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  This isn't exactly a review although, I did meet Hanson in an elevator (isnt that weird?). They were getting off and I was getting on and my friend and I talked to them for a while and then they left, they were staying in the same hotel as us. Their dad was telling them to hurry up so they had to go and we didnt get pictures (we didnt have any film) or autographs because none of us had paper or a pen but they told us they would be around the next day and we could get autographs so we did that right before we had to go home (the next day) But what I basically wrote in to say is they are REALLY nice, contrary to what anyone has to say, I dont know what hanson they are talking about. I dont know about the whole smoking thing but that is very believable, and who cares!? They are normal, more than half of america smokes and hey, at least its legal. And the drinking I am sure of, but hey everyone does a little underage drinking sometimes (get out more if you havent). Those of you who have a problem with every 'bad' thing hanson does, need to lighten up and not put them on such a high pedistal of idolization that you preceive them as perfect... no one is, not even hanson. - brandy

 Hey! I am so shaken up right now but I'll try to not leave anything out. I live in a rather small town called Lakeland (In Florida) and I went to the supermarket with my mom and me and my friend Auttum were walking around entertaining ourselves while my mom shopped...she started walking towards the flower section because she spotted a potential hottie and I followed her wanting to go home where I could look at the hottest guy on earth thinking he was gonna be one of her dumb looking guys when the guy turns around it was Ike !!! yes IKE ! She looked at him (she hates Hanson) and quickly introduced herself and me...after a second or two I asked him what he was doing in Lakeland and he said they were there to hang out with and surprise some old friends...now he had a dozen red roses in his hand and he said they was gonna meet some "friends"...ANYWAYS...I decided to leave him alone with his flowers and see if I would run into Zac or maybe Taylor...well I'm getting to the end of the supermarket about to give up when I see about 10 bouncing rubber balls and two HUGE guys coming right towards me and it happened to be Zac and Taylor who "accidentally" lifted the cage door to where they keep all those balls...well Auttum approched them and told them that I was madly in love with Zac and wanted to have millions of his babies and they laughed at me while I wanted to die of embarassment not to mention kill her. So she introduced me and they were nice and Zac gave me a hug and told me that maybe in a couple of years he'd call me to accept the offer and then laughed at me some more and they said goodbye and that was my very brief glorious and embarrassing encounter with the Hansons. Julia

Hey, I just found out that the people I saw outside the 15 Beacon Hotel in Boston wasn't Hanson. A lot of people in Boston were saying Hanson was there but I just found out recently from some fans that it wasn't them. It was actually this band called Muragla, (odd name) and they are almost the same age as Hanson but not quite. The oldest is 23, the middle one is 20 and the youngest is 18, they are all blondes so when I saw them from the back they looked a lot like Hanson! I have no idea why everyone here thought it was Hanson, but I just thought I'd clear it up for ya! They arnt a famous band, their a local band from CA. Toran

Hi =) I know this is a little late, but my friend and I recently met Jonny Lang in Tulsa on May 5th after his concert at the Oklahoma Blues Festival. We arrived at his hotel right after his concert (where we had front row) and there were about 100 girls waiting for him to arrive. Well we saw a white van pull up so we walked over to see who was in it. We recognized a guy from Jonny's band so my friend, Amanda, asked him if he knew when Jonny would get there and the guy sarcasticly said "Oh I don't know." Then a guy got out of the van and it was Jonny himself. We said hi to him and told him he played an awesome show and we told him it was the first time we had seen him play. Then Amanda asked if he was good friends with Hanson and he said yes, so Amanda told him that she thought him and Isaac made a good pair when playing. Then I said that we were wondering why Hanson didn't come to the show to watch and maybe step-in and play a few songs with him, and Jonny told me that he was wondering the same thing and that he couldn't get a hold of the guys to ask them to come down and play with him. So then we asked him if we could take a picture and he said yes. So we took pics and then his manager said it was time to go inside and we told him bye and he told us to "have a good one". We felt really special because we were the only girls who got to talk to him and take pictures with him. Alright so it really isn't Hanson news, but we thought the other fans might like to hear about our story, so will you please post it on the Latest News? We would really like it if you would. Thanks a lot =) Adrianna 

 Hey guys, I have a Hanson website that I made a couple of years ago, and it is for fans in Massachusetts because I thought it would be cool to create a strong fan base here, so a lot of people from MA email me and we chat back and forth spreading the latest Hanson news. last week a lot of fans were emailing me saying they spotted Hanson in downtown Boston. Someone said they saw them at Fanuel Hall with two chicks, one with blonde hair, and she had her tips dyed green, and another chick with brown hair and an eyebrow piercing. Then someone else emailed me and said they saw Hanson with the same chicks leaving Fanuel Hall on a boat. Then another person emailed me and said the same exact thing only they said that they followed Hanson when they were leaving Fanuel Hall, and they said Hanson took the boat to Hingham MA and a lady picked them up in blue jeep. I also got more sighting reports from people saying they were also spotted in China Town in Boston, The 15 Beacon Hotel, and Fanuel Hall. I didn't believe any of this, I thought it was just a rumour but then I remembered that my friend from School named Lauren's Dad was the door man at the 15 Beacon Hotel. I told her and she said she would talk to her Dad. Her Dad said he cant give away that kind of information because he would lose his job, Never the less I went into Boston myself and I spotted 3 blondes get into a black van and drive away, outside the hotel. I only saw them from the back and from the back they looked like Hanson. If anyone knows if Hanson was actually in Boston lemme know Toran

 Hey, My names Melody and my friends Lisa, Jenn, Sarah and I met Vertical Horizon on March 18th at the Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster Pa *we live in philly* anyway . While we were standing there out front of thier tour bus my friend Jenn says "you guys know Hanson loves you right?" and the Rythm Guitarist Keith says "Yeah we had some fun times with them a few weeks back" talking about when Hanson saw and met them in NYC.Then i said "yeah its because of them we really got involved in your music because they always promote you on hanson.net" Then one of them told us *im not going to say who* that Hanson was there with thier Girl friends and 2 of them are in a band. Then my friend Sarah asked if it was M2M and "he" said "yeah i think so". You dont have to believe us but its true. We also met a fan named Sam while we were there who just loves Hanson and Vertical Horizon and she was at the concert VH did at the Hammerstein ballroom, and she also saw Hanson with M2M and another girl *Taylors girlfriend*. Then we all got them to autograph stuff for us and took pics with them. If you would like to see out pics with them email me back Hanson1312@aol.com. Also they signed Jenns T-shirt she bought there and keith wrote "Rock On Jenn, Hanson loves you" the funny thing is Me and Lisa are the huggest Hanson fans and Jenn only likes them shes not obsessed.. anyway i just thought everyone should know. We asked Ed and Matt and Sean *whos hoottt* what they thought of Hanson and they all said they ruled. Especially Sean and Matt loves their music.

I saw that people were writing about Hanson at SXSW and I actually was working there and when I saw Taylor I was on my break and kinda following him I guess you could say. lol. So I had lost sight of him and I just stood there in the back until I heard a guy laugh and I knew it was him but I couldn't find him. Finally I spotted him where noone could see him unless they were really looking in the shadows. Anyway, I saw him with this short girl and he was holding her by the waist and they looked like they were kissing. So of course I got closer so I could kinda hear them talking. She pushed him away playfully and he pulled her back to him and they both laughed. Then he kissed her again and she was like, "You gotta go." and he goes, "No that's okay I can stay here." and she was all, "No. Seriously. Go and tell me when we're fixing to leave." Then it was cute cause he kinda whined and was like, "Jeeeesss." while leaving but holding her hand. So I guess her name was Jessica. And she kissed him again and left him so he would go wherever he was supposed to go. And if anyone else saw them together TELL ME so I won't be the only one left out here who thinks I'm the only one who saw them. Obiously they werent letting anyone see them together, but I know there has to be SOMEONE else who saw them. :) -:- Sarah -:-  k I saw HANSON at the WILTERN theatre in Los Angeles CA on AUGUST 8th 2000. K it started with some girl opening so I went to buy my stuff then made my guy friend Chris get it cause I didn't want to miss NEVE considering I nearly SH** a BRICK when I found out they were opening. They were totally awesome and the long haired one threw a stack of their stickers at my shoulder which sorta hurt. Before Hanson a guy from kiis made us scream into his cell phone for HANSON to brodcast it onKiis.THEN HANSON CAME OUT and singing LOOK AT YOU I went insane and started to cry as usual AND I REALIZED THERE WAS A LARGE MAN SITTING BACK STAGE AND I WENT NUTZ CAUSE I REALIZED IT WAS JOHN POPPER. IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME I had third row and zac and was starring at my friend ARWYN and I for soooo long and during RUNAWAY RUN taylor gave me the I LOVE U SIGN cause i was the only one jumping up and down omg it was ORGASMIC! Then right before they did the accoustic set I threw my bra (one that was too small for me with my email address and PHONE # in it NOT THE ONE I WAS WEARING) on stage right behind IKE zac saw it and started smiling at me. THEN I SPAZZED OUT SCREAMING THATZ MY F***ING BRA!!! lol then during WISH THAT I WAS THERE I BLEW UP CONDOMS and wrote Taylor I love u and tried to throw them up on stage WHILE SCREAMING TAYLOR YOU'RE ORGASMIC. THEN JOHN POPPER CAME OUT AND JOINED IN IF ONLY AND IN THE CITY WHICH WAS SOOOOOO AMAZING AND WHILE THAT WAS GOING ON ZAC WAS LOOKING ARE WAY SO I FLASHED HIM HE JUST SMILED (i was wearing a bra) THEN THE SHOW WAS OVER AND I THREW A FIT CRYING BECAUSE THEY DIDNT SING ANY OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. After the show we waited for them to come out and i met up with some of my other friends and harassed some bitch and that was it.

 i'm Lexie and i went to the Pittsburgh concert on September 25,2000.OMG it was awesome!! ok well it was a monday so i had to go to skool(ugh).on the radio in the morning the local radio station B94 was having a contest that the skool with the most people calling in would get a B94 person to go to their skool and they would get meet&greet passes. well about an hour L8r they said Bethel Park HS won.i live about 45 mins away from bethel park so it was kinda impossible for me to go.i begged my mom but nothin worked. well i got home from skool at about 3:30 got ready and left the house by 5.we had to leave early cause we were gonna meet my friend casey i met on the internet cause we were gonna sit together.when we got there OMG it was FREEZING!!!it was rainy and cold and just not a good day.well i waited for about a half an hour out in the rain until casey finally got there.well while i was waiting i saw some girls w/ AWESOME pants on---they were jeans and they used marker or something to write hanson zac tay ike (-(-\)\) whatever on them. they were so kool! well after casey got there we went inside and the place was PACKED! there was like no walking space inside this place.thats cause it was the area where they were selling the stuff so we got into this mass of people and waited for about 15 mins B4 we got out stuff.after that we went into the main area and as soon as you walked in there you just felt this cool vibe of hanson.it was so kool.well there were about 10 rows on the floor center then there were a few sections on the side w/ about 5 rows to them each.then because it was a gym for a college(weird i know)there were seats that kinda went up like stadium seats then there was a blacony.me and casey sat section A2 row D seats 1&2.we were in like the 14th row form the stage then we were kinda in the center. the seats were great!!! the balcony people had to go up on the 2nd level and there was a curtain kinda covering it.its hard to explain. anyways there was a lil opening where you could see some people walking and then some person w/ blond hair was waving and all the people started screaming--i have no idea if it was a hanson a or some fan being an idiot.whatever. anyways we were sitting there waiting for M2M to come out and the girl behind us was talking about how she met tay.so i talked to her and she was pretty nice. she told us how she got there at 10 and the security guards gave her and her friend passes.lucky girl.then about 10 mins L8r M2M came out and if you wanna know my real opinion they weren't so great at all.they could have spiced up their show a lil more and their bass player was just weird! they only took up half of the stage so it was kinda weird.then there was a lil break while they set up for hanson and then all of a sudden the lights went out and they came running out.it was so kool!!! well the show was great mostly cause i stood on my chair the whole time(lol).i saw so well and i guess zac saw me too cause he kept smiling at me! it was so cute---i have pix of it but i don't have a scanner sooooo.but i must have been noticable cause i was standing on my chair w/ my big boots on that make me 2 inches taller(i'm 5'4 so i was about 5'6 or 7)and i was wearing a white hanson tee over my red tank top.every time the lights went over our part of the place zac looked and i was just like OMG! lol.after a few songs they went for a lil break and zacs butt was ALL SWEATY! it was funny lol.then they played acustic and then they had another break and then they played more then another break and then the tta accapella.omg i loved that concert so much.afterwards me and casey said our goodbyes and email me's and me and mom left out the side way where their tour bussed were parked. i wanted to wait for them but that would have been a bad idea since it was still kinda raining and it was dark and they stayed inside to play a game of bball.i screamed soooo much i had barely any voice the next day and i had a really hoarse one for about a week or two after that. oh well---it was WELL worth it!!! ok so thats my review! hope you liked it! please email me!! hansonzactayikegirl@yahoo.com I LoVe ZaC!HaNsOn RoCkS!!!!

