanted to clear that little bit up :)  {Dana}

This morning on Mtv they had MTV LIVE A-Z. Guess who they played for H?? Of course Hanson!! They showed a clip of MMMBOP from the Jenny McCarthy Show from 1997!! Ah the good old days. :) 

Earlier I was at Kiwibox.com playing Kiwi-Memory which is a matching game. They give you several different themes to choose from so I chose the "Pop Artist" one and as I was playing it I discovered that they had Hanson in it! Spiffy! There was a pic of Taylor and a pic of Zac. The pics looked like they were from 1997 or 1998 because Taylor still had his long hair. =) I just thought it was pretty neat that they had Hanson in it. =) {Meghan}

I work at my local Kroger grocery store and for some reason in the last month or so they have been playing different kinds  of music than they usually play over the PA. I have already hear Hanson's  "This Time Around" and "If Only" played several times, which rocks!! It brightens up my work day anyway. {Emily}

UK: Mmmbop was featured on a program in the UK called I LOVE 1997.I thought it was cool they played it as Hanson never get recognition now in the UK. GO HANSON. God bless America to, hope all u Americans get through this tough time, peace, {Chrissy} Just a small note about Hanson being mentioned in this weeks edition of  the alternative UK magazine Kerrang! It is on page 8 on the gatecrasher  section. The line reads: 'Good God above, you could have knocked us over  with a hanson album.' and goes on to talk about Pheobe from friends. Not much but for the UK but something! {-lucy}

Argentina: Hola chicas !! Va a haber una Fiesta de Hanson en Buenos Aires. Les voy a contar mas o menos de que se trata. Cuando es ? El Sabado 24 de Noviembre A que hora? A partir de las 13 hs Donde? En un salon del centro que se encuentra a una cuadra de la plaza San martin. Y este salon es muy especial. Consideramos que es el lugar ideal para hacer una fiesta de Hanson ya que ademas de ser muy lindo tiene un sillon rojo como el del video de This Time Around. La direccion exacta esta en la entrada que hay que adquirir para entrar a la fiesta. Que se hace en una fiesta de Hanson ? Tenemos pensado hasta ahora pasar aproximadamente mas de 6 horas de videos de Hanson en la pantalla gigante del salon. Ver videos de Hanson de todo el mundo no va a ser lo unico que se va a hacer... no ! Entre otras cosas vamos a realizar sorteos de material exclusivo de Hanson y también hasta una banda de fans van a interpretar algunas canciones de Hanson. El tema principal es compartir todo el materia de los 3 hermanos de Oklahoma y ademas pasar un dia genial ! Como consigo la entrada? La entrada cuesta $5 e incluye un numero de sorteo. Una vez adentro del salon tenes acceso a todo. La podes comprar en el monumento de la plaza San Martin que es ahi donde nos reunimos todos los Sabados por el fans club a partir de las 2.30 PM. Si no podes venir a la plaza y queres encontrate con alguna de nosotras personalmente, decinos y algo vamos a arreglar. Para las chicas que viven lejos podrian depositar la plata en la cuenta de Banco (si estan interesadas en esto pidanme el numero de cuenta) y una vez que tengan el deposito hecho, vienen al salon el dia de la fiesta con el comprobante y entran. Yo despues les doy la entrada original de recuerdo. Aclaracion: En el mes de Junio se iba a realizar la Fiesta pero tuvimos unos incovenientes con la gente del salon. Esta vez la fiesta va muy en serio y cambiamos de salon a uno mucho mejor. Esperamos contar con ustedes ! La fiesta promete estar espectacular ! No se la pueden perder. Si tienen amigas que les gusta Hanson tambien, no se olviden de avisarles! Para entradas mandanos un email aque y para mayor informacion sobre el evento visita nuestra pagina aque!


Checkout Heathers review of meeting Hanson at the Dodgers game. (includes pics) (video mpeg coming up next)

teenpeople01.jpg (32172 bytes) teenpeople02.jpg (27276 bytes) (click to enlarge)
In the newest issue of Teen People Isaac is under the horoscope section  for November. He asks: "Will I be a homeowner in Malibu sometime in the next  year?" The psych replies as seen above...Hmmm...looks like Isaac is ready to live on his own! {KT} I just scanned the two places where Hanson was mentioned in the October issue of Teen People, the first one is of Isaac in the Horoscope section with a quote about being a homeowner in Malibu. The second one is the mention that they where in NYC for the MTV 20 with girlfriends. {Jennifer}

fancymag_zac.jpg (91860 bytes)In the October issue of ´Fancy´ (a Dutch girls magazine) is a small bit of Zac. In the calendar on page 4, at 19th of October it says (freely translated): ´Hanson fans (do they still exist? ;-)) are mailing their cards today. In three days Zac will be celebrating his birthday. Hooray!´  It also has a picture of him with it. I included a scan. I know, it's not much, but at least it's something :) {Sylvia}

The My Vh1 Music Awards are coming December 2!! Go to www.Vh1.com . Click on "The Categories Are In" and vote for Hanson. You will have to go down to "Other" to vote for them. I voted for Hanson for "My Favorite Group", "Hottest Live Show", "My Favorite Video". I put "If Only", and "Must Have Album". i put "Hanson-This Time Around". These picks will determined the finalists that will be announced live. We need to vote for Hanson. We can do this. {Audrey}

There are lots of pics from the Dodgers game, studio, moe11, RiverFest and a lot more at Hanson Attic Check it out! {Nina}

The BahaMen have covered Thinking of you and Back to the Island from Hanson! I personally think it's awesome that they covered it! Finally a song of Hanson is covered! The version of the bahamen sounds a bit weird, but still I like it because it's a Hanson song!!! You can find a clip of the song at HERE at CDNOW Love Always, {Yakko}

I was just watching MTV and on the commercial that Dave Holmes says Say What Karaoke is officially over, they show Tay in the background from when Hanson were judges on Say What finals...kewl.. (-(-\)\) Megan 

I just wanted to let everyone know Hanson are supposed to be in another movie with a bunch of other famous people. Its called You'll Never Wiez in This Town Again, due out in 2002,  just incase anyone didnt know Its from imdb.com think that might stand for international movie database or something if you type in Taylor Hanson for instance it will tell you a little about him and movies or TV shows he's been in or is linked to! there are Loads of other Celebs in the move "You'll Never Wiez in This Town Again" to. Like Fred Durst, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Whoopi Goldberg to name put a few. They do all play themselves though! Here's the Plot:- Hollywood comedian/actor Pauly Shore loses everything: his house, nobody in Hollywood wants to represent him, he moves back home with his mom and is now parking cars at the Comedy Store. Then one night when he's up in his mom's loft, a dead famous comedian appears who tells Pauly to kill himself cause he'll go down as a comedic genius who died before his time. Pauly then fakes his own death, and the media goes crazy. Celebrities are talking about him on MTV and girls are fighting over him on Jerry Springer. It's everything that he wanted...his plan worked. A week or so later the LAPD is tipped off about his whereabouts and they break down the door of the seedy motel room that he's hiding out in and throw him in LA County's celebrity wing  {Alison}

I was watching Buffy on Tuesday and one of the vampires that Buffy Bot tryed to beat was wearing a Hanson T-Shirt!!

I was at Red Lobster w/ my family for my father's birthday. And like always, they had the radio on. While waiting for a table, Hanson's "if Only" played. I started to dance where I was sitting and the ppl who worked there, must have thought I was on shrooms or something. It was a FUN day!.  {Lita, MN}  you go girl lol

America on Alert: Sorry I don't have any Hanson news today but I need to address something very important.......today at my high school (Roosevelt high) something very scary happened. About 3rd period...which starts at 9:15 our principal came on the loud speaker and announced that all students and faculty had to report to the auditorium, then the principal had announced that there had been a bomb threat that was supposed to happen at 10:00. They locked us in the school for protection. This was very scary.....it is scary because today is the one month anniversary of the terrorist attack. I just wanted to send this out so people every where can realize that this isn't a joke and stupid pranks like this threat are uncalled for. We hope that u send out you prayers to us and those whom it has affected. {Brent and Aurelia}

Australia: The Hot30.com Countdown will be having a Hanson night on December 1, from 7PM, playing all our favorite songs!!! I am not sure about all the details, they should be on the hot30 site though!!! =) {Lucy} Hanson are on the new Planet Pop album, " The Best Of". The song featured is "If Only" (Carly)

Brazil: Hi my name is Douglas (jd98@uol.com.br) im from Brazil fan of HANSON ..about 4 years, my ex-girlfriend think that was weird, but now she is a fan too ;)...and i have a GROUP of Hanson in www.Audiogalaxy.com call Hanson ....i have 24 members but we are losing for BSB and Nsync, cause we re new....i know that alot of people here go there to get Hanson songs, so plz join our clan..or group ...whatever...lol....Search for groups: Hanson..my name there is 17092000...make a petition plz...were losing...Tank You!!!!! ¥ HANSON ROCKS!!!!! ¥

Spain: I'm glad to say we have Wake up (BSO Princess Diary), almost everyday on the radio, and that's because the Fansons ask for that song over and over, by mail, by phone. It's cool listen to Hanson again on the radio. We won't go down!! {Amparo}


Courtesy Yahoo News - A new version of John Lennon's classic "Imagine",  featuring Hanson, Squeeze's Glen Tilbrook, and Irish folk rockers Hothouse Flowers, is currently in the works in order to benefit orphans of last month's terrorist attacks. All acts involved will record parts in their own home towns for assemblage into one CD single, to be made available later this month through the website for What Are Records? {Renata}

Hanson Files Suit Vs. MP3.com September 28, 6 p.m. ET, Billboard
Chrysalis Records and teen pop outfit Hanson have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Vivendi Universal's online subsidiary MP3.com, Billboard Bulletin reports. The suits, which were filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles, join a similar complaint filed May 7 against the San Diego-based music file-sharing service by Tom Waits, Randy Newman, and the group Heart. The suits, which allege that MP3.com illegally offered hundreds of copyrighted songs from Hanson and Chrysalis Records' artists on its streaming service, seek up to $150,000 in statutory damages for each illegal track, according to the artists' lawyer Bruce Van Dalsem. Last year MP3.com paid more than $120 million to settle similar suits with the majors, including Vivendi Universal, which then purchased the service in May for $372 million. "[Since] Universal won, there's a very good chance that MP3.com will not be able to defend these cases on the merits," says Van Dalsem. "You can't retry over and over the same case." [The Dutch site NU also has a post about it HERE

I got an email from Island Records, and they sent me this link which tells  you pretty much everything we already know about the new album to be  released in spring. Scroll down, it should begin about halfway down the page.  Go HERE to see it
I also got the new issue of YM, the one with Drew Barrymore on the cover- and in it YM interviews the man who plays Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  James Masters. They ask him if he could be in any boy band, who would he be?  His response was " Hanson. They're talented, and they write their own stuff." Cool  {Erin}

I watched the 2 hour season premiere of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" last night. One of the demons was wearing a Hanson t-shirt under his jacket! =O It was so cool to see. It caught me off guard as I am not accustomed to seeing these things anymore. He is in two scenes and the shirt is very visible. It is the black version of the MMMBop shirt. The one that has the guys on the front and "MMMBop" on the back at the bottom of the shirt. I just thought I would let everyone know. It is pretty cool to see them still getting a "plug" here and there. It would be interesting to find out who was behind the choice of shirt he would wear. ;) Maybe the cast member really IS a fan and asked if he could wear it! {Rob (albertane-guy)}

I subscribe to the Island Records newsletter (for any mentions of Hanson lol) and the newsletter I received today had a mention of Hanson! The passage says:  "Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson were invited to attend Miles Copeland's annual "Songwriters Boot Camp" in May at a castle he owns in the South of France, and the results will be evident on the trio's next album, currently in production and tentatively due in the spring." There's also an link to a article (you have to scroll down a little) Click  HERE - It's just basically full of stuff we already know but check it out anyway.

I was reading the November 2001 issue of Teen People and on page 56 there's a REALLY small pic of Hanson and an insert that says, "My how those HANSON boys have grown. At the MTV 20th Anniversary Bash in NYC, all three brothers (who will release their next CD in spring 2002) were hand in hand with respective girlfriends."  {Ashly}

I got my Tiger Beat today and there are three Hanson mentions in there. They also have a new song coming out as a fundraiser for the attack on the U/.S. A John Lennon song. {Melissa from Canada}

Keep on voting at Am I ANNOYING or NOT? . 50.99 percent of the people who voted think that Hanson are annoying. We'll show them!!!! *~{Cindy}~*

On the Late Late show with Craig Kilborn Thursday night Majandra Delfino (Roswell) was on and she was explaining when she was in the group china dolls*i think that's was it was called* there were no groups like Hanson out at the time. So I thought it was really cool of her to mention them. {Kacy}

I was watching TRL on Monday (10/1/01) and there was a Hanson mention. On one of the scrolls on the bottom of the screen it said 'Hanson files $150,000 suit against MP3.com for allegedly streaming Hanson songs.'   {Jessica}

I was checking out the website mtvgirl.com and I was looking at the section called "Music Picks". There's a pic of CD spines on the left side, and, surprise-surprise, "This Time Around" is in there! (Right next to N Sync...oh lordy, haha). It's kinda cool, check it out!  {Nina}

I was watching VH1 a couple minutes ago and they were doing a Behind the Music on the year 2000. They were talking about how all the pop acts got into advertising products. You know, Britney did the Herbal Essence and Pepsi thing, N*SYNC did the McDonalds thing, etc. Well, they showed a picture of Hanson's Got Milk? ad from like '97 or '98. I though that was kinda weird that they used it because it was such a long time ago but it was totally cool. {Denise}

We are proud to announce that "Fan Tours" is sponsoring the Hitz Fan Bus project. Many wonderful fans will be picked to tour around the world with Hanson. We will be helping with arranging the project as well as paying for some of the activities. We are also in talks about donating one of our "tour buses" to the "Hitz Fan Bus" for use. 
Please visit our website for more information: http://fantours.r4f.com/  

Last night on Z100 (a radio station in NYC) they were interviewing Michelle Branch. She was talking about when she made her demo. she said somehow it landed up in Hanson's lap. she said the key to a music career is a dream and a golf cart!! 

I actually have two news items. The first one isn't really "Latest"...itz from December 2000, but I just found the article the other day so itz new to me. In our local paper they always have a section about brand new CDs. This particular article was about Billy Gilman's (u know, the really young country singer) new Christmas album, Classic Christmas. My mom had saved the article b/c she knows I love Billy Gilman (but not as much as Hanson), and she just found it with a bunch of her stuff and gave it to me the other day. But ANYWAY (I know I'm babbling...sorry) the article was talking about how the XMas Cd might ruin his career. The writer gave an example. It said something like, "We all remember 1997's pop band Hanson, and their multi-platinum album Middle of Nowhere. They released their Christmas CD December of that year, and their last album, May's This Time Around, was a major sales disappointment." I just thought it was weird that she mentioned Hanson out of all the bands out there...I was glad, even though it was something negative. I PERSONALLY doubt Snowed In ruined Hanson's career (it wasn't even ruined...). The other thing I'm not positive about...last night I was watching GAC with my mom, and we saw Charlie Robison's new video, "The Right Man for the Job." I'm PRETTY sure one of the lyrics mentioned Hanson...it said something like, "Even though I'm not Hanson, I still hit people with delight." My mom, who was listening more closely than me, swears that's what he said. Anyway, I thought that was cute. {Carrie}

AUSTRALIA: I was watching "Pick Your face" *Shhh don't ask why* the other week and they had Hanson for one of the questions. The clues were a "sounds like" clue attached to a *sack* of rice; an island with a sign that says " Middle Of Nowhere" on it and a cd in the middle, and a Tailor's box of tools. hehe (Carly)

Latinos: Next weekend on Mtv latinamerica they will pass Antes y ahora weekend (Now and then weekend) and Hanson will be on it. It will pas Saturday at 12:00p.m and Sunday at 2:00p.m.

Korea:  I live here in South Korea (my mother's in the U.S. Air Force. Go U.S.A.!!) about an hour from Seoul. I was shopping downtown, when my friends and I decided to go to lunch We walked into this really cool Korean restaurant and sat in a booth. After I ordered I looked around and saw something familiar. There was a sticker that said HANSON MMMBOP on it on a speaker. I was so taken back by surprise since we are half way around the world. I asked the waitress where they had got it from, and she said when Hanson came to Seoul, everybody went "Hanson crazy!" This was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. There was this little old Korean lady saying "Hanson crazy!" I felt REALLY proud to be a Hanson fan in a really different country just then.

INDONESIA: There's a cool article titled, The Collaboration of Two Generations on the website of www.Rileks.com (one of famous sites in Indonesia). That article is about Hanson's collaboration with Carole King. To read it, just go to www.rileks.com, and type HANSON in the Search Box. Then click no.2 : " The Collaboration of Two Generations ". Or, to facilitate you all, I've typed it in HERE.  {Tutut Suhanson}

Hey ya'll ! I just got back form watching Hanson at the Dodger game today (I only went and stayed for the national anthem). They sang two songs, America  the Beautiful and then the National Anthem. Of course, they sang it  beautifully!!!! BUT the best part was when it was over, I walked over to the  side of the stadium where Hanson left and I saw them! They were walking RIGHT  towards me! Ike looked great in a black outfit, Taylor (looking stunning, as  usual) with a linen button up shirt and sleeves rolled up with dark leather  pants (yum), and Zac was wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt and he was  walking with a little snare drum, beating it as he walked. They walked right  past me and smiled sweetly and politely and then walked into the main entrance  of the stadium to watch the game. I got everything on video, but I don't know  how to upload it online, sorry guys!! It Was Awesome!!!! Hanson Rocks!!!! {Katie from Cali} We will try and get a copy from her to post for you guys! If anyone else has a video copy of the performance, email us here, thanks :)

Hey here is an updated list on New Song titles we know of. The new ones were mentioned in MOE 11. and the one that just says written by Isaac Hanson (not Tay and Zac) that's what it said in MOE.  
Updated on 09\22\01 
“Underneath” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Matthew Sweet 
“I Almost Care” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Matthew Sweet 
“Lost Without Each Other” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Gregg Alexander 
“One More Time” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Carole King 
“Let You Go” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Carole King 
“Never Love Again” written by Isaac, Taylor, Donny Browne and Ed Robertson
“Get Up and Go” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Your Illusion” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Down” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Wake Up” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Wastin’ Time” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Fly” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Now I See” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Michelle Branch 
“Dancing In The Wind” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Time Will Tell” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Love” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Dan Wilson 
“High On You” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Someone” written by Isaac Hanson, Damon Lee, and Dominique Grimaldi 
“Hey” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson and Greg Wells 

Everyone has to go to AmIannoyingOrNot and vote for Hanson because there status is now 74.29% instead of 69% if that link doesn't work above you can go HERE and go to the annoying people index and find Hanson and vote for them there. {Jamie}

I was watching Family Guy on Wednesday and the characters were talking about how they would like to marry or something. Anyway one of them said Taylor Hanson. Everyone got quite and the guy was like what? and his friends where Taylor Hanson is a guy. And the other guy was all like no no I have all his books. Something like that. It was pretty funny that a show like that would mention Hanson. 

I was watching this program on TV yesterday it was called Girl and it was about this girl, who was in love with this guy in a band and how she ends up losing her virginity and becoming a groupie, all so she can have him (I wont tell you what happens in the end, its a really good movie you should see it. its got loads of famous people in it from when they were young and a hot guy that kinda looks like Tay). but anyway there's this part where Selma Blair goes "oh we've got Hanson tickets and they've been sold out for months" i just thought that was so cool...seeing its quite an old movie, and that's when Hanson must have been in there prime years, lol !! {Ri}

Argentina: I was just on virtue.nu/itzrus.com and it said that according to an Argentinean magazine, ERES, Taylor and Zac are now officially single. Apparently Tay and Natalie have broken up. It also has a picture of Taylor with his toenails painted?! 

