Hanson at Kansas City
By Kaylee

I went to a really cool Hanson concert that was only supposed to be 30
minutes and lasted almost an hour!  It was so fun!  The boys were so
nice and funny.  I think Taylor kept getting embarrassed, Zac was so
crazy he made us all laugh, and Isaac was so sweet!  I had a great view
of him.  This was the best time I have ever had for my very short 12
years on Earth!  Actually I was 11 when they came.  Keep on reading to
learn all about the trill of a lifetime!

A local radio station, Mix 93.3, was holding a free Hanson concert at
the Ward Parkway Parkinglot on November 18th.  The parking lot was huge! 
It was a whole 12 acres of nothing but cement.  All you had to do to get
in was to bring a can good for harvesters.The show would start at six 'o
clock, but I had to wait like eight hours.  Once my mum and I got up
there was the begins of a huge crowd.  There were swarms of police
officers and security guards.  We had been in line for about a half an
hour when 3 of friends and the irmums arrived, so we waited with them for
an hour.  Finally the gates opened at about 12:30. We rushed in, dumped
our can goods in one of the many barrels, and sprinted off to get
good seats.  Well we didn't get the best of seats,but the four of us went
to talk to another friend and found a spot to sit like in the fourth or
fifth row!  Then the wait began.  They kept us entertained by playing
Hanson five times throughout the day.  The radio station was also
throwing t-shirts and Frisbees into the crowd.  We were all very hyped
for this concert!
All the police kept trying to get everyone to move back because some
girls were getting
crushed into the barricades and some were fainting.  We would only move
back like a 2 inches.
After a little while Hanson arrived and had sound check.   The audience
went wild.  Taylor kept  telling us,"Guys this is only sound check.   We
haven't even performed yet."  He was kinda like 'Guys chill out a bit!"  
The crowd just screamed even louder.  I could see all
of the Hansons perfectly.  And Taylor had on his leather pants! During
sound check they played Run Ruldoph Run off of the Christmas album.

After sound check the brothers went over to the Mix 93.3 van and had a
live radio interview.  They talked and sang MMMBop a capella.  Then the
D.J. asked each a question.

Taylor's was " What is scarier, a van full of screaming hair dressers or
a van full of screaming girls?" He said something like this, " Hair
dressers definatly," the crowd went up in an uproar. "One stylist will be
like," in a mock accent,'This will  make you look so much younger' and
another just pulls." Zac was next. "Which brother plays the meanist jokes?"  
His answer was nothing but,"Me!"  Isaac and Taylor agreed. "What did
you get for your birthday?" was Isaac question.  There were a lot of
different questions about a car or something. The final answer was,"I
got a jet ride [from Dallas to Kansas City]."

One of my favorite parts of the day was during the interview.  We sang
Happy Birthday to Isaac.  All they did was laugh.  As the hours rolled
by more and more people came filing in.  Later Hanson told us this was
their biggest crowd.  The officers estimated way over 20,000 people! 
Walker came off and on recording us on the family video camera. 
Okay lets pass time a little and skip to the concert.
After hours of waiting The brothers bounded on stage.  The first thing
they said to us was to move back.  Well we listened to Taylor and moved
back.  He told us he didn't want anyone to get hurt because we are here to
have fun.  I think they were really grateful because when the police told us
to move back we didn't and people were getting hurt..  Taylor asked us,
"Are you guys cold?  Well we want you  guys to sweat, so dance and sing.
We all screamed. 

Then they finally started the show.  They started   to sing Madeline.  
Isaac on guitar, Taylor with the tambourine, and Zac with those egg
things (I think they are like cassanets or something.) 
We were having a blast!  They talked to us while Isaac tuned his guitar
because it kept messing up.  The cold does that to stringed instruments. 
The weather was pretty nice considering that it had snowed in October,
but it was still cold about 40 to 50 degrees.  Next it was Man From
Milwaukee.  Zac looked so cute with his little black megaphone.  I don't
remember what order the rest of the songs were in, but they were
Thinking of You, Where's the Love, I Will Come to You, A Minute Without
You, and they played Run, Ruldolph,Run again for us.

Sometime during the concert Taylor was giving his bros water bottles
and Zac refused his so Taylor walked back and accidently dropped it.  He
bent over to pick it up (in front of us) and we saw that cute little
butt of his in those tight, leather pants!  That was definitely something
I won't forget!

We were jumping to the fast songs and swaying to the slow ones. During
I Will Come To You there wee even some lighters out!  Zac was making
everyone laugh, Isaac kept talking to us, and Taylor told us to jump and
he would too.  Yes while playing keyboards.  And of course they closed
up the show with MMMBop. 

Then they sang MMMBop a cappela!  They promised they would be back for a real tour in the spring.  Then they said they loved us and bowed. 
Taylor took his water and dumped in the crowd.  That was the best day of
my life and I am now hoarse.  They are definitely great in person.  Not
to mention they were looking pretty fine!  I'm sorry I didn't get into to too
much detail, but if I did it would take about 50 years to write. 
So if you have any questions or anything to add

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Hanson Rulz!!! :-)