 My name is Kimmi and I'm a sixteen year old Hanson fanatic :). On September 7th, 2000, two of my friends and I had my friend's parents drive us to Washington DC to see Hanson at the Warner Theatre! The drive up there was great! Meghan, Lacy, and I were all cramed into the back of Meghan's parents' car and, since we had a lot of school work to do and were forced to bring along our books and all, it was pretty crowded :) Meghan and I studied while talking endlessly of how talented Isaac, Taylor and Zac all are and Lacy sat hypnotically listening to This Time Around. When we actually got to DC, its about a two hour drive, we got so excited we seriously couldnt stop giggling! All we could do was look and at each other and squeel with delight. We arrived not to long after at the theatre and people were already loading up the outside area. It was incredible! Meg, Lace, and myself pushed through the lines and finally made our way to the ticket booth to pick up our tickets. WE WERE SO DISAPPOINTED!!! Meg spent all this money calling the HansonHotline like four or five times a day to be able to get reserved seating for MOE members and we were in the 21st row!!! I felt like crying! Well, after the heart breaking realization of our crappy seats, we were finally able to go in and all three of us hit the merchandise vendors :) My $50 didnt last very long :) So, after the three of us succeded in spending all of our money, we slowly made our way to our seats and talked happily about all the stuff we had just brought...remembrance of our horrible view was overlooked when we all sat down and remembered why we were really there. About 20 minutes later, M2M started the show. They were pretty good. I myself play the guitar and wree pretty impressed by their skills. So, about fifteen minutes after they finished doing their thing, Hanson ran onto the stage and I seriously thought I was going to faint! They looked soooo GOOD! I loved Isaacs pants and Zac and Taylor looked very very very very very, ect :) nice looking. The music was great! The guys hit every note perfectly and their playing ability didnt cease to amaze me once more. Zacs little rendition of I want you to want me was too cute! Him jumping off the drum set just made the song all that much better, too :) Their performance that night was astounding. They seriously are three of the most talented musicians in the music industry. Well, thats basically my story...just that it was the most incredible night of my life and that i think Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are the greatest guys. Keep the Hanson love alive. Peace, love, and bullet-proof marshmallows :) - Kimmi

I want to make it clear right away that i mean no insult to Taylor at all in this discussion. In fact, the gay teen community is actually hoping that our suspicions turn out to be true. Ok, lately there has been discussion in many circles of Hanson fans that Taylor may be gay. This might seem unbelievable to some but actually there is a lot of evidence to back it up. I am a gay teen who is a big Hanson fan, and all of this became clear to me throughout their career. I finally wanted to share it with other Hanson fans. First, the song Weird is undeniably about teens who are stuck "in the closet." The band's explanation of the song being about how we all say "weird" everyday is ridiculous and completely staged. Lyrics like; "You feel like you're all alone in a faceless crowd" and "Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same" and "When you live in a cookie cutter world if you're different you can't win," are explicitly about being young and gay in America. There just isn't any other way to look at it. The co-writer of that song, Desmond Child, is a respected gay producer. Even the director of the video, Gus Van Sant, is gay. Also, the song is piano based, indicating that Taylor probably was the one who began writing it, and he sings nearly the whole thing by himself. That is just too much to write off as coincidence. Second, when Taylor is asked about girls in interviews, he always gives the same kind of off-hand and rehearsed answer that my gay friends and I give when we are asked about girls by people unaware of our sexuality. Not to mention that no matter what crowd he's are talking too, even if it is all girls, he always says things like "hey GUYS" or "how're you GUYS doing tonight." One might assume that he has guys on the brain, or that talking about girls is an annoyance. Third. There are only 2 Hanson songs that are named after girls, Madeline, and Lucy. Interestingly enough, Taylor does not sing lead on either of them. However he does sing lead on Yearbook, which focuses on a boy that he misses dearly. Maybe one that he left when moving from Tulsa to L.A. The song is so filled with personal issues, it is the only song on thier first 2 albums that they haven't ever performed in concert. Fourth. While both Zac and Ike have admitted to dating girls several times, Taylor never has. In fact, he's even been quoted on more than one occassion as saying that "he's not interested" or he "has more important things on his mind." Fifth. You might be asking, "If he's gay, why doesn't he just come out and say it?" There are several reasons. First and foremost, if the most adored Hanson brother suddenly came out and confessed that he was gay, it's a pretty sure bet that the Hanson fan base would dissapier. Lets face it, most of Hanson's teenage girl fans like them becasue of thier looks-not thier music. It's similar to the girlfriend issue, one thing that they use to thier advantage is the fact that will not admit to having a girlfriend. This is a ploy the record company uses to keep the image of Hanson as young, cute, single guys that every girl wants. With thier career already failing after "This Time Around" it would be suicide for him to come out now. The other reason he may not have come out is one that is common to most other gay teens. I am 17 years old and i've known i was gay since i was about 13. I have many supportive friends, some of whom are also gay. None of us have come out to our families. The risk of losing the respect and love of those who we care about is enough to scare us back into the closet everytime we think about just beig honest. Taylor has more than his family to worry about, he also has to think about the fans. Sixth. I have been to every Hanson chat since they first debuted. At every one I have submitted intelligent, well thought out questions about homosexuality, and they have never answered a single one. My final reasons are ones that i would expect only another gay guy to notice, but i'll mention them anyway. *He does the "hand thing" all the time *He plays the piano (as does Liberace and Elton John, 2 very famous piano players who also happen to be gay) *He dresses gay (i've caught him wearing several outfits that my friends and i have in our own closets, or that we've seen on other gay celebs) *He crosses his legs *He is sensitive and soulful (this is an almost foolproof way to tell a strait guy from a gay guy) *He has no interest in sports (when the topic comes up in interviews his brothers always answer) Again, i mean no disrespect to Taylor by saying any of this. It would actually be a wonderful thing if gay kids could have a great role model like Tay to look up to. If anyone has any thoughts on this subject or would like to discuss it further, feel free to e-mail me at casper@studflower.com

 I have a hanson sighting! i was leaving for a trip from chicago midway's airport the other day (feb. 10th). it just so happened that the terminal that i was departing from was the exact terminal that a plane from l.a. was arriving at. (we were to fly a connecting flight from l.a. to our destination) anyways, while we were waiting in line to board after the passengers got off from the past flight, i noticed a small blonde haired kid running back and forth with a huge teddy bear that you could get from a carnival or fair etc. the kid tripped over my suitcase on wheels, and i tried helping him up because he started crying. as i was apologizingto the lady which i thought was his mother, i felt a hand on my shoulder and i heard someone say, "aw, he'll be alright...he runs into things all the time." i turned around and to my big (!!) surprise, it was zac hanson! i started laughing not at what zac said, but the fact that here i am knocking over zac hanson's brother mac with my suitcase and then having zac right next to me with his hand on my shoulder! i didn't know how mackenzie looked like or how mrs. hanson looked like so i was clueless at first! i apologized once again and thought that this would be the end of my encounter. but then zac started stirring up a convo with me. he asked something like, "so where are you off to?" and eventually, he asked for my name and stupid (stupid!!) me with my nervousness automatically asked him what his names was! all in all, we talked for a few moments and i even gave him my e-mail address after he asked for it! (still awaitng a messege from him, though!) i was star-strucked the whole day! and if you are wondering, no, i didn't see tay or ike or any of the other hansons...just mrs. hanson, mac and zac. i must've missed them! lol...this was probably the most suprising day of all...but one thing i regret was not getting zac's autograph! -Can I please remain anonymous? I really don't want any hate mail or anything saying i made this up b/c i just don't feel like fighting with these people! thank you!)

 Hey I live in Tulsa and roughly 3 weeks ago I was in the city at a local movie theater seeing Castaway. When me and my friends were leaving we noticed there was a nice size group of people by the doors. When we walked by we saw that Isaac and Zac Hanson were there with about 6 other people. Well at first it was like cool. Even though I am not a fan of them that much. Then my friend was like "MAN SHE IS HOT", as I turned around I saw Marion from M2M there along with Marit! At first I was like no way. I had heard from my friend that Hanson were dating them but my god! Sure enough they were there and I was like nah they are just friends..YEAH RIGHT Isaac didnt waste no time because from the time she walked up they were kissing and fondlying each other. It was quite nasty. I was just amazed. And Zac was looking really bad. Anyways I thought I would write in and let you know about this. From what we got from them they were leaving Tulsa the end of that week for something out west.

 I was just writing to let you know a Hanson sighting I had. I've been debating on whether or not to do this because I knew that it would cause a bit of a stir but in the end decided what the hell, we're all fans, everyone can take it any way they want. I was in LA recently and saw none other than - you guessed it - Taylor and Zac (who knows where Ike was??). I was on Melrose Avenue and spotted them in a small cafe/restaurant called Tavola Calda. They were with their manager, a woman I assume would be his girlfriend or wife who had brown hair, a guy about their age with spikey blonde hair and two girls with blonde hair also. Even though some of you may say that it's a breech of their privacy I begged my mom to let us have lunch there too so me my mom my dad and my brother went in and got a table that wasn't that close to Hanson but.. close enough to get a good look and a bit of an eaves drop. The cafe isn't that big anyway, so anywhere you sit made it possible to see them. They were sharing a massive pizza and talking about something to do with some studio or something, I'm not quite sure. The girls and the guy that they were with all looked around their age.. teenagers anyway, one of the girls looked like she was kinda sick cos she kept sneezing and blowing her nose and the other talked a lot to the teenage guy.. they looked like they were all friends. Hansons friends had weird accents I'm not sure where they must have been from but definitely not the states. I was trying not to stare cos I didn't want to give myself away but they were all very casual and mucking around, it wasn't a business like meeting. At one point the woman their manager was with (who i think they called jackie or something) spilled wine on herself and Zac pointed out where the bathrooms were. When she was gone Taylor tried a bit of the wine left in her glass and looked like he didn't really appreciate it, he screwed up his nose and shook his head. From what I could hear they were talking about getting good wine from overseas places like Europe and Austrailia. Eventually their manager went to pay for the bill, and the woman with him followed him and put her arm around him. The guys and their friends mingled around the front door waiting to be picked up I guess. The were all joking and mucking around and Zac kept trying to pick the girls up and throw them around it was cute! Taylor was just watching shaking his head and laughing. Then they got picked up in a black four wheel drive and drove off. I went over to their table after that and took all their serviettes and stuff, even the one the girl blew her nose on, yeah I know it's gross but hehe i'm crazy!! :) Just thought the Hanson House visitors would like to know what hanson have been doing in their spare time around LA! :) ~ Jordie

(The one that its grabbing tay's shoulder its me hahah,the one with glasses) hi  how are you all hanson fans..well i want to start telling you..you're already my friends just by knowing you like hanson as much as i do..let me introduce myself..my name is alejandra and i live in mexico.And let me tell you the best day of my hole life was 26/10/00 wooww.I MEET TAYLORRRRR AND ZZAAAACCC AND ISAAAACCC it was loike wow..let me tel you the whole story..well first i live in chiapas one country in mexico so the concert was at the capital and that day i had to present my 4 exams of the next dasy cause i invented i was sick at school so my grades still normal..because i have o stay at mexico at least 3 days... so well i arranged that and as i heard the bell ranged i go upstairs as fast as i can and my mom was there in the trunk with my clothes..and i got to the airport many people was telling it wont take off or whatever it is called-.....so i was about to cry then..finally i got into the plane and i was soo soo nervous (my father was witjh me in the plane) and he sleep..i couldnt do that then when we land my cousin (barbara) was there waiting for me with a myserious face..and she said..sorry we dont have the tickets i started to cry...... and then she said nononononononooooo its lie we are going to meet them../i tought just like in concert imagine we were at the 5th row) and she said noo meet and greet   i start jumping..shaking woow you know meeting them talking them,..woow my dream since 1997..the persons i dream on everyday at everytime.. woow it was ccrazy..you know?.okk then at the car i take my makeup and started to getting cute haha with my cousin.then we finally arrived and we were soo nervous..then we met the girls (like 20) that were going inside with us they were all excited too....and i just hear lets go meet and greet.all the prense and people of newspaper and stuff like that were there just taking pictures and reviews about the lucky girls (20 of 9000) that were going to meet hanson brothers i dont believe it..... even right now.... then we arrived at backstege (kind'a hall) and we waited till they finished eating..then i was in the group of the first 10 woow  the first 5 enter.. then they said to me its your turn.go for it  i cant even move i just entered wooowww there was taylor..(the first one i saww my dream wooww)just he looked at me..right at my eyes me me meeeeeee    he gave a look at me   and i smiled he knwe i was so nervous and i go and kiss himmm woow that smell  how could i forget his touch his warm embracehahahah sooo i said hi and he said hola in spanish wich means hi and we both laugh then i cant see my cousin she was at the door just getting his t-specil-shirts (as u can see in the pic) and she runn and grabed the same way i grabbed taylor just that she in the front and woooww... then at the pics tay started saink perfectoo wich meand perfect anddd wooww that beautiful voice he rockkkzzzz he is the best   and yhen i kissed twice zac and isaac..they were soo cute and gentle and nice etc.. and i saw tay one more time and iii told him I LOVE YOU and he told meee he told meeeeeee "THANX YOU'RE SO CUUTTTEEEEEEEEE" he told that to me TAYLOR HANSOOOONNNN well then barb kiss him again and i kissed him again and i kissed ike and zac ..wooowww then i just left looking at him thinking about the best day i ever had in my 14 years..then well i go to my sit i was soo like in clouds soo "flying" so everything..hen like at 9 m2m appeared sang like 10 songs it was eally cool...in spanish and everything and thenn woow tim's up hanson appeared they sing al the album (except cant stop)+wheres the love+mmmbop+look at you+speechless+I WANT U TO WANT ME+u cant always get what you want wooow at i want u to want me woow tays arms were likee so greattt (well they 3 were soo great you know that) but his face ,arms, all at drums was so perfect.... i dont want to bore you..just tel you that wass the bessttt day of my life also sorry for my bad english..is not easy to write allt hat when its not your lenguaje) sorry=o love ya  ale