INDONESIA: I know this info kinda very late, but I think it is worth. OK, here’s the thing…..There’s the most popular mag for young man in Indonesia called HAI ( www.hai-online.com ). Well, in their special music edition on Dec 2000, Hanson’s MON was among the list of : “ 21 MUST-HAVE ALBUM FOR 2001 ”. Here’s the complete list = 1.Nevermind (Nirvana, 91). 2. Dookie ( Green day, 94) 3. Middle of Nowhere (Hanson, 97) Zac was barely 9 when he wrote MMMBop with his 2 other brothers in their living room in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From that living room lead MMMBop become # 1 in 27 countries’ charts. Hearing MMMBop and others song in this album bring us to the moment when we were first learn to read. There’s a miss and a warmness of a family that might be gone in some of us. And this album could be the best ! -since Jackson Five’s or the other family band, The Osmond’s, 30 years ago- 4. Blood Sugar Sex (RHCP, 91). 5. Supernatural (Santana, 99). 6. Metallica (Metallica, 91). 7. S & M (Metallica, 2000). 8. Slipknot (Slipknot, 99). 9. The Beautiful Experience (The Symbol-Preice, 94). 10.Let Your Dim Light Shine (Soul Asylum, 95). 11. Best of The Best (Iron Maiden, 96). 12. This Perfect Day (This Perfect day, 93). 13. Follow The Leader (Korn, 97). 14. The Fat of The Land (Prodigy, 97). 15. Tubthumpling (Chumbawamba, 97). 16. I Am Alive (Josep Williams, 96). 17. Collective Soul (CS, 95). 18. Jagged Little Pill (Alanis M, 95). 19. Infest (Papa roach, 2000). 20. Primitive (Soulfly, 2000). 21. Significant Other (Limp Bizkit, 99). Judging from the artists that featured on the list, I think it’s really cool that the HAI staff actually choose Hanson’s MON along with those respecful artists. ROCK ON !!! { Iva and Wening }

Australia: I was watching Now You See It for some reason on Saturday the 15th of September when they said an anonymous person sent in some line games. It was the first question in Round 2: What is the first name of Hanson's keyboardist? - The first boy answered 'Zachary' and, of course, got it wrong. Then the girl answered 'Taylor' and got it right! (But we all know his first name is actually JORDAN!) <AiMsTeR>

Belgium:  American people. My name is Mieke and I want to show my support to you. I pray for those who died an for their families every single day. I wish I could do something for you in America, but the problem is that I life in Belgium... so, however I still think of you and hope that those above us will guide the did ones. I also hope that this doesn't turn out into a war, but it will... I hope that president Bush thinks of what he's going to do, before he acts. I think of you!! {Mieke De Saer}

Hanson will be singing the National Anthem this Sunday Sept. 23rd at the Dodgers game in L.A. at 1:10pm PST. The only channel that we know of that will be broadcasting the event is FSN2. That's the part of the Fox Sports Network West 2. If you have DirecTV it will be on channel # 653. Also, this game will be broadcast on the radio station KSUN, so you can listen to it online!

MOE11.jpg (54299 bytes)MOE #11 is has been sent out. Those of you who have subscribed should be getting your copy anytime now.  In this latest issue they discuss how their song-writing is coming along and what songs they have written. They  also talk about some of the other artists they have written with. Other articles include Great MOEments Contests; Festival Hopping and more. Check it out. :)

I was watching TechTV's AudioFile on September 17, and one of the topics was "What is SXSW?" (they had taped the whole show from there) They talked about it, what it was, and interviewed some artist that where playing, and some fans. One of the people they interviewed was Matthew Sweet (if you didn't know, he has written and produced songs with Hanson) and he talked about how bands went to Austin seeking a contract. His prime example was Hanson! He said: "Hanson one year came down to the SXSW Festival played acapella, and gave their demo tape to a producer, and the rest is history." And they showed a clip of "If Only" and a live performance and played a sound clip of "MMMBop" Here are the links: 
* HERE * HERE * HERE All links Hanson related. :-) {Jennifer}

This morning I was watching TV at my cousins house.. They don't have cable so I assume that the channel was on Tulsa's Channel 8. They were covering the Special Olympics, and Hanson's song Smile came on in the background. I was smiling so much! They played over half the song!!! It made my day!! ;) {Ash}

Just thought all ya'll might like 2 pick up copy of Blast! mag-issue #11, 2001. There is a small clip of Hanson on pg. 74. It also briefly says right below that Hanson has been in France where they attended a "song-writing boot camp" and wrote two songs with legendary singer/songwriter Carole King! I thought that was awesome. Also, Today I was watching the super sloppy slime-off during round three of slime time live. It was announced that the category was things about famous relatives. One of the clues was about Hanson. I knew it instantly when I heard... three guys who are brothers in a band. One Plays keyboard, the other guitar, and the third drums. I thought that was totally cool! I know if it were me, I would have been the first to buzz in with the answer since I am a total Taylor freak and the word keyboard in the clue gave it all away. I was just like, hey! That's Hanson. {Meagan}

I was watching Gilmore Girls tonight and when Laurali and Rory are talking about broken hearts and saying i love you and mom decides to use an example. she chooses Taylor as her example. she was telling her the scenario of how they met and that they were in love, and Rory at the end of the 45 second Taylor Hanson bit, said can we choose another scenario cause this ones freaking me out. I just thought it was cool to hear something Hansony for more than 5 seconds. {Heathy}

Hey you guys! I found on audiogalaxy.com an mp3 file with the name get up and go.......is a kind of a TV clip about Hanson, you first hear Mmmbop, than you hear this time around, and a few seconds before the end you can hear a tinny clip of "get up and go". the sound sucks, but is still worthy guys!! Hanson Rocks! (SunKist)

I just wanted to let all the fans know that Channel One is doing their all request Thursday thing again so GO TO channelone.com and vote for them!!! We gotta get Hanson back on there every week!! {MeLiSsA}

Last night [September 13th, 2001] Hanson were mentioned on The Drew Carey Show. Drew, Lewis & Oswald all bleached their hair blonde, and Drew made the remark, "Oh my God, we look like Hanson in thirty years!" Sorta rude, but I thought it was damn funny! {Bobbie Joe}

Are you ready to embark on a AMAZING Hanson journey? If you answered yes then this projects for you! We are planning to purchase our own Motor-home or tour bus (whatever our funds let us buy). And travel across the world with Hanson (when they go on tour). We will be attending EVERY concert they do. How do we plan to pay for this, you ask? Well while on tour we will be advertising for companies on our *Fan Bus* in exchange for sponsorship. Basically we will place banners/etc on our *Fan Bus* for money which we will use to "tour with Hanson." And guess what, we ALREADY have a ONE SPONSOR! Wanna learn more... http://www.virtue.nu/hitzrus will be posting more info ASAP!

I was just on a new rating website, www.amiannoying.com, where you rate celebs. Well who should pop up on my screen but Hanson? It was cool that  they were on the site, until I voted and found out that they had a 69%  annoying rating! We should all go to the site and vote for them, and get  their rating down!!! HERE  is the address. {Meghan}

I was in Wal-Mart the other night with my friends here at college (IUP) and we were walking up to the front to pay when all of a sudden I heard, "...I'm Zac, and we're Hanson. And we'd like to thank you for watching the Wal-Mart channel!" I turned around to see them on the TV and I started freaking out & my friends were just staring at me as I went berserk! It was from a few years ago cuz their hair was still long but it was still AWESOME to see them!!! :o) Just thought I'd let everyone know-so look for them next time ya go to Wal-Mart!! hehe :o) {Heather}

I live in the UK and I just wanted to say that I deeply sympathize with all of you who obviously feel more violated than I do about what has happened in your country and I am also so touched by the way in which everybody is banding together to help in any way that they can by giving blood etc. My village has sent 12 of our firemen out to help. I know it doesn't sound much but if every village in England does this it will make a big difference. {Jess}

All Hanson fans in Brazil are doing a campaign for PEACE. Here are some pix from it! PEACE AND LOVE FOR ALL THE WORLD! {Joana} " Oi, eu estava vendo televisão (no Brasil) e um cara que previu o acidente em NY um dia antes dele acontecer disse que iria acontecer alguma coisa com um grupo famoso de três integrantes num acidente de avião. Ele não disse se era nacional ou internacional, e não queria citar nomes. Eu espero que não, mas acho que esse grupo é o Hanson..."
My name is Fernanda. I just wanned to say that we (brazilian people) understand the very difficult moment that you (american guys) are going thru. We are all praying for your country, and for the families that are involved in the tragedy. We just hope that the peace come back to our world, cuz terrorism it´s certainly something that should be deleted! Like someone here in the site metioned "Never let go" it´s what the song says and what we all should do. God bless us all! Peace to the hole world!

UK: This may not sound like much, but I was in my local Safeway (supermarket) today and suddenly they started playing "I will come to you" in the background!! I thought it was really cool, cuz it shows that Hanson haven't been completely forgotten in the uk! :) {Kath}

CHILE: Hey ppl, first I want to give u for part off all the FANSONS in Chile our prayers.....God bless u guys....and of course, u can count with us, whateva it happens. OkTay, here I send u some funny articles of magazine "TU-Chile", itz just to prove how fanatic r u off HANSON...let's take a look.....and, once again, May God bless u, and the ppl rest in peace {Nicol}

INDONESIA:  In the August issue of kaWanku, a popular teen mag in Indonesia), there was a kaWanku.com section where they made a review of HansonHouse.com. Basically, they gave a credit to the House as a truly fan site cuz it had a very complete database of Hanson. But they also criticized the House for having a ‘not-too-interesting ’ and ‘confusing ’ layout ( lol ). Well, then again they said it due to the fact that the site’s main focus was completeness of Hanson database. Also, I watched ‘Victoria’s Closet’ some time ago, and it mentioned Hanson a little. Well, Victoria  was so desperate cuz she couldn’t get a date for a party where her ex-husband would come with his new girlfriend. So, her friend suggested that she better asked one of her celebrity male friend to accompany her. After calling all her celeb friends, her friend confirmed Victoria that no one could accompany her, so the only left and available celeb were : The Hanson bros . { Wening Galih, Bogor } ( We - Indonesian people - CONDEMN and CENSURE the terrorist attack on the US last Tuesday. FYI, there was also an Indonesian people who was killed in that tragedy............. YES, terrorists are absolutely SAVAGE and COWARD ...... !!! But, we hope , USA don't blame all Moslems ........ PEACE !!! ). 

These last 2 days have been very sad for all Americans. It is very difficult to put into words all the feelings we all have from this. Shock, dismay, sickness, fear, anger and sadness. The support from all over the world has been a heartening thing though. We and the president should certainly be very grateful for the show of solidarity and support from all the leaders of the free world.  I pray now that any response from the US is well thought out in all its consequences and ramifications. Fighting this new War on terrorism is a complex and ongoing process. Our prayers go out to all the families involved in Tuesdays tragedy. We know that many of you have feelings about what happened and as we usually do, we have setup a special page dealing with the Attack on America to post your thoughts on the topic. Click on the link above to visit this page. There is a link there if you wish to contribute.

I would just like to dedicate "Never Let Go" to everyone who had a lose in this tragedy on Tuesday, and to everyone in America.  Cuz we will never let go of each other, and never let our friends and family down.  "Just lay down a let your worries sleep" ~ PEACE luv and Hansoness {Alyce}

The My Vh1Music Awards is coming up soon!! Go to Vh1.com.  Find the heading The Shows and click on the "My Vh1 Music Awards" link. Then click on the heading "Suggest an Award" type Most Talented Young Group for the award and nominate Hanson for it!! Come on guys we can do this. This awards show is ALL about the fans!

Hanson is in Rolling Stone's Fifty Stars From 50 States. Here's the link, then vote for them, they have an average of 2!! We gotta get it up!! {Jessie}

I was watching VH1 and they were playing the SNL Anniversary special (or  something like that) from 1999. They played the celebrity skits and  performances from the show up until 1999, and Hanson's skit and MMMBop  performance was one of the clips shown! I'm not sure they'll be replaying it  a lot, but if you see it, try and catch Hanson. {Nina} 

Hey guys, check out the September issue of Bop (the one with Dream on the cover). There are plenty of Hanson mentions in it!! There's a pic of them @ the Seventeen Fashion show which is really cute. Also There is a pinup of them (it's the same pic of them on the TTA Program). In the Dream Interview, Ashley (the Fanson of the group) said, "I remember this girl came by and ripped my poster of Hanson out of my locker in the eighth grade...". I think itz cool how she ALWAYS gets a Hanson mentioning in *somehow*. Also in the "Letters and Envelopes" section, someone sent in an envelope covered in Zac pix!! itz really cute! They also have the address to the Hanson fanclub in the "Fan Club" section. I just thought this was awesome cuz itz rare for Hanson to be mentioned so much in a mag these days!! I recommend you pick it up b4 it goes off the shelf! {Christina g.}

In Teen Magazine, there's a tiny article about three models, and one of them says the only way she would ever move would be if she went to Hawaii with Zac Hanson...Just thought it was kinda cute! {Meghan}

On the VMA Awards, Dream were being sarcastic about bands who influence artists. Like artists always say that they listen to so and so's album everyday because they got their big break. Dream obviously feel now that they have Hanson fans for fan that they can just forget all about Hanson. Mandy  Moore implied that Nsync were really out of date and then was all nice to  them when she presented them with an award. It was only Jessica Simpson who  had a bit of dignity about herself. I know people are going to see in 2  different ways. 1 way that Dream were being nice, the second way (which I see  it) Dream being sarcastic and thinking just because they got a top 20 song  in the UK and they've brainwashed Hanson fans to be their fans by pretending  to be a Hanson fan that they can say what they like and can get away with it.  Hanson will always have more success than Dream and I feel are more musically talented than Dream. Have Hanson ever needed to slag off bands to further their music career? {UKkorn@aol.com}

I was reading Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and there was a Hanson mention. The story is about a girl who gets lost in the woods and before she tries to catch a fish, she starts singing MMMbop. I thought it was kinda cool. {Melissa}

I was watching a TV show called Nikki tonight (09/12) and there was a part  during the show where Nikki was reminiscing back to when she first thought  she was in love with Dwight and during the scene where she's in the Gas  station, She was wearing a Hanson shirt. I think that was so great that a  show still recognizes Hanson like that. {Sams}

I was watching the third episode in the first season of Sex and the City, and was extraordinarily surprised to see Carie was wearing a Hanson shirt!! It is in the part when she is walking along the river with the guy obsessed with getting marriage and under her red jacket is the Hanson shirt circa 1998. Anyway I thought I would let you know, its pretty exciting. Also my heart goes out to all the poor people that were killed in the Trade Center attack today, it was truly horrifying. I'm sure I can speak for all Australian fans when saying I hope America recovers quickly from this unspeakable act. My heart goes out to all the families.

I was shopping in Gap Kids today, and they started to play "Wake Up"  from the Princess Diaries soundtrack.  It was awesome to hear Hanson in such a popular store.  HANSON RULES! {Melanie}

Hey FANSONS....well I just wants to tell u that here I send u some "colages" maden by Anita Maria Hanson, one of the webmasters of "A PLACE IN THE SUN CHILE", they r really cool.....the only bad thing is that the girls inside them r Natt & Kattie......but, watheva, is just 4 fun...(-Nicol M Hanson-)

France: The Princess Diaries" will be out in France on the 24th of October under the name "Princesse malgré Elle". {Adeline}

I was watching a TV show called The Saddle Club it's based on the books so you might of heard about it. It's on ABC at 5:30 on Mondays I think! It also appears on YTV in Canada I think.... Anyway.. In the mess hall there is a poster of Taylor on the wall next to some trophies and other posters of The Corr's etc. and also there is this huge poster of some guy named Mark Randsom or something like that and I have never heard of him before but he looks a bit like Taylor so I think they got a pic of Tay and edited it to make this new guy!?! Anyway check it out and tell me what you think! {Belinda}

Chile: I was listening to Montania FM. (93.3) the other day here in Chile and they played like a lot of Hanson songs like Lucy, Mmmbop and Fly the wings of an eagle. I thought it was really cool cause no one plays those anymore. I just wish Hanson realized a song that made them really famous again like Mmmbop. (Michelle)
Hi, we are three fans from Chile and we want you to know that here in my country we are organizing a meeting for the launching of the new album. We will meet us in the outside of the Marriott's Hotel (place were Hanson stay during their days in Santiago Chile) then we will go to the radio’s to ask for any song of the new album so that everybody could listen it. Finally we will go to a enclosure place were we will sing, meet us and the most important thing, have a lot of fun. Something very important is that we have to join min. 200 fans.  If you want to participate in this meeting, please email us to the following email:  chilexhanson@hotmail.com   Remember to put you address, telephone number and complete name.  This meet could bring Hanson back. Thanks you very much (In special “Now & Ever” and “Madeline Chile” fans club”) {Pamela}

Brazil: This is for the brazilian fans! Oi pessoal. Meu nome é Fernanda (ou Nanda...) quero fazer um convite, entrem no meu clube da yahoo, é apenas uma nova página para falarmos tudo sobre o Hanson, sempre coloco novidades de última hora, é importante para quem gosta de estar informado sobre nossos loirinhos, além do que tem prêmios por sorteio para os membros!Não tem que pagar nada, só se associar, o endereço é http://br.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/hansonfamilyhitz 
espero vcs lá! Beijos - For the ones who speak english, I´m inviting all of ya guys to visit the yahoo page above, it´s a great place to know all the hanson news, be a member (it´s free) and have the opportunity to get prizes and awards (Hanson stuff), I'll wait there 4 ya!- {Nanda}

Hanson Hotline has been updated with a message from Isaac

In the Sunday issue of Parade (a small magazine in that comes in the Record Searchlight newspaper in Redding, CA) there was a small Q/A article about Hanson! The question was: Is it true that the members of the pop band Hanson are making their film debut? The answer was: Yes. Talented brothers Isaac, 20, Taylor, 18, and Zac, 15, make a cameo appearance as themselves in Frank McKlusky; C.I. The comedy, due out next spring, stars Randy Quaid and Dolly Parton. The Hansons are busy recording their third CD, for release early 2002. Below the pic of Hanson it said: Zac, Isaac, and Taylor Hanson: Hoping their film cameo will win new fans. {Kirby}

The band that opened for Hanson on the TTA tour, NEVE, has broken up. Brian (Dogboy) - the drummer, and Mike - the guitarist, have left the band. John and Tommy have picked up two new members, Sean and Henry. The band is coming up with new names right because together they cannot be "NEVE". They plan to release a new album sometime in the early part of 2002. Any questions please e-mail me @ J98Degrees@att.net or if you would like to contact John or Tommy... :) - { Jaime}

XM Satellite Radio has Hanson featured in one of their video advertisements.  The new satellite radio station will feature over 100 channels available throughout the entire U.S. However, to listen to an XM channel you have to buy a special XM radio and pay around $10 / month to subscribe. Opening September 12th, Hanson were shown talking about XM radio and they also did a station I.D for the Top 20 on 20 (a playlist is compiled from listener requests).  {Jesse}

I was reading this month's YM, and on the horoscopes page, there is a pic of Zac! 

Hey guys I am watching the VMA's on MTV and in the beginning of the show,  Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Dream all had to present an award. Dream was talking about all the music that influenced them and they mentioned  Natalie Imbruglia, Mariah Carey, and HANSON! they were saying how they listened to Hanson like every day! I just thought it was cool, even though Ashley kinda sounded embarrassed about it.  {Tish}

A few days ago on the Mtv show Mandy. The Tell Me Moore topic of the day was what was the most embarrassing thing that your parents have ever done to  you. A girl said that she was at a HANSON concert and her mom started singing  alone and jumping up and down

I was just in New York City, well Central Park and they have these guys who sketch your picture for like $5 and the advertised ones were like Britney  and Eminem. Well, I looked closer and they had a cartoon Hanson picture with  like goatees and cigarettes in their mouths. They made Hanson look grungy! I  was mad but it was still kinda cool seeing them.  {Kelli}

ARGENTINA: WAKE UP is being played in FM HIT, a very important radio station here. Today it reached #4 in LOS CUARENTA PRINCIPALES (the top 40).  PLEASE go to http://www.fmhit.com.ar/principales.html and search for Hanson's song in the list (the translation in Spanish is DESPIERTATE) and vote for it (ELEGI TU FAVORITO). Come on, let's take it to #1!!!!!!! Let's beat Mya, Christina, etc and Backstreet Boys! {ROMI}

Australia: The Princess Diaries Soundtrack will be released in Australia on September 3rd. Thanks Tanya! visit Fans From Oz.

