The Chatroom is CLOSED *

Due to continued network problems the
chat is closed at this time, please check back.
For more info, refer to this article.





                         * Register Your Nick on the new Server *
If you have not already done so on the new  network,
get a nick and register it. After you have connected as a guest, type:

       /nick <nickname>
          If you get no error message,
          then do the next command, else try another nick.
 /ns register <password> <email>

          Here is an example:
       /nick HansonFan2003 (if taken, try another nick)
       /ns register pondlake july2309@aol.com
       Check your email and click on the link in it. Your done.
       Now when you come back, just enter your
       nick and password on the java connection form.

Be sure to enter a good email address, you will get an email to verify it.
After you have verified by email, you can enter your nick and pass
easily before you enter the room and not loose your nick.

If you join later and someone is using your REGISTERED nickname, 
 you can get it back by typing the following commands:
/ns ghost <yournick> <yourpassword> 
 /nick <yournick>

Questions? email Webmaster@HansonHouse.com

                              * Click below to enter the Chat *



Same Window

You can also connect to HansonHouse Chat
 with any IRC client using
 Port: 6667 or 7000
 If you want to try it, get mIRC at
 and use the above values. See you in Chat!!

Want Instructions on how to use mIRC for chatting?
See mIRC directions on what to do :)

==> NOTICE: If the Main Chat is not working, use the Backup Server below

If you get disconnected just come back in a few minutes (network prob)
CHAT now supports colors and sounds - Try it out!!
To use a color, click on 1 or 2 color numbers and then type something.
Here's an example of a sound command: /sound gong Wake up people!

When you click below to enter the chatroom, type your 
nickname and then click on "connect".
(email not needed)

If you get a message that the nick is already in use or is registered to
another user, try adding #'s or changing it. Like if you choose
Amy but it says it's already registered, you could type
/nick Amy2
To talk privately with somebody, double click on their name.
Sometimes there may be a delay before the room
completely loads...please be patient - if you d/c, just come back.
Always try and use Java Chat 1. (Java 2 is a backup)


Backup Server only if above 2 Fail

Java Chat on Bandsite.net

Same Window


Click Here!