 Hello! I just wanted to share something that happened to me, a while ago, 3 weeks ago actually. I live in Tulsa and there's this girl in my class who's friends with friends of Hanson(I know, confusing). Anyways, there was this basketball match and I went with my friend 'cause she said Hanson was gonna be there. And Taylor did go, with 2 guys and a girl. So I was like "heck, whos that girl?" 'cause she was very pretty.. and they were holding hands and being all affectionate to each other. Well my friend who's friends of their friends had met Tay before, so she went to say hi and I introduced myself and Tay introduced the girl that was with him, her name is Ashley. She's blonde and blue eyes.. she was really nice. but me & my friend didn't stay there for long 'cause we didn't want to be a pain. so we went back to our places to watch the game but I kept looking at Tay and he DID kiss the girl on the lips several times, so there you go, I finally saw him with his gf. I know lots of people are gonna bitch at me saying that we shouldn't care about their private lives, but i just felt like i should share. oh, I think Tay's hair is even shorter but I'm not sure 'cause he was wearing a cap. byebye Julia

 Nashville (Or better titled) Rachel and Stephanie's Excellent *TEENIE* Adventure I feel the need the preface this review with a disclaimer: I really am a mature, sane, and un-teenie person. So, please try to keep this is mind as you read this review. =) This all started in Hawaii, yes Hawaii! Hanson has never toured in Hawaii and even in the height of the Middle Of Nowhere craze, the radio stations rarely played Hanson. One day when we heard "mmmbop" at Royal Kunia Wal-Mart, my sister actually fell to the floor and started crying in the middle of the store! I have to admit that I was slightly embarrassed by this, but I tried to understand. I liked the song "A Minute Without You," but I didn't consider myself an obsessed fan like my sister. Christian groups like DC Talk, Newsboys, Third Day and Jars of Clay were my choice in music. Also, thanks to my father, I enjoyed classic rock bands from the 60's and 70's. Meanwhile, other groups like *Nsync played in Hawaii and most of my sisters friends stopped listening to Hanson and started making fun of Hanson and my sister, Rachel. To her credit, Rachel became a defiant Hanson fan. She only had three Hanson shirts because it was hard to get merchandise in Hawaii. However, she chose to wear one of these three shirts to school everyday! My mom saw this as an excellent opportunity to promote good grades in school. She made an ill-fated, although well meaning promise to my sister that if she kept her grades up that she would take her to see Hanson - providing that it was within reason. Well, that was all that it took for my sister. Every year after that she made mostly straight A's on all of her report cards! Now, fast forward to the present, suddenly we find that we are moving to the mainland and that Hanson will be releasing a new album. On the release date of TTA, my sister received an award for having the highest Science average in her entire class at our new school. Our parents attended the awards ceremony and then left to pick up the album for her. On the way, someone ran a stop sign and crashed into my parent's new car! Luckily no one was hurt, but what they went through for Hanson! To my mom's credit, she remembered the promise she had made to Rachel, and started to look on the internet for tour dates. That's when she found a mall signing that was within reasonable driving distance. She agreed to go because she was afraid that when the tour dates came out that Hanson might not play anywhere near us. My sister got us up at 3:00am to get to the mall at 4:00am and we were the first people there. But, while waiting, I had to use the restroom, so we had to drive to a gas station because the mall was closed. When we got back to the mall there were 3 other people in line! Because of me, my sister lost her first place in line. But, she never got mad at me! (My bladder will actually help me out later in the tour) That day we got to meet the three guys that have filled Rachel's life with so much joy for so long. I found Hanson to be extremely gracious and kind and I began to understand what my sister saw in them. But, the a cappella performance is what blew me away! The rich, solid harmonies were the absolute best that I have ever heard! This is when I actually started to like Hanson. I absolutely loved the songs "Dying to be Alive", and "Sure About It." The tour dates were released and then came the information about preferred seating. During all this we moved again, not knowing if we would miss the chance to get the preferred seating. Luckily, we were in a central location that allowed us to possibly make several concerts, so we were pretty confident that we could go to at least one. The day we could sign up for preferred seating, I was supposed to be watching for the sign up but, I was browsing on the net instead, and didn't get signed up right away. Rachel had every right to kill me, but she didn't even yell at me. Luckily, we got the preferred seating anyway. That was three concerts and two moves ago, and I am now hooked on Hanson and so is my mom! The Nashville concert was the absolute last concert that we could attend and it was a very tough sell for my mom. But, she surprised us with tickets the day before the concert!!!! We arrived in Nashville at 10:00am. We met two girls and their mom and became instant friends. My mom was relieved to have another mom to spend the day with. At this point we were still calm. The Ryman was a beautiful old building with stained glass windows that resembled a church. My mom said that Elvis and many other country stars had performed there. Two blue buses were there already and they were unloading the equipment. We walked past the trailer trucks and saw to our surprise there were Hanson's guitars and drums! We politely asked and were allowed to touch the drums that Zac would later play that night. Then something happened, as my hand strummed the very string that Isaac's hands have touched--something snapped inside me. I was suddenly elevated to the teenie frenzy that my sister had LIVED in for four years. And what marvelous bliss it was!!! I was suddenly on a mission to enjoy myself like I never have at a Hanson concert. At the Ryman, a really nice security guard told us where to wait for Hanson's arrival. On the left side of the Ryman was an alley with bars and restaurants that had back doors that opened into the alley. We waited there for what seemed like an eternity and then the burgundy bus that carried Hanson's family arrived. There were several girls in the alley now and my sister and I were about 3 feet from the door that lead to the Ryman! The Hanson family had to exit the bus, walk about 40 yards directly toward us, and enter a doorway with stairs that lead up into the Ryman. We saw Avery, Mackie, Zoe, Jessica, Diana and Walker for the first time ever. (Remember that we had never done this teenie-groupie kind of thing ) Mackie was the cutest thing. As he started to walk up the stairs just inside the doorway, all the girls said, "AWWWWWWWW, how cute!" Mackie stopped immediately, turned around, distorted his face, and screamed, "Enough with the awww's already!" I thought, " Now that's my kind of guy!" LOL. Zoe was in a red sundress and left the bus by herself and ran past all the girls yelling, "Mommy-mommy!" To the crowd's credit, no one tried to touch any of Hanson's family. Mac emerged from the Ryman carrying a bag of candy and went back to the bus. When he came out of the bus again, he had on a blue bucket hat. But still no Ike, Tay and Zac. That's when a gold car drove up very close to the door. Hanson was in the backseat, Ike on the passenger's side, Tay in the middle and Zac on the driver's side. Ike was wearing a white wife-beater, Tay a blue t-shirt, and Zac was in a white t-shirt with a brown leather jacket. They got out of the car and walked right toward us, heading for the door. Where we stood, we could watch them climb the stairs and go through another door into the Ryman. They all came out again and went to the catering area, which was close to the bus. That means that we got to watch them descend the stairs and walk about 3 feet in front of us again! Zac was first, looking fantastic in that brown leather jacket=0) Then came Taylor, looking just about as perfect as one boy could be! And finally, Ike descended the stairs. (I have to stop here and say that Ike is my sister's favorite Hanson, which made what came next incredible!) When Ike got to the bottom of the stairs he was a little confused about where the catering area was and stopped to ask security where to go. Keep in mind that he was only 3 feet in front of us with no barricades and only one security guard! At that moment, Ike stopped and looked at my sister and reached for her hand! He shook her left hand with his right and looked at her for a moment. I wondered if he remembered her. (We had after all followed them through four different states!!) After Ike turned around my sister screamed, "Ah, he shook my hand!!!!!" As I was laughing, some girls started screaming also, and Isaac realized that there was nothing between him and this mass of screaming girls. He got this look on his face like, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" LOL Sadly, some girls rushed him on his way to the catering area. I guess they wanted to say that they had touched Ike, too. But, I promise that my sister did not reach for Ike, she was in total shock that she was that close to him and couldn't move even if she wanted too!! This one small act made my sisters week, no, I think I can safely say it made her entire LIFE!!!! LOL Some time later, all three came back, of course only after we had been herded behind barricades because of that little incident with Ike! Hanson then entered the Ryman for what we thought was the last time. The crowd started to go in the building at this time because M2M would be on in a few minutes. It was at this time another VERY kind person took us to the back door of the Ryman that lead up to the official meet and greet area and the stage. It was getting dark by now and I guess that there were only about 25 of us there now. The friend that I had met earlier exclaimed, "Make-up, quickly!" LOL As we were struggling to get on our make-up, we could barely see the outline of the three guys walking toward us. I can't describe the anticipation and the fear of this moment. The guys had to walk about 50-75 yards down this long dark alley to get to the back door. The whole thing was so surreal. Here was the object of so many girls' desires walking directly toward us and all the barriers had been taken down. (Hanson did have some very large security guards in tow this time, they are not stupid !) It is one thing to see them on stage and another to have them set across a table and sign an autograph, but this was unreal!! It was all like a dream. This is when I remembered what some Hanson fan had posted that they believed Hanson were angels sent to earth to make our lives better! Even how ridiculous this thought may seem, it was all that I could think about! (Sorry, I couldn't help it. It was my teenie moment after all =0) Then suddenly Zac broke out in a little "hoe down dance" to the live country band playing in the bar next to the alley! (Well, I guess Zac could be a country angel!! LOL). After brief smiles, handshakes, hellos, and thanks for coming, it was over. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but all I could think of was how terrific these guys were to even let us be there at all. Especially, after Ike had gotten mobbed earlier. It's these small acts of kindness that set Hanson apart from all the other bands out there today. And now I can truly understand what my sister has felt for so long. Finally to their concert! LOL A live Hanson concert is like listening to a TTA album dosed with a pure shot of adrenaline! At Nashville they played slower love songs, and fewer cover tunes. I heard "I Don't Know" and "Lonely Again" for the first time. "This Time Around" is hauntingly beautiful live and takes on a life of its own. It makes you wish that it would have been received better by the public. Hanson really knows how to work up the crowd into a delectable mass of screaming souls. In the height of this frenzy, when you think you can't survive another song, Hanson mercifully breaks for an acoustic set. It is during this acoustic set that Hanson truly shines. "Love Song" and "Wish That I Was There" are both standouts. The boys, however, don't let you stay calm for too long. During "If Only" Tay and Ike did their now familiar jumping up and down in time to the music. This time we could feel the whole balcony shaking, as hundreds of girls followed their cue. The building was pretty old and I prayed that it would hold up. At least until the concert was over that is.=0) But the highlight of the evening was the encore. Zac sang "I Want You To Want Me," a Cheap Trick cover tune, while Tay played the drums. Not to break with rock star tradition, Zac of course, had to play a little air guitar before jumping off the drum riser. After three concerts this was the first time that we had gotten to see Zac's encore. There were no bad seats in the house because the Ryman was so small. The lights from the stage were bright enough so that you could see everyone in the audience. Instead of individual seats there were what looked like church pews. We were on the floor on Ike's side and at times he was so close that we could touch him. If ever there was a venue that screamed for someone to jump on the stage- it was here! But, luckily no one did. About 10 minutes into the concert I had to use the restroom, but this time, I was actually rewarded! That's because I ran into one of the DC Talk band members! My bladder was finally responsible for something GOOD happening to me! LOL This was the best time that I've had at any concert and all of it was due to some random acts of kindness. But the biggest thanks go out to Hanson!! It is so great that they have not become jaded by all the fame and money and still take the time to connect with their fans! -- Thank you for taking the time to read this, it turned out to be a little longer than I thought it would be=0). I apologize for the tardiness of this revue. The concert occurred on October 18, and I have just now had the time to type it up. I hope you enjoyed the description of the concert as much as I enjoyed being there!

 Hi, I want to make a quick comment about the Grammys since it seems like a lot of people don't understand them. I am a big Hanson fan but I wasn't disappointed when they weren't nominated, because realistically, they only had a shot in one category, Best Pop Performance by a Group. Only the top five vote-getters in each category get nominated. For all we know, Hanson could have finished sixth in that category. They certainly weren't going to get nominated for Record or Album of the Year or anything like that. The fact is that NARAS is completely composed of music industry artists and record executives. That means that every famous musician--from Britney Spears, to Limp Bizkit, to Faith Hill, to Hanson themselves--are actually members of NARAS. They are the ones doing the voting. Songs do have to be relatively big hits to get nominated, simply because if a song wasn't a big hit, most of the members of the academy won't have heard of it. In 1998, for example, everyone, even the rappers and country artists, heard of "MMMBop," which is why it got nominated. I doubt that those people heard "This Time Around" or "If Only" last year, because they just didn't get enough airplay. That's why those songs didn't get enough votes to be nominated. Popularity within the music industry is what gets people nominated. Period. That's why people like Paul Simon and Sheryl Crow, who are totally irrelevant in today's music, continue to rake in nominations--because they have many friends in the industry. That's what makes Hanson's nominations in 1998 all the more remarkable. They got them without having a lot of insiders to help them. As for the petition, sorry, but it's really pointless. Grammy nominees are not ever changed once they are announced. NARAS could care less about a petition, and frankly, I'm glad about that. If Grammy nominations were determined by petitions, then it would be a contest of whose fans send the most emails, instead of who actually makes the best music. Just hang in there, if Hanson have a couple of hits from their next album, they could very well be nominated again. My two cents :) Scott S.

