My stories on meeting Hanson

Hey,my name is Kyndall and I am 14 yrs old and I live about 5 miles from Hanson (their new house that is and I am so excited about that*) The first time I ever even heard of Hanson was cause the came to my old elementary school about 4 years ago and they perform for us, and after the concert was over you could go over and get their autographs and talk to them for a while.So after school, me and my friends went to meet Taylor and we got to talk to him for about 30 minutes, and they gave us there phone number so we could call their house and talk to them or leave messages for them. So of course right once we got home my friends and I called and we got to talk to Taylor,Isaac and Zac!!

I don't remember what we talked about but I know I talked to Taylor for about an hour and a half he was really cool to talk to!! Then the second time I met them was at a party in my friends neighborhood! They performed for a really long time.And then after that there was a hay ride that you could go on(it was around Halloween and when you got on the ride you went around the neighborhood and every once and a while people in masks would jump out at you and you'd freak)but anyway,I talked to Taylor for quit a long time! We were waiting in line to get on the hay ride and I asked him if he remembered me and he said he did.(from on the phone and from when we met them at our school) ,then eventually we got to get on the ride and I got to sit right next to Taylor and we talked during that time too!

Then once we got off the ride it was time for them to go home!! But through out the rest of the year I called Taylor all the time and I guess you could say in a way we were friends in a way. Then the one of last time I saw them perform before they got signed was at Mayfest! (I didn't get to see them very l;long cause my dance class had to go perform but all I can remember from that was Taylor waved at me when I saw him there!! But then after Mayfest I think I saw them perform at Big Splash(A water park) and then that was the last time I heard of them for about a year and I tried to call but nobody ever answer or ever called me back so eventually I gave up on them.Them in 1997(I think?)I was home sick from school and I saw mmmbop the video on MTV and I freaked .From then on out it was Hanson this Hanson that, and then I met them when they were famous.

IT was the last week of January 1998 since my mom worked at the airport I begged her to check the flights and see when they were coming in to the airport (so she did and they were coming in the last week of January) so I begged her to take me out of school to go and meet them(that didn't go over well with my dad), and he said I couldn't go and I got so mad, and the day they came to the I went to school and went into second hour and the office called me down for an early dismissal(however you spell that)and I went crazy cause I knew I was getting out of school to meet Hanson!! So when I got to the airport we had a while before they came for their flight so I got to chill out for a while then it was time for them to come so we went to the gate and I got to talk to them for about 20 minutes and Taylor said he sort of remembered me(wow for me!)then they had to get on their flight so I hugged them all(Zac is taller then me and I'm 14 how embarrassing)

Then they signed my MON cd and they left!!And just recently I went to the concert in Tulsa and I got to go back stage and get their autographs and Tay said that I looked familiar and I told him about all those times before (well not all of the that would take to long and time is what they didn't have )*the Tulsa concert on the 24th of September that is* and that was the last time I ever met them in person! I'll send you all of my autographed pics okay? I also have a cute pic that their little sister Avie drew for me(it'so cute)Well gotta go e-mail me back K? P.S.- My mom has also met them a million times at the airport with out me(pout) P.P.S-I also have pic of their house, and treehouse ,and their soccer goal too!!!

Well gotta go c-ya!! ---------------
(_() Peace,Love and bullet proof marshmallows!!