PHILIPPINES: Hey guys, the song MMMBop was played several times in GMA 7's Beh Bote Nga, one of the comedy shows in that channel. It was shot in Alabang Town Center, last Sept 05, 8:30pm. For MOrE info about Beh Bote Nga go HERE {Laarni}

Singapore: MTV (SCV Channel 11) will be airing MTV Live and Almost Legal on September 22nd at 2pm an on September 23 at 9pm. Also, do watch out for the Hanson episode of Noah Knows Best which airs on Saturday at 7pm. The Hanson episode is said to be shown early September...do watch out for it. That's all for now!  {Lynette}

I was reading the book Princess in the Spotlight the sequel to "The  Princess Diaries" and I came across the mention of Hanson!! Mia was  rambling on about how she didn't want to go to school and said "I don't see  why I can't be home-schooled like the Hanson's. Look how well they turned  out!" It caught me totally off guard, especially since they've been out of  the spotlight for such a long time *sniff sniff*. Read the books and see  the movie!! Don't forget to buy the soundtrack, either! "Wake Up" is  amazing! Keep the Hanson pride alive! {Shelina}

Hey guys, checkout these other pics of Hanson with their GF's in NYC.  I'm not gonna say anything about them. Think what you want to think!! lol {Lyssa}

I was having a look around the official Pauly Shore website and I came across some info on his new movie "You'll  Never Wiez in this Town Again", and among the 40 or so cameo's are Hanson.  Trouble is Pauly Shore has shot the movie independently so he has to sell it  as well, so if you wanna see Hanson on the big screen you gotta email the  major studios and tell them to buy the flick. you can read about "You'll Never  Wiez in this Town Again" HERE {Stef}

On MTV's VMA's Best of the Red Carpet, they show a couple clips of Hanson.  The first is about 7 minutes into the show and the second is about 25!! {Shera} 

In YM magazine, towards the end where they have horoscopes, it said "happy birthday Leo" & they had pictures of Zac & Mya! yay...lol :) {Vicky)

I was just watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Sabrina's 2 aunts were trying to get over the boarder to the Other Realm because one of the aunts  were taken away for not signing papers for residency and there was a guard on  the way to the Other Ream and he said they had to prove they were residents  and he said he had to ask them a few questions, and the first one was "What  are the names of the 3 Hanson boys?" And she said "Isaac, Taylor and  Zachary! I thought it was pretty cool! Enjoy the news peace, love, and bullet-proof marshmallows {Jessica}

I was watching Ultra Sound on Tuesday. They were having a special edition of  Who Is Alicia Keys, Sum41, and Staind. At the bottom of the screen they were  showing "formulas" and favorites of Sum 41. On of them said "Hanson brothers  + spiky hair = Sum41! I thought that was funny. Can u imagine Hanson with short, spiky, bleached hair? hehe

You can get two very neat Hanson Themes for your computer if you go  to http://www.aaathemes.com and enter "hanson" as your theme search.  layTor:) {Catherine}

I was watching Pop Up Video today on VH1 and they played "Weird". I was so excited to see it cause I love the Weird video. But I thought it was kinda neat that Hanson was on TV during this long disappearance of theirs. hehe  {Jody}

About the Miss New York Gloria Almonte; I was watching Extra tonight, and they had this thing about whitening teeth and which is least expensive and works better, etc. and she was one of the girls who tried it out! it was cool because she had on a Hanson shirt, and  they had her in her room and she had Hanson pictures everywhere!  I just thought it was cool! {Bekah}

I was flipping through channels last week and on the Disney channel the movie THE  BORROWERS was on and during the credits of the film at the end they play Hanson's song Weird. I thought it was kinda cool since I haven't heard that  song played for a long time. Just thought I would tell the people who didn't already know.  {Courtney}

I went to El Paso, Texas this weekend for a concert and while I was  there I went to check out a music store called, "Danny's Music Box" I'm sure  most of you have seen the picture where Taylor's wearing the shirt that says  Danny's Music Box and has the logo on the front, but the thing I thought was  cool is that the store has the picture framed and hung above the cash  register! It's not much but if your there for some reason you should check it  out. It's kinda cool! {Megan}

The Hanson Fan Yearbook is on a roll!! Buy your copy now and be entered to win a HANSON AUTOGRAPH!! You can own this limited souvenir of fans and have  a Hanson autograph to go along with it. So what are you waiting for, order  your copy and submit your photo today (only orders are entered to win the  autograph) but the pics will be in the yearbook for fans and even HANSON to  see, visit the site at HansonFanYearbook {Jen}

Lauren has some pretty cool Hanson Art that she made on her page HERE that you should checkout, its cool. :)

Yesterday i watched Suddenly Susan and, she called jack to sit next to her (she was opening the internet) but jack said "no..if u open the hansonhause i'm not interest" but then susan said " no it's hansonhause xxx, they're naked." and jack is running to that komputer...but susan just laughed...that's funny. {Maria (jakarta)} lol

Australia: I was looking up the botanical gardens river stage Brisbane today and i came across an article that mentions Hanson. As some of you probably know Hanson did a promo concert At the River Stage to promote their TTA album in 2000. 
you can find the article HERE and there's also another article HERE
I know this probably isn't much but, In English Class the other day This Guy got up and done his speech, it was all about fear and he goes "Some people fear things like Snakes and Spiders, heights and even Hanson" I was so surprised and shocked and the whole class knows I'm a Hanson fan so they all looked at me I was so embarrassed but it was funny....Also in my History class a couple of weeks ago I over heard these two guys they were listening to a Discman and one said to the other "Who's this?" and the other one answered "Hanson...you know I don't like them much but I think there Music is cool" It was so good to know that there are Guy fan's out there. {Christine}

Indonesia:  A couple of weeks ago, I was hearing one of the most famous radio at Jakarta (102.3 fm prambors) and there was a show called "ring ding a ling" where u can choose your fave band as the most favorite band, they also have to give a reason why that band is your fave one. so there was a time of Hanson vs. the Moffatts, and can u believe it? Hanson is the winner..70 % of most listener choose Hanson. I was one of the caller who choose Hanson, I'm so of it. well I just want you know that Hanson still got a lot of fans here (Indonesia). I hope Hanson will read this and come back here to do a concert. {Maria}


Miss New York Gloria Almonte is thrilled she took first runner- up at the Miss Teen USA contest -- but she really just wants to meet the pop group Hanson. "I want to meet Hanson," she says, "I just love them. I met them before, but I want them to see me now that I'm Miss New York." "I only have four months left in my reign, so come on, guys!" {Stephanie}

To follow up about the Doc Marten's shoes, I was there at Christmas and they were there.  I am including a picture for you guys to see them. (left) {Elyse} FYI: I've got news about the Doc Martens, in the store in Covent Garden.  They haven't disappeared, they've just moved to the third floor of the building at the back I think.  They're either there or somewhere else.  I saw them there in May. {Bec}

Hi I just wanted to tell you that I was reading my US Weekly magazine (the August 27, 2001 issue 341, in case anyone wants to go and buy it, lol) and it said: THE SCENE "Salma Hayek and boyfriend Edward Norton eating at a New York Cafe Luxembourg at the same time as the Hanson brothers, who were on a triple date with three unidentified females..." {Audrey Walker PA}

On 102.7 Kiss FM (a radio station here in Los Angeles) Michelle Branch's song called "Everywhere" came on. Well after the song was over the DJ mentioned how her song is super popular right now and that last year she toured with Hanson and that her CD is out in stores. I just thought it was cool how he mentioned Hanson. Sorta. Hehe. :-) {Meghan}

I was looking through the new issue of Tiger Beat and in the section where they feature the reader's letters, someone had written in asking for more Hanson & Moffatts stuff. The Editor's note said about Hanson: Stay tuned! We have Hanson articles to coincide with the release of their new CD this fall. (something along those lines) {Emily}

Last night (8/21) Hanson was on MTV History of the VMA's. It was  really cute! {Manda} Also, today I was watching Say What Karaoke on MTV and towards the end of it they played Hanson's song called "If Only".  {Brooke} On Mtv's Best of the Red Carpet they showed this girl who was a fan of Hanson and she had like all this Hanson stuff written on her face like the Hanson symbol and their names. Then they showed none other than the SEXY Tulsa trio. it was a clip from the past when they were at the award show. just wanted to tell ya that bye!! {Shelby}

I was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the other day and I just  wanted to tell everyone that they still have Isaac's guitar on display. It's  in a clear case hanging on a wall next to a display of Eminem's. You wouldn't  really know it was there unless you asked if they had any Hanson stuff there.  But I suggest you check it out, it said it was the guitar that they wrote  "MMMBop" on! {Melissa}

Last Saturday I went to the cinema to watch: Bridget Jones´ Diary and in one of the final scenes appears a magazine on a desk (at Bridget's house) and  in its cover is; HANSON!!! I got surprised! So, if u watch this film, that is  very nice, pay attention to this, you'll see Hanson on the magazine's cover!  Kisses for all Hanson fans around the globe! bye!  { Deise}

Uruguay: "Wake Up" started being played on Concierto FM's "Del 30 al 1" ranking. It's the most popular ranking in the country. It reached the #29 the next day but we need to vote everyday since it's a daily ranking. To vote you can write to del30al1@conciertofm.com or email Top10@conciertofm.com. If you're not from Uruguay it's even better, since foreign votes are specially considered! {MADELINE FAN CLUB STAFF}

Argentina: They played "Wake Up" several times on FM-Hits' "Tus Elegidos." Please, help us get Hanson on this radio's rankings by requesting the song on their website. Just head over to http://www.fmhit.com.ar/ click on the E-Mail link, then "Los 40 Principales" and request the song. "Wake Up" has also been played on Radio Disney Argentina, and you can now request the song by e-mailing them to mensajes@radiodisney.com.ar


Did you like the unreleased song Never Let Go (click to listen to House Mix)? 
Would you like Hanson to make a full-version of it and include it on the next CD?
We're sure you would! (I know I do) That's why everyone that wants it on there needs sign this petition that will be turned into Hanson. Go there now and add you name!! 

Here is a updated list of New Songs Hanson as told us about that are possible for the new CD. {Sean}

“Underneath” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Matthew Sweet 
“I Almost Care” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Matthew Sweet 
“Lost Without Each Other” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Gregg Alexander 
“One More Time” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Carole King 
“Let You Go” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Carole King 
“Never Love Again” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, Ed Robertson, and Donny Brown 
“Down” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Your Illusion” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Get Up and Go” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Wake Up” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Wastin’ Time” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Fly” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Now I See” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and Michelle Branch 
“Dancing In The Wind” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 
“Time Will Tell” written by Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson 

beanhanson.jpg (46701 bytes)As a follow-up to Hanson's grandma Bea being featured in Modern Maturity, there is a couple of response letters are printed in the current issue of the magazine. Read the letters HERE.  {Sarah}

Summer Repeats: I was watching Malcom In The Middle tonight, Monday 13th of august, ya know, the one where Malcom brakes the old woman's arm? well anyways, the old woman passes out and Malcom and his friends go wild. they decide to take the old woman's car for a spin and as they are driving around the street there's a song playing in the background. i recognized it straight away as 'Smile'. It was soooooo cool hearing Hanson on such a popular show. GO HANSON!!! :O) {Nichola}

Sighting: I'm not a huge fan of Hanson's but I think there talented but... I was in Melrose in Beverly Hills like 2-3 weeks again or something like that i went into HOT TOPIC and I heard what seemed to be a familiar voice... i was like who is that i heard i see you guys walk out of the store... with a girl I go okay so i look outside I see them get into a black Lincoln (SP) town-car looking to be like a small limo... and I was like hmm I remember it was the voice of Zac and Taylor I think there names are but just thought you guys should know my GF said that I should tell ya'll so I am - {Jay}

In the recent UK issue of Top of the Pops there is a small interview with Hanson.  There's a small picture of them and it's a small interview. I thought it was pretty cool. The article reads as follows: {Meghan}
What the Figgy Do Have Hanson Been Doing?
Long time no see. Where have you been?
Taylor: We've been out of the spotlight for a while now because we're recording our new record.
Isaac: Right now we've been recording in Paris. So, as it's so close to you, we thought we'd pop over and catch up.
Very kind of you! How is your alb sounding then?
Zac: It sounds cool. It's older than our last one but it's still pop. I think everyone's gonna like it. We sure do!
So when are we gonna hear it?
Taylor: We're hoping it will be done in the fall, but we're not going to release anything until it's ready.
Zac: We can't wait to finish it cos then we can come and play some shows here again. The audiences are awesome here. We'll see you soon!

Looking for guitar tabs to Wake Up and other songs? Checkout THIS SITE for them. {Saltillo}

emalya_fanfest.jpg (29381 bytes)Hey guys, here's a pic from the FanFest 2001. This one is with the group Emalya {Emily}

I was watching DCI (Drum Corp International) Championships on Saturday night and while talking about the hard work that was being put in to each of the  shows, the music for This Time Around came on. I thought that would be really cool for all of the marching band and drum corp people. {Elyse}

I've got an anecdote which could interest you... :  I went to London last year. We visited Covent Garden, and, because I love  funny shoes, I went to the Doc Marten's Store, hoping to find those yellow  shoes Zac was wearing some time ago...(> TTMON video). In the back of the  shop on the ground floor, there was a pair of those shoes, in a show case,  and guess what... signed by HANSON !! There were a lot of funny designs written on them, such as MOE Man, I think, and you could see "ZAC", "TAYLOR",  "ISAAC" and of course "HANSON" written on... WoW !! That made me feel weird  and I thought that was very funny !! But when I went back there last week,  this absolutely unique pair of yellow shoes had vanished... I didn't have the  time to ask where they have put them, so if somebody can go to the Doc  Marten's Store in Covent Garden, London, and ask them, that would be cool...  I don't want our HANSON heritage to disappear like that... LOL ;)  C U then !! { Jay-Z } 

Want to be part of The Interactive Hanson Fan Anthology? I know you do because YOU want to show everyone there is a lot to a Hanson fan, such as interesting jobs or projects, sports, talents and many other things. The anthology will have features such as collections, inspirational stories, fan events,  reviews, organizations, and general all around  "Hanson Spirit." Everyone is welcome and we know how much Hanson Fans Rock, so send us your stories Please go to and check out The Interactive Hanson Fan Anthology http://www.geocities.com/hfanthology/  {Kit Dickey}

Hey everyone! I'm in part of the Hanson fan Anthology.. and I was wondering if any of you had any stories about winning a Hanson contest. It doesn't have to be a big contest, just anything that you could've won. Or have you won backstage passes or concert tickets? If so please email me!! { Diana }

I wanna tell you about Hanson being spotted in MUDD jeans. My friend and I went shopping and she noticed that in the back of some MUDD  jeans they have a little MAG and there's an article featuring Hanson!

When I was in Florida and visited the the Nickelodeon studios they had a tour and part of  the tour is showing people props and stuff. While the tour guide was talking  about props, i was looking at the wall, and they have papers and stuff pinned  onto a corkboard and there is a picture of HANSON with the cast of Noah Knows  Best! [the show was taped at the Studios] I thought that was really awesome!  Just something I thought you'd like to know, just in case you go to Universal Studios! {Nina}

I was watching the Inline-Sk8 series yesterday and they were playing 'where's the love' in the street final! I know it's not important but it made me feel good {Kat}

Norway: There are NEW pictures of Hanson (and their 'girlfriends') in the Norwegian magazine Se&Hør ! {Marianne}

Argentina: Some Argentinean radio stations are currently playing "Wake up". FM Hit suggests it as a potential song to enter their ranking (www.fmhit.com.ar/principales.html). To vote for "Wake Up" you can send an e-mail to los40@fmhit.com.ar and include the following in the subject: "Voto por "Wake up" de Hanson" or call them at: (011-54) 4999-1055. {Betina}

Hanson is on the 100 greatest rock and roll record's of all time on 
Vh1 on the 20-1 episode talking like 4 different times. {Heather} We will have video clips of this coming up - check back!

Hanson is in Page Six news for Wednesday, 8/8/01. Page Six is the Daily News' gossip column, which is THE gossip column for NYC. HERE  is the URL to the entire clip {lucie@cloud9.net}

I was reading my morning paper today (the NY Post) and under Page Six's (PageSix.com) it said: Salma Hayek and Ed Norton dining at Cafe Luxembourg while all three Hanson brothers had a triple date a few tables away. Cute! :) [x] {Stephanie}  I just saw the pictures of Hanson with their girlfriends on your site and I would just like to clear something up. Yes Taylor is dating Natalie and Isaac is dating Marit but Zac is single! He is not dating Kate. Kate was just along as a friend. Trust me he said it out of his own words.  Just thought you might want to clear that up. {Helen} here's some more pics from the hotel...hmm
Tay and Natalie Zac and Kate
Hey I have some news on ex-GF's...well Ike's old girlfriend is getting  married! On www.NathanBrant.Com it says how Keshet Winfrey is newly engaged!  Here's what it said...  Congratulations::: Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please?! Our very own  Product Princess Keshet Winfrey is now engaged to be married. We send her  our love.  Congratulations and God bless you all. Hmm I wonder if Ike knows? Since it was his first "love" awwww CONGRATS KESH! :) hehe

marykateandashely.jpg (38805 bytes)I just got the Aug/Sept Issue of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine for my sister and she was flipping  through the pages and found Hanson (if I knew they were in it I would of bought a copy for myself. LOL). It's  an interview with them talking about their upcoming  movie appearance in "Frank McKlusky P.I." where they  are going to be singing one of their new songs "Get Up  and Go". The interview also discusses Taylor being  accident prone, brotherly love, their new album, and  the 411 on their dating status (Ike and Tay are taken!). Oh and did I mention a very cute pic. Go and get  the mag cuz itz an awesome interview!  {Anne}

HERE is Tulsa fan-fest review site, with pix, audios, links & addys...check it out :o) {Zaccky-Ann} Also, On Jenna's Corner on the SecretS Website there are a ton of pictures from fanfest. Even the after party. There are pictures of Tanner, Nathan Brant, Admiral Twin, Secrets, and Jessica Harp. Also on Jessica Harp's site there are pictures from fanfest and the after party.  

You can checkout some new Studio Pics at The In the Studio section that was added back at Hansonline.com.

MTV: You can view some captures from MTV's Birthday Bash at Blue Shampoo. Thanks Jacqueline! Also I am watching Undressed now and I had to write in to tell you there's a scene where this girl is with this guy and this other guy walks in and she goes "derek...i meant a private volley ball lesson as in just me and Zac!" and the guy goes "it's Clark...." then he walks out. I think it's kewl how the show started using Hanson songs and are now using Hanson names...too bad there is no Jordan or Taylor name...LoL. {*~*TiSh*~*}

I was reading the American Poetry Review, a bimonthly paper, and funnily enough, came across a mention of Hanson. The poem is called "The New Russia" by Ira Sadoff. The excerpt with Hanson in it reads, "Now in Moscow they have opinions:/ they like Janet Jackson, they don't like the Hanson's,/ there's no more more thought police, no endless lines for the doctor." {ROSI}

If you listened to the build up to the number one song on Rick Dee's this weekend, you would have heard "Where's The Love" played when they were talking about Boybands...*Right before and after *Nsync and BSB Grrr* - {Carly}

Hey! this is ITZel from México and I have the TABS of the song "Wake up", to the musicians who want to have them just email me and I'll  send them to you!! It'z an easy song! {ITZel A. Villarreal Mtz}. =0) Saltillo, Coahuila MEXICO 

NYC2001.jpg (82921 bytes) In case you were still wondering; yes the guys are dating. This photo was taken while Hanson were recently in NYC taping the  MTV LIVE and Almost Legal celebration appearances there. As we told you months ago, Taylor is dating Natalie (right). Kate is with Zac and Isaac with Marit leaving the hotel.  Be happy for them :)
(thanks to Sarah for the pics)

HansonHouse.com has just recently gone over the 4 Million hits mark!! Thanks everyone for visiting and making HansonHouse the most popular Hanson fan site. We will be adding many new Multimedia items (videos and pics) as well as all the News that you expect and can't always find on other sites. Stay tuned!

The HansonHouse BBS has moved to a NEW server at http://bandsite.net/bbs/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi
Due to some problems we were having on the last one, we have moved it and hope all lgoes well now. Check it out!

There are live clips from Fanfest and pictures on: jessicaharp.net *secretsonline.cjb.net *allisonraekane.com So check them out!  Also, http://www22.brinkster.com/fanfest01 is in the making :) It will have video, clips, pictures and all sorts of cool  stuff from FanFest. Feel free to send reviews and pictures  {Lindsay and Shannon}

Radio Disney will be broadcasting the complete Princess Diaries soundtrack on 
Radio Disney
, August 9th @ 8PM ET. "Wake Up" is track #10.

I went to the Matchbox 20 (my other fave band besides Hanson) concert in Toronto on August 5th, and I had the chance to meet the band. (By the way, I TOTALLY recommend everyone  going to see them...their concerts rock as much as Hanson's do...) Anyway, I  was talking to the lead singer Rob Thomas, and I mentioned to him that when  he was playing the piano, he reminded me a lot of Taylor Hanson. (Honestly,  he does...same haircut, same enthusiasm. It's like seeing Taylor 10 years  from now...with brown hair, hehe) Well, Rob said that he really likes Hanson's music and he started going on about how Hanson are such great  musicians and he really respects them. It's nice to hear things like that! {-Jaxx}

Spain: We are BEA & FAVIO, the presidents of the Spanish Official Fan Club. There are so many news about the Official fan club we want to tell you! Right now the club is on vacancies so we will start the new job etc on September. It will be more merchandise at Mercury, the record company &the place we work. We will go too soon to the radios etc to show to all the Spanish Fans the Hanson's new stuff. Other important thing is that in the club is going to be the  new only Spanish Official website. We will ad you, ok ?the webmaster of the new Spanish Official Fan Club Website is Gloria. {FAVIO & BEA}

Hanson were on the MTV Live and Barely Legal 20 years party. 
=> Checkout the video posted on the Video Page here.
As everybody knows, Hanson appeared on Mtv's 20 anniversary, well.. today in a newspaper from here (Mexico) it appears a little review about it and there was a pic of them. Also saying some stuff about the event. "What can look it was a Rick Ocasek (the dude who worked with Hanson) crossing for Boy George and Cindy Lauper to the new teen idols like Hanson, Blink 182 and Fred Durst. 
To see the pic of Hanson check out here to check the little review, click here [MaFer]
Also, you can download the full version of Wake up HERE. (not a hansonhouse server)
As many of you may know, Hanson attended the MTV Birthday Party Bash. They  were styling and looking good. Toward the end of the show when they was doing  to a commercial, if you looked, you caught Zac dancing w/ some girl in the crowd. It was really funny. {Shelly }

At 3PM ET Hanson will appear on CNN's Showbiz this week. They discuss MTV's 20th Birthday - check it out!