HI!!!! this is Silvina from Argentina, I met the guys in May and in november too I went to 2 shows , the firts ane I was in first line and when the concert over Tay jumped to the audience and tach my hand and fansos's hand and then ane guy ,throw the Tay's botlle of water and I take it, I'm so happy couse I never expect that happened it to me, and I want to thanks to Boomerang Argentina fan club, couse they are the best in all sense.I also went to a TV show call VERSUS it was amasing . I want that the next show Zac sing "I want you to want me" and Ike "beutifull eyes"again . OK,the fanson who want trade pics with me can e-mail me to petisilchu@gratis1.com.ar or to my house :Directorio 2274 Haedo CP:1706 Buenos Aires Argentina. This pics I took to Hanson...


 Hey here is my concert reveiw for hampton september 9th! I woke up about 6:00 to get ready because it takes about 2 hours to get to hampton from where i was and it was general addmission so i wanted to be there early. When i got there it was about 11:00 and not as many people were there like i expected. There were only about 15 to 20 people in front of me. The gates didn't open till 3:00 so i was sitting down outsidefor awhile.I got to talk to alot of cool hanson fans. There was one girl there who had been to all the concerts and had a photo album of pics form them. Everyone aroudn me seemed to have met them so i got alot of cool stories. It was kinda pathetic because it was SO hot and everyone like the guards and all were so worried about people passsing out that they were giving free water to those standing on line. Hanson wasn't there yet but we saw neve drive in, and the guards were telling us that hanson wouldn't be there till later after we were already inside the concert area. Well finally 3:00 came along and everyone stood up and were pushing, shoving trying to brake, and i noticed that people i had never seen were in front of me. so i did the same and pushed right back in fornt of them lol. Anways when i got in there i ran as fast as i could and there were these guards like pointing at me saying "stop, slow down!!" but that didn't stop me. At first i was in the third row but then someone in front of me wasn't feeling good and left so i took her spot and ended up with second row right in front of Tay. After standing there for about an hour i started to hear all these screams so i looked to my right and there was Hanson's tour bus. It was SO crazy. Zoe got out and waved to us and everyone started screaming lol and then there mom got out too. Then zac, tay and ike got out but i didn't catch a glimpse of them. While everyone was waiting for the first band to come out every now and then people would start screaming cause they saw ike zac or tay. During that whole time they were passing out bags of ice to everyone cause they really didn't want anyone passing out. Finally at 6:30 neve came out. They rocked! While they were performing you could see jessica and Avery on there scooters and then i saw zac on a scooter a perfect veiw lol. Then at 8:00 (hanson was late like always) Hanson came out singing look at you and it was awesome i can not describe in words how much they rocked! But, like i said before it was general admission, no seats, so it was crazy! At one point it was so bad , people form all directions were pushing me and i was practically on top of peoples shoulders taht were in front of me (sorry guys wasn't my fault!) Then one time zac jumped down there and stupid me didn't realize till he like passed me but to bad. Then later Tay jumped down but at the other end of the stage... i wanted to touch him so bad lol (doesn't everyone) so i was kinda on top of the person infront of me (sorry!!!!!!) someitmes I thought i was gonna die cause everyone kept rushing the stage but i didn't let that bother me and i enjoyed the concert. One time a drunk man came up there liek in between me and this other girl and it was causeing some comotion so hanosn looked my way and i mouthe 'help me" to taylol. The man had ended up pouring some of hte beer in his hand on the girl beside me (hey if your reading this!!!!) During the show hanson did have to tell us to take one step back which was releaving for me i turned around and i was like "come on hansons telling you to!" lol. My mom had the camera and she was back further so she didn't get as many pics as i could have but oh well. I never did get to touch them or anything but taylor gave me the i love you sign so that was cool.That was the best day of my life and i'll never forget it. if you went to hampton or greensboro e-mail me and we cna tlak bout them! jh7_211@yahoo.com +Amanda+

 Here's my review of the Erie concert...:) *********** We got to Erie at about 4:00pm and it took about 5 minutes to find the venue. We drove past the front and there was *no one* there. So me, my dad, and my friend Bev got out to see what the hours for the box office were...it opened at 7:00pm. So we had about 3 hours to kill. I first asked my dad if we could go look around the back of the venue to see what was back there, and we saw the roadies blue tour bus. Then we saw a small crowd of people over by a semi-truck, and HANSON's tour bus was behind it. And so my dad said he was going to get the car and bring it around back. Then, all of a sudden TAY got off the bus and went in the door closest to us:)! But I didn't get a picture of him then because our cameras were still in the car. Then my mom and dad came around with the car and so I signeled to my mom to bring me and Bev's cameras. So she came over w/ our cameras. Then we saw Mackenzie come out of the door Tay went in and get onto the tour bus...throughout the time we were standing there, he came in and out quite a few times. Later, Jason Taylor and Scott Hogan came out to go to their bus and I shook both of their hands. Then Isaac and Zac both got onto the tour bus and then Ike got off again and shook peoples hands, but not mine:(...o~well. Then Zac came back out but he just waved and said hi. It took Tay a long time to come out of the bus but eventually he did. I took pictures of everything except when Ike shook ppl's hands because I was too busy trying to get him to shake my hand. I also saw Walker, Diana, Avery, Zoe, and the babysitter, Ashley. Then Ashley Greyson came out and video taped us for the tour video...and I probably looked like crap because it was RAINING (ahhh!)! And a little while later a news guy came and taped us for the 11:00 news. We also talked to Tim, Hanson's promoter. Then Marion (the brown haired girl from m2m) came out of her bus and shook ppl's hands and gave some ppl hugs. We stood there from about 4:15 until about 6:40, because we left to go stand in line to get into the venue. Doors opened at 7:00 and so after we got in, we went to the bathroom and then went to find our seats. They were such good seats too...they were 9th row center but we had the last 2 seats so we were directly in front of Tay. Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania was also there and he was sitting near me, and then the one guy from Train was sitting in front of us w/ 3 little boys (i'm guessing they were his sons). The concert was so awesome. Taylor was wearing a black button up shirt w/ these weird pants at for the beginning of the concert but he took that off and was wearing a black wifebeater and those weird pants. Zac was wearing a light blue glittery shirt and I forget what pants. And Ike had on a blue button up shirt and I think khaki's but I'm not sure. The concert was so awesome! I also went to Pittsburgh and Cleveland but I dont have reviews for those! But they both were sooooo great too! :D ~*eunis*~

 ok, well...first me and my friend went to their hotel (im not gonna say what it is b/c they go their every year and they probably want their privacy) and there were only like 6 other girls so we got real close...first we met zac and he was SOO NICE i dont know what you guys are talking about that hes rude...i bet you're rude to him! then we saw taylor and he was really tired and spacy...then we met isaac who was really out of it...he stole my friends marker (not that she minds) well..anyway we got autographs and then we went back to our hotel to get ready for the concert...as we went in we saw the drummer from NEVE (the band that opened for them that night) and it took them a while to set up but when neve started playing they got everyone all crazy (we were all tired before Hanson even came on) well it was my first hanson concert ever and it was GREAT and believe me it WONT be the last!!!

 Hey guys my name is Kira. I went to the Hanson concert on August 8,2000 at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, CA .ok I'm gonna try not to get to detailed because I like to put everything in but as a reader of reviews I like to know everything (I find it interesting) :)So here we go. the night before the concert we found that Hanson was gonna be on the Jay Leno Show. So my friend Shaunelle stayed the night and we planned everything for the next day while we were watching them on Jay Leno. We were excited (very excited for that matter). Out of luck we had gotten the tickets because when we found out that they went on sale we were to late by one day! It had been sold out! So one week before the concert we got tickets from ticket master because they had received unused tickets :) Anyway...Shaunelle and I watched Jay Leno and had to wake up early the next morning to watch Hanson do the weather on a news station with a radio D.J. named JoJo (which by the way loves Hanson I found out my self).Shaunelle had to go to cheer practice and had to even leave two hours early from it which was not allowed but we got her out of it. So I got ready and spent time on the phone with my friend Kristin who was also going with us. She couldn't figure out what to where when Shaunelle and I knew almost a year ago what we were going to wear. So time passed on and it was about time for us to leave I had my tambourine and Shaunelle had her lucky stuffed polar bear with her (It has gone with us everywhere that has to do with hanson and has brought us luck. It was originally for Zac but it never got to him we couldn't break the relationship with it hehe).Shaunelle and Kristin arrived at my house where my Mom(I love you mom, she does crazy stuff for us and Hanson) and I were patiently waiting. Shaunelle was crying because she wanted her lucky drumsticks that she had forgotten to bring (another thing that was for Zac). But we had to go and couldn't waste anymore time it was already almost 2:00 p.m.(we wanted to get there several hours early) Shaunelle dealt with the depression. My Mom(who drove us), Kristin, Shaunelle and I all piled in my Mom's 4 inches above the ground little black sports car (it had a good stereo to blast Hanson cd's which we did). It took us almost 2 and a half hours to get there. We finally got there and we were driving around blasting away "If Only" and screaming at Hanson fans waiting in line and singing our little hearts out. We were yelling Hanson rocks and a bunch of stuff when we pulled around to the back and a girl flipped us off ! How rude some hanson fans are rude sometimes(it never fails every concert we go to we have problems with fans I think their jealous or something). We flipped the girl off back because we were feeling daring. We parked in this little parking place across the street and made sure we had plenty of Vanilla spray on us (my mom told us guys are attracted to vanilla so we thought if we meet hanson we can give them hugs and we'll be wearing vanilla, good idea! LOL). We saw their tour buses and hung out around back waiting to see hanson (we had already been to the Wiltern Theatre once and knew the place by heart if anyone is a 98* fan we are on the home video 98*and rising we were interviewed that was the first time at the WT) Shaunelle and Kristin shoved me in between the tons of fans where I ended up standing where I could see this guy that looked like Tay I didn't really pay much attention because girls told me that it was a body double (wtf?).I didn't really care what they said I was sure it was Tay ( I know my man when I see him). My mom wanted us to eat at the Denny's on the corner by the Theatre (we didn't want Kristin to pass out like she had on the way home from another concert from not eating!). We were all so excited we couldn't even finish our small dinner salads and large Dr. Pepper's. We decided we better go to the bathroom. In the bathroom we met this really nice fan who saw my tambourine and asked why no one but me could touch it (when I met Hanson Tay grabbed my tambourine and so now it's like a sacred object). We left the bathroom and as soon as we walked out this girl from our school noticed us and pointed us out! What a small world it is! we come to a Hanson concert and see people from our school! We walked away kind of embarrassed because we were all Hanson-ated and weren't expecting to see people we knew there. So we went back to our original spots where we were waiting before we ate. My mom said she'd wait for us in Denny's. Well we went back and were waiting when people that had backstage passes walked out. Kristin who didn't know what any of their family members looked like blurted out "Hey little girl I want your pass :)" the girl looked at her weird when I said hey that's Jessica! I said Hi and she smiled and waved as she was followed by the rest of the Hanson's. Avery followed Jessica and Mackie (who was a little Zac)followed Avery. All the girls were flipping out when Mackie came out he smiled and waved (it was so cute) he had a bracelet on that said Zac. Zoe was waddling about behind Mackie and in front of Diana. Shaunelle said "Hi Diana" Diana said "Hi girls". So we stood there for a little while longer when my mom came out and spotted us we told her about the family. Ashley(the on that works with hanson) came out with a video camera and the "Tay body double" was still standing there by the back door of the Theatre with another guy that looked like Isaac (and it wasn't a "body double"LOL ). Ashley was telling all the girls to yell Moe and all sorts of stuff. I wasn't paying much attention I was too interested in Tay who was staring at al the fans screaming their heads off. His staring was bugging me so I waved and smiled and he waved and smiled back! I was in shock I didn't think he saw me haha. I turned to Shaunelle and Kristin and told them what had just happened and we all started screaming and jumping up and down ( I promise I tried to stay calm but how could I?). We decided to get in line (which was so long) with my mom when some girls walked by and looked at me and Shaunelle and said "Well I see everyone's going for the Britney Spears look!" How rude :P which we weren't. We were dressed in black, white and grey army skirts and shorts and black tops grrr. We finally got up to the door where we ran into problems. They wouldn't let Shaunelle in because she had a camera ( a camera where she had half pictures with friends on it from school). They were going to take it from her when my mom told Shaunelle to go with her where they walked a few feet away and my mom stuffed the camera in her bra haha! I just love my Mom. The guys asked where it was at and my mom said she through it in the street they didn't believe her so my mom told them to go look and they let us in :) we looked at souvenirs and thought they were all too expensive. We went and waited in line for help to find our seats which no one would help us and one usher told us to sit anywhere so we picked seats right in front (we had balcony seats) when another usher told us to get out of the seats we didn't sit there and didn't even bother to help us find our seats. We were fighting with all these people when we got fed up and went to get my mom (she had gone to get some tea to drink). All of us were near tears because all of the seats had filled and we had no seats. My mom went, found and usher ranted and raved how we want our seats and we payed for them. He showed us to our seats where four guys were sitting who decided to challenge my mom saying that those seats were their seats they eventually lost and we got our seats :). We were so happy to finally be there but sad we missed the opening band because we were fighting with every person in the whole free world. Hanson came out and camera's flashed including Shaunelle's LOL they can't stop us :) Don't ask me what songs they sang because I really don't remember. I do remember Zac humming the Star Wars theme song when it was dark, Zac trying to be cool and jump off the drum platform and nearly killing himself in the process(he tripped), and john popper coming on when they sang "If Only" the last song. Tay and John jammed on the harmonica for awhile which was really cool. We were determined to meet Hanson so as soon as they were done my mom said she'd meet us outside (she knew our plans). We all three went flying outside running past everything (mind you we were in heels!) Some African -American lady yelled at us "You girls catch them boys!" we all laughed and waved. We got back to our beginning places where we had started out by the gate at the back. John Popper came out with a huge case of harmonica's and started handing them out! I wanted one really bad and he looked at me and almost handed me one but handed it to the girl next to me. He was deciding who to give the last one too (he was standing right in front of me) and I thought well either now or never and I grabbed the last one out of the box when he wasn't looking haha! I know it's horrible but I was happy (besides I deserved one with all the crud I had gone through that day). We had waited forever for hanson to come out when it was finally really cold my mom got our car and we waited in it playing the harmonica trying to figure out the notes for If Only. Hanson came out and we were all in awe just sitting there in my car staring as all these girls bombarded them. They got in the bus and waited in there. The whole time we sat there. My mom told us if they didn't start to leave by 2:30 we were going home :(.I was getting impatient and Neither Shaunelle or Kristin would go wait by the bus with me so I went out by myself peeking in the bus. All I could see was a blurry T.V. screen I went back to the car. We wanted to follow them and meet them so badly. Finally at almost 2:15 am. The bus started moving we got right behind the bus when some maniac crazy teen driver cut us off almost causing and accident. We followed them with almost 15 cars behind the Hanson bus. We came to a stoplight that let people on the freeway Hanson's bus and about two cars made the green light with all the rest of us stuck at the red light! Everyone was getting impatient because there were no other cars. All the drivers were flashing their lights and honking when the light still didn't turn we all ran the red light haha! Everyone was getting really careless and crazy with their driving so my mom stayed in front of the bus. Hanson's driver must have thought it was to dangerous too so they got off on a bus ramp. It was cool though because they were going on the freeway we needed to get home :) I was sad that they got on the bus ramp with a few cars that followed them (they could have got on a huge fine) but I was happy about everything that had happened! Email me @ CTaysAngel@aol.com Thanks bunches guys! ~~Kira~~

