A Day to Remember
by Julie Benson

Chapter One

It was one of a million Saturdays where my best friend, Kelly, and I were having a blast at Universal Studios Florida. We had just gotten off T23D (our fav thing) for the 16th time, when we decided to break for lunch. We sat down at out usual table, outside, and started chatting about gossip at school, fashion, etc. We were in the misted of a conversation involving one of the hotties at school, when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that a guy was coming directly to our table. We looked up to get the shock of our lives. Standing at our table, with a somewhat embarrassed grin on his face, was Taylor Hanson!! We were both in a state of shock, and all he could say was," Hi." I quickly realized what an idiot I was making of myself, so I came to my senses. Even though I had snapped back to the real world, that didn’t stop Kelly from staring at Taylor with her eyes as big as beach balls. I just replied," Hey", and tried to ignore my friend. Taylor, on the other hand, noticed her behavior, and asked," Is your friend Ok?" I was like," Sure. She’s just, you know, nervous and shocked at the same time." With that, I just nudged Kelly back into reality. Taylor looked at us for a moment and said," Mind if I sit down?" I replied, before Kelly got the chance to," Not at all." Kelly, being a Taylor Hanson lover herself, just nodded in agreement. Throughout the conversation, I did most of the talking for Kelly and me for 2 good reasons. First, I’m the braver and more mature one of the pair, most of the time. Second, Kelly was so nervous that I was surprised she could talk at all. During the conversation, Taylor told us that his brothers and the rest of the Hansons were out and around the park. He had somehow managed to get around without being recognized. Now, Kelly and I had planned on spending the entire day going on T23D, so when I invited Taylor to come along with us as we went through the park, I expected Kelly to say some kind of rebuttal. To my amazement, she just agreed with me with a smile. I’m not going to tell you every little detail of that day, even though that’s what you gossip-mongers crave, but I will give you some of the highlights.

Chapter Two

Now, everytime I go on King-Kong, I usually just sit there while Kelly and I make fun of how fake the gorilla looks. This time, however, was different, in a very good way. We were going around for the first look at that stupid mechanical beast, where fire bursts out of every fake building, when I felt Taylor’s hand take mine. I looked over at him, and he flashed that fantastic smile of his. It’s amazing that I never noticed how high the temperature actually gets on that ride. That was also probably the first time I ever really had fun on that ride. From that time until the end of the day, Taylor and I practically never let go of each other’s hands. Before I go on, you’re probably wondering what happened to poor Kelly, right? Would I go around holding the hand of a guy she has a crush on right in front of her face? Of course not!! What kind of best friend do you think I am? Now, with Taylor’s connections, he got Kelly a chance at a private meet-and-greet with the stunt guy who plays John Connor(who she thinks is really cute!) . Not only that, but he got the guy time off so that they could go around the park. Is Taylor totally sweet, or what? Let me get back to the story. After we went on Jaws(which was almost as fun as King-Kong), Taylor and I were on our way to the Back to the Future ride. That’s when I noticed those "couple games". You know, the games for couples where the guy tries to show how mocho he is by winning his girl a prize. I usually walk right past them(for obvious reasons), but not today. Actually, Taylor noticed them before I did. He insisted that he get me something. I didn’t mind agreeing with him. He decided to go to one where he could win me a big green alien with a black cloak, which I think are so adorable. Being the superb athlete that he is, he instantly won me an alien(which I later named "Tayles"). Now, there’s this gift shop with these really cool rings in it that I love, but never have bought. When we went in there, I tried not to noticed that they had a beautiful ring in my size. Of course, Taylor saw them as well. He asked," Julie, what do you think of those rings?" Trying not to sound too anxious, I replied," Their pretty cool. Why?" "Do you want one?", he asked. I answered," But Taylor, you given me enough already. Their too expensive anyway." "Nothing’s expensive when compared to the your priceless beauty," he said. As you might have guessed, I melted right then and there. I went outside to "go to the bathroom", but I was, in fact, so excited, I needed air. I came back to the shop to find that Taylor had not purchased a ring, but was asking the cashier if they had any jewelry for couples and such. I stayed outside until he was done. I pretended that I had just come back and suggested we take a walk. I waited until we were at this special place by this kind of lawn to ask him if he had seen anything worth buying(hint, hint). He answered," I was looking for something that was as beautiful and exquisite as you, but there isn’t a gem nor crystal on the planet like that." I was about to give him a kiss on the cheek for that, when one of the park photographers asked if we wanted our picture taken. I looked at Taylor for an answer and he gave me the cutest wink. I nodded to the photographer, and he told Taylor to," Put your arm around the girl and smile", and he told me to," Just sit there and look happy." That’s not what we had in mind. Right before he snapped the picture, Taylor and I closed our eyes, leaned in close, and gently but softly let our lips come together in the perfect first kiss. This led to longer and more romantic kisses that were more fantastic than the last. Of course, we didn’t stop after the picture was taken. My watch was in my mini-backpack (which fell to the ground the moment our lips touched), so I didn’t know how long we kissed. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care. All I could think about was how wonderful this was and hoping we never stopped. When we did stop, to catch a breath of air, I gazed into Taylor’s eyes, and him into mine. It was then that we both knew exactly what the other was thinking. At this, we smiled.