I was listening to Radio Disney AM 1560....and they were discussing The  Soundtrack to The Princess Diaries...and then they had played the song: "wake  up" by Hanson, and Taylor talked about it and then he said...that currently  they are working on their new album...and writing lyrics etc..  {Nasrah Anne}

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is remembered on the Getmusic remembers Kurt Cobain video interview. 
You can see Tay's remarks on the Video 1 portion!!  {Stacy}

Thursday night we were watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" when we stumbled across a sort of surprise. While Wayne and another actor were singing little ditties, they made a spinoff of a Hanson Song!! MMMBop became MMMooo. It was hilarious! Hopefully, everyone saw that! {Lila and Ty}

There is a Taylor mention in the Aug 2nd edition of CD Now's Miss Truth. She talks about the MTV Birthday Bash. {Lisa}

Hello everyone, This is Chris from FanFest (aka Cyder). I just wanted to let you all know I updated my website a ton the other day and I wanted you all to go and check it out! There are some live clips of the songs I performed at FanFest if you missed the fest.  I hopefully will get full audio soon! Also if you have any pictures of me performing at FanFest it would be awesome if you could send me some for my site! You can find my email address and all the info you need on the site HERE Thanks!  {Chris}

I just wanted to let all you Hanson fans know that there's a place on  the internet where you can customize your toolbar with funky pictures and  stuff. They have a picture of Hanson that you can stick on your toolbar and  it's actually a recent picture...they look so good! So go to www.hotbar.com  and click on the music and celebs gallery. Then, if you don't have the  hotbar software, you just click on Hanson's picture, and install it (it  doesn't take up much room) and then you have a Hanson toolbar! {Jaxx}

I am a researcher for the new Hanson fan project called the Interactive Hanson FAN Anthology. It's gonna be pretty awesome. It is going to be a  book about Hanson and their fans throughout the years. I am looking for  people who knew or knew about hanson before they became world famous in 1997.  if you have any info., photos, stories, experiences, etc., please email me  at dying2bewithhitz@aol.com with the subject "before '97". even if you don't have any info., If you're just interested in what this project is all about,  or if you want to be part of it, check out the site HERE  

SPAIN ~ HANSON FAN FEST 2001 (click pic to enlarge, alot of guys for a Hanson fan gathering!)
spainfanfest.jpg (98078 bytes)
26th of July, 2001. 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Retiro Park, Madrid. Spain, Europe.  There was just one motivation to come to the SPAIN HANSON FAN FEST: HANSON music. I have prepared the Spain ~ Hanson Trivia (made by me; don't look for it in shops) and some water pistols to penalize the wrong answers. There weren't any prizes as Hanson merchandise and things like that. At the end of the day, we have met more than 30 Hanson fans. They came from: Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Alicante, Cadiz, and even Ireland!!. KESIA, a delicious singer and a great fan, came to the Fan Fest. She was one of the craziest. It was amazing to listen to her mellow voice. KEKE ROCKS! We enjoyed a lot playing and listening Hanson songs, changing photos and magazines, and meeting other fans. Also, we met a Mexican soccer team. Of course, they knew HANSON and they wanted to take a photo with us. The next Friday we went to the radio programm called 'Fan Club' (40 Principales) to tell everybody what we did. We spend a great time!! {Laurahanson} SPAIN ~ HANSON Fan Club

Click HERE to see a video clip of it.
*ET* Hanson were shown for just a bit on Entertainment Tonight. They were talking to artists as they arrived on the red carpet at the MTV Birthday Bash. ET was asking people what they thought of the whole Mariah Carey situation. They showed a snippet of Hanson's reply about the difficulties of handling life in the spotlight : Taylor: "You know, you're out on the line..." Isaac : "It's high stakes." Taylor: "You put... it's high stakes, you're putting your emotions out on the line all the time..."  {Ellie}

DSC00779.JPG (62730 bytes)DSC00781.JPG (61312 bytes)DSC00786.JPG (60991 bytes)
Here's some pics from FanFest 2001 in Tulsa. The first one is Jessica Harp and Secrets at the meet and greet.
The second one is the crowd 3rd is Jessica Harp performing! Also, checkout Tammy's pics from Fanfest HERE

Here are the lyrics to Wake Up. I noticed the most people that had the lyrics had ones that were wrong. I wrote the correct ones down. It took me over 30 mins to get this down. I'm pretty sure their right. Cause I wrote them while listening to the song. Please give me credit if you post them on your site. {Christina} {lyrics by MEL and Belle}

Just thought I'd let you know you can get the full MP3 version of Wake up on Morpheus and there are loads of other cool hanson stuff on there including video and jpeg flies. {Laura}  Also AudioGalaxy, Aimster, WinMX and others =P

On MTV's Live and Almost Legal concert they interviewed Hanson about  their earliest MTV memories and then asked them their thoughts on TLC. Amanda Lewis interviewed the band for a couple of minutes before TLC came to perform. They  were probably only on the screen for 2 mins max, but it's always nice to get  an unexpected glimpse of the guys :) {Kaitlin}  We will have the video of this posted shortly! There's still time to vote for Hanson's "MMMBop" as best Totally Pop video at Totally Pop Video.
Today (Aug. 1st...Happy B-Day, MTV! haha) I was checking out the "Buggles to Bizkit" thing on MTV and they were talking about MTV back in 1997. Right  after they came back from a commercial (this thing is twelve hours long so it  was a long wait!) they started playing part of the MMMBop video! Right  afterwards, Carson is actually singing it, and it's totally hilarious! He  gives up major props to Hanson (and the Spice Girls) for bringing pop back  after the whole grunge music scene. Also, right after that when they played  the "MTV20: Live and Almost Legal" all the VJs are talking with all the  different celebs that are partying, and Hanson actually showed up at the big  birthday bash, chatted with Amanda Lewis, and helped her introduce TLC. {Nina}

I was watching the US version of The Weakest Link. In this particular episode, the final went all the way to sudden death - Anne Robinson asked this question to one of the finalists who had to answer it correctly to stay in the game - "Who became the first boy band who were all born in the 80's, to have a number 1 single?" The contestant answered "N*Sync" but the correct answer was Hanson. The finalist duly lost. {C. McBain}

I was at Barnes and Noble last night looking for some books to read when my  mom picked up one that was called Left-hander's Guide to the Days or  something like that. It had a famous person who was left handed for every day  of the year. Since I am left-handed myself, I started reading all the names  and when i came across the month of March Taylor's name was there! What a  huge mistake. The funny part is that Zac's name wasn't in the October section.  After all, he's the one who is really left-handed. {Caroline}

Sighting: Okay well Tuesday night (July 24th) was the American Hi-Fi and Everclear concert in Downtown OKC (bricktown). Which rocked by the way. My friends were riding in a limo around town and they saw Zac and Isaac walking with some friends in Bricktown. I just thought that was pretty cool :) {Katie}

The Goss
Hey I live in VA and I went to a Dave Matthews concert and I have dirt on Hanson's producer Glen Ballard. I know this may have little to do with Hanson, but apparently at the Jazz Clinic at a local High School and he was there. Glen Ballard does the String arrangements for DMB, and I think DMB's bassist Stefan Lessard was there, but anyway, he was extremely arrogant and haughty. I guess people in the biz are like that, but not our guys:). {Jillian}
I was just in NYC for MTV's 20th Birthday Bash and as you guys know Hanson  was there. Later after the party they came back to the hotel and we got to  see who their dates were. Isaac brought Marit (M2M), his girlfriend. Taylor  was with Natalie (his girlfriend) and Zac brought Natalie's 20 year old  sister as his date. Just for the record, Zac is NOT dating Natalie's sister.  She was just his escort for the party.  {BadubopX@aol.com}


The Netherlands: For all the Dutch fans, Hanson is in this weeks Hitkrant it's something about the bad habits of Ike, Tay and Zac check it out Bye lots of love {Twiggy}

Finland: Hanson episode of the series "Famous Families" (1998) will air on the 11th of August at 4:05 pm on the channel MTV3. (Stina)

Australia: I was watching a Movie Yesterday its called Tourist Trap anyway I checked when it was made in the guide an it said 1998....( This is on what we call Austar aka cable) Half way through the movie when they were driving up the hillside to go camping the two guys in the back were listening to walkmans and singing...MMMBop.  {Christine FLuRoZaC}

Brazil: No proximo dia 6 de Agosto ira ter um show exclusivo na  TV record,tudo  se indica que sera o show de PORTO ALEGRE) POA,sera apresentado esse programa  por volta das 23:30 da noite.  I mean that TV record in Brazil will have a exclusive concert  by Hanson and this concert is very exclusive cuz will be the concert in  PORTO ALEGRE (POA)Brazil .You will see that on monday August 6th. Very cool!!  (Taiza - Belo Horizonte)  He guys, here's Nicol M Hanson, with a ton of really good news for the chilean FANSONS, 'cuz M.O.E (offical HANSON's fansclub worldwide) has mail to Universal ( www.universal.cl ) and they say that we have to send to them all our e-mails directions and other thing.....and then they're gonna to send us back a lot off HANSON info and exlusive stuff, and things like that...soo cool.....so, if u want to be part of this "CHIELAN FANSON LIST 4 M-O-E" (more info in http://clix.to/itzhanson) wrtie to: now_and_ever1@starmedia.com (Now & Ever Chile official fansclub) or  nicky_hansonfan_ever@yahoo.com (Nicol) A ton of HANSON 4 ur lifes and MMMkisses.- {Nicol}


Me and my friend were looking on Neve's official site ( www.neve.com ) and 
they have a picture of Zac with 2 of the members! I attached it so you can see it :) {~Shelli}

Hey guys, If you didn't go to HANSON FanFest '01! It was so awesome!! And  if you did, hope you liked it!! Well I just wanted to tell you about  some of the VIP people that came to both the fest and after party.  First of all Admiral Twin - they were at  the fest and also showed up at the after party. They chilled inside the  party for a while and then went into the lobby and signed some  autographs and got interviewed for the HTP magazine.  Then they took off.  Another big VIP was Nathan Brant  - I heard he  performed at Fest, but I wasn't there the whole time because I had to setup  for the party! But he showed up at the After party with Admiral Twin  and chilled like inside and outside. But Nathan stayed longer and I  chilled with him for a while with like 4 other people and we talked for a  while got some pictures and he left. But it was so cool and FF 02 is  in the making already so y'all have to come to that!! Well thats all for  now. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks to Nathan Brant and Admiral Twin! You all rock!  TTYL,  {Chris (aka Cyder who performed at FanFest)}  We need pics and reviews people, send them in!!

If you want to see Zac in the tractors video "can't get nowhere" most of you  might want to go to Country.com and find the section on CMT most wanted  Live and vote for the video. the show isn't like TRL and gets rid of the  video in 65 days it can stay on the countdown as long as the voters want... {Jaime}

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that Hanson is gonna be on Comcast with a live performance with Wild Orchid (Great Pretenders) on July 29th (Sunday) at 8 ETpm, 7 p.m. CT.  I dunno if its only for one state cuz I live in Connecticut, and I dunno if its only for us, I just saw the commercial for it, but who knows, just wanted to let you know!  LuvAlways {Allie}

The full version of Wake Up in now available in Audiogalaxy !! The song is really amazing I love it!!  (Coté, Chile)

Today I was watching VH1's Whets my 20? and it was the most misunderstood lyrics of songs. They got down to #2 and Def Leppard was on there for "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and I was like Hanson would never be on there! I changed the channel and then came back and Hanson's "MMMBop" came one as #1. They showed people saying what they thought the song said. Ike, Tay and Zac came on and said what the song really meant. I just thought that was awesome!! {Ashley}

About six months ago, I was on dwdrums.com just checking out the site. I noticed that Zac was missing from the roster of DW musicians, so I e-mailed them. Well, they've made me happy because he is now listed under artist roster as: Zac Hanson--Hanson (drums, pedals, and hardware). I guess they finally realized that he is promoting the drums even if he is a teen! Check it out! {KC}

I was just at Teen.com in the quizzes section and the "Celebrity Quiz" has the boys of Hanson as some of the answer options. Go her:  http://boards.teen.com/quizzes/quizzes.html and take the "Celebrity Quiz".

In my latest Teen People with Shaggy, Kevin Richardson, Nick Lachey, Nelly,  and Enrique Iglesias on the cover, on the 'Write On-what we hear from you',  there was Question, "I was shocked that you didn't have O-Town on your "25  Hottest Starts Under 25" List. Why weren't they included?" And Teen People  responded, "It might seem like we forgot fan favorites such as O-Town, Nick  and Aaron Carter and Hanson, but trust us, we don't have amnesia. It's just  that there were too many hot starts to include them all. But don't worry,  there's always next year!" That's pretty cool. EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE THE  HOTTEST OF THEM ALL! {Jackie}

I was watching MTV this morning (7/28/01) and today they had an Uncensored on TRL and what goes on in the studio and how it got started, etc. Well, they were showing Carson just working and telling everyone about the video that was just shown, which happened to be Hanson's If Only and he said, "That's Hanson surprising everybody moving all the way up to number 3 with If Only". In the background on the little TV that that's behind Carson it was showing the video. It was pretty cool. (Denise)

I was watching MTV and a commercial for Live and Almost Legal came on with  Taylor and Marilyn Manson. First it said HANSON and showed a picture of Tay.  Then It said MARILYN MANSON and it showed a picture of him. Then it said  MARILYN HANSON and it showed Marilyn's body with Taylor's head on it. It was  weird. Maybe they'll have something about hanson on the show. ¯You never  know. ¯ hehe. {Shera}  oh dear lol

Majandra Delfino, from UPN's Roswell, was on Craig Kilburn yesterday (july 26th) and she mentioned Hanson in her interview.  "There wasn't such things as like, Hanson back then so kids, young kids, as singers weren't very "American" at the time."  I thought it was cool that my favorite actress mentioned my favorite band :)

I recently met O-Town (you probably know them from 'Making The Band') and I was talking to Jacob (the one with the dreds) a lot because he is my fave and anyways we were talking about guitars, because we both play, and I brought up Ike and how he is such a good guitar player...I just had to rave about him because he is amazing! Anyways Jacob, to my surprise, was saying that he liked Hanson and loved their song 'This Time Around'. I was kinda surprised since he is into other groups like Creed but it was cool to see that a lot of other musicians respect Hanson and have forgotten about their MMMbop days(LOL).  {Sara}


There is a Hanson Fan party at Six Flags St. Louis Monday, July 30th. Be at the front gate between 10 and 10:30 AM. PLEASE WEAR A HANSON SHIRT. For more information email Kim at shibby14@hansonhouse.com

User Commentary: We've been really disappointed in some of the fans lately because fans think Hanson should hurry up with there album. People either need to be fans or get out of the picture. People are talking about how Hanson "flopped" on their  last album. But we as fans shouldn't really care cause we should support them and always be there for them. We (my sis, my friend and I) respect Hanson and will always be a fan and support them. If they take time out to make an album then go ahead. We will be right there waiting. We understand that Hanson to have lives of there of their own just like any normal person would. They can  take time out hang with friends, work on the album and things like that. No  matter what we'll stay true and support them. Hope to see them on tour bye!  Wanna say something to me e-mail me at XxXTbear31418xXx@aol.com   preach it sista

UK: Check it out now, there's this new site called www.strangepop.com  with a new album called Moonchild. Apparently the guy looks a lot like Hanson  and the songs have quite a zactastic feel to them. Shipping now on the CD orders page. 

Argentina: Hi girls! I wanna tell you that in an Argentinean magazine, ERES, there are pictures of Marion and Marit with two boys.Those pictures were taken for a fashion section. You can see them very happy with the boys. If Isaac could see the pictures.
Hello everybody. This is "If Only Hanson Fans Club Argentina", and we want to invite to all the Argentine fans to the "Feri Fans", which is due on October 5th, 6th and 7th. This is a gathering of fans of music, and "If Only Hanson Fans Club Argentina" will be there. So, if you wanna participate, please email us at ifonlyargetina@yahoo.com.ar. Thanks, "If Only Hanson Fans Club Argentina". 

Canada: HEY HEY HANSON FANS, Are you Ready to PAR-TAY?? Yeah! Hehe! If your from Ontario, and you LOVE Hanson! Then Come join us in August in Kingston for CANADA FAN FEST  2001! If you are interested or want more Info feel free to contact Robin &  Kat at HERE. OR Check out our up and coming  site HERE  If you are interested in Joining our PAR-Tay, please e-mail us and let us know, so that we have a rough idea on how many people are go!!

SOUTHEAST ASIA: A few days ago, I watched " A * TEENS : TOP 10 FAVORITE VIDEOS " at MTV Asia. ( It showed A * Teens's favourite videos ). And ya know what ....... HANSON video ( MmmBop ) was one of them =) . And after Mmmbop video was played, A * Teens ( especially Sara and Dhani ) sang enthusiastically , " Mmmbop ..... ba duba dop ....... baduuu ..... bop .... " .  OOOLL .... !! Btw, if ya wanna know more 'bout A * Teens, just head over to www.a-teens.com. {Tutut Suhanson}

Hanson released a short clip of Wake Up (click to listen to an MP3 version) its awesome. 
They said that they wrote it on the tour, and that it is high on making the new album!! {Jeff, Ken}

Hanson had a chat on hanson.net last Wednesday. If you missed it, HERE is the transcript from it!

HF2001 - The Fanfest is coming up this Thursday in Tulsa - Be there if you can!

I saw The Princess Diaries at a free screening on July 10th and I found  out where "Wake Up" occurs in the movie. "Wake Up" is  played when Mia, the girl in the movie, is standing at  her full length mirror in her bedroom talking to  herself. You hear about three seconds of guitar cords (Wake Up) and then the camera cuts downstairs to her  mother and her grandmother talking over "tea". The  guitar cords stop as the camera cuts to this angle.  Then about five seconds later (after the two adults converse for about five seconds) the camera cuts back to  Mia in the mirror and the guitar cords are right back  in action.  Basically, the song is split in two, it is only the  beginning of the song (no singing), and it lasts for a  total of six seconds at the most.  This occurs maybe 45 minutes to an hour in the movie AT  THE MOST.  I waited around to see if the song would be played  during the credits of the movie but it is not. Hanson  *IS* listed in the song-credits of the movie of course,  and it was very exciting to see  "Wake Up"  Written by: Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zachary  Hanson  come on the HUGE screen. If you aren't paying attention to the background music carefully you WILL miss it.  {Laura} FYI:  On Tuesday, July 24th, The Princess Diaries Soundtrack will be released. We will get hear a complete version of "Wake Up" on it!!

In the July issue of Bop magazine, (the one with Sisqo on the cover) on page 82 they have these drawings of celebrities that people sent in and also poems about celebrities that people sent in. Well, this one girl sent in a poem about ZAC! It's really cute; I advise you read it! {Kirby}

They are playing the Tractor Video that has Zac in it on the Country Music Channel (CMT). "Can't Get Nowhere" It has Zac Hanson In it!  So get your VCR's ready! 

I was watching TRL just now (7-19-01) and today that had this thing where people tried to name the title or artist of an electronic jingle. Right after the LFO video, which was a number seven I think, a girl came on to do the game and the first one they played was Hanson's IF ONLY!!!! She didn't know it either! She ended up only getting 2 right. It was really cool to hear them play Hanson. {Denise} I was watching MTV's Hot Zone and it was almost over.  They came back from the commercials and they were playing IF ONLY.  It was really cool.  I was so happy!  Woo!  {Denise and Kristen}

Like to make your browser Hansonified? Download your Official Hanson Browser at IdFrame.com  {Natasa}

It was mentioned on the news page that Taylor is playing a new Hanson song on the Hanson Hotline, but actually, I'm pretty sure it's Travis' "The Last Laugh of the Laughter" off of their album, The Man Who. Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know that (as far as I can tell), it's *not* a new Hanson song.  {Leah L.}

In the last issue of Rolling stone mag. (with the band Stained on the cover) in the "random notes" section there is a  good picture of Hanson in the studio!!!:) (note: how old Taylor looks) and it  mentions when the latest L.P is gonna hit the shelves. Just thought you would  like to know:) {Kate}

I was watching a movie on the Disney channel called Ready to Run and at the  end in the last horse race they played "Can't Stop".  Listen for it! {Holly M}

In the YM Mtv issue with O-Town on the cover on  the like pg 145 there's a test thing where a sister is being tested on  her knowledge about her sister it seems like Hanson is her fav band so check  it out, its kinda cool!