 San Antonio, TX August 12, 2000 Ok, the night before the concert my friend, Jen, had come over to spend the night, and we were gonna go to the concert the next day. So we went to sleep and woke up at six the next morning. My mom took us to McDonalds, for breakfast and then to go pick up our friend Michelle, and then we headed to Sea World. Once we got there we got our wristbands. And then we met a couple of girls and we ended up staying with them for like the rest of the day, and then around three we were like about to go wait in line and these girls started screaming Hanson is here! And we missed them by 5 seconds! We were soooo mad! But then we saw their mom and sisters and brother walk out and I got pictures of them. Then perhaps one of the two best parts of the day their Mom came back and I met her, and shook her hand and (I wish I would have asked for Backstage passes.) And I asked "Will you please tell Taylor hi from Natalie?" and she said yes. YAY! But then I went back to my friends and I was sooooo excited I started crying, it was so awesome to meet her she was sooo nice! Eventually I calmed down. Finally after waiting hours in the hot sun and meeting some friends from hanson.net they let us in. We ran to get a spot up close. As soon as we stopped, all the other fans all piled up behing us..we were SQUISHED! No room and we waited there. It was already hot and in the 100s, and we are standing there, people literally on top of me. And then somebody from our radio station started talking and came out on stage, and EVERYBODY started pushing forward! I got so smashed that I couldn't breath I was so pushed against the person in front of me, that there was no way I could take a breath. And then being sort of claustrophobic, and hot, and excited I started getting dizzy and my friend almost literally hadda carry me out. Then a person from medical staff took me and sat me down and put me on oxygen! It was bad! But then once I was calmed down, I got up and went to my friends and we sat on the side (which was actually closer to Tay then before.) and we enjoyed the concert, it was so much fun, the whole time we were dancing around and clapping, and singing WAY outta tune but it was all fun! About the middle of the concert, Tay threw his water bottle out and I saw it coming towards me but I knew I wouldn't get it so I decided not to try. But then as it came closer I don't know what happened but my body like went forward, and I caught it! YAY! But then about ten girls jumped on my back, and Taylor goes come on guys be nice! And now it is hanging in a baggy on the wall hehe. After that I put it in my backpack and kept having fun with the music..Tay loves getting the crowd involved. It was way cool. In the end Michelle's mom came and picked us up to take us to McDonalds (we hadn't had eaten since breakfast.) And then Michelle's mom took Jen and I back to my house. We were so exhausted we fell asleep the second our heads hit the pillow, and dreamed all night of Hanson.

 Hey this is Michelle and Sara. We went to the Richmond concert and Carpenter Center. Well, It was a 5 and a half hour drive from West Virginia but it was worth it. We were about 15 minutes outside of Richmond when my dad pulled off at a rest stop to let us primp b4 the show and I was so excited I didn't bother to read the signs on the bathroom doors and we walked straight into the men's room. My dad was like "Michelle you pervert that's the men's room!!!!" lol So then we got lost but we finally found Carpenter Center. We were there about an hour and a half early. We got out of the car and walked down the street and came to three tour buses. Two of them were normal they were blue and had slightly tinted windows but the other bus was red, had dark tinted windows and lights around the windows. We knew it was Hanson's bus and freaked out! We touched it and just as we touched it the door opened and a security guard got off. He saw us freaking out so he turns around and yells into the bus, "It'll be a few more minutes and I'll come back and get you guys." Someone yells "OK" and then the security guard smiles at us, stopped right beside us and said into his walkie talkie "Clear it out we're bringing the guys in in a few" We almost died. So then we stood outside the door of C. C. but no Hanson....I don't know how they slipped by us but Me, my dad and Sara were standing around talking and my dad points to an upstairs window of C.C. and we looked up and Tay and Ike were at the window waving at everyone. We waved and then they left. The concert was sold out and it rocked. We waited until Hanson started a slow song and everyone was quiet and then we screamed "I Love you Taylor!!!" and I'll never forget what he did.....He looked up at us and waved and smiled. I almost had a heart attack. We waited until the concert was over til about 1 in the morning finally hanson came out and got on the bus. They didn't stop to talk but just came out saying "You guys rock" and "See ya next time." It was the best night of my entire life and I'll never forget it. *~Michelle & Sara~* tayzhoney_2003@hotmail.com

My name is Jessica !I met tay zac and ike september 23 (2000)! (backstage)  Montreal,Canada. awwwwwww sorry i dont speak English

here my pictures
1-taylor with me
2-Ike and zac
3-fans with HANSON
4-tay , tour bus

 i don't have a review to post, but i think that it is my obligation as a supportive hanson fan to set the record straight about a few things. hanson are a band. their main priority and reason for being a band is the music and the joy we get from it. they really love bringing this music to those who truly appreciate it. some people in this world think that they can take that joy away from them and their fans by boycotting hanson's entire image with ideas of a 'sex, drugs and alchohol' lifestyle and an unbeleiveable story of zac loosing his temper in a hotel corridor. i once thought that the only people posing a threat to hanson as a group were 'anti-hansons', but now i've realised that an expression of opinion is much more profound. rather than the ability to imagine stories about three wonderful people and display these in cyberspace to hanson's detriment. let me put it this way, it is much easier to make up things about hanson and post them on a website rather than to see these things with your own eyes. smoking? alcohol abuse? womanising? are these things you would even percieve hanson to be doing in full public view? those of you who post these 'reviews' (which i honestly throught were supposed to be about the MUSIC) must take us all for a bunch of idiots. well i am standing up for hanson and those of their fans who appreciate their music and will fight for it. what did zac ever do to you? to deserve this, to be portrayed as some kind of ogar? i know this type of story is what the gossip columnists lust for but come on, this site is for fans - and if this type of thing is what 'fans' are interested in, then we should ALL take a long hard look at ourselves, our own opinions of hanson and why exactly we like them so much. if u would like to express your intellectual opinion on this subject please write to me at little_pretty16@yahoo.com be greatful that you've had the pleasure of meeting such talented and wonderful people. love, - max.

* End of Updates from 5/30/01

Hey!!! this is Carolina, Paulina and Pamela from CHILE, we are sisters who just love Hanson very much, and we wanna share with you those 48 hours that Hanson was here in Chile: They arrived on October 31st at 6:00 am and well, they headed fast to the hotel, and they didn't really come out to say hi to the lots of fans who were there waiting.... at around 1:00 pm they gave a press conference... that was when just 10 girls got in to see them... one of them was Carolina. Tay was sooooo nice, zac was too tired, too sleepy, and in a bad humour.... Ike as always.. so shy, but cute, nice. Tay and Ike waved... Tay sent us kisse the whole time.... but, they cancelled a meeting with the girls who got in that press conference.... so that's why we got in there.... we are still a little sad about that... it lasted around 45 minutes. At 4:00 pm M2M ARRIVED TO THE HOTEL!!! and they spent the whole evening with Hanson... at 6:30 M2M and Hanson got out of the hotel, Hanson around 15 minutes later than M2M, the girls went to a radio station and Hanson went to a chat... after that, when they were back at the hotel, M2M was back, and some girls saw Hanson and M2M all sweethearts, holding hands and stuff.... and they had dinner together.... they saw tay smoking... the next day, at a radio station, a Meet and Greet with fans, it was not a real Meet and Greet, we were not allowed to get close, no talking, no touching, no autographs, no nothing...... it was like a conference with fans, we were like 10 feet or more... away from them.... always away from them, kind of a reward was when they sang two acoustic songs, just to us, If Only and Sure about it. At around 2:00 pm we were done, and headed to the place the concert was gonna be... WHILE TAY WENT OUT TO A KIND OF TOUR AROUND SANTIAGO, we were killing each other on the line to get inside.... heheheh and Zac and Ike.... uhm.... at the htolel... sleeping? M2M??? uhm..... they opened the doors at around 7:30 pm... the concert started at 9:00 pm... very punctual... the guy in charge of the sound... uhm... why didn't they fire him??? horrible!!! he didn't know nothing!!!! anyway, we had tons of fun, tay run all over the stage, zac changed... he rocks!!!! Ike is really cool... he is a great guitarist.... well, and then, the concert was done at around 10:30... cause they didn't have an opening show.... The next day they left, and they headed to Argentina... The only thing we can say..... we trust Hanson, it was not them the ones who didn't wanna be with us their chilean fans.... it was the people who was with them.... specially their manager....that's what we were told..... we believe that they wanted to be with us... but... oh well..... we hope hanson is gonna be back and that we'll be able to talk to them.... if you wanna email us write to hnashahn@entelchile.net, ok?? MMMbye!!! Carolina, Paulina, Pamela Hahn

 I saw Hanson at Massey Hall in Toronto on Sept 30th. It was really fun. We were in the car...well half of us were in a van and some in a car. I was in the car and we were just driving when we saw a car drive up beside us with a sign on their window that said "we're going to a HANSON concert at Massey Hall,Toronto-8pm" and we were like "cool! catch up to them!" so we were driving faster trying to catch up to them, and they were going faster..and then suddenly we remembered the bomb!...no just kidding,nevermind....but we finally caught them and held up a sign (written with...eye liner ha ha cause we had no pen) that said "US 2" and I held up my MOE card and they were going crazy waving and everything. We wrote "U GIRLZ ROCK" and they asked us what seats we had and it was really crazy and fun...then they turned off but we missed that turn, so we kept going and went down Younge street (mean people in those cars..."learn how to drive!!", "no left turn you idiot!" but...interesting I guess. We went to Mcdonalds in the mall by Massey Hall, and there were a lot of Hanson fans in there. In the bathroom there we fans and one got toliot paper stuck on her shoe...and another one had a tamborine singing "Madeline" it was cool. Then we walked to Massey Hall, we heard screaming and we were like "what is that...??" but duh, fans. We forgot about that. We got there and everyone was on the side of the building by tour buses. Then guess who we saw!?MADONNA out of all people!!! no, not really. We saw the mother of the girls we saw driving down the hiway! she told us that the girls were through the crowd "over there" so we went through...we couldn't find them, we were just standing there looking around, we looked in the tour bus and saw a TV on..and then we thought we probably weren't supossed to be up so close because everyone else was backed away. So,we went back and their mum lead us to the girls and they were saying "it's really you!" so we got our picture taken with them. And...then we went around waited...etc. We then went in, we didn't know where we were going but we went up some stairs all the way to the top, found our seats and sat there. We saw people walking back stage like, the girl from M2M,Marion. And...I don't know but...ok. And then M2M came on, they were cool. They are cool I mean. They're my 2nd favorite band. I was standing up singing. And then they went off and when Hanson came on it was very weird. Everyone was stomping,screaming very loud and taking pictures all at the same time. There were camera flashes going off everywhere! (so much for the "no cameras allowed" thing) and well, through the concert it was really fun. Taylor climbed up speakers or something but we were on that side so we didn't see it happen...but we saw everyone leaning over looking. My cousin dropped a penny off the balcony...hopefully it didn't hit anyone in the head. People were throwing things off the balcony...trying to get them on the stage. Good try. And after the concert we went downstairs to get something like a keychain or something...and we did. And then we were leaving. We saw our mums across the street. When we got to them they said they'd met the girl from M2M,Marit and got their autograph. They were going to take a picture with the expensive camera they had borrowed from our aunt but...they forgot it in the bathroom!!! But it was still there when they went to get it. Good hanson fans did not steal. And they said something about Mackenzie..."this isnt hanson's tour bus" running around. But anyway, it was really fun. Really cool. really awesome. really great. really...um,you get it. COOL.And when we left we were in the mall and asked a secrurity gaurd to take our picture and he did, and then we were going up the see through elevator waving and putting our hanson stuff agaist the window as we rised up and up into wonder.....okay I was trying to end that cooly but it didn't work. But that's all and it was the best. -Courtney-

