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By Jenny


Anastasia, 3, Jordan, 4, and Clarke, 6, along with their parents, and Clarke and Jordan's younger brother, Zachary, were at the beach at Galveston, TX. The two families shared a beach house 3 blocks away from the beach. All 3 kids played to their hearts content. Jordan and Anastasia were practiclly inseperable. One night, Jordan couldn't sleep, "Ike? Hey....are you awake?" He called to his older brother only to get a loud snort. Jordan sighed. He got up and walked into Anastasia's room. Jordan walked over to her bed, where she was sleeping quietly. "Ana? you awake?" he shook Anastasia to make sure. Nope. Not a move. He then quietly crawled up on her bed and laid down next to her, "I love you." He fell asleep soon after.

Time passed, and as the years changed and grew, so did the 3 kids that had once had the time's of their lives at the beach. The Hansons had 3 more additions to their family, and soon, the thing called 'puberty" was either beginning or ending for all 3, well, 4 actually, of the children. Now Jordan, aka, Taylor, Clarke, aka, Issac or Ike, Anastasia, aka, Ana, and Zachary, or Zac, were, in order, 15, 17, 14, and 12. They had each grown in their own ways, Taylor and Ana, still best of friends. Ana had grown into a very pretty young lady. She stood about 5'5", was normal weight, had long, curly brown hair, and stunning green eyes. Taylor, Ike, and Zac, well, you already know what they look like!


On this day, June 5, 1998, school is out. Many kids were planning to go to the beach, others running off to the mall, swimming, all the usual activities. Ana got off the bus, and walked around the corner to her big, blue house. Ana reached the house, and pulled out her key, "Ana! Ana!" Taylor. Why does he sound so exited? Ana turned around to face Taylor's bright blue eyes. "What, Tay?"

"Are you mad or somethin?"
"No, why? Do I sound mad?" Ana unlocked the door and walked inside, Taylor followed, and sat down on the couch in the living room. "I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to dinner with us."
"Oh, Im sorry, Tay, I promised my mom and Dad I'd go with them to some stupid dinner with my Dad's new client. Maybe some other time?" Ana said, dropping her backpack on the counter and removing her coat.
"Yeah, some other time, I guess."
"Well, we could go play video games or something. Is that okay?"
"um....yeah, sounds good to me."
"Race ya!" Ana bolted down the stairs into the family room and sat down on the floor next to the playstation, acting as if she were there a month ago. "Oh, Tay, where have you been? I've been waiting for hours!!" Ana said smiling.
"Ohh, I stopped at Mickey D's for a hamburger, then went to Blockbuster, and rented 10 movies."

They both laughed and Taylor plopped down next to Ana. They played video games and talked untill Ana's parents came home. Ana's mom, Jodie, walked down the stairs, "Ana? Are you down there?" Jodie's face appeared in the doorway, "oh, hi Taylor! " She said, surprised. "Mom, when are we leaving to that dinner type thingy?"

"well.............It's about 5:30 now, and we have to be there by 7:00. I think you should start getting ready."
"I guess I better get going too then, I didn't realize it was that late." Taylor said hoping up off the floor.
"Oh, you have to go so soon?" Jodie asked Taylor.
"Mom, he has to have dinner with his own familly too."
"Oh, well."

Ana walked Taylor to the front door, "C-ya Tay." "Hey, Ana, I'll call you, kay?" "Okey dokey! Cya!" Taylor walked across the street to his house, Ana watched him disapear into his house. She had feelings for him that she had never felt for anyone else before. She hadn't really realized it untill that night. Ana pressed her back against the door and sighed. Jodie appeared in the hallway, "C'mon! Get movin!" Jodie smiled and walked into the living room. Ana walked up the stairs into her room. Her room was one of those things that looks as if it's not supposed to be lived in. All royal wood furniture, cream carpet, gray walls, very neat, a bullutin board, computer, and soft natural flower print bed spreads. Ana walked to her closet full of clothes and decided she would wear a blue, light yellow, and black striped baby doll dress, with her black leather platform-shoe things that were very high at the heel and made her stand about 1 inch taller, and white knee-socks. After she was dressed, dried her hair and re-curled it and put it up in barrets on each side. She was ready for the night.



 " ready yet?" Ana's dad, John, was at the door. "Yeah, dad, just lemme get my coat." Ana was on her computer playing King's Quest 3. She turned off the computer and grabbed her coat off of her bed, swung it around her shoulders, and walked down the stairs where her mom was running around downstairs, "Hey, hun? do you know where my other pearl earring is?" She asked Ana worriedly. "oh, no mom, I haven't....don't we have to get going?"

