Meeting at Hotel Tuesday Night 16th June, 9T8 (London)

We arrived back at the hotel at around 11:30pm anticipating to c our fave guys. We were still VERY hyped after the concert and seeing Hanson live was one of my biggest dreams.. so I was still feelin_awesome. Anywayz, we sat in the lobby for a while really about = an hr.. then as I was about to show Amanda a really stupid, but funny, bird joke, Bronagh says "fuckin_ hell they_re here!".. So I quickly packed the paper away into my bag and removed 3CG and a marker pen for them tosign. We left the hotel lobby and stood up on the steps by the revolving doors. This almost seemed like ritual now.. so we weren_t really nervous.. it was just a natural thing to do- see our friends, theHanson_s. :o) We watched them step outta the van I looked at my watch and it was 12:02am we met them after midnite (*sigh*), and the rest of the family too.. Ike and Zac came up the front steps and Zac had a lil marker pen ready to sign stuff.. awww. Ike said hello girls. We were like hiii. So Bro right away asked zac if he could sign her MON music book and I watched him screw up his name.. hehe, cos he like lost the balance of book.. so Bro had to put her hand under to keep it stable for him I honestly don_t know what happened after that cos all this happened with me and Taylor. Avery came up the slope first with their minder and other ppl I don_t remember. I said _hi Avery_ and i asked her to shake my hand and she did! She smiled and said hi too, then they went in AWW BLESS HER!! She is so cute. Taylor came along. (he was wearing his red leather jacket and TIIIIGHT white lycra tee and his pecs were busting outta it, it was like an Arnie chest.. no lies! He is so FIT! Yummy :o^) Anywayz Tay came after looked at me and ummed and ahhhed. Then I smiled & said "c_mon taylor how many times have we asked u?" Tay smiled and said "ok, yea. I think we can do that." He took 3 car garage off me right away without giving me a chance to ASK 2 get it signed. :o) Anyways the CD Avie & he tried to sneak away up the slope entrance, I didn_t let him tho.. *grin* So I tapped him and said: Taylor can we have a picture please and he kinda sleeve was still in the case, which I had broken literally 45 mins b4 they had arrived. So Taylor opened the case and it just fell off.. so I tapped Taylor on his arm and said Taylor u broke my CD! Hehe So then he said: "Yea I have a habit of doin_ that." Aww sweet. I just smiled at him. He was asking for a pen off of Zac I was like no Tay its ok I got one, so I took off the lid for him while he was opening the case and I gave tha pen to him. So then he goes whats ur name again? I said Sophie then I tapped him again ( this musta been annoying for him hehe) and I said "Taylor don_t u remember me? o yea! did ya c us?" Then he said: "yea yea, we saw you." I_m like coool. So then he asked me: "how do u spell that, s-o-p-h-i-e?" I said yea.. so then he signed it _To: Sophie, best wishes_ underlined and then his name it was then passed on to Ike I think. I really don_t know how Ike and Zac got to sign it I do remember seeing Ike signing it tho but I didn_t c zac sign it.. then somehow I got the CD sleeve back to me. Tay was still using the pen I gave him.. Then after that I think he signed Amanda_s rail book and she was like, sorry I only have this rail book but I don_t think he understood what she was chatting about. So after my CD was signed I said to Ike and grabbed his arm gently, can we please have a picture, I dunno if he heard me but all I remember seeing was long curly locks all over his face he looked sexeee. :o) I think this was going on while he was signing my CD and then I asked their bodyguard to take the pic for us.. and he said: noooo, nooo and grinned, I was like please. He still said no so I kinda just gave up. :o( So afterwards I remembered about the chicken shake I had given to Walker 2 days b4 to give to Zac.. So I said: "Zac, Zac did ya get my little blue egg shaped shaker thing? And he said "Yeah." So I thought cool. I prolly said it but I don_t remember. Then Bronagh asked if they had got her CD but they didn_t reply, prolly cos they didn_t hear her. While all this was going on I was watching them sign some other girls diaries and stuff. But it what was really cool, was Ike tay &zac kinda crowded around me, bro and manda and these other 2 girls were like behind them so all the guys did was just turn around a little not fully.. they were still facing us the whole time! :o) Then I wanted my dream to come true, seeing as I chickened out on getting a hug off of Zac 2 days b4 that I thought I_m gonna get one taday! So I then asked,Zac and I was like pointing to him, cos I think he was signing sumthin_ I dunno. Then I goes "zac can I have a hug?" and without even hesitating, zac leaned forward and so did I cos there were like 3 ppl infront of us and Zac gave me a big HUG! And he almost strangled me, tha boy is strong, man! :o) we both used one arm.. cos we had bags on eahc of our shoulders and he made noise kinda like urrrrr-ur-ur.. the noise u make when u strangle sum1, hehe. It was cool. Then I said "ah, strangle me!" Hehe! Then Walker said ok guys we_re going in.. So Zac kinda pushed passed all of us and went in alone and said "sorry guys we gotta go now.. c ya.. have a nice evening".. etc etc he was saying stuff along those lines, I don_t really remember exactly wot. I watched him the whole time walk into the hotel, I was like bye zac! he waved.. and then all I heard Bronagh say was c_mon u got all ur ppl here. I_m not gonna kill u, at this point I was still looking at zac. :o) and then I just c her let go of hug with tay! Awesome. So I thought well if she can get one, I can too! Hehe. I was on a role dude. So this was the end and they were all being ushered in, I said "Taylor can I have a hug please?" ands he was like really hesitant.. cos they bodyguard was pushing me away on my stomach and saying.. we_re going in.. stay on this side bollox, bollox bollox.. so I_m like tay pleeeeease.. I put on the puppy dog face hehe. Still at this point I had the stupid ass bodyguard_s FAT arm in between me and Tay like a barrier, like I was gonna kill him or sumthin for f**k sake! Tay was like pulling a face that meant _I wanna do it but I_m not allowed_, and he goes "we gotta go in.." I_m like please Taylor. So all of a sudden he leant over the _barrier_ and hugged me with both arms!! PPffftt.. I hugged him with 1 arm, my left cos I had my bag on my other arm. Amanda said he like leaned down over me, I think I went on tip toes, cos hes so damn tall! :o^ And I rested my head on his right shoulder, (on my left) and then they went in, it was like thanks, bye!! And Ike went in after with all their ppl and walker etc. I was so overwhelmed, these awesome feelings were just going thru me, I have HUGGED TAYLOR & ZAC HANSON! It was mad.. but the best end to an incredible day.. even tho we STILL didn't get a pic. :o( But those hugs DEFFO made up for it..
I love them!! <3, ~~Sophie :) PS this is aaalll true, it is fact, not fiction.

~~Sophie :)
PS this is all true, it is in fact not fiction!