 Hey kids! I went to the Massey Hall performence in Toronto on Sept. 30/2000. words can't describe it. It was just.....amazing! I went to their show at the molsen amphetheater in '98 but we had shitty seats and i could barely see them (we were in the 400 section for those of you who are familiar with the seating, you know how crappy that section is!!!) anyways this year i was bound and determined I would have great seats! So when tickets went on sale they had this american express card holders thingy and I was freaking out cause I don't have one, so my mom knew someone through work who had the card and he got through(jon your my hero!) and I landed 12th row tickets on the floor!!! OMG!!! my hands are shaking thinking about! Anyways, Lindsay and I left that morning and got down there and went shopping @ the eatons center for a couple hours (let me tell ya, its a highly over rated mall cause it sucks and its a dump) and when we left it was like all of a sudden we were in like a hanson twilight zone. everywhere you looked there hanson fans running around with bright signs and scalpers trying to hustle fake tickets and the traffic was worse than usuall. and we weren't that close the Hall anyways=) So we decided to head over to massey and check out the scene. we were like three or four blocks down and we could see the busses parked outback and we were like freaking out. there were only 15 or 20 girls standing around chanting for them to come outside. We ran as fast as we could to get down there I think I lost lindsay(sorry kid you know how it is=)) and we stood outback of massey hall for like 6 hours (were we early? oops!) and we met these really cool fans. Well except for these two chicks, I'm sorry but they were really weird the one was like "Omigod, guess what we've been following hanson for like three years. I was gonna kill myself but I saw taylor on tv and I knew why I had to live. So now we follow them. We met taylor and he's so nice and we told him our story and he bow'd to us and he kept bowing. It was weird." And she went on and on and on. So anyways I'll get on the with the story.=) Jess and Avery came out and went down the busses. Aparently like 10 mins before we got there Ike came out to video tape the crowd and someone inside thought it would be funny to lock him out! and he was like banging on the windows and stuff.lol. sorry not funny=Pthen at like 6:30 we started lining up and when we got into massey we walked straight through to the floor section and I almost had a heart attack. even the seats at the back of the floors were so close you could see the sweat on the guys who were setting up the stage. Later on in the show I went up to the stage to take pics (I got booted back to my seat several times..hehe...oops) and everyone down there had disposible cameras pretty much but I had a zoom w/flash (i thought I had turned off the flash but apparently I hadden't) and not to sound all omigod he was staring right at me and we had this amazing connection, but when i took a pic of tay the flash went off right in his face accidentally when he came over to the side of the stage, and he gave me this really pissed off look. Which I don't blame him. I really didn't do that on purpose=*( and then one of the security guards came over and like kicked the back of my leg and gave me a god awffle bruise. and yelled at me to get back to my seat. so I did then I ran back just in time for taylor to come running across the stage touching fans finger tips and he touched mine. Thats my little story ,its nothing special like i met taylor and he hugged me blah blah blah blah but the fingertip reach is probably as close as I'll ever get to ever meeting him or any other hanson for that matter=) so thats kosher with me.Linds, I'm only sorry you didn't run down to the stage with me you big chicken shit!lol you missed a hell of a rush!to all the other chicks who ran down to the stage you know what I'm talking about!!!!anyways gotta jet! ttyl email me if you want at tays_angel_1409@hotmail.com Love always Laura =)

Hi, my name is Chrisse and I put my review of the Hampton concert up on my website at http://envy.nu/dreampixie. It's under "Hanson @ Hampton Bay Days". If you could please post this in your news section I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

I just gotta tell you. i live in Pittsburgh and was at the movies when Hanson was there and they were only there with their family. No one else. No "Ashley" or whatever. Just the nine Hanson's. The only girls they talked to were fans that came up to them. They were really nice and polite to everyone. I dont understand why people are making things up.

 My name is Ashley and I have been a dovoted Hanson fan since 1997. I went to the October 2,2000 concert in Chicago. It was so amazing. They were really good and were just like normal kids. I could really tell that they were having such a great time. I think it is so amazing that they are doining this at such a young age they didnt just try out and that they inspire so many people.It is so cool! I love them so much and I think they deserve every reacanition that there is. HANSON ROX THIS TIME AROUND!!! E-mail me if u have any thing 2 say! :o) Ashley

I went to the St. Louis concert @ the Pageant Theater 10-20-00! It was the best concert i ever went to. I got there at about 5 a.m and the concert didn't start until 8 p.m There were already people there that had been there since 10-18-00. At about 3 p.m Hanson finally arrived at The Pageant and finally after about 10 min they got off the bus. It was funny Ashley the babysitter was with Zoe and they had just layed cement by the parking lot and Zoe wanted to step in the wet cement she almost got to but then Ashley ran after her and grabbed her just has she was about to step into the cement. Ashley then had to explain why she couldn't step on it! It was cute! Well about 2 hours before the show there were a lot of people there now and we were lined up along the street and i think the line went back about 4 blocks! Luckily i was right by the door! Everyone was getting mad, becuase there were a couple of fans that were very rude and they were yelling at us to get into a single file line. I was like IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Then finally they let 2 people in at a time, but i had 2 other people with me so it was me and them 2 i asked the guy at the door if 3 people could go in and he goes yeah because my friend was crying and i think he thought she thought she wouldn't be able to come in with us, but really some old lady started yelling and cussing at her and it made her cry. well then we got inside and we got in about the 2nd row(by the way the concert was general admission) if there were rows. I'm really short and there was a really tall guy in front of me and he was with his wife they both liked hanson! I started talking to his wife she was really cool and she said that they were gonna head up to the balcony after a while because thats where the bar was and she said that they were gonna give me their spot when i left so i'd be in the front row which was awesome!I wish i could thank them again, but i never saw them agian! Thay are my angels! So they left and i got their spot and by this time M2M had performed and they were great and Hanson was probably on their 3rd or 4th song and Isaac was standing right in front of me! Later Tay came by me and grabbed my hand and some how our hands were stuck together he was trying to pull away and i started to, but our hands were stuck! It was funny! we both looked at each other and laughed! Then they did the acoustic set and some stupid girls threw their bras onto zacs drum set he looked very mad. It was quite and i go zac take them off and he looked at me and smiled and he picked the bras up with his drum stick and threw them off stage. then he looked at me and smiled and i go good job! Then then concert was almost over and Zac was singing "I want you to want me" and he came up to me and grabbed my hand and looked at me and right then he was singing i want you to want me i was thinking i already want you!!!! That was one of the best moments in my life! Well then they were doing the encore and isaac came by me and he touched my hand. Then Tay came by again and he smiled at me and grabbed my hand said thanks whatever that was supposed to mean! but i was on cloud 9 by that time! I think that was probably the BEST concert i have ever been to!