On Sum 41's video for Fat Lip  Brown Sound is wearing the 'born to be wild' shirt that the lady on Hanson's  "This Time Around" video tried to get Zac to wear. Aight, rock on. {Bridget}

Hey guys. I was at boycrazy.com (don't ask :) ) but anyway. They had Tay's pic up under a adverting of who was the hottest male celeb. Just thought I'd tell you guys. {Pates}

I was at this purity test and I they asked about Hanson in it, so I thought I would give you the site so you guys could all go and look at it HERE {Erin Christine}

Hanson Encounter LA: Last Friday my Aunt and I were shopping on Melrose and I went into this  clothing store called "Red Balls". I started looking at these really cute  tops when I noticed this girl with curly hair that looked almost *exactly*  like Ike Hanson! I couldn't stop looking at her, so finally, like the dork I  am, I went up to her and said "you look a lot like somebody famous." She  laughed and said "a Hanson?" I was really taken back by her comment. So we started talking for a second and then she introduced her COUSIN ZAC!  (the ONE and only!) Who was standing a foot away from me the whole time! He  was wearing a blue and green hat with a black shirt. It was the most  *awkward* moment. I got so nervous I put the shirts down, quickly said 'bye'  and left... I'm SO embarrassed I can't stop kicking myself! {Tiffany}

Hi, I have news, but maybe you have it...are the songs from the new album: {Ine_Hanson}
1.Let You Go - (I., T., Z. Hanson, C. King)
2.One More Time - (I., T., Z. Hanson, C. King)
3.Never Love Again - (I., T., Z. Hanson, E. Robertson, D. Brown)
4.Underneath - (I., T., Z. Hanson, M. Sweet)
5.I Almost Care - (I., T., Z. Hanson, M. Sweet) 
6.Your Illusion - (I., T., Z. Hanson)
7.Get Up and Go - (I., T., Z. Hanson)
8.Down - (I., T., Z. Hanson)
9.Lost Without Each Other - (I., T., Z. Hanson, G. Alexander)
10. Waistin' Time- (I.,T.,Z. Hanson)
11. Wake Up (I, T, Z Hanson) 
Well is all for now, oh! Vote for “Can’t stop” and “a song to sing” in rankids@adinet.com.uy

China: Hi guys, this is Nell from China again, I donno if u still remember the last email I sent in, about the news at the Chinese program called Entertainment Live Abroad. I got some more this time: U CAN WATCH IT YOURSELF! ok  just go HERE  there is a article about Hanson ,itz in Chinese u cannot read, but it doesn't matter, have u seen the Television Link very small, search carefully), in the right? yeah, that's it, check it to watch the news, itz also in Chinese, but just keep on watching, you will see the clip of the UNKNOWN new song I mentioned (maybe itz not a new song, I just have never heard that one before, maybe u know what song it is, if u do, would u love to email me at tay1983314@yahoo.com to tell me plz? thanx a lot!)

Holland: Fan meeting in Holland!!! There will be a fan meeting in Holland on the 23rd of August! We are meeting each other on the train station The Hague Central in front of the bookshop Bruna!!! Then we will take a tram to Scheveningen and go to the beach! Maybe after that we are going to a movie, but that's not for sure. Mail for more information to: 
Sillee: persianpopinjay@hotmail.com, Jan: mutsz@hotmail.com or Tizzy: spot2skate@hanson.net {Yakko}

Australia - Adelaide Fans I was in town the other day and I was walking down King William St. on the  way to the bus stop and I walked past a book store called "Hooked on Books"  and out the front of the shop they had a spinner with new books/magazines on  it and I quickly glanced at it to notice there was a clearance on an old  Hanson mag. I have never seen it before but there were a whole pile of them  going out for about $3.00 I think. I didn't have time to buy one because I  needed to catch a bus but they have a whole pile of them there so go and get  your self one! They are new but have old pics of Hanson in it.
The details for the Sydney fan meet can be found at http://www.virtue.nu/fanmeet  {Carly}

SPAIN ~ HANSON fan club is going to celebrate the next July 26th 'the SPAIN ~ HANSON FAN FEST 2001'. We'll spend the whole day in the Retiro Park (Madrid), playing games and listening to HANSON. More info: HERE {Laurahanson}

CHILE: hey ppl, here r some of the Latest news that I've found 'bout the new HANSON's album...so check it out: {Jorge}
Matthew Sweet Ric Ocasek (former Cars frontman)
Carole King Gregg Alexander (ex New Radical member)
Ben Folds Five Donny Brown (Verve Pipe)
Miles Zuniga (Fastball) Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies)
Dan Wilson (Semisonic
 Producers & work stuff
Steve Churchyard (Counting Crows, Aimee Mann)
Stephen Lironi (Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews)
Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson)
Glen Ballard
Raspberries The Cars
Big Star Cheap Trick
*A release date in early Spring of 2002. (Hanson time: 2024)
*More reckless abandon music.
*Less takes on verses and instrumental rhythms.
*Pop songs with a great hook like every Big Star song.
*Songs attracting people to be instantaneously drawn in to the hook.
*Fewer loops and less scratching.
*A lot of rhythmic variety.
*A unique feel to each song.
*Similar to the sound of Runaway Run off This Time Around.
*Rock music without losing the pop sound Hanson has stayed true to.
*A more advanced record than This Time Around. More risks and steps.
*A record you can put on and just chill to.
*A good album for background music at parties.
*A more mellow sound.
*A less rambunctious record than the first LP's
 OKtay, I hope that u put these IMPORTANT HANSON news....all right...ATTE: Zac's g.f-Nicol M HANSON-

Hanson were invited to Miles Copeland's "Songwriters Boot Camp" at the Chateau Marquette in France. Donny Brown from the band The Verve Pipe was also invited. Read the full account: The Verve Pipe's Donny Brown Gets Invited To Miles Copeland's 'Songwriter's Bootcamp'. Here is an excerpt about Donny working with Hanson- "It's ironic, " reflects Donny, "because for a guy like Miles Copeland, who is so wired-into business to make this happen, is amazing because the Bootcamp is not a business. But I think because it wasn't concerned with business, it turns out to be incredible business. I mean, how else would I have a chance to write with Hanson? Because of that fact, we wrote a great song, and I think they would agree," 

My name is Denisse and I am from Argentina. I am a big fan of Hanson but also a fan of tv show on Warner Channel called "Gilmore Girls". Last night, I was watching the 20th episode of this season called "PS: I lo..." and suddenly the main characters, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel (mom and daughter on the show) started talking about TAY!!!! So, here's a transcript of the dialogue:
Lorelai:...I'm not even talking specifically about Dean. I mean just generally in life. For  example, say you're dating Taylor Hanson.   
Rory: Why am I dating Taylor Hanson? 
L: It's a hypothetical scenario, go with it. So, uh, you and Taylor have been seeing each other pretty regularly. . 
R: How did I meet Taylor Hanson? 
L: You went to his concert, you got backstage, your eyes met across the crowd and you've been seeing each other ever since. 
R: Hanson's still together? 
L: They're the new Bee Gees. So. . 
R: And why would you not stop me from going to a Hanson concert? 
L: Hey, someone's trying to make a point here. 
R: Sorry. Go ahead. 
L: So you and Taylor have been dating for awhile, and things are great, and, um, you're happy, and you feel all those crazy mushy things that people feel when they're in love. I want you to be able to say to him, Taylor, I love you. 
R: Okay, can we pick a new hypothetical 'cause this one's wigging me out. 
Also, have you seen Matt on the cartoon DIGIMON 2? Well,if you haven't,I think he looks exactly like Tay.He even dresses in the same way.Check it out. MMMBYE!!! {DeNiSsE}

Vote for Hanson!! if they win, they'll be appear in the cover of this mag. Go HERE and vote! {MaFer}

The Hanson Hotline has been updated! Taylor plays a bit of a new song on the piano and tells us we should be getting MOE 11 soon, they are still working hard on new songs and to look out for one of their new songs, "Wake Up" on the Princess Diaries soundtrack!  (please give us an mp3 of this hotline message! I'm obsessed with that great little song Tay is playing on the piano, it sounds AWESOME!)  {-Jasmin}  (see front page)

Tulsa Fan Fest 2001
We're doing the Trade Table at Fanfest 2001 in Tulsa, so we just wanted to remind everyone to bring stuff they would like to trade If you have any questions e-mail us at kileeandlaura@hotmail.com  thanks! {Laura}

Hanson Gives Back - checkout this article on AllPop about Hanson giving to Cystic fibrosis foundation.

MTV News
I was reading the Backstage Pass Magazine, and on pages: 64, and 65 there is a Hanson Quiz, There are 46 questions based on Hanson for the fans. There are also pics of Hanson, while they were at the Z100 radio station interview, in New York City. I thought it was really cool. :)  Also, I was watching MTV's 100 greatest pop songs, and Hanson were on # 63, also Hanson were mentioned and seen many times on he show. While they played song # 70: The Beach Boys, Hanson talked about the song, and Taylor and Isaac talked about pop music, and then Zac talked about Mmmbop. I thought it was pretty cool~ :) {Anne}
On MTV 20: Everybody Talk About...Pop Music! which will be airing on July 14th they listed Hanson among the notable artists of "Pop's Second Wave". So lookout for a mention of Hanson in the show! Just thought that was interesting. Also if anyone knows anything about Hanson coming to Australia can you please post me a msg on latest news?  {Ellie}
Thursday on TRL Destiny's Child as well as other artists were on, well they had to do a TRL quiz. One of the questions was "which band was the first to appear on TRL and when it came to answering that question Kelly was like "Michelle said it was Hanson but i dunno" and when Kelly said that Michelle was like embarrassed and she turned around so she wasn't facing the camera it was so funny and she was right  {Lizzie}  Hanson is mentioned on Mtv's Pop's Second Wave and Mtv's Boy Bands and Teen Queens. It's really cool.  HERE is the link. Go to both. It says that Hanson started the boy-band craze. Which they did  even though they aren't a boy band! It also has a clip of Hanson's MMMBOP video {Melissa}

The Pittsburgh Hanson Fans are having a meeting at Kennywood Park on Aug. 17th. There is a yahoo club made for the subject HERE  We have all the details about the day at the club. There will be a post that says everything about it... If any fans are interested email me.  See you there! {Heather}

I was just watching comedian Wade McElwain's stand-up show on television (I'm pretty sure it was called 'Life Goes On') and in one part he says something a long the lines of "My friend and I wrote a song one time, I think it's going to be a hit..." and then starts it... "It goes, 'MMMBop....MMMBop...Satan is my master!'. We were thinking of naming ourselves Marilyn Hanson...". Lol I laughed really hard during his entire performance, he's hilarious! Just thought I'd share with everyone! { Kristy}

I went to Universal Studios last Saturday and i went on the nickelodeon studios  and went on that tour and when we were by the wardrobe there was a picture  on the board with the cast of "Noah knows the best" and Hanson. They looked so hot!! I was so happy when I saw the picture of Hanson!  {Jackie}

While I was shopping, my friend and I were checking out some "MUDD" pants, and they had this promotional pocket booklet  with "boybands" on the covers, one just so happened to have Hanson. Also, I  got an issue of "Alloy" magazine in the mail and as I was checking through,  there was a "Froggie Wallet" and in the pic of the wallet, there were pics  of Hanson displayed in the wallet. (Holly T) 

Canada: I just wanted to let you know that here in Canada, MuchMusic (Canada's Music Station), has a program called "Live @ Much." Hanson was on it on their promo 2000 Tour for TTA and after that show Much made a new intro to the show showing all the artists who have been on "Live @ Much." and clips from the appearances and Hanson are in it! :) {Anne}

The Netherlands: There is a little piece about Hanson in the Dutch magazine BreakOut #28.It is on page 35 and has a little  picture with it. I tried to translate it for you guys: For the ones who haven't forget about them and are still waiting for Hanson: the  brothers have been to France to get a sunbathe and inspiration for they say another 3 albums. BO has Rachel from K-Otic on the cover and the background is pink. I included a scan, sorry about the colors! I tried to improve them, but it didn't work out! Bye bye!! {Myrthe}

Chili: We are having a fan meeting that we are organizing!  The meeting's name is "Chile X Hanson", we have to get min. 200 fans of all the country. In this meeting, we will have the opportunity to buy the new album, meet us, and have a lot of fun. If you want to be present in this wonderful meeting, email me!  Be sure you put your name, address, telefono number, and mail. {Consuelo}

Vote for Mmmbop on MTV20: Buggles to Bizkit poll now!!
MTV will be airing MTV 20: Everybody Talk About...Pop Music! on July 14th. Hanson listed among the notable artists of "Pop's Second Wave." So be sure to watch it. There may be a Hanson mention on the show!!

Hanson Fanfest 2001 will be making a giant scrapbook from the fans that  attend HF01. Feel free to bring pics of you and Hanson, Items you want them  to see, or just write a message in the book. We want all of the fans that  will be attending fanfest to participate! :). We can't wait to see you all  and thanks for making this such a success! Lindsay and Shannon Head Staff.  (if you have any questions e-mail us at SecretsKSL@aol.com

Today (7/5) I was watching MTV and there was a commercial for the 20 years of pop music. Right in the beginning of the commercial they show Taylor really close to the camera on the first time they hosted TRL. Just thought it was cute. By the way...did you know that Hanson was the first artist to host TRL by themselves. Not as a guest with Carson. By themselves!! :)

On episode #6 of VH1's What's My 20? Hanson's "Mmmbop" will be discussed! The episode entitled titled "What'd U Say?" counts down the top 20 groups and artists who've sung hard-to-understand lyrics, as determined by on-line voters. It will  include clips on Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me;" Hanson's "Mmmbop;" No Doubt's "Spider Web;" Jennifer Lopez' "Love Don't Cost A Thing" and more! Be sure to check it out!!

Last night I was watching Video Killed the Radio Star: The History of Music Videos on VH1 and at one point they showed some clips of  the "MMMBop" video. I think they were showing how young artists set records in the music business or something like that. While they were showing the clips it said at the bottom "Hanson: First artists to be born in the 80s to have a #1 hit in the 90s." Cool... [Kirby]

I was in Waldenbooks last week and I saw a book entitled The List . It features Hanson's picks for the greatest album of all time. No pics are included. Just thought it was neat that they got a notoriety!!  {Bethany, PA}

I was watching the movie FINDING FORRESTER and there's a scene when the two  main characters are getting ready for a basketball game there both talking  and in the back ground you could hear HANSON'S song "SAVE ME" and also on  the Disney channel original movie "CAN'T STOP" is played on there also!! (Christine}

CANADA: Are you Toronto fans tired of the lack of Hanson this year? Wanna get them on the radio?? Yah we know those phone requests to kiss92 aren't working (cough.......KIDCARSON.........cough) so we have a plan - it's not just a petition but a bunch of other stuff - let's let them know that the Hanson pride is still alive!! if you're living in the Toronto area and want more details, email us at kiss92petition@hotmail.com thanx!! (Meg & Kate)

Happy July 4th Everyone!!
The Hanson Survey question was updated. (see updates for more)

Hanson went into a studio to start work on their new album this week in LA. The album is expected to come out next Spring
They are going in with about 40 songs.  Stay tuned for more info!!

Hanson in Oklahoma Today
Hanson are listed among Tulsa's Fab 51 in the current issue of Oklahoma Today! The magazine has group photos of the most prominent musicians in Tulsa, including Hanson. Click here and here to see scans of the group photos, courtesy of Becka. The magazine has this to say about the three musicians: "Taylor Hanson, 18, plays keyboards for the brother band Hanson, which became an international sensation in 1997 with the hit single, "Mmmbop." Zac Hanson, is the drummer for Hanson, which released it's critically acclaimed album, This Time Around, last year. Isaac Hanson, 20, first got hooked on guitars with an imitation Gibson Les Paul purchase in a local Tulsa pawnshop. Now, the Hanson guitarist loans those first instruments to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum." You can order a copy of the magazine from Oklahoma Today.

Rolling Stone has an article called Fifty Stars from Fifty States
Guess who is the Oklahoma stars? Click on their picture over Oklahoma and rate it a 5!! 

You can now get TTA sheet music from Sheet Music Plus. Piano/Vocal/Chords (Arrangements for piano and voice with guitar chords). Size 9x12 inches. 80 pages. Published by Cherry Lane Music. (2500352). The folio features all 13 songs from the sophomore release from this chart-topping Oklahoma sibling trio. Includes: Can't Stop . Dying to Be Alive . Hand in Hand . If Only . In the City . Love Song . Runaway Run . Save Me . A Song to Sing . Sure About It . This Time Around . Wish That I Was There . and You Never Know, plus photos and an interview with the band. Check it out!  Plus, I was in Books-A-Million the other day looking at some sheet music books, and  I picked up the "Top Pop Hits of the 90's" and it had MMMBop and Where's the  Love in it! I thought that was awesome. Then I was looking at a Billboard  music book and it had "MMMBop, Where's the Love, I Will Come to You, and  Weird" So, if you are into collecting stuff that has Hanson in it, those  would be cool to have, even if you already have the sheet music book for  Middle of Nowhere. {Rachel}

I was just reading US Weekly, the new issue, and under Scene and Heard it says that Hanson attended a special midnight Travis concert at the Knitting Factory Hall in Hollywood. Among the brothers were Heath Ledger, Ben  Stiller, Keri Russell, and Jason Lee. They all enjoyed the show from a VIP balcony.  {Kelli}

MTV News
On Real World: Boston, they play MMMBop in one episode.  On Real World: Seattle, they play one of the remixes of Weird.  And on Real World: New Orleans, they play This Time Around.  {Christina} Hanson are eligible to be nominated this year for a VMA! Yea! We should go into the MTV VMA forums, and post that we want to see Hanson nominated! And that we want them to perform! come on guys, itz easy! go HERE  Post! Post! Post!! Show MTV that there are still tons of Hanson fans out there that want to see Hanson nominated!  {Nicole}  ** I was also just watching Sink or Swim on MTV. And they had these 9 Little kids called the Islanders and when they were coming up on stage they played this weird version of This Time Around. Well I thought I would let you know. Everybody won $35.71. {Ammie}

Today July 2nd, at around 9:30 the Mmmbop video was on TV! Very unexpected. It was either MTV or VH1. {Jen-NY}

I was at B Dalton Books here in my mall in town and I was browsing the books about bands etc. and in this book titled something like The Ultimate Boy  Band Book had a bunch of groups in there and bands and well although Hanson  aren't a boyband they were in the book... there was about 4 pages about them  and I read the 1st page and it talked about how Hanson started the whole teen  groups again after the NKOTB, and they deserve the credit. Just thought you  would wanna know the book I believe was $4.99. Hanson 4E (K.Sedgwick) 

There is a small Hanson mention in the August 2001 issue of Teen People. It was in the "Write On" section, where readers write in their comments: Question: "I was shocked that you didn't have O-Town on your "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" list. Why weren't they included?" Answer: "It might seem like we forgot fan favorites such as O-Town, Nick and Aaron Carter and *HANSON*, but trust us, we don't have amnesia. It's just that their were too many hot stars to include them all. But don't worry, there's always next year!" WELL THEY BETTER BE IN THERE NEXT YEAR! {Christina}

I was reading the Teen-Beat magazine, and on page 62, I saw a picture  of Hanson with David Bowie. And on the corner this is what it said: Hanson's  new all-purpose Internet service Provider: Hanson.net, is the latest project  produced by David Bowie's cutting edge entertainment Internet company,  UltraStar Internet Services.  If you're not familiar with David Bowie, he's also featured in the soundtrack  to the movie: Moulin Rouge.  {SurfyChick

In Popstars mag. July issue there is an article about Dream and they had ask them who is ya'll crushes and Ashley from the group said "Taylor Hanson". I thought ya'll should know and not going to give my opinion it my hurts some1. {Tash}

Hey I was just watching this special on TV. It was this thing called Music Choice and they had this commercial that came on that was advertising this show on that station. And they were playing parts of songs to bands you can see alot on that show and Hanson was one. They played Where's The Love.  {Ammie}

AOL Users: On the AOL Welcome page, it said "Funny Town Names: See List" So I clicked on it and it brought me to another link that  said "What Stars Hail Your State?" So I clicked on that. THEN, rofl, I went  to that Britney Spears article next to her photo and clicked See Photos.  Then, on page 4, under Oklahoma, there is our Hanson boys! But wait, there's  more. Click on the pic of them and scroll down to the rating thing. I did 5  (being the best), and it came up saying "20633 (something like that) users  have voted an average of 1.8" COME ON! 1.8? You guys need to definitely  get those guys up there. {Jukie} 

Today, on TRL(6/29), they had a trivia question asking what song spent the most days at #1 last summer. And the answer was Hanson with "If Only', which spent a total of 27 days at #1!! They even showed a clip of the video! {Krista}

Mexico: Alert to all the Mexican fans...I just saw on the new Mexican magazine "Que Pegue" a special summer edition of the most Handsome men ...and there is this huge!!!!!..like really big and wonderful close up page of Taylor Hanson...in which they mention the rumors about his life...some true ..some false...and did you know that every time Taylor has a crush on a fan he is actually the one to ask for a picture with her??...isn't that sweet!!!. {Andrea}

TV hits interview July 2001.JPG (122101 bytes)Hi just thought you might want some scans of the TV Hits interview - click to enlarge. {~Laura~}

Hanson's song "Wake Up" (the song they sang at Riverfest) will be featured on the new Disney movie "Princess Diaries" soundtrack. Some of the other artists on the soundtrack are Mandy Moore, BBMak, Youngstown, Backstreet Boys, *B Witched, Myra, Aaron Carter, Myra. The soundtrack will be out in stores on July 24th. For more info on the movie or soundtrack you can go to the movie's official site HERE There are clips of some of the songs off the soundtrack. There is no clip for Wake Up {Christina}

Comcast Cable Users will be able to catch the airing of a Hanson concert on July 29 at 8 p.m. ET. For the full news, check out the article -Comcast Heats Up the Summer With a Month of Originals in July; Programs Available Free, Exclusively to Comcast Cable Customers. Check it out!!

