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International Hanson Pics

We want to give a Special Greeting to all our friends from abroad!!

~Here is a list of some countries that visit us regularly~

Canada - Australia - Brazil  - Finland - Sweden - UK - Germany - Ireland
Belgium - France -  Norway - Austria - Italy - Spain - Israel - Singapore- Argentina
Chile -Switzerland - Poland - Portugal - New Zealand - Mexico - Japan - Malaysia
Greece - Netherlands - Portugal - China - Korea - and more!!

 Click here for Sweden Pics

From Mexico 
Courtesy of TV Azteca


From Argentina - Thanks Euge


From France - Thanks Claire


From Germany / Cologne 
thanks Tina

From Germany / Bravo 
thanks Julia

From Paris thanks Cassandre

Where: Paris, hotel Royal Monceau
When: Wednesday April 5 2000

From Mexico thanks to Julia

From Germany thanks to Stina

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From Germany thanks to Johanna

wow97.JPG (120662 bytes)


From Argentina thanks to Maru

Zac.jpg (194636 bytes) Tay.jpg (150588 bytes) Ike.jpg (137591 bytes)

three.JPG (57930 bytes)

maruscan3.jpg (109545 bytes)

maruscan1.jpg (188888 bytes) maruscan2.jpg (104914 bytes)


From Mexico thanks to Jessy

HANSON 8.JPG (165296 bytes)
This is at their presentation. The medal Zac is wearing is given to all the artists
that participate in the festival. It has the colors of MEXICO!!

HANSON 12.JPG (117932 bytes) HANSON 6.JPG (88260 bytes)

HANSON 5.JPG (101106 bytes) HANSON 9.JPG (118935 bytes)
Hanson on Acapulco beach

HANSON 10.JPG (100291 bytes)
On this photo, they're giving an interview to a mexican magazine. The reporter says that
Taylor talks like Fran Fine and that he answers with a lot of intelligence!

HANSON 11.JPG (110045 bytes)
On this one, they're signing some hanson caps they were
going to give on that magazine, unfortunately, I didn't win anything =(

HANSON 1.JPG (622885 bytes) HANSON 2.JPG (176854 bytes) Hanson3.jpg (89876 bytes)


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