"yes, your father is waiting in the car." Ana headed out to the car, after Jodie decided to wear some other earrings. Driving away, Ana looked at the Hanson house. In the window, she saw Taylor. He waved to her, smiling. Ana waved back. What was weird, was Ana felt tingly all over when she saw him smile. Zac poked his head in the window, pushing Taylor away, and waved. Ana laughed. Zac was always trying to get attention.

Ana found out the restuaraunt they were going to was called Barberelli's, an Italian restauraunt, which John explained was his clients favorite place to eat. They got out of the car and walked inside. Ana shivered, it was unusually cold for that time of year. The restauraunt smelled of noodles and speghetti (?) sauce. Ana took in the smell, she liked it, for some odd reason. She had never liked Italian food. Maybe I'll try something different....oh no.....Micheal Craft's parents are Dad's new clients? Great. I'm in for a treat. Micheal Craft has been Ana's admirer for so long, she couldn't even remember. Sure enough, as Ana aproached the table, there was Micheal Craft, in between his parents. Why did her Dad have to be connected to everyone in Tulsa? "Hello, Mr. Dieter, Mrs. Dieter." Mr. Craft stood up to shake Ana's parents hands. She knew the only reason Micheal came was because he knew she was coming. Maybe she wouldn't have to speak and everything would be okay. But, no, his parents asked Ana tons of questions. She couldn't wait to get home and tell Taylor about it. Dinner didn't come to an end too soon. The two families stayed there for over 3 hours. All the time, Micheal looking at her. "God! would you puh-leez stop looking at me!!" Ana covered her mouth right after she said it. She didn't know what came over her. Looking over at her parents, they had shocking surprised looks on their faces. "Well, I guess we better get going." Her father said, giving her the your-gonna-get-it-when-we-get-in-the-car look. Ana said good-bye to the Craft family and walked out to the car with her mother. "Ana! What in the hell got into you!?" Her father asked as he entered the car. "I don't know, Dad, Micheal kept staring at me and I wanted him to knock it off." John gave her a dissapointed look, "Look, Ana, I'm not about to start a fight, but the Crafts' are my most important clients right now." Ana sighed and looked out the window. "I'm sorry Dad. It won't ever happen again, I promise." The whole way home, Ana was thinking about how nice it would be to talk to Taylor again. It seemed like she was away from him for an eternity. On the radio, Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic came on. Ana had seen the movie 5 times already. 3 of those times were with Taylor. As the white Honda pulled into the Driveway, the lights flipped on in Ike, Tay, and Zac's room. Ana didn't realize it was that late already. It was 11:45 pm.

"ahh! Tay turn the freakin lights off !! God !!" Ike covered his eyes with the cover.

"Yeah...........Tay, turn the lights off! I was dream-a-ming....." Taylor laughed at his brothers. Issac peeked his head out from the covers, "Please Tay?" Taylor smiled. "Alright, alright, I just gotta get some clothes." Issac looked surprised, "where are you going this time of night?"

"Over to Ana's. I promised her I would when she got home, kay? Now, I'm leavin' " Taylor turned off the lights and went downstairs. He picked up the phone and dialed Ana's number. ring....ring....ring..... "Hello?"

"Hey Ana, told ya I'd call!"
"hey, look," he said in a whisper, "everyone is asleep here, so I gotta talk real quietly."
"oh, well, you can come over here if you want."
"I can? oh, thanks. I'll be right over."

"kay" Taylor hung up the phone and went outside. Taylor shivered. It was really cold outside. He walked over to the door. knock....knock... very quietly, Ana got up from the couch in the living room and opened the door to let Taylor in the house. Ana pointed her finger up telling Taylor that they better go up there because the 'rents were asleep. Once in Ana's room Taylor said, "How do you keep this place so clean?" Ana sat on her bed. "One word. Parents." Taylor sat on Ana's bed. "Have fun at that dinner?" Ana picked up a teddy bear, "No, and guess who was there!"

"Micheal Craft"
"Oh,, what happened?"
"He was staring at me the whole entire time...." Ana looked at Taylor who was staring at her, "Just like you are now."
"Oh, I'm sorry......I just didn't realize......"
"Realize what?"
"How beautiful you are..." Ana blushed at the statement. Taylor smiled. "You know, you reallly are."

"Thanks, Tay.........your really sweet." Taylor grabbed Ana's hand. She is so beautiful..... Taylor wondered why he had never felt this before. The two sat there, saying nothing, untill they both leaned in for a kiss. "woah, you kiss great." Taylor said. "you kiss good, too." Ana wanted to stay there with Taylor all night. She felt she could tell him anything and everything about her. But, what would her Dad think if he woke up and Taylor was in Ana's room? She knew he had to go. She whispered in his ear, "Tay, I think you better get going."