     First of all there was 8 of us who made the 3 and a half hour journey from our homestate of Alabama.  There was myself, my 9 year old daughter Raven, my sister and her husband and their two daughters, Britney (14) and Bridget (11) and their friend Mickey (13) and of course our Ma Ma who by the way is 60 and likes Hanson.   When we arrived at the Ryman we looked around and took a few pics. We had been there before a couple of years ago and took a tour so we pretty much knew what the inside was like.  We noticed Hanson's two blue busses parked in the parking lot beside the Ryman.  We couldn't help but notice the Alabama tags (interesting, our home state) We did not see Hanson's maroon bus at this time but we didn't walk around back to look for it either so it may have been there.   We were hungry and all we had on our minds was food.  Our mom wanted to eat at the Wildhorse Saloon which by the way was very dead (it was nothing like that show that used to come on TNT, you know where everybody's kicking up there heels and dancing).  After we finished eating, we started walking back to the Ryman.  The wind was blowing very hard so Britney starts acting all goofy and crazy like she was struggling with the wind and grasping trees on the sidewalk to keep from blowing away.  Well her and Mickey were really getting into it and I know people on the street must have thought we didn't get out much (he he) You know I couldn't help but start laughing at those little crazy souls when all of a sudden guess who rides by in a light gold Maxima?  Yep, you got it Hanson!  All of a sudden Mickey (who is 5'10" with very long legs), Britney, Bridget, and Raven take off trying to follow it. I take after them screaming to slow down and watch for cars, I was really worried about them getting runned over in their excited state. While running I notice the Hanson car is stopped ahead of us in traffic at the front of the Ryman.   There was some girls on the sidewalk who noticed and started jumping up and down and frantically waving at them. By the time we  caught up with their car they were turning into the back alley of the Ryman with their Dad behind them in a red car.  Mr. Hanson had to blow his horn at a few fans (he looked a little aggravated) so they would move out of his way to let him pass through.   After the cars were successfully in the back the guards pulled this little plastic yellow tape on both sides of the back alley so the fans couldn't rush them as they were trying to go inside.   It all seems kinda like a blur now mainly because of my stupid camera that I was trying to operate and wouldn't you know something important like this and everything (ex. camera) becomes a little more difficult. I do remember Taylor extending his long arm up in the air for a short wave and of course everyone screaming and waving back as enters the back door with Zac. Ike goes into their bus which is parked in the back alley between  the Ryman and this barbecue joint.  I guess he had to get his backpack because that was all I noticed him  carrying when he got off the bus.  I don't really remember him waving but he may have gave a short wave.  After he entered the back door the security guards just started taking down the yellow tape that was holding everyone back.  I could not believe it, I thought wow lets go stand at the back door and see if we can see anyone or anything interesting.  There was just a few people back there (maybe 30) in this small alley(which was just big enough for one car to pass through) So my sister and I thought maybe we could get our group some meet 'n greet passes since there wasn't that many people around.  About that time I saw Mr. Hanson coming out of the door, he seemed to be in a hurry and was looking down as he walked with one of those stressful looking faces.  So I thought, oh my goodness, he doesn't look very approachable so I only had a split second to think about whether or  not I was going to disturb his thought process and I almost chickend out but I thought  what the heck all he can do is bite my head off and if he does I"ll just swallow my pride ad hold back the tears.  So anyway this is how the conversation went... "Mr. Hanson" (no response, I think he heard me though and he was probably hoping I would just stop at that since he didn't acknowledge me)   So remember he is walking so I had to sorta catch up and get out beside him so I said a little louder "Excuse me,  Mr. Hanson (ok, I felt like a dork because I just don't like doing that kind of thing to people) and I was scared that he might get mad. So he finally kinda stops and turns and looks at me and says "yes" in the softest voice and I thought well that a sweet voice which made me feel better but it was my turn again to say something and I tell ya I'm just not very good at words sometimes and  I had so many things that I wanted to say running through my head.  But I finally mustered up enough nerve to say "Would it be possible to get  some meet 'n greets for our little group and I kinda point back at them all standing there looking at us with these big smiling, please, we love your sons pitiful looking faces.  Then he looked at me and sorta shook his head no and said he didn't really know if there were anymore left or not but he would look into it for me and of course I wanted him to know  what big fans we were of Hanson so I blurted out that we were in the MOE and were Hansonnet members and  I would have loved to have kept going on how and when we bacame fans and what drives us to continue our support for the best band in the world but alas Mr. Hanson didn't have the time for me.  I totally understood  though, I know he is a very busy man.   He seemed to appreciate we were in Hanson.net and that was about all I seemed to get out of that conversation.  So we held out hope that maybe, just maybe, fingers crossed and prayers said that we would get  our wish - meet 'n greets.  So we watched Mr. Hanson go to and from the bus several times hoping each time he passed he would give us some happy news. Well, we're standing around waiting by the back entrance and my mom seemed to be getting tired of this game already and she's like "I can't believe we came all the way to Nashville to stand around in a back alley",  so I tell her to go on shopping or something and I would stay back there with the girls.  They hadn't been gone very long when my sister (she had gone with mom) returns to tell me that they just seen Mrs. Hanson and Zoe in the Ryman gift shop and that mom had went up to her and talked.  My mom had asked her about meet 'n greets also but she said she didn't have any and then mom proceeds to ask her more questions( you just have to know her, she likes talking and she's hard to escape from when she gets going) Oh know! Poor Mrs. Hanson!  She asked her about the busses having Alabama tags and Mrs. Hanson  said thats where they came from or where they were rented from or something like that. My mom told her  we had all went to the Atlanta concert back in August.  Well, that's only partly true, because it was just Raven and I who made it to that one.   I guess mom was just trying to make conversation.  She also told her   we had been through Tulsa when we went on a cross country trip out to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago  and that we had tried to find their house but couldn't.  Well that wasn't exactly right,  we did go to the Grand Canyon but we did not go through Tulsa.  My sister and I casually talked about doing that because we had been  hearing and reading about so many fans going there and we knew the girls would really  love that but in  no  way were we really serious about it.  Bless her  heart, my mom is the sweetest person in the world and I love her to death but sometimes she can get carried away.   I'm  sure she was just trying to sound like big fans to Mrs. Hanson.  I want to note that mom had nothing but  nice things to say about Mrs.  Hanson.  She was extremely nice to her and talked with her like ordinary plain folks (not a bit stuck up or with that I'm better than you attitude that we southerners sometimes have to endure). OK, anyway back to the back alley.  Ike comes out the door unaccompanied,  he was just a few feet from us.  He walked out and  kept his head down and did not make any eye contact at all and we just stood there staring at him, no one made any type of moves toward him, we were all kinda paralyzed by the whole event happening before our eyes. He had on light beige pants (they looked like polyester but I'm not sure) with a white tank top and sandals. Heres a few  things I noticed about him, he's adorable as ever, his hair was a little messed up, he had a nice tan, he didn't have much to say to the fans.  Well we didn't  really say anything to him either.   He walked to the bus and went inside,  ok we get our cameras ready now because we all know he'll be coming back. Sure enough  here he comes waltzing back again. I get a few pictures but nothing right in his face and he seemed happier because he was smiling a little more than he was before. We notice all the Hanson sibilings coming and going and no  one took pictures of them  except one girl who photographed Zoe. The babysitter just said no pictures of the family please. I found out something about those Hansons that I never knew about before.   They like the attention they get, I swear they seem to thrive on everyone looking at them.  They went in and out that door constantly and that Mackie, oh my goodness, he is the biggest ham!  I swear he is going to be the next Hanson  star. He's got this little toothless grin going on, and he cuts his eyes at everybody while walking by.  One time he was holding like a big gulp drink and sipping on it while he was walking. Well, we all been talking about how cute he was and when he came by with that drink that was almost as big as he was we all went "awwwe"(real drawn out like that) and he smiled and it seem to embarrass him so when he came through another time we did it again.  Well,  this time he stopped on the steps (there was a few steps leading up to the  back door) and turned around toward us with his hands on his hips and said "ok, thats enough with all the awwe's(he mocked our voices)  He was the cutest thing I ever saw and so funny! He had a nice tan also with hair the same color as Ikes, Zacs body type and the most personality of all the Hansons put together. One time he came out blowing kisses, now tell me he doesn't have a star studded career ahead of him 10 years from now. He absolutely loved the attention.  Next we see Zac coming out, he had 2 men walking with him. I snapped 2 pictures of him but he didn't speak or stop to talk to us. They went into the barbecue joint that was adjacent to the Ryman through the alley.   Zac had on green  pants,  t-shirt and a brown leather jacket.  He had the thickest, silkiest looking hair, it was beautiful, no kidding. It had light brown, blond and brown streaks in it, it was unusual looking actually. It was in a pony tail, no fly-aways whatsoever.   I always thought he needed to get his hair cut because in pictures it seemed tangled with a lot of frizzies but now I have changed my mind about that. His hair is perfect, period. Taylor came out finally sandwiched between 2 bodyguards.  I didn't get a picture of Taylor because he was going to fast and the bodyguards were in the way.  Taylor did try to look over them and wave and hey to us.  So we're walking around in the alley trying to look for someone who gives out passes and we notice a group of men standing around talking with those Hanson passes hanging around their necks. So they look at me and I  decide to ask them if they know anything about backstage passes. Well of course they DO NOT (frustration) I'm  beginning to think no one in the Hanson Entourage knows anything about whats going on. So anyway one of the bus drivers starts checking me out, you know his eyes start roaming up and down while I am talking to him.  We see some friends that used to live in our hometown so we walk off to go talk with them. While we were talking, I'm glancing around and notice the same group of men from Hanson's entourage (that we had talked to earlier) all staring and smiling and looking as if they are talking about us. I thought ok, whats all that about?  As were walking back to our spots by the back door the older bus driver sorta startles me when  he comes up to me and slips his hand around me and says something like "Just talk to me please", "I just want to hear your voice some more".  My sister is with me and she give him this look like Mister Man your a little to  close and blurts out I'll talk to ya, What'cha wanna hear, while I sorta back up and away from his clutch. He says he likes my accent and says he's from Missouri and never gets to hear people talk like that. Well, I just wanna say he was a sweet man, I honestly don't think he would hurt a flea,  he was just a little to touchy, feely if you know what I mean. I would just like to note here that I did not have any slutty, revealing clothes on like sometimes you see at these concerts.  I had on a black sleeveless suit and its classy, ok. I guess the busdriver knew I was older than most of the girls there so maybe he was gonna try his luck, I don't know but he was a good bit older than me.  I couldn't help but think of  what Ike said in an interview about older women and how it was a very frightening thing and just not cool. Well I hope my sister, mom and me didn't scare you Ike if you see this. Trust me its not like that, we're just fans of the music, plus I'm not that much older than you but thats beside the point. Well anyway, Ike comes out to go eat and this time we all decide to say hello and extend our hands to see if he would shake them. He shook Mickey's hand and she was so happy and excited about that!  Even at the end of the night she was still talking about Ike touching her hand. It was fun to see her on cloud 9 like that.  You know she was just a regular fan of  Hanson ( she had the Middle of Nowhere CD but had never gotten around to buying the new CD This Time Around) That was before "THE TOUCH" . Now she is a bona fide Hanson fanatic that ran out and got the new CD the next day all because of yea, you got it,  that one touch. See there Ike, it pays to be friendly with the fans sometimes. Well none of the people around us jumped on Ike while he was making his way to the private eating area of the restaurant next door but some people on down must have because we heard a few screams all of a sudden, then the guards  started making everyone back up and began stretching that yellow tape in front of us again. Right before this happens I see Mr. Hanson once again and I call to him Mr. Hanson, remember me?  He goes yes, yes I do remember you and I'm sorry but there was not anymore passes left to give with the reason being Nashville has so many to start with, he acted like there was a lot of people they were going to have to see already. I say ok, heartbroken and disappointed. The rest of our crew are a bit crushed also because they no longer want to stand and wait to see a glimpse of the guys go by so we walk inside the Ryman. They are almost ready to start seating people when my mom spots Ricky Skaggs and his wife Sharon White of "The Whites" and their children. They won vocal duo of the year for their 1987 duet "Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This".  Skaggs also won Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the year in 1982.  Of course my mom asks for a picture and he obliges, his wife seemed happy he was recognized.  When it is time to go in we watch to see where his seats happen to be. Wouldn't you know it-front row, center balcony, the best seats in the house(wonder how he got those,  ahem, could it be he's special). It doesn't stop there either, we notice the people who are getting to go backstage for meet 'n greets are standing outside this door on the balcony waiting in line to enter a few at a time. They all have a white paper their holding. Well, one of Mr. Skaggs kids point over in that direction where the meet 'n greets are lined up. He gets up and takes off for the door,  he goes right past everyone inside the door for a second, then he pops out and motions for his kids and wife to come on.  Wow, how do you like that?  Yes, life is definitely different for the rich and famous. No its not fair after waiting all day in the back alley, bugging Mr. Hanson (I'm sorry) my mom interupting Mrs. Hanson's shopping, but we're huge fans and we wanted those meet 'n greets. To bad they had none lefte to give out. My sisters family and moms seats were 3rd row balcony on Ike's side.  Raven and I had got our tickets from a broker.  They were on the floor row H in the middle. It was about 7th row. I  know that sounds really great but it was not as close as I had imagined they would be plus they had made 2 rows of seats in the very front( I guess for the Hanson.net preferred seats but I'm not really sure) I had tried for those Hanson.net preferred seats on the website but no luck, maybe next time.  The thing about the Ryman was it did not slope so it was frustrating with all those heads,  not to mention a lot of arms and hands obstructing your view. I could tell when M2M came out and everyone stood up that Raven was not going to see very well. It made me a little mad because Raven had to sorta step out in the isle to see (her seat was #1 right on the end) She enjoyed M2M and took a few pics of them. They were pretty good, they played instruments and their voices harmonized together but you know what, they are not very exciting. They do need to liven up their show a little, I did notice the back up guitarist  trying to steal the show a time or two. I guess with all those girls in the audience he couldn't help himself.  He got some girls cowboy hat out of the audience and put it on during their set. Girls kinda screamed when he did that. The  blond from M2M kinda looked at him like "Are you at it again"? The only song I knew was Mirror, Mirror and that  was about it.  I hope they continue to have success in their singing careers. There was a short break before Hanson came on so I made chit chat with a lady and her daughter (about 17)  who sat next to me. They were from Tulsa and had been to 11 of their concerts on this tour! Wow!  I was immediately jealous, no I'm kidding, I was happy for them. They really seem to enjoy Hansons show and appreciate the music.  They told me about a party the daughter had gone to in Tulsa that Hanson were at also.  I asked if she got to talk to them but she said no, she didn't know what to say or didn't want to bother them.  They were really nice people and I was glad I was sitting next to them. I'm not big on crowds but sitting next to them was nice. I wish I had gotten their names or e-mail addresses to keep in touch. You know I didn't pay as much attention as I should have with what songs they played first or what covers they did. I was more worried about whether or not Raven was having fun and if she could see and of course trying to get good pictures of the guys. People from  the back kept coming up front filling up the isles and Raven could not see over their heads.  I was getting mad (why does it have to always be this way, thinking about the show in Atlanta at the Tabernacle ( I waited in line with that child from 10  AM to 7  PM because it was general admission and she wanted to be on the front row. If I had known how the Tabernacles seating was (there was no seats on the floor close to the stage, it was just standing room and 2 levels of balconies.  Needless to say she spent a whole day of waiting for nothing because it was way to dangerous with all the pushing and shoving going on for me to allow her to stay down there. We went to the balcony way over to the side because that was the closest to the stage and we couldn't tell at the time but Zacs drum set was setting so far back that when the guys came on we could not see Zac at  all. She only saw him during the acoustic set. I know it was a bummer for her but she tried to put on a brave face and have fun anyway.  Back to the Ryman, the friendly lady beside me suggested that I move Raven up to the front on the side a little since she could not see and Raven was begging to go.  I hesitated becauses its not right but security was not doing their job and making people go back to their seats  and I felt like I paid way to much money for those tickets for her not to see the show.  So she walked all the way to the front  beside the first 2 rows  of preferred seating and stood there.  She is small, she did not block anyones view, everyone could see over her easily and I stood back a  couple of rows behind her ( I wanted to stay close enough to keep an eye on her)  I stood to the side  of the bench as  not to block the isle. Finally the security lady came over and started to check peoples tickets to see where they were actually supposed to be. It was useless, it did not work, there was to many people constantly coming down and to tell you the truth it was very distracting, it really took away from the show.  The girl in front of me (who looked about my age)  I could tell she did not like Raven being up there. Raven was standing in front of this man who was sitting on Taylors side front bench with I assume his wife and there 2  little boys who looked about 3 and 4. These boys were not interested in the show, neither was their dad who looked like he had a portable radio with earphones (probably listening to a football game or something) on. I remember seeing the security lady asking him something and  pointing to Raven but he just shook his head no and motioned for her to not to make her move. I thought great, she's really gonna enjoy this show. She was up there  smiling and occassionally looking back at me to make sure I was still there. I guess the girl in front of me figured out we were together and  sure enough  when Raven walked back to me to hand me the camera (she was ready to start clapping now) the security lady asked to see our tickets and yep she made me take Raven back to our seats. You know I could not believe she wouldn't let her stay since that man on the front had no problem with her standing there. So we went back to our seats and Raven pouted for a little while. It was just like before everyone kept coming from the back and standing in front of her. I tell ya I did not enjoy this show as much as the Tabernacle. Too many distractions-peoples heads and arms.  The guys put on an awesome show but again not qutie as good as the Tabernacle. The sound was better at the Tabernacle. At the Ryman my sisters husband said he could not understand anything they were singing. He could not make out the words  they were saying either. The guys seemed a little tired and wore down. Taylor sang most of the time with his eyes closed, Ike sang alot with his eyes closed also, Zac made  the most eye contact. Taylors voice was hoarse and he looked like he might just collapse up there any minute. It looked like it was taking everything he had to belt out those songs.  They hardly talked to the audience compared to the Atlanta show.  I also noticed no one threw bras or panties and other objects at them like in Atlanta. I"m sure that was a welcome change for them. Also right before they left the stage to get ready for the acoustic set Taylor blew a kiss to someone in the audience over to his side on the front.  It looked like he was aiming it at someone in particular but I couldn't tell whom.  A bunch of girls were jumping up and down like it was for them. They sang all their usual songs, I loved a Song To Sing and If Only the best.  The crowd really got into Taylors harmonica part. I swear it made the hairs on your arms stand up, don't you just love that feeling? It was really amazing. In my opinion Taylor is one of the best vocalist around today. I'm worried he may be harming his vocal chords with this hectic tour  and the number of shows they do.  He really gives 110%  but that night he just looked like he couldn't give it as much as he would  like. They did not do an accapella at the end. Zac  did I Want You To Want Me , a Cheap Trick song and I have to say he did a great job of it. The crowd went wild and Zac seem to enjoy being the front man for a change. He tried to touch as many hands as  he could all the while trying to belt out the song.  He looked really cute. All in all it was a good show,  I noticed the little boys in the front row were all laid out asleep on their parents. I kept trying  to figure out who they might be (a country singer, a music executive perhaps) but I don't know who they were. Maybe they wasn't VIP , maybe they stood all night in line for their tickets or purchased them over the internet the second they went on sale (NOT) Sorry I was being sarcastic, they just didn't look like your average Hanson fanatic fans and thats a shame because those seats could have been occupied by true Hanson fans. After the show we all packed up in the van and left.  We did not go around back  and wait for the guys to come out. We were tired  so we headed home. Thanks Hanson for the tour!  I wish you continued success in your musical careers and I hope you always stay as well grounded and level headed as you've always been and may we meet up again on your next tour! I hope so! Stay Happy!
1) M2M was also going in and out the back door in the back alley, although we really wasn't aware of who they were until we saw them on stage.
2) Mr. Hanson wore Tommy Hilfiger jeans. When I looked at him close in his face, I thought Wow! This is Taylor Hanson 25 years from now. Taylor looksa lot like his dad.
3) Mrs. Hanson wore jeans and a fringed long shirt. It looked hippy like. You know I could never pull off anything like that but she is the mother of the group Hanson and I have nothing but the upmost respect for her and I'm definitely not gonna dog her for what she wears besides she is a beautiful lady, a natural beauty, she needs no make-up or fancy get up to look classy. Everytime she walked by the fans she was smiling. You know that was just nice. I liked her a lot.
4)  Taylor had on a short sleeve shirt instead of a tank top during the concert. I'm sure some fans were disappointed especially the ones where that was the only Hanson concert they were able to attend. Taylor has nice muscles in his arms so he should show them off. Also, I never got a good picture of Taylor , not one, why you ask? He never stops moving, he's either flipping his head back or turning it downward or twisting the other way and those eyes, oh my gosh, those eyes, they stayed closed way to much.  You know I often close my eyes (the dentist office chair) when I want to transport myself somewhere else if only its in my mind. I hope Taylor wasn't trying to escape where he was. I certainly can't imagine that knowing how much they love doing their music but I couldn't help think of that. Mainly, I think he was just tired, bless his little heart, he needs to drink more of his beef soup.
5) I passed Ashley with his trusty video camera. I casually asked for meet
and greets and again I was shot down. I would have liked to talk to him ( a real conversation) but geez, no one in the Hanson Entourage will slow down for 2 minutes. It's rush, rush, rush.

