By Joy

Madeline ... The Tragic Story
By El and Ez         

Chapter One..........Move
Hanson moved into a new house in Tulsa on the other side. It wasa
time to change homes, since they got so much mail and visitors. They moved
into a huge house a few streets after there old house. It was larger and
that meant Ike Tay and Zac didnt have to share a room anymore. Thasts what
they thought but the house wasnt that big they still had to share a room.
Ike, Tay, and Zac arrived in there new room. It was pritty large and there
were 3 beds and desks and heaps of spare space.
"Wow this is HUGEEEEE" giggled Zac :Yeah," replied Tay. Ike was looking out the winow at the
neighbours backyard they had a pool and a girl; was swimming in it.Zac
walked his way.
"Not fair they got a pool and we dont," fake frown Zac
"Holly s..."Ike started as he stopped
"Whats so interesting Ike?" asked Tay walking his way. There was a
girl sitting on the edge of the pool with her feel in, reading a book. She
had brown straight hair just passed her shoulders and brown eyes that
sparkled with the sun. She was very thin and medium height. She wasnt
gorgous she was plain.
"Oh you're perving at the girl," laughed tay
"Oh bro I am not," replied Ike moving away from the window and lying on
the bed near the window.
"And how come you get that bed?" asked Tay
"Coz he wants to perve,' said Zac as Tay and Zac both started
cracking up.
         Madeline was a 17 year old girl who lived in Tulsa her
whole life.Shed read sitting near her pool a lot. When she was younger she
got sick a lot so she wasnt very healthy.
Her friend Julie she walked to her and sat beside her. She took of
her towl and jumped in the pool. After a while another few girls came
between the ages of 15-18.
"Wow look at this," Ike said looking out the wondow
"Hot very," smiled Tay
"Tell me bout it," grinned Ike> "There prob gay," commented Zac as Ike and Tay looked at him.
"Coz theres no guys there," he laughed as they looked back at the girls
ignoring Zacs joke.

Chapter Two..........Dance
        That night they were siting watching Party Of Five. Diana
walked up to the boys.
"Ike can you please go to the corner and buy some egges?" asked
"But mum......ok," replied Ike taking the money
"Dont be to long dear," she smiled as he left the house. Ike
walked down the street and bought the eggs from the corner store. He saw a
girl sitting on the bench in Tulsa park on his way home. She was crying he
decided to see whats wrong.
"Hey," he said as she lifted up her head.
"Ahhh, im sorry," said Madeline "I just didnt expect u,"she
continued "I love your music," she said again.
"THanx but whats wrong?" asked Ike
"Nothing, well ok I had a party today it was cool, bu now all my
friends went out with there boyfriends or dates toa dance," said Madeline
"Why didnt you go?" asked Ike
"Well coz I have no boyfriends and I havent had a date in months,"
exlained Madeline. She went and took out a pill out of her bag and
swallowed it with her mineral water.
"What was that?" asked Ike
Im kinda sick, these are to keep me healthy," said Madeline
'Um may I ask where?" asked Ike
"Well whatever I eat comes out and I spew a lot., but these pills
are making me better," said Madeline
"Well ou'll be ok, so how about we head over to the dance?" asked
"You mean you'd take a total stranger to a dance?" asked Madeline
"Well if you call my new neighbour a total stranger then yeah,"
said Ike
"New its yu guys how cool," blushed Madeline
"Im so happy," she said under her breath.
"Well we have to walk to my place, ill give mum these egges get my
car and we'll go," smild Ike as they started to walk.
             They walked into the Hansons house. ike went upto
his mother. "Hey mum this is our new neighbour Madeline," smiled Ike
"Hey Madeline," said Diana
"Can I go with hr to this um dance thingy?" asked Ike
"Sure dar, but dont be hme to late," smiled Diana
"Can I come, I heard about it some of my friends will be there?"
asked Tay
"Um I guess so,' frowned Ike
"What about me?" asked Zac
"Zac you know your to young," said Diana
"But Mum Its not fair," winged Zac
"Look Zac you cant," said Diana
"Not fair," winged Zac
"Ike do you think he can hang out with you guys?" asked Diana
"But........." started Ike as he saw his mums cross face 'Oh
whateva," he continued.
        They arrived at the dance. Zac found some friends sitting
playing cards and joined
then and Ike and Madeline decided to dance. Tay spotted a few of
his friends with dates. All 3 hansons had glasses and a hat on so no1
would reconidse them. Then he saw the girl who was next door with Madeline
sittig alone. She looked atleast 16 but still. He went and sat beside her.
"So um u here alone?" asked Tay
"My date walked out on me he was a jerk," replied Julie
"So whats ur name?" asked Tay
"Julie," replied Julie "...and you?" she continued
"Um Jordan," said tay
"You mean Taylor," grinned Julie
"Dont worry Im not an obsessed fan," smiled Julie
"Good to hear that," replied Taylor.
           Zac had taken off his hat and sunnies so now there were
several scream,ing fans around him. but the night still went ok.

