Isaac Chat on 10-20-2002

I edited away all other comments than what Ike said and the questions he replied to, so that yal can see what he said in the chat yesterday!!! It was a blast We sure got some new and cool info, and it was great to see Ike on here Check this out:

Isaac Chat @ October,20-2002

Isaachanson: Hey All wazzzzz up

sassy: ive never been online with a hanson

Isaachanson: Well sassy now you have

angiebabie22: hey people whats the date today??? i dont wanna think lol

Isaachanson: 10 20 02 Date

sassy: you know you should think of coming to maine

Isaachanson: Yep Manie would be cool

Isaachanson: Maine opps

htp4u: Isaac, when are you planning on releasing your new album? I can't wait to hear your new music:o)

Isaachanson: Yep Album almost done

Isaachanson: I know there have been conflicting reports in the past but the record is almost mixed

BiShY: awesome. Is underneath gonna be on it?

Isaachanson: Yes the song "Underneath" is a part of the record

Kate: Isaac, can I ask you a question?

Isaachanson: Yes Kate

Kate: Will Hanson be touring the Maritime provinces of Canada the next tour?

Isaachanson: Canada has been on the last tours and will be again

Isaachanson: Color change

toaster: hey ike how did the documentry turn out?

Isaachanson: The Doc. is not done yet but the ruf cut is moving in a good direction.

sassy: ike isn't it going into the sundance film fest?

Isaachanson: No we made the deadline but the record was not done so there was no ending

Isaachanson: there is still no end

BiShY: will it have an end if it gets played there?

Isaachanson: Yes there will be an ending at Sundance if it is played there

BiShY: Does it matter if I'm not 21?

Isaachanson: 21

Isaachanson: 1 is not important for movie showings

Kate: ahhh Ike, yellow font

Isaachanson: I know

Isaachanson: Hiw do I keep it yellow?

Isaachanson: %c7

htp4u: Ike, you have to click on the color each time you write something

Isaachanson: fjsalkfhjs

BiShY: lol.. ya did something wrong

Isaachanson: Thanks BiShY

Isaachanson: as;fdkj

Isaachanson: sflk

Josh: Ike's speaking an alien language.

BiShY: did ya get it to work? or did ya hit the button? lol

Isaachanson: Weird

Isaachanson: Hmmm

drummerchick: |Kris| IKE, wha6t are you guys doin for HALLOWEEEN

Isaachanson: Halloween? Not sure haven't gotten that far

itzafanson: anyone wanna write a plot summery of The Crucible for me? come know you want to

Isaachanson: itzafanson- I saw that movie last week again

itzafanson: so Ike, since you've seen the movie, wanna write a plt summery of it for me? hehe

Isaachanson: What for

itzafanson: my english class

Isaachanson: Plot summary Nah

itzafanson: oh come on

drummerchick: |Kris| what about the plot summary?

Isaachanson: Summery

itzafanson: ok it's ok Ike, I guess i'll just have to write my own plot summary

Isaachanson: Sorry about that but if there is one thing I have learned it's you have to do things on your own HE HE HE

ikeshoneybear: I'm slow...seriously. But Ike, about what you just said about having to do things's crazy, but I had an experience just like that this week...

Isaachanson: OK honeyBear what's that

ikeshoneybear: *lol* Wait, Hanson need to come to Chicago...

Isaachanson: I like Chicago

toaster: ike what do u think of christinas new video?

Isaachanson: Christina is trying way to hard

Isaachanson: Hmmm

sassy: i was just listening to dirrty

Isaachanson: Dirty is an understatment he he he

Isaachanson: I am just talking about the video. Not the song. Haven't really heard the song

Isaachanson: Really

toaster: ooooh so you watch it on mute then?

Isaachanson: Look people remember "all u need is love"

sassy: they are so cool

sassy: *pokes bish*

Isaachanson: Sassy whtch your mouth

Isaachanson: h e he he

Isaachanson: But I am back

Isaachanson: right now

Isaachanson: just a sec ago

Isaachanson: 7What is Sassywork smoking

mag: Ike; Do you *REALLY* play the accordion? I've been wondering about that!

Isaachanson: Accordian? I don't relly play I just goff around

mag: You go, Ike!!! It's so cool to see you play different instruments!

Isaachanson: Sorry all

mag: It's ok, Ike!

Isaachanson: i GOTTA GO

* Thanks to Mag @ for this transcript