This is from Smash Hits Magazine:
Next Time Around - Hanson: new album is coming out next year 
Hanson have revealed that their new album will be influenced by British bands like Cold Play and Travis, and promises that it'll reach the shops by the beginning of next year. Isaac, Taylor and Zac spoke to 'Smash Hits' as they jetted into England for a flying visit while writing songs in France. " 'Middle of Nowhere' was pop-based, rock and 'This Time Around' was more southern rock and blues influenced", said Isaac. "There might be a couple more '60s and '70s songs on the new album and a bit of mellowness." " I think you're always trying to find new inspiration - like the latest U2 record," added Zac. And Taylor was keen to keep us up-to-date with their love lives. "You want to know if we have girlfriends?" he laughed. "Isaac and I do but Zac's single at the moment." Good for Tay for admitting that he & Ike are taken. That takes guts! =) {Sra}

matthewhanson.jpg (86188 bytes)Checkout Rolling Stone Mag, this can be found in the July 19th issue of RS in the Random Notes Section: "We've done this writing project in southwest France," says Taylor, the middle Hanson child, "where songwriters pair up and write and record a song everyday for a week." Looking in a new direction for its next album, the trio worked with the likes of Carole King, Miles Zuniga ofwangotango.jpg (37712 bytes) Fastball, and Ed Robertson of Bare Naked Ladies. They also worked with Matthew Sweet at his home in Los Angeles. "We've got enough material for two, maybe three albums," says Tay, but the boys are taking their time to decide just what'll make the cut for their next LP, due in 2002. Drummer Zac, the youngest, has a potentially prosperous idea: "Let's become teen pop!" he says sarcastically. "We're gonna bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp. Oh, Yeah, baby." 
Also, Rollingstone.com has posted some pictures from the Wango Tango concert this past weekend in L.A. There is one picture of the guys from backstage (right)!! {Sarah}  click to enlarge

Hanson are eligible to be nominees in the Mtv VMA's this year!!! they'll post a list in July of the final nominees!!! 
Go check it out here and see!!!!

Kansas City Radio- Please tell everyone to sign the wall with something about how Hanson rocks!  We need to show them there are still tons of fans!  http://www.mix93.com/mix/signin/index.asp {Chris} Do it guys, it will be fun to swamp them! hehe

I was watching the E! entertainment special on new kids on the block and at the end of the special, they talked about Hanson and how they really brought boy band mania back to the world after new kids on the block faded, and that it was great to have such an awesome band start the boy band phase all over again because they produce such good music. then they showed a clip of Hanson performing on TRL. it was great to see them on TV, and how they talked so highly of them. {Jody}

Hey Hanson fans I was just watching ready to run and it's on Disney and it's about a girl who races horses and her horse needs to hear music so it can run faster. And at the end of it they play Cant Stop. And her horse wins because of Hanson, the best group around. (Heather) I was listening to Radio Disney AM 1560, and then I heard Taylor Hanson's voice, he said: " Hi, this is Taylor from Hanson, and Radio Disney will be right back" It was cool, and then I heard another message: "Hi, we're Hanson, and Radio Disney is back" I thought it was cool hehe~ {Anne}  Also, catch The Borrowers no playing on the Disney Channel...they play "Weird" while they rolled the credits! It's cool.  {Nina}

CDNOW article - Hanson Teams With Barenaked Ladies, Carole King, Fastball, Semisonic On Next Album. And excerpt- "I think it's going to take the step that the last record didn't," Taylor tells Allstar. "It's gonna stay rock and stay true to what we have always done, which is write pop songs. But it's going to keep a sensibility that people continue to doubt that we are going to get to."

Interesting Fact: Today reading their extensive Biography on the book on Dave Matthews Band "DMB, Step Into the  light" by Morgan Delancey, I got a big shock when I was reading page #86. It happens that Dave Matthews himself was the one who started Christopher  Sabec (Hanson's Manager) in the music industry. This was a big shock to me  since I had no idea they were both related. The shorten the story, way back when Dave wasn't as popular as today, he  was in need of an attorney, and a friend of his suggested Christ Sabec (a  recent grad at the Law School @ the University of Georgia) as the perfect  candidate. Both Matthews and Sabec made it possible for the whole band (DMB)  to get through with all the legal stuff that comes along when you enter the  record business. Today, Christopher Sabec is known to be the personal attorney of Dave  Matthews.  {Fipe}

I was listening to KOOL 94.5 here in Arizona and they were talking about Carol King and they mentioned the fact that she's working with Hanson on this upcoming cd. Just thought that was cool! {Jessica}

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but in Stephen King's book The  Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon on page 161, 6 lines from the end of the page the  girl in the story sings MMMBop. (King spelled it MMMmbop) I thought that was  kinda cool. {Corrie}

I was at Old Navy today and a remix of "Where's  the Love" was playing, I was totally excited! {Nancy}

RUMOR: This is important girls! As for the two that have said that Taylor was at Natalie's graduation and a game the day of the graduation...wrong!...that is soooo false! I'm one of his friends and I know him really well, so I asked him about it and he said that's TOTALLY false! Him and Natalie broke up a few months ago which I am not to say why because that's personal matters. He does have a girlfriend yes, but it's not Natalie. He also wanted me to mention that his girlfriend's name was not to be mentioned, therefore I may not tell you. Sorry peeps! The reason I also know this for a fact is because he was in L.A. the day that Natalie graduated...they are working on a new album which should be out by Spring 2002! So look for it! {Stephanie

Hey! My name's Carly and my friends and I are organizing a Sydney Fan Meet. It will be in the holidays in July, and take place in the city. We are trying to get an idea of how many people can come, so if you're interested please email me chowdergal@hotmail.com
Just a little something about Hanson going to Australia: It doesn't look like Hanson is going to be going to Australia in Aug/Sept. :( (This is the truth!)

Germany: I'm one leader of a club called «The German Hanson Fan Base». It exists since December 2000 and since then we're trying to get all German speaking Hanson fans in there. Our aim is to build some kind of a local «network» especially between Fans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (But everybody who understands the language is welcome!) We organize fan meetings in different cities once in a while, you can find fans from your region, find new pen pals, we'll inform you about projects and news in the German speaking area and much more. We're irregularly sending out a newsletter to our members and it's TOTALLY FREE! You can join by simply filling in this form. More info here. {Stefanie

Check the Riverfest reviews above, A few more were added, including pics.

I found this today on eonline.com on The Awful Truth page: 
hanson Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson, cheering on the Lakers the night of their NBA championship win. Saddle Ranch Chop House. Sunset Strip. Joining the trio were glitzy gals and music industry dudes. The crew consumed heaps of grub and beverages. (The boys drank Coke, Diet Coke and iced tea--the waiter swears on a stack of CDs.) The bros and their pals staked out a table near the hang's mechanical bull, and Isaac and Taylor mounted the steed in a postgame frenzy of bad decisions. Zac, the youngest Hanson for those of you keeping track, was clearly looking for other forms of intoxication, as he watched with amusement and chatted up a fox-ay young femme. Score!

If you don't have WinMx go get it at WinMx.com You have a good reason  to get it. They have "Wake Up" and "Wastin time" ON there. These songs will  just make you melt. Zac Plays the bongos on "Wastin Time"! Get WinMx and  download the songs!
Just a reminder of your MP3 resources that we have introduced you guys too. Check back here and we will keep you up to date on all the latest in MP3 trading! ==> www.audiogalaxy.com * www.WinMx.com * www.Kazaa.com *www.LimeWire.com

Keep voting for Hanson at Kiwi for Babelicious Brothers. they are in third place!!! :( {~Stephie}

There's an article titled, Hanson Teams Up For New Album on the website of MusicRemedy.com. Very Cool  {Dee}

I found a Hanson article @ allpop.com  HERE  It mostly talks about the upcoming CD and a video documentary they're planning  of doing.   Also, at the River Bats game in St. Cloud, MN.... a college baseball team,  they played MMMBop for a short period of time during a break. I was laughing  my head off.  {Lita}

Under TRL stats at MTV.com it says that Hanson has been at number 1 for 27 days. Which is more than Christina Aguilera, Limp Bizkit and 98 degrees  combined. I thought that was pretty cool since all three of those bands are  regulars on TRL and Hanson beat them at days for number 1! This proves Hanson still has fans!! I'm sure when the new album comes out we will Have  Hanson videos on TRL all the time!  {Jessica}

There will be a Chicago area Hanson fan gathering Sunday, June 24th at Navy  Pier. The plan is to meet at the McDonalds located inside the Pier at noon.  There is no set agenda, its just a chance to meet and hang out with fellow  fans from the Chicago land area. {Lyssa}

I was just writing to say that on Friday morning (6/8), I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning here in Dallas, and they were interviewing O-Town.  Anyway, they, they decided to have a little "Boy Band Trivia" thing. One of  the questions was "What boy band plays their own instruments?" and the knew  right away that it was Hanson:) 

Last night (6/20) I was watching the E! True Hollywood Story on the New Kids on the Block (yeah, I admit it!), and they had a mention of Hanson.  It was saying that the whole pop scene was coming back with guys like Hanson writing their own stuff, and some producer guy said something along the lines of "oh, yeah, Hanson started the pop scene back up, and paved the way for other boy bands..."  Even though Hanson isn't a boy band, the guy said good stuff about them.   {Katie}

Last night (6/20) I was watching Search Party on E! and they were having this beef pie eating contests with locals from Australia. On the red team there was this guy with long blond hair, and the leader of the red team said " hey they've got that guy from Hanson you better Mmmbop his butt if you know what i mean" i thought that was pretty funny and that you might wanna put it on your sight.  {Rebecca}

Hey guys, I was just on the Passions website and i noticed a small Hanson mention: 
Passions Stars are in the Hollywood Spotlight
Bruce Michael Hall (Reese), Brook Kerr (Whitney), Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), Chrystee Pharris (Simone), and Travis Schuldt  (Ethan) hit the red carpet for  Seventeen Magazine's "Hollywood Spotlight" event at the House of Blues. The  stars of Passions mingled with other young Hollywood stars, including Frankie  Muniz, Hanson, Brandy, Missy Elliot, and the teens of Days of our Lives. The  fun night even included performances by Mandy Moore and Evan and Jaron. The  cast of Passions and the cast of Days got huge cheers when they hit the  stage, especially when Bruce decided to explain to everyone all the crazy  happenings in Harmony. The poor guy revealed that he's the only one on the  show who "doesn't get any love." The crowd was more than happy to remedy that  situation! 

ARGENTINA: A friend of mine told me that in an Argentinean TV programme called AUDACIA (which is very similar  to "Who wants to be a millionaire?") one of the questions was: "Which of these six bands members are siblings?". They had to choose 4 out of those 6... And one of them was HANSON! After they gave the correct answer the host hummed a little bit of Mmmbop! I think it was jus great that they mentioned Hanson! {ROMI}

Monday on The Weakest Link, during the Sudden Death finals, the last question was "Who was the only boy band born in the 1980s to have a song at number 1 on the billboard charts?" They guy said Nsync, but we know it was HANSON!! {Stacy}

Fansons go to KiwiBox  and vote for Hanson! This post is not the same one as before. This poll is in eXXpresions, they are in the hottest brothers category at the very bottom! Go vote for them! {PandaGurl}

On Alloy.com they have a quiz called Do you act your age? and one of the questions says You just won a contest: a night on the town with your favorite boyband who are you hanging out with? Hanson, N*Sync, or Backstreet Boys. Of coarse I picked Hanson. Just thought you'd like to know. {Jennifer}

I was just reading the WireImage site and saw some Hanson appearances recently attended.
It showed pictures of them at the events (which I attached below in order of description).
1) Hanson @ 102.7 KIIS-FM's 2001 "Wango Tango Day 2". 6/17/2001
2) Hanson @ 2001 Radio & Records Convention. 6/15/2001
     The other pictures are from past appearances...I just listed them incase you didn't get them on your page. :)
3) Hanson @ 9th American Society of Young Musicians Awards. 5/31/2001
4) Zac Hanson @ Saving Silberman Premiere. 2/7/2001
Also Hanson were mentioned in an article about Canada's Hit List. 
It talked about the type of music videos the show played and they said Hanson. {Anne}

I just got Mandy Moore's New CD, and in the thank-you's she thanks "All  the bands that I have met and befriended over the past two years" and Hanson so happens to be one of them  {Alyssa}

Hanson Letter Project: Have you ever wanted to show Hanson how much you love them? Have you ever wanted to get tons of people involved and be able to have the whole world see the finished product? Well, here's you chance. Go HERE and join in! Everyone has the chance to contribute and even if you can't you can still write Hanson a letter and you'll be in on the project. Please help support this. If you have any questions email HYP at hanson_letter@yahoo.com thanks a ton!! :) Samantha"

On Saturday, June 16, I was watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the  sci-fi channel. This time the 3 host dudes were watching a black and white  50s movie and a clean-cut band stood up, ready to play. One of the robots  that critiques said "Alright, let's go! Mmmbop ading-a-ling bop..... Mmmbop  ading-a-ling bop!" It was hilarious. (Regina R.) 

Last week, I saw a concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and went through the museum too. I just wanted to settle the rumors that Isaac's guitar was replaced with Britney Spears red leather jumpsuit. I looked all  over the museum for Isaac's guitar, and couldn't find it so I asked this  little old lady at the information desk. She was like "oh, yes. The Hanson  boy. It's right back there." It was great. I walked back to this little  room and there were outfits worn by Destiny's Child, No Doubt, Everclear,  Britney Spears, etc...and right in the middle of the wall was Isaac's  guitar. His first electric guitar is in the museum. It's wooden, and looks  solid and worn out. Oh, yeah, and it's right across the room from Britney's red leather suit...lol... {Kate}

I was watching the E! True Hollywood Story last night on The New Kids on the Block, and there was a mention of Hanson.  It was talking about how the NKOTB had taken a break, and how pop music started to fade out.  Then, they showed a video of Hanson performing at Mtv (recently) and started saying how Hanson brought pop back to life.  This producer guy said something along the lines of "Yeah, Hanson, those guys are great.  Very talented and they write music too.  They paved the way for boybands that are popular today."  I thought that was nice, even though Hanson isn't a boyband. {Katie}

I was watching 'Malcolm in the Middle' on Friday and when Malcolm was talking to that girl (Jenny) on the phone she had a huge Hanson poster in her room!  Also I was watching 'Popworld' on Sunday and when Simon was playing with the bloke from Ash in his dressing room, Simon was trying to play Mmmbop on the guitar! It was awful but very funny!  {Lois}

FYI: If any of you have the Weird Al CD Running With Scissors, on the track  called "Polka Power!" Which is a medley of a whole buncha songs, MMMbop is  one of them! Weird al sings it too! It's just the chorus but it is too cool!  Oh and also my friend Roxi and I were in Sears and we were looking around  and we looked at one of the Big screen TVs that was on display and the the  video MMMbop was playing! We started laughing so hard! {Megan}

Latin Fans: Vote for Hanson since today 'till June 22 (Friday) before 3:30pm (mex. city) in MTVla.com's CONTRA. 
                     Just vote for them HERE

Australia: There's a new Australian CD (with various guy artists) called 'Absolute Boys' and it has Hanson on it. The song they have on it is 'If Only' (I think). You can catch the ad for the CD (where they show a little snippet of 'If only' clip) on channel 10 during ads.  
There is going to be a Meet for Victorian Hanson Fans in Melbourne on the 6th of July at Midday at the Hard Rock cafe.  Please visit HERE for more information.  If you have any questions, or would like to confirm your attendance, please email me (Zoe)

Indonesia : The other night, there was a HANSON vs. THE MOFFATTS polling on 102,3 FM PRAMBORS Radio station ( www.pramborsfm.com  , it's the most popular radio station among youngster in Jakarta, Indonesia ). At first, they only took voter off-line, but then nearly at the end of the show, they let 2 voter ( ONE for a Fanson and ONE for The Moffatts fan ) got online to against each other. And the cool thing is that the DJ  sorta in Hanson side 'cuz he kept supporting the fanson and made a good remark on Hanson. N e way, Hanson beat The Moffatts up with the score 70 % : 30 %!!!!  Well, that's just show how devoted the Indonesian fanson can be. Thanks guyz !!  {Wening Galih  Melly}

Brasil: Last week Hanson was in Control Freak with the clip where's the love (Mtv brazilian program that u vote for a video clip on the internet and they put it on air at the same time). Hanson was suposed to win ´´cause they´re great and also ´cause the 2 other bands wich were participating with them are really bad. What´s happenin´with us? We, brazilian fans, can´t leave hanson lose like this in Mtv, even if with old videos. It´s always great to see the guys with long hair and singing great songs as the ones we have in MON! Let´s react!! {Fernanda}

Canada: Today on Radio 95.9FM they had this thing called Summer Concert  Memories or something like that... anyway, some girl called in and she said  something like: "Me, it was kinda bad, it was Ike 3yrs ago, at the Hanson  concert... the opening band was sum band nobody knew of and they were really lame... I cant even remember their name... a nd the rest of the concert was  bad, the screaming and everything..." that's about what she said... I thought  that was rude, cuz the 98 concert rocked, and I thought Admiral Twin was good!!! [mYa]


Today, Hanson was num# 10 in teen idols viewers choice for VH1's 100 best songs of rock 'n' roll
Though you might want to put it on latest news.  {Nicole}

Vote 4 Hanson here...they are loosing really bad! 
KiwiBox.com - Vote for your Favorites! - Teen Magazine for Advice, Love, Dating

in Teen Beat magazine they had this road trip section in July 2001 issue. it  had a bunch of facts about different locations and a list of stars that grew  up in each city. it said under Washington dc Hanson's home town!! I was like  that is soooooo wrong. lol

In the new Alloy catalogue on page six there's like this little green frog key chain thing and inside it are these pictures of Taylor Zac and Isaac. just thought that was kinda interesting. oh and at the wall in the court of the king of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania they are selling the this time around single for 49 cents. {Fiona}

Hey, you guys should check out the Entertainment Weekly with the article about the whole pop scene. The cover has drawings of Nsync, Britney spears,  etc., in bubbles on the cover.  There are quite a few mentions on Hanson so go check it out.  {Bekah}

Today(6/12) on the 4:00 news on Oklahoma's News 9 they showed the Modern Maturity magazine with Hanson on the cover and they read a small excerpt from it and the anchor woman, Jennifer Reynolds was saying how sweet the boys are and stuff. Then, at http://oklahomateens.studentcenter.org there is a poll about the biggest artist to come from Oklahoma and Hanson is loosing badly! We need votes! {Holly}

There is a a place online where they make fan books. They've made one for NSync and Backstreet Boys and now there making one called The All-Time Greatest Fan Tribute To The Top Music Entertainers. You have to vote to get the Band in and I thought we all owe it to Hanson to get them put in there. The addy is www.Fansillustrated.com. Please check it out and submit in Hanson's favor. Thanks for your time.  {Skitch26}

Hanson was mentioned in an article at CNN.com : " Popstars Make Music History ". It was an article about a new group called HEAR'SAY. The Hanson mention reads : " Their ( Hearsay's ) debut single, ' Pure and Simple ', was also at number one for a third week running -- matching U.S. group Hanson -- the only other band to achieve similar debut number ones ". For more details go to www.cnn.com/SHOWBIZ , then scroll down 'till you find MUSIC section. Type HANSON in the "Enter Artist or Topic For News " find stories box, then click on Popstars make music history ( 01-Apr-01 ). ( Tutut Suhanson, Indonesia )

 I was shopping in Wal-Mart looking through the music section and they had the the Wal-Mart TV network playing in the background. I wasn't really paying attention when all of a sudden, I heard "Hi, this is Isaac" and I'm thinking "OMG! That sounds like Hanson!" and then I looked at the TV and it actually was! they were saying "this is Taylor and this is Zac and thanks for watching." I was pretty excited. lol. Then, I was watching reruns of Malcolm in the Middle and it was the episode where "Smile" was played! I thought that was pretty cool because I missed that episode. Ok, last piece of news. lol. If you go to half.com you can find Hanson singles and albums for like even less than a dollar for some of them! TTA is only $1.85 for the album and 3CG is $0.82. Pretty amazing huh? Not that it's good for Hanson but at least it's cheap! :P {Emily}

Monday the 11th of June I was in a music store called Warehouse in Santa  Cruz, they had Hanson Live at the Filmore on DVD, I looked at the back and  it had the videos for This Time Around and If Only. It had some backstage  footage and some other stuff and of course them singing at the Fillmore. but  I didn't buy it because I didn't have enough money :( But now I know that  its really out there and I can ordered off their website. I just thought I  would share that. I also saw the Fillmore, where they played in San Francisco but I didn't get to go inside or anything, that was pretty cool too. {Jed}

I was watching MTVe's Video Clash june13th and it was HANSON versus The Corrs... Guess what.. The Corrs won! Not that that is something to be proud of, but I thought you guys might wanted to know.. Vote harder next time! :-)  { Myrthe}

UK: There is a little interview with Hanson in TV HITS July issue, and a quote from Taylor in the current Smash Hits on "The state of pop today". Look out for a long interview with Hanson in a future issue of Smash Hits magazine. Maybe someone who's scanner is working could send them in. (Holly)

Finland: Hanson will perform on "Motown Live" (from 1998) on channel MTV3 on 24.6. at 1:15 pm. (Nina)

Canada: Hi my name is Claudia, I'm 17 I live in Quebec, Canada. I'm supposed to go to the fan-fest in Tulsa July 26th.I was supposed to go with my friend who has a car. But she can't go anymore. I really wanna go. If there's anyone who lives in Quebec or Ontario who's going to the fan-fest please e-mail me zacs_sweet_butterfly@yahoo.com or you can IM me. AIM: ZacsSweetMisery I'm sure there's someone out there who's going to the fan-fest! Please help me. I'm willing to pay. {Claudia}

AOL Music: Pictures of the Week
I found a picture of Hanson on the pictures of the week part of AOL and 
it had a great pic of Hanson at the MTV Movie Awards!  {Leah}

Hey I just wanted to e*mail in about Napster like sharing*systems... since I've noticed you guys talking about AudioGalaxy and what not... there's a new one out (maybe its not that new but i just discovered it), called WinMx and it's just like Napster and you can find MASSS music on it... like just as much, if not MORE... go to download.com and get yourself a copy before THAT one gets sued haha =) The only problem is , is that winmx is a tad harder to connect to and also more of a pain to get someone with a working connection/open downloads (maybe it's easier for faster connections but sadly I'm stuck on 28.8k... roar) {Toonah}

Hanson was in a book I read by Stephen King called, "The Girl That Loved Tom  Gorden". It wasn't anything big. It said something like, "And she was humming  MMMbop by  Hanson". Just thought that was cool.  Love always, {Sam}

I went to a music shop called Wherehouse in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and I saw a  Hanson poster on this display case that you see outside. It was an old one...from the same photo shoot with the TTA album pictures. But it was  still hot! I asked them if I could buy it, but they said they only had one.  (I should've asked them to TAKE IT DOWN). Lol. Anyways, that's cool.  {Jukie} 

I was watching "She's All That" on the weekend and I noticed in one part they showed a picture of one of the characters with Hanson (of course it was fake. She was just put in by a computer) but I thought that was neat. :o)  {Anne}

It seems that Taylor was at "The Cult's" album release party on June 5th. You can read an article about it  HERE or checkout  CD now's report - The Cult Celebrates New Album With Private L.A. Club Show. Cool!!