"Yeah, me too." But Taylor didn't move. Ana laughed. "You have to get up if you want to leave."
"Oh, yeah." Ana walked Taylor to the door. "Hey, ya wanna do somethin tomorrow?"
"Sure Tay! That'd be great!"
"okay...well..." Taylor looked shyly at Ana, then grabbed her in for a kiss. "C-ya"
"Bye" Taylor turned around and walked back to his house. He turned around and waved to Ana. Ana waved back.



It was a bright, sunny morning. The sun shining through Ana's bedrooom window. Her Mom opened the door, "Ana......wake up....we're going to breakfast with the Hanson's" Jodie walked over to the window and opened the curtains. "Ahh, Mommmmmmmmm.........."
"Come on, get ready, we're leavin in a hour."

"Aww, fine." Ana drug herself out of bed, grabbed some clothes, and headed for the shower. This isn't fair......I'm supposed to be able to sleep's summer..." After Ana took her shower she was ready to go in short blue-jean shorts w/ white faded butterflies and flowers on them, a white Nike shirt, and her Nike Tennees. Ana walked downstairs, where she saw Taylor sitting on the couch with Ike and Zac. "Hey guys!" Ana smiled at Taylor. All three stood up as she entered the room."Where's mom and Dad?" Ana glanced around. "They're getting ready....we just came over because we had nothing else to do and we were getting bored" Ike sat back down on the couch, so did Zac. "Don't forget if we stayed, we'd have to give Mac a bath." Zac added. Ana laughed. "Can we talk, Ana?"

"Yeah, sure Tay." Taylor looked at his brothers, watching intently.

" private?"

"okay, okay....were goin'" Ike said. Ike got up and started to walk out the door, "Zac....come on!" Zac got up and followed his brother. Ana and Tay sat on the couch. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Ana asked Taylor.

" I had a good time last night." Taylor said.
" Tay....your getting off the subject here...." Taylor sighed.
" I really like you, I mean, I've never felt this way about anyone before, and well.......would you be my girlfriend?"

"I feel the same way about you, too, Tay. Of course I'll be your girlfriend." Taylor and Ana engulfed in a kiss. In the middle of the kiss, Ike and Zac burst into the house, laughing. "Come on, guys, were leavin now." Ike said between laughes. "Yeah, but no funny stuff in the car...okay?" Zac and Ike were practiclly rollling on the floor. Somehow, they had heard the whole thing. "Oh, you guys are dead!" Tay yelled. Ana and Taylor flung to the floor laughing, and started wrestling with Ike and Zac. Jodie and John walked down the stairs. "Excuse us?! Let's go people!" Jodie walked out the door, breaking up the "fight". All 4 kids walked out the door. "Taylor, you can ride with us, if you want." Jodie smiled at Taylor. "Okay!" taylor and Ana hopped in the car, and Taylor stuck his tounge out at Ike and Zac. This was going to be a good day.



~~~~In the Car~~~
"So, Ana, do you and Taylor want to go to the mall?" Jodie looked in the rear veiw mirror at Ana and Taylor. Taylor gave Ana a look that said whatever you want to do is fine with long as I get to be with you. "Mom...would it be just me and Tay? Or would Zac And Ike have to come too?" Ana asked, hoping that Zac and Ike didn't have to come, Lord knows what would happen if they came. "Oh, no, hunny. Just you and Taylor. Issac and Zachary have to go run errands with Diana." "Ok then, we'll go." Taylor smiled at Ana and Ana smiled back. Taylor took her hand in his.