Chapter Three

It was awhile until we got up after that incredible experience. We soon decided to meet up with Kelly and her guy, who’s name I’ve forgotten at the moment. I couldn’t wait to tell her about what had happened between Taylor and me. As soon as we caught up with them, Kelly immediately noticed the hand-holding. Not to mention the mile-wide smile that was spread across my face. She was not surprised to hear me say," We’ve got to talk." "Of course," she replied," not here, though." "Right. Let’s talk where they can’t hear." I said, referring to our male companions. After she agreed, I went over to Taylor and told him that I would only be awhile. I also suggested that he talk to Kelly’s beau for the time being. We gave each other a peck on the cheek, and I went to talk with my best friend. The second we were out of earshot of the guys, Kelly had a question ready. "What the hell was that?!" "What?" I replied, not understanding what she meant. "The kiss girl!!! Spill it, and I want details!!" "Fine." "I know he is, but tell me what happened!!" I couldn’t help but laugh. And so I started to tell her about my day with Taylor Hanson. Almost every other minute, she would give me an expression for every emotion. From a raised eyebrow for intrigue, to a jaw-drop for shock.. When I finished, all Kelly could say was," Oh S**t!!! Girl, are you serious?" "Yep," I told her. And then, she so gracefully replied," Lucky b*t*h!!!" Now, Kelly hardly ever curses, so this meant she was really excited.

Chapter Four

It wasn’t long until night fall. Unfortunately, that was when Kelly and I were to leave. Of the four of us, Taylor and I were the most depressed. Just the thought of not being with him was enough to make me want to cry. I didn’t though. I knew Taylor was feeling the same way. We had just spent one of the most majestic days of our lives, with someone we really cared about, and now we just have to separate? I hated the idea. Not only did we exchange digits, but addys and emails. That way, we could communicate with each other by any means. Kelly reminded me of the time, even though she was having fun as well. The thought of leaving was unwelcome to me, but I had to. As I was letting go of Taylor’s hand, reluctantly, he stopped me. He said," Julie! Wait! I have to give you something!" Now this took me by surprise. "What?", I replied. He reached into the pocket of his pants, and produced a small, black velvet case. He told me, " Open it." I did, and what I saw took my breath away. Sitting inside the case was a pair of sterling silver rings with the words "Together Always", with two hearts on either side, inscribed on each. When I was able to talk again, I said," Their gorgeous." "There’s two, so both of us can have one. Whenever we wear them, we’ll think of this day, and especially of each other." Taylor explained. What would make this moment even more Kodac-worthy? How about a little smooching? Well, after Taylor put that ring on my finger, I was hoping just that. I looked up at him, and he was thinking the same as me. We tilted our heads, closed our eyes, and kissed in a way that would have made Romeo and Juliet jealous. It was so fantastic, I thought I was dreaming. Of course, Kelly didn’t even think of interrupting. In fact, she was doing a little lip-locking with her guy. Now, Taylor and I would have stood there and kissed forever if we could, but I had to be home, and Taylor had to meet his family and be at the hotel, soon.


Chapter Five

For the next week or so, Taylor and I talked for hours on the phone, wrote each other emails, and even a letter or two. That day was the only thing me and my friends could talk about. Almost everybody I know asked me about that ring, too. Note: Since my public school has open hallways, they have very large windows to let in the Florida sunshine. Anyway, it was a somewhat normal day in History, if you could call any day after that Saturday normal. My teacher’s pretty cool, so she didn’t mind if I spaced out every so often (I had explained what happened the first time she caught me). I was doing an assignment in my History book, when I guy walked in with a long, narrow box. I didn’t notice him, so I was puzzled when my teacher called me over. Apparently, the guy was a delivery guy, and the package was for me. Automatically, I knew who it was from. I opened it to find a dozen of gorgeous tulips, my favorite flower. Tulips are very rare in Florida, so that was an extra shock for everyone in class, who had gathered around me. All the girls gasped, and the guys all said," Whoa." Then, one of my friends noticed a card among the flowers. I got to it before she could. It read," Among a retched field of thorns and weeds, stands a single and heavenly rose." When I read that, you could hear the girls melted and the guys gagging. A girl spoke up and said," Julie? Who are they from?" I knew exactly who they were from. I was about to tell them, when from behind me and the crowd, a voice said," Me." We all turned around to see Taylor standing in the doorway looking as handsome as ever. While I was going over to my Prince Charming, you could hear girls whistling, and some whispering," Wow!" After Taylor and I hugged, a boy noticed the rings we were wearing. He said to Taylor," Hey! You have the same ring as Julie." "Of course," Taylor replied. "Where do you think she got hers?" A girl spoke up saying," That’s so sweet!" "I know." I told her. Taylor looked into my eyes, and said," I’ve got something else for you." When I asked what it was, all he told me was," It’s outside. Come on." We went outside, but stopped in front of one of those windows I told ya about. Let’s just say that we combined those two magical kisses right then and there. Now, that took the class by complete surprise. Even through the window, you could hear the teens yelling and shouting with encouragement. I even heard girls shout," Go Julie!" I wasn’t even embarrassed when we stopped. Thanx to Taylor, I got to leave school early. I went inside, and after everyone calmed down, I grabbed my stuff and we left. We got to spend another whole day together. I don’t have to tell you how fabulous it was.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself," So, what happens next?!?!?!?!?!?!" I’d tell you. I’d really love to, but I can’t. The truth is, it isn’t finished yet. And I don’t mean this story!

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