Hanson is performing their acoustic set  today Sat. June 9th @ 5:00 - 5:30pm at the Clear Channel Riverfest 2001 in Tulsa. Plus, local band and Hanson friends Admiral Twin will also be playing just before Hanson. Call 1 -918-596-2001 for more info. You can pick up tickets at the entrance of the event for $8. There's lots to do there, it will be great fun. Go if you can! =)

There is a new article at Rollingstone.com about Hanson working with Carol King, co-writing some songs for the new album. It's very cool so check it out HERE  {Evelyn}

I just wanted the Hanson fans to know that the boys are going to make Movie music (soundtrack) again. This time in Gus Van Sant's (the man who helped them with the weird video) next coming movie. I heard this on Sweden's radio station P3. I hope it's true! {Malin}

Hanson is in Hot Magazine. (Britney spears is on the cover) they have a pin up of them on page 89!!!

MTV: I was watching Mtv's A-Z Guide To Summer and when they got to R they said "Real World 10th Anniversary" and in the background they were playing "If Only" that's all the news I'VE heard lately and i thought it was cute. {Anna lee}
Also, Today on Say What Karaoke while Tina Matthews was coming out they had If Only playing in the background. {Ash}
And..., I was watching that new MTV show Mandy and their little "question of the day" was, "What have your parents done to embarrass you?" And one of the people they had answer was this girl and she goes, "Well, I was at a HANSON concert and my mom started head banging and she pulled a muscle in her neck." I thought that was pretty funny! And also, while I'm here, I'll also add that like a split second after I saw that I saw HANSON at #13 on the teen idols countdown on VH1. I thought that was pretty cool--probably the most I'll see of Hanson at one time this whole summer! lol jk, (well let's hope not anyway!) ;) {Maggie}

On VH1, be sure to catch the 100 GREATEST ALBUMS IN ROCK'N'ROLL. Hanson comment on some of the Albums!!

i just wanted to let you guys know Hanson was in an article in my local news paper, The Miami Herald and it has a nice picture of them and an article  on their up coming album and info on people they are joining forces together  with for the album!  Thought you'd want to know!  {Jasmin}

For my 8th grade trip my class went to Paramount's' Great America.  I went into the Sanrio store (they sell a whole bunch of stuff besides Sanrio like clothes and candy, ect.) near the front gate and guess what I found? A HUGE poster of Hanson! It's from the layout of the TTA tour. It's really hot! A pic I haven't seen before. Of course I bought it right away! It should be at Great Americas worldwide. The price was $7.99. {Kirby}

Hanson was mentioned in the review section of E-Chic's latest issue! it's an interview with Victoria Diez HERE. .BTW on the same issue they also have an interview with Jessica Harp but she didn't mention Hanson as i expected :( ...Also there is a Hanson section (called 'Hanson Humiliation Horrors') to scholastic's "CLASS ACTS" book which is about teen celebrities' most embarrassing moments! THANX!!! (Dominique, Philippines)

Kelly's pics that were taken at the Mayan Theatre on May 30th. Check them out on her page HERE

Laura made a site I thought was cute where you can make your own Hanson doll. Check it out and have fun! =P

Reminder: If you can't find anything 'Hanson' on Napster, try using: www.limewire.com or www.audiogalaxy.com

I was watching Channel V Back2Back, and Hanson's video come at first. The video was 'I will come to you' it was so romantic, and then 'This Time Around' video came out... Back2Back play 2 video of every artist, then and now. I was so exciting, because they have been so long didn't play Hanson video.. COOL :)  {Ade Fahra, Indonesia}

Europe: Mmmbop got #22 on the TOP 100 SUMMER HITS countdown on MTV Europe.  {Lisa}

Canada: There was a short news brief on the Canadian TV channel CTV Newsnet. It showed Hanson on the set of Frank McKlusky C.I. performing "Get up and Go." I am not sure if this will repeat, but you can watch the live news stream on www.ctvnews.com. The news repeats itself every so often, so we may be able to catch it. {Amy, Toronto}

Chile: Hola, soy Daniela Moreno de Chile, y quería decirles que si saben de direcciones ( mails ) donde podamos votar por Hanson, no importa de donde seas, la idea es que entre todas las fanson nos apoyemos. Los mails con el lugar donde hay que votar, las pondré en mi web, una sección llamada "Vota En..." Yo subiré mi web el Jueves 7 de Junio. Se llama "With Hanson Every Where",  y si quieres aparecer en otras secciones como : Fansonmaniatismo- Fanson around the world- Intercambio, etc. Sólo mandame un mail a fansongirl3@Hotmail.com, o manda un mail a el mail de la web: hanson_every_where@yahoo.com y me podrás ayudar con mi web. Sólo eso, espero los mails de todas las fanson interesadas. *Daniela Moreno-Chile* 

Hanson appears on cover of Modern Maturity with Grandma Bea - See Updates for scans of article!

Take a look at this new new Rolling Stone article, Hanson Work With Carole King . It talks more about what songs they have been writing, and who they have been writing with for the new CD. Also they elaborate on the  documentary they're making!!

Today on TRL the trivia question was "which artist spent the most days at #1 last summer" and the answer was Hanson!! they spent 27 days at #1!!!!! just thought you might wanna know {Courtney}

Here is a comic that I just found. Yes, it's about Hanson, lol {Blake}

My friend was watching MuchMoreMusic (Canada's VH1) and they  were interviewing the guys from MB20. Kyle said something along the lines of,  "In this business there are so many things that can bring your ego way up,  but at the same time there are just as many things that will bring it right  back down. There was one time when we were in Toronto (Sept. 30/00...same  night as the Hanson concert) and these two girls ran up to me screaming, 'Oh  my god, oh my god, are you Kyle from Matchbox Twenty? Can we have your  autograph?' So I was talking to them for a while, getting comfortable in the  situation, getting cocky, and I asked them, 'So, you ladies going to the show  tonight?' They were like, 'No, we're waiting for Hanson!' " Just thought that  was a cute story (and one I laughed forever at, cuz I also gave up on the  MB20 concert for Hanson!) and it goes to show that there are still a ton of  Hanson fans, despite what people think, and hey, Kyle proved his point!  {~Abby}

I was looking through one of my dad's old George magazines, November 2000 to be precise, and they have an article called "Virgin Voters" where the have quotes from several celebs who will be eligible to vote for the first time this year (well, the election of 2000) and by god, who should be there but our own dear, sweet, beloved Ike!  He said and I quote "I haven't decided which candidate I'm going to support yet, but I'm a pretty political person.  I have friends who complain about the government but don't vote - and I come from the viewpoint that if you don't vote, you don't count.  I'm interested in seeing where our tax money gets spent, especially for education and Social Security." (Ike is wise beyond his years, eh?  LoL  :p )  {*~Claire~*}

I was watching the retirement video thing on Mtv and they were in the top 10 and they had "grandmas and grandpas" come out one of the ladies were wearing a Hanson t-shirt......I just thought that was sorta cool  {Gaby}

Just thought id mention that i have renamed all of my Hanson songs on Napster. I have them saved under "handson" but dont type in the names of  the songs you want, because i have them all misspelled really weird, so just  "handson" will do and my songs will come up. I have quite a few, and I  thought id help out some other fans. Also, my name on Napster is BentLozer. {Melissa}

Fun with Hanson at Red Lobster - I went to Red Lobster the other day, or as my mom's boyfriend likes to call it "Dead Lobster"...and I was sitting there waiting for my food, and Mmmbop came on the radio! (though I later found out, they were hooked up to a digital network.) I was really surprised, because I hadn't heard it played in public anywhere since 1997, so that was a bit of a treat. After it was done, I kind of tuned myself out of the radio, and started talking to me mom. I heard an "OH" in the background music, that sounded an awful lot likes Taylor's...and I was right!  They were playing back to back Hanson songs! "This Time Around" had come on next... It was wonderful. When the waiter came back with our food, I said..."Play much Hanson here?" He laughed and said, "Want me to ask the manager if I can turn the channel?" And I threw a popcorn shrimp at him. He said, "Oh...you must be a Hanson fan." and laughed. He did end up asking his manager if he could turn it, but the manager just looked at him and laughed. I guess they fancy Hanson at Red Lobster! {~Stephanie}

I was watching "My mom has a date with a vampire" on Disney, and the family  that was in it last name was Hanson, and the youngest boys name was Taylor,  so that makes him Taylor Hanson. He was talking on the phone and he was  like, this is Taylor Hanson. That got my attention! {Alyce}

I'd like to confirm that rumor that panda wrote. he went to some game at Natalie's high school the day before her graduation. then the  next day he went to her graduation. its a big thing here, cuz I was walking  down the hall in my school, which is not by Nat's high school, and I was  talking bout Hanson (duh! of course!) and a teacher walked up behind me and  said "are u talking about Taylor Hanson" and I said "ya!" and she said "I  saw him at his girlfriends high school for a game" I was like ahhhhh  OMG! so I ran into my teachers room and told her and she's like "ok ok calm  down" anyway just wanted to tell ya that so u have two peeps that say itz true {Laura}

Australia: Please vote for Hanson on NOVA 96.9 by calling 133 969 or email uglyphil@nova969.com.au We all know *lol* he likes Hanson. Also, to the person who posted saying Hanson were coming to Australia in Aug/Sept, Please email me and tell me how you know this b/c alot of people think this is another rumor. Thanks {Carly}

Canada: Last Saturday I was watching Spill Your Guts - the show by What magazine (Canada) and right at the beginning they had Hanson talking about fighting with your parents. What I thought was interesting was that when they put there names up they had Zac, Taylor, and Clarke. I just thought that they don't usually use their first names and they didn't use Taylor's first name. {Ashleigh}
On a radio station here in Thunder Bay, Ontario (580 CKPR) which only plays Hanson when it is requested on the 'Hit Zone'.  When the Hit Zone is done at 10:00pm, there is a two minute program that comes on at 10:00pm called 'Hit Zone Head Lines' which talks about 'news' with in the pop culture.  Tonight *May 29th, 01* there was a little broadcast on *HANSON* and how they will be working on the new Disney Movie. "Well Hanson, remember how you thought that they just sang, and danced--a little bit?  Well Taylor, Zac and Isaac are going to be in a new movie called 'Frank MuClusky CI' which is going to be in theaters next year.  It's about a keen insurance claim adjuster, it's also got some other big names in it, Chinaa from the WWF, Tracey Morgan, Dolly Parten, Scott Vao, Andy Ricktor and Randy Quade.  Apparently the guys are going to portray themselves in one scene, which will show through the main character chasing through a Hanson concert.  Of course there will also be some Hanson music on the 'Frank MuClusky CI' soundtrack.  More Hanson news in about 2 or 3 weeks they're heading into the studio to start working on their *third* album, they're gonna hit some work with Matthew Sweet and Greg Alexandra he use to be with the new radicals, so you guys can all watch for that." It was really cool...I waited 3 hours to here that *go Hanson* {Ky Hanson}


Brasil: Essa é para as fãs do Brasil, o 2º Encontro Oficial de Fãs do Hanson no Brasil vai ser dia 30 de junho, e dessa vez com banda tocando ao vivo, p/ mais informações o site é www.envy.nu/encontro e o email é encontro@hanson.com.br . Esperamos vcs lá (ps: quem quiser fazer caravana do Rio ou BH avise por email!) - {Jana}
Pleasa i´m dani and i´m from brazil. i wanna that everybody send e-mails to joven pan ( maispedidas@jovempanfm.com.br ) and white this:"eu quero ouvir hanson com love song"(i want to hear hanson whit love song)it is all! please everybody, when you ask for vote hanson on "usa tv" or "usa radio" we voto, why u not? tayks!! NOW THIS FOR BRAZILIANS FAN: e voceis meninas mandem e-mails pedindo love song na pan também ok?MMMBEIJOS (MMMKISSES) {DANI_ZH}

Hanson Makes Acting Debut In Frank McKlusky, C.I.
The boys of Hanson will make their acting debut in a gig at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 30) as part of the filming for Touchstone Pictures' Frank McKlusky, C.I., due in theaters in 2002. The members of Hanson will play themselves in a concert scene in which the movie's main character, Frank McKlusky, is chasing down an alleged insurance fraud culprit at a Hanson show. Frank McKlusky, C.I., is a comedy about an overenthusiastic insurance claims adjuster and includes appearances by Randy Quaid, Andy Richter, Adam Carolla, Chyna, Kevin Farley, Tracy Morgan, Scott Baio, Emmanuel Lewis, and Lou Ferrigno, among others. The film also stars musician-actress Dolly Parton, who plays McKlusky's overprotective mother. Meanwhile, Hanson will enter a Los Angeles studio in two to three weeks to begin recording the follow-up to 2000's This Time Around. The boys haven't lined up a producer yet, but they have worked on some songs with Matthew Sweet and ex-New Radical Gregg Alexander. The trio will likely appear on the soundtrack to Frank McKlusky, C.I., but the deal was not yet confirmed at press time. {Kevin Raub, CDnow}

I was just watching MTV TRL'S Top 30 videos. Hanson: "if  only" was really close! Also Hanson were mentioned on the top 30 countdown  quite a few times! When they were playing *NSync's video, a girl called MTV and Carson said *Nsync is on #2, and she said: who's on #1, is it Hanson? And  Carson Daly was like: lets find out! Also they were showing clips of TRL,  when Hanson hosted it, and Taylor introduced Kid Rock's video! Then later on,  they were playing Korn's video, and Zac was like: either get it on #1, or  kick it of the charts. LOL. It was pretty cool~ {Anne}

I have news from our guys! my dad's in the studio working on an album and he's working with esteemed producer David Cole. Well, I was just on the phone with my dad, when David Cole gets on the line and tells me that he was in his studio with HANSON a couple of weeks ago!!! How cool is that? He said his friend was writing songs with them and that they were very cool. Walker and Diana (parents) also were there and he said that while Isaac was singing, Tay and Zac were doing homework with their mom! This is not a fluke, totally for real! how awesome! xoxo {D}

Apple Mac Users: I just wanted to let all you MAC users out there that the AudioGalaxy Satellite does NOT work on Macs. A great alternative is Limewire. It's run on the GNutella servers, but configured for Macs. As good a selection as Napster! {Chloë}

Hanson were mentioned yesterday (5/23) on Mtv. Brian McFadin  asked "Who was the first artist to host TRL?" for a trivia question. The  answer was of course our boys!! Brian said that they were the first group to  host TRL back in February of '98 (I think). Just thought I would share this  news with everyone! Take care and K.H.P.A!! {Kristen} 

Rumor - Guess what - Taylor is in Georgia. Reason being Natalie is graduating from high school so he, being SOOO sweet, came down to visit her! Pretty Cool!! {Panda}

Hanson on music Soundtrack at Chili's restaurant. Included is Sure about it and Gimme some Lovin! {Channel}

NORWAY: Today (Saturday, May 26.) there was a big article about Hanson and M2M in Norway's most popular newspaper VG.
In this article we get the truth about Hanson and M2M... We would have scanned it, but it's two pages, and those pages are really big. Also, the pics in it are old .. But here is the translation !!

IkeMarit.jpg (281807 bytes)
NORWAY: M2M-Marit and pop-hero Isaac of Hanson are a couple (written in yellow on top) IN LOVE WITH A SUPERSTAR (written in blue)  There is no doubt that Marit Larsen (17) of M2M and Isaac Hanson (20) of the success band Hanson are in love. This weekend the girl from Loerenskog had her American boyfriend on a visit, and on Saturday the turtledoves showed their feelings in public on Aker Brygge.  The dating pop-couple were seen tight together and kissing in the harbor where they walked around hand in hand, very much in love.  The hot dating-rumors started after the M2M-girls warmed up on the Hanson brothers’ USA-tour last fall. The New York Post said already then that Marit was in love with three years older Isaac. At the same time the Post said that M2M’s other half - Marion - was dating Zac.  But the girls themselves are very secretive about their love life...  Marit Larsen has not been available for comments. Her mother, Inger Marie Larsen, was also reserved when «Se og Hoer» talked to her on the phone this weekend:  -They want to keep their private lives for themselves, so I don’t think I should say anything, she says.  No one from Warner Records wish to say anything about the romance.  Isaac/Marit pic: CAUGHT: Marit Larsen of M2M went on a romantic stroll with her boyfriend Isaac Hanson on Aker Brygge this weekend. · Hanson pic: TEENIDOLS: The brothers Isaac (right), Taylor and Zac of the supergroup Hanson have charmed teenage girls all over the world - and sold ten million records. M2M pic: POP SUCCESS: M2M’s debut album «Shades of Purple» has sold over one million copies. Marit Larsen (left) and Marion Ravn are big stars in the USA.  «Se og Hør», May 22, 2001 (week 20)  {Thanks to Marianne for the scan and translation!}

MTV Europe is taking votes for YOUR TOP 100 SUMMER HITS WEEKEND. "Mmmbop" is  one of the songs on the list
http://www.nordic.mtve.com/shows/extra/top100/vote.asp <= Vote here now!

I was watching MTV, and they were showing MTV movie awards 2000, and  what'll be on 2001. And they showed a clip of Hanson, when they were at the  98 MTV movie awards. It was really cool!  Also, I was reading: The Seventeen Magazine, and I saw a pic of Dream, and Ashley Poole from Dream talked about Hanson! And she said that she's a huge fan, and that Hanson have inspired her, and also that she often listens to MMMBop, and her MON cd~ I found that really cool!!! {Nasrah Anne Omar}

If you go to allwall.com and search for Hanson they have about 20 items on them...2 WebPages...Only glossy photos and posters...check it out! {Erica}

Today in the morning I was watching BayWatch and they were teaching some guys how to swim, so the thing is that the music they had was Mmmbop by Hanson... I though it was cool, and wanna let you guys know, see you Fansons!!!! {Steffany}

Just another reminder - Hey there I just wanted to clear something up. Again, it's about I Want You to Want Me. Someone wrote in and said that the Hanson version of the song was on the new diet coke commercial so I watched for it and I want to let everyone know that IT IS NOT HANSON. It's the Cheap Trick's version. Just thought everyone would like to know. :) {Michelle W.}

Hey this is sort of Hanson news. I went to get my graduation pictures taken at a studio in New York, and  this guy photographer there also takes pictures of many famous people. And, he mentioned that he took Hanson's picture at Jones Beach during the Albertane tour! He said that Hanson was really nice, and that Zac squirted the photographers camera with his water gun during the show-the photographer was a lil annoyed at that lol. I thought that was cute.  {JeSs} That is SO like Zac =P

On the new release movie Finding Forester, it was in theatres a few months ago.....well in the background in a scene of the  movie, you can hear "Save Me"!!!!! Isn't that awesome!!?? So it's probably  on the soundtrack. This is to prove to all you doubters out there that Hanson  still is as alive and around as ever!!  Pretty cool huh? I know I know!!! lol :) {Manda}

Island records has directed that everything from Hanson be blocked off Napster. Please note that Hanson probably has nothing to do with this directly (although Hanson signed on with a group against Napster called "Artists Against Piracy" back on 7/2000).  Napster, trying to avoid being shut down entirely is now blocking all songs that are submitted by record companies and artists.  I would strongly recommend that everyone now use AudioGalaxy.com.  They have a great system similar to Napster.  shhh

In the June 2001 issue of SPIN Magazine (the one with TOOL on the cover), in  the waaaayyyyyy back of the magazine on page 157, there are 8 little  pictures titled "The Night We Never Slept" and the sixth Picture is of  Taylor!!!! He has these two girls with him who they say is two friends. I  just thought that was really neat:-) 

On Wanna Be A VJ TRL, a question was "Who was the first celebrity to cohost TRL? The choices were Joey MAcintire, Britney Spears, or Hanson. The girl buzzed in Hanson, and was right. Juss something interesting I picked up.