 This isnt news but id liked to say something to all the hanson fans who are having a problem with what hanson do: Its their life! Youre just there to listen to their music and have fun. Let them smoke, drink and have as many girlfriends! They arent harming your life in any way!I did not go to any of their concerts due to the fact that they didnt come to my country but when I read what you girls saw i do feel disgusted in a way but again their not ruining my life! You guys probably know a bunch of people who do what youre complaing about! Let Taylor date as many girls, let him smoke and drink as much as he does! Let Isaac smoke and drink... hes 20 for crying out loud! And if Zac was rude to you, you should have given him a piece of your mind and said what you would have said to any guy who was rude to you! Let him see that m2m girl... its his life. Hanson have parents and these 3 are not exactly numb skulls who dont know what theyre doing. If they harm themselves well too bad for them! It wont harm me. Ill get kinda pissed, moan about it for a day... end of story. Its their loss not ours! We always have their albums to listen to at any time even when they stop singing!

 Hi! I dont have concert review, but I wanted to write about that smoke stuff.Ive read about that all Brazilian fans says that Hanson smokes. O.k. #1:Im sorry guys but I dont believe you. It just sound so not - Hanson. Its nothing wrong with drinking, I mean everybody drinks, but smoking. Drinking is like normal, but smoking isnt that normal. #2:Idont think that Ike and Tay would smoke with their dad. I mean hello!!!!! Even Walker and Diana treat their sons like adults, I still dont think that they would let them smoke. But its credible that they let them drink. I have many friends whos parents let them drink. Like I said, drinking isnt that bad. Im just wondering that what kind of parents Walker and Diana are if they let I/T/Z smoke. And #3: If Hanson did smoke in Brazil, it doesnt mean that they do it permanent. Perhaps they tasted it or just smoked when they had a party. Its not that bad. Or if I/T/Z smokes it doesnt mean that they had turned to bad. Smoking doesnt make people bad. I have many friends who somkes, they are still nice! But I really hope that Hanson doesnt smoke - it would be a big plus. There isnt any good reason to smoke. But if they do, quiet honestly its not our business. They can do what ever they wants. If you really love Hanson as much you say you do, I think that you can respect their private life! Thats just my opinion!!! And one more thing - about that Zac has been rude for some1. Of course its bad that you like wait your whole life to meet him and when you do, he is rude for you. but pay regard to that he is only 15 years old normal guy! Yes he is famous, but hes still normal guy. Perhaps he just want to forget for little while that he is famous or that he has so many fans, and "be normal". He is teenager and that age isnt easiest in your life. I know, Ive went through that too. In that age you have many mood swings. Just let it go. I know that it sounds easier than it is, I would be hurt too, but just think about it. Im sure he didnt mean that on purpose. I mean why would he, he doesnt even know you. !!! If you have any comments or you just wanna talk about Hanson my e-mail addy is: mmmboper@hotmail.com And HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY1!!!

 hi fansons, i just wanted to tell you all about the Oct. 20 concert in St. Louis. It was the best. the night before i was like so excited tha i could barely sleep. well i did finally fall asleep. but i woke up and went to school. then after school i went to Marquette High School.{my mom is a teacher there} then when they got out my lil sis came over and met my mom and me there. i had like two or three cameras with me. {i forget how many} any way we finally got there and got in line. it was about 5:30 or so. the show was going to start at 8:00. well we met these people in line. they were two girls.{i forget their names. ooopps!}then we finally got in. i had the general admission seat or whatever you call them. My sis saved me a spot up in the big croud while i went to go buy a whole bunch of stuff. well i came back into the crowd of girls. we were up in the front. i could have been in the very front row if it wasn't for these two REALLY tall girls in front of me.{i'm short} but finally the show started. M2M started it. they were really great. i took a lot of pics of them. i got a perfect pic of marion. when i held the camera up to take a pic, she looked at me and kinda posed. she's so pretty. but i couldn't wait for hanson to come out. i was soooooooooooo excited. then they finally did. the forst song they sand was "Where's the love". it was great. but girls must think if your short they can just push you around, cause thats what happend to me. i got kinda mad about that, so went back to one of the tables where my mom was sitting. when i did, i actually saw how small that theatre was. it looked more like a bar or something. anyway, i still had a great view of them. " kept saying to my sister "is it hot in here or is it just zac?" LOL! but at the end i was kinda mad about what happend. but for the oncore they came back out. Tay went back and played the drums while Zac sang the song "i want you to want me" OOHHHMMYYGOOSSHH! when they started to sing the song i got SOOOO HAPPY, thats like my FAVORITE song of all time. i mean like my FAVORITE BAND SINGING MY FAVORITE SONG. I got so happy i grabbed my sister's hand and i pushed my way to the front. During the song Zac came over and i got to shake his hand. i also got to touch his shoes and feet,{the stage was high} then when it was over, tay came over hand i shook his hand{s} like 50 thousand times. i also got to touch his arms , pants, and shoes. Last, Ike came over and i got to touch his arm but he was trying to shake my hand but he couldn't reach me for some reason. But he looked at me and smiled. then it was over. my mom, sister and i drove around to the back of the theatre by the tour buses. we talked to some guards to see if they were going to come out. he said they weren't. but we still stayed there for a while. i saw their mother Diana walk out of the tour bus. but i didn't see hanson. we finally left. that was the best day of my life. love, sarah.

You can find my tour reviews as well as pictures from the shows at my page. http://anotherhansonsite.com And just a little note...this is tour review page...I don't like having to scroll through all of this girlfriend/smoking stuff. Zac is *not* a rude person...the only time I could see him being rude to a fan would be if they were being rude to them. And I could be wrong...but I doubt they have girlfriends right now. I saw them Saturday at a club and they sure didn't act like they did. Sarah

 Hey! My name is Tiffany, I'm 17 and I live in Mesa AZ. I went to the Aug. 10 and Oct. 29 Hanson concerts in Phoenix AZ. The first concert was fun, but not as much fun as it could be (long story, I posted it up back in September). But the Oct. 29 concert was the best day of my life! I went with my best friend Katie (17 yrs old), my friend Lindsey (17), my sister Jessica (18) and my other sister Cassie (20). We got to the state fair at about noon, and the first thing we did was go to the collesium where the concert was going to be held, and we were going to walk around to the back where the tour busses are always parked, but because it was a Hanson concert they had the area blocked off. We've gone to a lot of concerts at the collesium, and we always go backstage and meet the bands, but NO, not at the Hanson concert. Anyways, so we walked down into the bottom floor of the collesium where they had a book drive in one corner, and art in another corner etc. Well over by the book drive we saw yellow curtains hung up, to keep people out of the backstage area. So we walked over and acted like we were reading books (I picked up a book called "How to impress girls" lol, I'm sure that was convincing!), and we were trying to get the guts up to go back there. Well finally I decided to go, so I jumped behind the curtain and ran around the corner to the stage entrance where there was a sign that said "No Tresspassing Backstage Area" and there was a security guard so I turned around and left. Now don't assume that I'm a teeny bopper, because I AM NOT! It's called having fun! We always do crazy stunts like this to meet bands (that's why I've met Fenix Tx, Travis from Blink 182, Lit, Black Eyed Pea etc.) Anyways, so we just started walking around the fair and stuff. My sisters decided to go on some rides, but me, Katie and Lindsey didn't want to, so we got some lunch and sat under a tree in front of the collesium. Then I left to go meet some friends by the Ferris Wheel, and we came back to sit with Katie and Lindsey. Then we noticed a bunch of girls behind the bathrooms near backstage under a tree. So we walked over and found out that they were waiting for Hanson's arrival. So we kinda hung out there for a while, talking to some of the girls and what not. Then we got bored, so me, Katie, and Lindsey took our camara and walked around the fair looking for cute guys to get our picture taken with. It was sooo much fun! We got so many good pictures! Then we came back to that fan area and hung out again for a couple of hours. I started getting tired because I had been out late the night before, so I had my head down on the picnic table, when all of a sudden all the girls started screaming and freaking out. So I got up and walked over, and saw 2 vans pulling in, and they were all saying that Hanson was inside with their family. I didn't see anyone, but Cassie did. After that some lady came over with a bunch of pins she was selling for $2. I bought 2, one said "October 29, 2000 The Day Hanson Rocked Phoenix, Arizona," and the other one said, "All I know is that fear has got to go, This Time Around." She had others that said stuff like, "Your a Hanson fan, you just don't know it yet," and "Puff Broccoli Power," and "I survived the Hanson depression of '99." Then we noticed all of the concert security arriving. We were looking for some of our security friends when we noticed this really really hot security guard, so me Lindsey and Katie called him over. We found out that his name was Jason, and he signed our hands lol! You have to understand that this is a tradition when we go to concerts! But then some other security said that we all had to leave and get in line to enter the coliseum. So we told Jason that we loved him and Lindsey told him that he was a "sexy beast" then we left. We were the second group in line, so we were talking about how hot Jason was, when all of a sudden guess who walks up...Jason! He was in charge of our line with another security guard! So we got a pic with him too. Once we got inside we took our seats, and we had pretty good seats too! We were on the floor in the front row of section 204, which is off to the right of the stage. We then noticed 2 guys about our age sitting across the coliseum from us, so we started waving and stuff at them. Then for the next 20 minutes we were sending notes back and forth with the aid of security lol. Then the guys (Chris 18, and Ryan 18) got up and started climbing up to the nose bleeder seats and walking around to our section. So we started climbing up too, and met them half way. We talked with the guys for a while until the concert started. They were visiting Ryan's grandparents and they were from Seattle WA. They got bored walking around the fair so they decided to check out the Hanson concert. When we were talking all the girls started singing "Happy Birthday" to Zac, and Chris Ryan were laughing and rolling their eyes, it was so funny. Then we left because the concert was going to start. The concert was AWESOME!! Man, those guys really know how to rock!! We were dancing all over the place! The people around us were sitting down, so we were really noticeable, and people were laughing and watching Lindsey dance because she was so hyper, it was hilarious! And at one time, Zac looked over at her dancing and he started laughing! He probably thought that we were freaks lol! Anyways, during "Love Song" we noticed this guy in the floor seats who goes to our school, sitting by himself and he looked like he was being tortured. So we got his attention and started singing the lyrics to him! It was great. Behind me were 2 11 year old girls and their mom, and the girls had a Kermit the frog stuffed animal that they wanted to throw on stage. One of the girls tried to run up there put was caught by security, so I took it and tried too, but I was also caught. So then her mom grabs it, totally determined, and runs up there and chucks in on stage! Then she runs back and hugs her daughter and slaps me a high five, it was so cute! After the concert was over, me and Jessica ran up to the front, because Isaac Taylor and Zac took their bow, then Taylor said, "At every concert we try to do things different, and make each one special, and since this is our last stop in the U.S. we have a special treat for you guys." Then they sang part of TTA acapella. It was awesome. Of course this isn't the end of my story! To make it short we met this group of 4 guys (about 20 yrs old) and they were so funny! We got a pic with them in the coliseum. Then we met another group of 4 guys, and got a pic with them outside the fun house. Then, we walked by the backstage area, because there were no security back there anymore. We saw Scott, their bass guitarist, so we talked to him for a little while, and he said that Hanson had already left. I told him that the concert was awesome, and I loved "Speechless." And while we were talking some guy next to us was lighting his shoe on fire! Scott kinda looked over and started laughing, then at the same time we both go "Omg, that smells!" And Cassie said that he must of had bad foot fungus or something. Then Scott signed our hands too, and I told him to come back to Phoenix soon, and we left. On the way to our car, we met some cute water boys, and got a pic with them of course. If you went to the same concert email me, so we can talk! Tiff p.s. I'm the one in the red sweater, sometimes I have my sweater off, and I'm in the blue shirt with the white blouse over it.

 Hey guys ! I am from Puerto Rico and i traveled this summer to see Hanson in Ft.Lauderdale on August 26! they were awesome! i got REALLY good pics of them ! I also met Walker he was really nice and i saw Diana and the siblings inside the tour bus when they were in Macys in Miami beach i got AWESOME CLOSE PICS OF THEM THERE! NEVE rocked at the concert too! Tay was so sweet to me when we met.He let me touch his hair , Ike and Zac didtoo.Well here are some of the pics i got when i met him .Enjoy them ! Tay looks so hot!. See ya later guys! Hanson Rocks my heart! By the way in the pics i am the one whose talking to Tay with a red shirt! ps= Plz dont take my pics . They mean ALOT to me Wilmarie


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