~~~~~~In Front Of The Mall~~~~~
"Mom! I'm Okay! Just let me go, okay?" Ana hated it when Jodie did this to her. Every time Ana was dropped off at the mall, Jodie had to remind her of every, single, little thing that could possibly happen to them while in the mall. "Oh, okay......your a big girl now I guess....just take care." Jodie smiled at Taylor. "yeah Mom, bye" Ana grabbed Taylor's hand and walked inside. "Ugh! I hate it when she does that!" Ana said, pressing her back against the wall. "C'mon." Taylor grabbed Ana's hand and led her into Sam Goody. "Ohmigosh!!!" Ana screamed. Taylor jerked around to see Ana holding up a CD. "Look! Look! Look!" She waved it in front of his face. Taylor sighed with relief. If anything had happened to her.... Ana ran up to Taylor and shoved a CD in his face, "Look! Tay!! Look!" Ana was now, jumping up and down. "Wait, I can't see it if its smashed in my face like that." Taylor grabbed the CD and looked at the cover. "Titanic?" He said. "Yeah! I looove that one song!!! How does it go...Every night in my dreams, i see you, I feel you...." Ana danced off to the posters, still singing the song. Taylor chuckled to himself, and walked over to Ana. "You really want this?" he asked Ana looking at a poster of Titanic. "Yes.....soooo bad. But I didn't bring enough money with me to buy it." Ana sighed and turned around to go listen at the listening station. Taylor smiled and walked to the counter. " 16.47 please" the clerk said to Taylor. She was about Ike's age and was eyeing him suspisiously. Taylor paid, grabbed Ana, and walked out of the store. "But Taaaaay......I wasn't done looking yet." "Sorry, but that girl at the counter was giving me weird looks." Taylor sat down on a bench in the middle of the mall. Ana sat too. "What's in the bag?" Ana pointed to the Sam Goody bag next to Taylor's leg. "Oh, im, that's nothing....It's a birthday present for my cousin." "Oh." Ana sighed. "Your so pretty, you know that?"

"Tay....come said that to me last night." Taylor smiled. "I know...I know..." Taylor ran his fingers through Ana's hair. Ana smiled. They kissed. "Okay, now, we go to Claire's !" Ana hopped up and grabbed Taylor by the sleeve. "Awwww.........alright, fine. But no staying in there for longer than 15 minutes, okay?" "Ok!" Ana and Tay walked over to Claire's. As Taylor walked around the store, he noticed how stupid some of the things there were. Like the fake hair, and the fake belly rings. Who would be so stupid as to buy this?? He though, looking at a faux fur address book. It looks like it was attacked by a rabbit. Ana walked over to Taylor, "Come on, lets go....Oh! that is soo cool!" Ana said, referring to the address book. "Eww...I don't like it. Let's go." Taylor and Ana walked out of the store, hand-in-hand.

~~OUtside of the mall~~
Taylor and Ana were outside of the mall, waiting for Jodie to come pick them up. "Your shivering." Taylor looked at Ana. Ana looked at the ground, and Taylor put his arms around her. Just then, Taylor saw Ike's car drive into the parking lot. "Why is Ike here?" Ana asked curiously. "Uh..I dunno...maybe he's meeting someone here." Ike walked up to Ana and Taylor. "Hey you two. Why are you here?" Ike smiled at Ana and Taylor. I've never seen Tay like this before...he's so happy..... "We just decided to go to the mall." Ana looked up at Taylor, Ana was laying her head on his shoulder. "Why are you here, Ike?" Taylor asked, eagerly. " I'm meeting someone." "Ooooh, Ikey, who are we meeting?" "A girl" "What's her name?" "her name is Emily, Ana; and if you don't mind, I'd like to be leaving sometime this year." "Reeeaw! Hiss!" Ana laughed at her cat noises. Ike smiled and laughed and walked inside. "He needs a girlfriend" Ana said. "Why do you say that?" Taylor always thought Ike was perfectly fine without a girlfriend. "I can tell. I can see in his eyes that he's lonely. I knew it from the first time I saw him." Ana sighed. Jodie pulled up by the curb. "C'mon you guys! We're havin dinner with the Craft's again!" Oh, no....not again...maybe Tay can come with us this time, so "ll have some one to talk to. Tayllor gave Ana a loving look, and jumped in the car. When in the car, Ana said to her mom, "Mom, could Tay come with us this time? So I won't blow up in front of everybody again?" Ana really wanted Taylor to go. "Of course he can, Ana! Taylor, Is that alright with your mom? You can call her right now if you need to." "Oh, thanks Mrs. Dieter." Jodie handed him the phone, and Taylor called his mom.

ring, ring....ri-

"Hello?" said an overly hyper Zac.
"Zac, is mom there? This is Tay."

"Nope, she just left." Taylor heard a baby crying in the background if that''s Zoe, then Mom has to be there. "Zac! Yes she is! Give er the phone!"

"Oh, okay....." Taylor heard muffles, then his mom.
"Hello? Tay? What do you need?"

"Uh, mom? I was wondering if maybe I could eat dinner with Ana and her parents? They asked me too."
"Oh, well, Tay....we were plannin a family dinner tonight....."

"But PLEASE mom!! I'll never do anything ever again! I promise!"
"Well, okay......but tomorrow, you have to come shopping with me and the kids."

"Oh, fine."
"Okay, bye-bye hun."
"Bye" Taylor hung up. Ana looked at him expectantly "Well......?"

"Yes. She said yes."

by Jenny