I was watching a show on VH1 (I'm not sure what it was called- but it was about artist on commercials) and it showed a picture of the lovely and talented Hanson, it was their "Got Milk" advertisement. And also, I was watching "Niki" on the WB and she was wearing a Hanson t-shirt, that was so cool!!

Hey Hanson fans! I just wanted to let you all know that Hanson are mentioned in the movie Drive Me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart. It's a conversation between Chase and Dulcie... "You spend half your life in detention protesting against Hanson or the constipated hitter..." "Designated Hitter.." "Whatever!" Check it out! {Laura}

I was watching Laugh Track: 20 Years of Comedy on MTV last night and during the last half of the show, when they were talking about Jenny McCarthy and her contributions to MTV, they played "This Time Around" as the background music. That's kinda funny cuz Hanson made their first TV appearance on the Jenny McCarthy Show. Kewl, eh?  {Kirby}

A few weeks ago Hanson was in Pittsburgh PA for a  few days they were on Kiss FM in the morning and did an interview with  Valentine (quite amusing they were all picking on Zac). Although I didnt see them, they said they were gonna be in town for a few days (and it just so  happened I was going out of town that day!) anyhow, I just wanted to inform you  guys.. {Jamie} This was not in Pittsburgh, but was broadcast while Hanson was in California

I was listening to a local radio station in Hampton , Va called Radio Disney. I saw it on TV and I figured I would check it out, when a song was over, I heard, "This is Taylor Hanson and Radio Disney will be right back",  I thought it was cool. {crystal}

I was just watching something on E (possibly E News Daily, but I'm not sure)  and they were discussing summer tours. They showed clips of all the artists  touring and there was a quick clip of Zac at the drums and then Taylor at the  keyboards. {S}

I Just wanted to clear up the I want you o want me thing. There are two  live versions of I want you to want me" on Napster. The one that you hear on  the radio and in the stores and stuff is NOT Hanson. It is the Cheap Trick's  live version. If you go one Napster and get "Cheap trick I want you to want  me live" itz the one that everyone says is Hanson. Now, there is a REAL live  version of Hanson singing it, Itz, "Hanson i want you to want me live  Hammerstein" that is the ONLY real live Hanson version. I had to clear that up {Alyce}

Spain: In Spain (and the rest of the world) you can buy the DVD and the video (NTSC format) of AT THE FILLMORE at discoweb.com  {Laurahanson} Also, be sure to checkout Hanson Day gathering in Spain if you missed it!

Australia: Hey PPL, Hanson are coming to Aus in August/September and are coming to Adelaide for a day, which is great for all those fans here!! They are also gonna be in Sydney and Melbourne... Groovy! {Belle}

Mexico: Hey there.. Taylor Hanson appeared on Magazine (a Mexican Sunday mag) in this mag, they compared him with Rene  Russo (hello???) also they change his name to "Zac" Email them to magazzine@elnorte.com {*MaFer*}

Vote for your favorite retired video at MTV TRL Retirement Home Page
Then on Saturday, May 26, watch TRL Retirement Home as Carson counts down the Top 30 retired TRL videos. Vote now!

According to some sources, Hanson will not be releasing the new CD until early 2002. Writing and song selection is taking longer than they had been expected. It may work out to be sooner than that, but right now that's what its looking like.
"Originally we wanted to get the new album out this year," said Isaac. "But now we're taking our time to make sure we've got all the right songs on there.","...just wait a little longer - we'll have a new record early next year," promised Isaac.

There's an article about Hanson and clips of them talking about the new album at GetMusic check them out! {Courtney}

Vote 4 Hanson at the Alloy charts there #9! HERE

Smash Hits Interview - checkout part of the Hanson interview posted on the Interview Extra Page!!
During Hanson's recent trip to the UK, Smash Hits did an exclusive interview with the guys.

A Benefit and Concert - According to the Calendar for Upcoming Arts, Culture &  ShowBiz Events for May Hanson will be among the Honorees at the Ninth annual  American Society of Young Musicians Benefit & Concert. This event will be  held at the West Hollywood, California House of Blues on May 31st :) For more info and to order tickets call (310) 285-9744 or (818) 994-4661. Hanson will be among the Honorees and will be presented with the "Most Awesome Band" award at the Ninth annual ASYM Benefit & Concert. Hanson was selected by the membership of approximately 1200 to receive this award. Tickets are available to the public for $150 - $250. Included in the price of the ticket is a buffet dinner, a concert, a celebrity auction, a gift pack, and a chance to see Hanson honored. This event will be held at the West Hollywood, California House of Blues on May 31st 

I just wanted to let you all know that on Celebrity Jeopardy (Survivor Edition) They had a question about Hanson. The players were Colby, Elizabeth and Jeff. The answer was a video clue something like "It's the last name of the artists who wrote the song heard here." And they went into MMMBop. Elizabeth immediately beeped in with the correct "answer" of "What is Hanson?" YAY! Elizabeth should have won Survivor...:) {-Kelly} check my list here

We thought you guys may like to know that we have added Hanson to our Celebrity Cursors collection.Ê You can change the mouse pointer on your website into Ike, Taylor, or Zac by using our free cursor code.Ê When you're not surfing the web, your Hanson cursor can also follow you on your desktop.Ê As always, our software is free to use, and we do not require any registration or personal information.Ê Not even an email address. ÊTake a look them HERE

Riverfest 2001 Update -  Hanson will be performing an acoustic set on Sat. June 9th @ 5:00 - 5:30pm at the Clear Channel Riverfest 2001 in Tulsa. Also performing with Hanson are local Tulsa band and friends Admiral Twin. You can call 1-918-596-2001 or Kiss at 1-918-460-5477 for more info. Tickets go on sale starting May 16th!! They're $8 each plus $4 shipping and handling. You can get them at Carson Online Attractions or by calling 918-584-2000.

Hanson was is in the South of France (5/10). They got there earlier that week. They were actually in the process of writing songs with people at something called "The Castle".  To learn more about what they were doing there see this article about it.

Just a little something bout Hanson. Go to HERE and play the one about boy bands. TAY is one of them them!! {Alex}

Hanson were in Chicago for a few days(5/8). Tay phoned a popular Chicago  radio station, KISS 103.5 and talked about being here in the Windy City for a  few days...why they are here, I don't know. There have been some spottings downtown though...I guess they just wanted to visit this wonderful town! {Monika}

Last night (5/15) on VH1's Name that Video, Hanson was a category, they played a clip of "Where's the Love", some guy rang in and said "MMMBop by Hanson", he got it wrong and no one else knew it ...

Hey ya'll, I just ordered the This Time Around sheet music and it says that they aren't publishing it after all. 
Just thought ya'll might wanna know... {Hilary}

I know this may sound strange, but the other day i was reading October 2000 issue of Playboy magazine. (surprisingly enough its like 10% nudity 90% articles) I went to the music section, and was I thought to myself "wouldn't it be funny if Hanson was in here" and I started reading through the different sections and "THIS TIME AROUND" caught my eye. It ended up being a little article on how much Hanson has grown up and how mature they sound musically. To say the least, I was a little shocked. {Shawna}

I was watching the WB show NIKKI last night & guess what happened on it? Well, they had a flashback to when she fell in love with Dwight.... so it was in 1997. & guess what shirt she was wearing??? A HANSON shirt!!!! But, not one I've EVER seen before! It didnt say "Hanson" on it... It was pretty tight, & it had a circle w/ a pic of Hanson in it. I recognized the pic, b/c it was one from the Calendar shoot... it had Zac in a Yellow jumpsuit :) & The words to WEIRD were around it in a circle!!! I WANT IT!!!! Does anyone have it?? It was SOOOO kewl to see that on TV!!! :) Itz little, but it's something! {Nicole}

Canada: I was watching Dream being interviewed on MuchMusic and most Hanson fans know that Ashley, one of the members, is a big Hanson fan. Well, Bradford (host) asked the girls what their dream gig would be and Ashley kind of changed the question around and talked about her dream date. She said that just recently for her b-day she got to meet Taylor Hanson and that it was cool because she lives like in "the middle of nowhere". She also said that they slow-danced and he wasn't a very good slow dancer but that he was checking her out and asking a guy (like her manager or something) if she was dating and stuff.  Also, I just wanted to say that I met Canada's Popstar's Sugar Jones a couple weekends ago and asked Mirella (the black haired one) about what bands she listened to and she mentioned Hanson! Also I was listening to the radio (95.3 where I am) and they played Hanson's' live version of "I Want You To Want Me".  {Anne}

UK: In case you haven't already heard, Hanson came to London (yay!) on Wednesday May 16. They came over from France because they were recording songs for their album there. Isn't that soooooo cool that Hanson were in the UK? They might still be here but I think they are only staying for a couple of days. They're doing an interview for Smash Hits magazine, so look out for that one! You can visit the smash hits website at: http://www.smashhits.net -they do have some stuff on Hanson there! {Kath} 

Sweden: They are showed the Save Me video on SVT today (14/5).  Call and request it! {Pernilla}

Spain: See pic and read about the Hanson Day gathering in Spain =o) cool

Brazil: In Brazil U can buy the DVD of Live at Fillmore at www.Submarino.com.br

CHILE: Hola a todas las fanson, les quiero decir que estoy haciendo una web, y en una sección llamada "FANSON ALL THE WORLD" , necesito la ayuda de fanson's, la idea es me manden mails si solamente quieren aparecer en mi web, porque se trata de conocerse entre todas, y estan selecionadas por paises, si te interesa aparecer, solo escribeme a Email o buscanme en icq 69081127 (Daniela Moreno-CHILE)

URUGUAY: Hola! Escribimos para contarles a todas las fansons Uruguayas que gran cantidad de las chicas del Cdhitz fans club, se vio obligada a distanciarse de dicho club. Ahora HANSON ROCKS!!! Fans cluCHILE: Hola a todas las fanson, les quiero decir que estoy haciendo una web,
y en una sección llamada "FANSON ALL THE WORLD" , necesito la ayuda de fanson's, la idea es me manden mails si solamente quieren aparecer en mi web, porque se trata de conocerse entre todas, y estan selecionadas por paises, si te interesa aparecer, solo escribeme a fansongirl3@hotmail.com o buscanme en icq 69081127 (Daniela Moreno-CHILE) b, te invita a cualquiera de las reuniones, todos los domingos a las 3 de la tarde en el INJU. Podes comunicarte con nosotras Personalmente, por correo a CIPRANO MIRÓ 3053 CP:20000, LA UNION, MONTEVIDEO., por telefono al 5074650 de 16 a 21 horas pidiendo con TATIANA, o por e-mail a: Email LAS ESPERAMOS!!!! Hi! We`re writing to tell Uruguayan fans that much people from CDHITZ fans club, decided to start a new one. So from now on HANSON ROCKS!!! Fans club, is inviting you to any of our meetings. Every Sunday at the INJU. You can contact us personally, by mail, to CIPRANO MIRÓ 3053, CP20000, LA UNION, MONTEVIDEO. by phone to (02) 5074650, asking for TATIANA from 4 to 9 pm or by e-mailing us at: Email

Hey you guys! I hope you all remember, that exactly ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, May  9th, This Time Around was released. We have been listening to that album for a year; I love the songs so much it seems like much longer. Be happy! Celebrate! =o) 

Tulsa country band The Tractors have a new video out for their song, "Can't Get Nowhere". The video should be airing on CMT (listen to is HERE) on their show called Jammin' Country which airs every night at 11:00 PM CST, and on GAC (Great American Country.) Why is this video interesting to us? Well, it features a cameo appearance by Zac yeah Zac Hanson, who is shown driving a VW Bug and picking up hitchhiking Tractor band members Jim Bates (acoustic bass) and David Teegarden (drums)! {Ivana Garcia}

I was watching MTV late one night and I saw MTV news come up with a story about Dream. It seems that Ashley's Sweet Sixteen party was recently,  and Hanson showed up!! They show a funny little video of Ashley blowing out  the candles, looking at Taylor in awe, and then she shoves cake into Zac's face and he totally grabs her head and shoves it INTO the cake, then it's all  over her. May I mind you that MTV, the way they were talking, were trying to  insinuate that Tay and Ashley have something going on, but as from what I  now, which is all truth, there is nothing going on between them. Hanson went because Ashley's mom invited them as a surprise since she's a huge fan! (and maybe a little publicity?) Hey, Hanson,  if you are reading, I turn 18 on January 5th next year, lol, look me up!  LMAO! {Chloe}

Hanson is now in Los Angeles (5/7), 100% sure. They were spotted on Sunset Blvd at a couple restaurants over this past weekend lots of luv {Nicole}

I found this picture of the guys and Lindsay Felton, it looks like it was from last year. (Tay looks like an elf (: Also, Hanson was mentioned in the movie, "Dead Man's Curve", on USA. The guy was trying to find "depressing music".."What about Hanson?..." "What do you want him to do, grab a rifle, and head to the nearest watch tower?" Kind of mean, but it's something (: {Andrea}

I'm watching Name that Video on VH1 and Hanson was in a category but they didn't get to it cuz they ran out of time. i'm so pissed. oh well just thought you may like to know! {Kerri}

In the May 6, 2001 issue of Parade magazine they had a Who's Hot Who's Not?, column. It is where kids write in. Julie Hayndy, 11, Syosset, N.Y. wrote this: The buzz this year is all about bands like Nsync and BSB, BBMack. To me, who's hot is whoever you like. Who's not so hot? Well, remember about two years ago when Hanson was all the rave? They are trying to get their heat back now with their new cd, but everyone knows that will never happen. I thought this was rude and if anyone can email to freshvoices@parade.com, or try their website. This is pathetic and Hanson will be around long after any boy band!! {Rosetta}

There was an interview with Hanson on Kiss 92.1 in Tulsa this morning (5/4), and Valentine announced that Hanson will be playing at the Tulsa Riverfest on the 8th and 9th. {Lindsay}  Tickets are only available in Tulsa and are limited.

Hey guys, Vote here for Favorite Retired Video Hanson: If Only http://mtv.com/mtv/tubescan/trl/retirement/ It will air May 26th @ 12:00 p.m. (ET/PT) / 11:00 a.m. (CT (Make up names also)

I was watching Gilmore Girls on Thursday and they mentioned Hanson! Lorelai was telling her daughter Rory about when to say i luv u 2 a guy. She said  something like, For instance, say, u were in luv with Taylor Hanson & went to  a Hanson concert. Rory said why would i b going 2 a Hanson concert? Lorelai  said Stay with me here. Rory said Hanson's still around? Lorelai said  They're the new Bee-gees. Anyway, she said if u were at a Hanson concert and  u were in luv with Taylor Hanson it would b different then saying it to a guy  u really have been with awhile or something like that. Itz ironic because  the guy that Rory used to be dating on the show that she broke up with  because she didn't say "I luv u" back 2 him (the actor is Jared  Padalecki--he's 18 from TX) looks like Tay alot--he could be a Hanson brother  if he had lighter hair. Sorry 4 the long description. Also, I heard This  Time Around in Weathervane, and as soon as the song was over, I went right to Gap Kids & they were playing Smile. 2 Hanson songs in 5 minutes!! Cool!!  {Andi}

It’s what every kid wants. It’s what every kid needs. Kidz Bop, thirty newly recorded, kid friendly versions of today’s biggest songs. Well, that's what they say about this new CD that includes Hanson's Mmmbop. Check it out...

I got an extension on my petition for the Hanson Hour on Rosie. You now have until May 18th to sign it. Please please sign it because I found out we need at least 10000 for them to consider it and we only have 5078!!! If you have signed it already, Thanks a billion x3! And if you haven't, please put your signature on there! She's had several hours for BSB, NSYNC, Britney Spears, etc....but none for Hanson! So lets get one for them! Go HERE Thanks so much! {Loren}

Last night (5/6), I was watching Whose Line is it Anyways, and there was a Hanson imitation! they have this thing where two of the guys, Ryan and Colin, give styles of music for Wayne (and Chip) to sing and act out. well,  they picked Hanson! Wayne and Chip were really good, Wayne acted like Zac,  and Chip acted like Taylor. they did harmony and played "air instruments."  it sounded actually a little like them, too! but at the end, Ryan was like  "oh, did you know that the girls don't like Hanson anymore? but that's ok,  because this 'cd' has all kinds of music, even unpopular ones!" it was  something to that effect, anyway. so it was great except for Ryan's last  comment! {Lia}

I was watching Nick in Oz on the 3rd of May and M2M were on the Nickelodeon Hot Seat and When the question came up "Do you sing in the shower" Marion said "Yeah I sing song's like Celine Deon umm... I also sing Hanson like I go (High pitched singing voice) MMMBop" And they smiled and laughed I though that was cool they both looked do pretty I was so jealous. But it was cool {Christine}

There is a huge poster of Hanson in the current issue of Tiger Beat. Also, to clear up that Mandy Moore/Taylor rumors about them dating, she said  in the current article in YM that she is dating Wilmer Vlademeir (sp) since last fall.  {Jenny}

I just got the newest issue of Teen magazine in the mail...and there is this section that says "the sneaky way I got backstage" and it's a bunch of clever ways fans got to meet their favorite bands. Well....this one girl said something along the lines of "my friend and I tried to get Hanson tickets but they were sold out so we went to where the concert was being held EXTRA early and there were only like 10 people there, so when Hanson's tour bus pulled up the guys let all the fans waiting on the bus and we even got to go to their sound check!" i just thought it was cool they mentioned Hanson. {Tish}

In Mick Foley's (aka WWF's "Mankind") new book Foley is Good,  there's a  quick but amusing Hanson reference - he writes about how several of the  wrestlers liked Britney Spears but none of them would admit to it for fear of  seeming like a wuss in front of the others.  Foley writes, "...but don't try to deny that 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was  infectious feel-good music that hadn't been heard since the summer of  'MMMbop' a few years earlier. The two songs shared something else besides a  groovy beat and a hot blond singer: people over a certain age had to pretend  they didn't like it. Especially when they were known as blood-and-guts,  take-no-prisoners, ask-for-no-quarter-and-receive-none hardcore legends."   Oh yeah....it's a heck of a book, whether you're a wrestling fan or not.  {-Nick}

Rumor: Hey just wanted to tell everyone that Tay came to GA on April 20th for his girlfriend, Natalie's, prom. I was told they rode in a fur limo. One of my cousins friends was supposed to ride in the limo with them, but plans changed  and he didnt get to, he is one of Nat's best friends. I also met Tay and  Natalie at the Atlanta airport, when he was leaving. He is so sweet! {Laura}

I just wanted to tell you guys that I am finished with the book I was making, From Us To You. I'm going to take pictures of it soon and send them to Hanson House to post. Thanks to everyone who put in a thank you and thanks Hanson House for helping me get so many people to join in. Also, I bought the Live At the Fillmore video at Borders. It was really really good. At the beginning its them walking up stairs talking, then they perform, and at the end Tay falls off the stage or jumps, I'm not sure.  {Jesska}

I was at Tower Records in Glendale, California this weekend and they had the This Time Around single for $.25 ! I couldn't believe it so even though I  have a copy I bought a bunch more. So if your in that area (LA, Burbank,  Hollywood) Stop by Tower Records in Glendale by the Glendale Galleria and  pick up a couple of copies! I was about to buy them all but as I was looking  around I seen they had A LOT {~Christina}  Also, at Amazon.com, I've been told that you could buy TTMON video for less than $5!

I just ordered some Hanson sheet music from my local piano store. Just to tell you guys, that Middle of Nowhere is still available in sheet music. I also ordered This Time Around, so that album is available too. You should be able to get them just about anywhere...just so you guys know... Have fun jamming to some Hanson! {Christa}

Hey! I requested Hanson a few nights ago and the station actually played Save  me! Its 93.3 FLZ in Tampa! I couldnt believe it cause they never play Hanson.  {Jessica}  =o) If your in the area, call too!

Canada: Yesterday (May 6... Hanson day) Muchmusic played This time Around twice with  a small interview... {Sharmiel}

UK: There's a new interview with Hanson in Teen Celebrity which in the UK you can get from WH Smiths it's a really cool interview and since Hanson don't get much exposure here in England I thought it was really cool {Laura}

Australia: Hi my Name Is Cara and i am one of the founders of the Hanson project.. ok basically what it is , is a Petition with a difference. It is a handwritten petition which will be sent all over Australian ( kinda like a chain letter) and is signed by friends family friends your dog , it doesn't matter , for more Hanson air play radio play ect also tours Australia... and will be sent to every TV, radio, mag ect we can think of! so if you would love to help please email me {Cara}

Finland: In June there will be a new show called "kuuluisat perheet" on MTV3. There will be a Hanson episode(s). {Nina}


ARGENTINA FAN MEET: All Hanson fans in Argentina will meet in the San Martín square (Retiro), this Saturday at 3.00 PM to celebrate Hanson's Official Day with a picnic. There will be lots of prizes, contests & live Hanson music by Hanson Tribute Bands and performers. In that same meeting the Madeline Fan Club will choose people to become a part of the staff of lucky fans who will organize the launching of the new Hanson record in the country, sponsored by Madfans.com, mercadolibre.com and  latinhansonfans.com

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