Chapter Three..........Crushing
Taylor groaned as he heard Ike and Zac arguing "Zac I'm telling
you NO! I won't drive you and ur new friends to the mall! Ask dad i'm sure
he has no life but I do!" "But Ike.." "BUT NO" Ike yelled Zac put on his
puppy dog face "plz Ike, for lil old zac" Ike groaned "Ok fine, but this
is the last time" Ike said as he went to find his shoes "HA that always
works on him! Hey Tay you wanna come to the mall?" Zac asked his brother,
Taylor sat up and said no meanly.
"Ok well if that's ur attitude but i might have some information
you might want to know.." "And that is zac?" Taylor asked taking the bait.
"I knwo for sure that a certain Julie will be there" "Ok hang on while i
get ready" taylor said quickly as he jumpd outta bed and went intot he
shower Zac sighed "Trust!"
Ike walked into the room to see Zac sitting on the bed. "Ok lets
go" said Ike "Wait Tays in the shower he wants to come," grinned zac "He
already had a shower 10 mins ago wat did u tell him Zac spit it out????"
asked IKe "That Julie will b at the mall," said Zac "And is she?" asked
Ike "Yeh shes taking her sis I mean dropping her," replied Zac "Ok ill b
at Madelines till u guys r redy ill meet ya there," said Ike as he left
the room.
Ike walked nextdoor mumbling under his breath about how Zac always
cons him into doing stuff just by that look he gives him, he stopped
mumbling when he reached Madeline's front door. He knocked on the door and
took a step back (lol i alwayz do that, soz back to the story) and waited.
The door was opened by a middle aged woman "hello, oh sorry we don't want
to buy anything" she said as she went to close the door "ummm no my name's Isaac I live
extdoor. I took Madeline to that dance last night?" he said
trying to jog her memory "Oh yes hello" she said sternly "ummm could i
speak to Madeline please?" asked Isaac "Madeline is in bed sick, the dance really
wore her out. I knew she shouldn't of gone but she insistated that she was
fine. I'll tell her you called by, good bye" she closed the door, Ike
stood there dumbfounded
Zac walked over to his friends and gave a girl a big bear hug. Tay
saw it with open eyes and he just waited to see if Zac was telling the
truth and Julie would be there. Ike couldnt stop thinking about Madeline,
he barelly knew her one day, she wasnt gorgous, she was just an ordionary
girl but he really liked her. All of a suddn Julie walked up to them with
her brother Zacs age "Now Ill go shopping Ill meet you back in an hour,"
she smiled as she walked off Tay followed her "Hey " he smiled
followed her "Hey " he smile She turned around "Oh Tay hello," she said "I didnt reconise u wif
the sunnies there um big," she giggled "U wanna have a milkshake at the
cafe?" he asked "sure" she replied, they walked off to the cafe in the mall.
Taylor looked at his trying to come up with somethin intellegent
to say "SO ummm you shopping?" he asked "Um yea Taylor thatz wat you do
in a mall shop" Julie said in amusment "STUPID TAY STUPID" he cursed to
himself "So did you have a nice time at the dance?" Julie asked "Yea, i
had a blast, especially hanging out with you" Taylor said trying to sound
casual "Yea well i like ur company too, not too many guys i hand around
with are really interested in just being friends you know, but with you
it's different" Julie said as she flashed him a killer smile that made
his heart melt "friendsTaylor mumbled dissappointed, Julie didn't hear "So wats ur ale?"
Julie asked "ummmm wat?" asked taylor confused "Wat do ya want to drink
silly. You really are a blonde huh" she giggled.Um ill have a um, strawberry milkshake," smiled Tay as they
ordered and JUlie had a chocolate milkshake. Afterwards Tay ansd zac met
Ike and they went home. "Arent u coming in?" asked Tay "No Im going to
see Madeline" said ike But......" started Tay as Ike was already gone so
he walked into the house with Zac. "So did u and Juliew kiss?" teased Zac
"Huh? were only friends," frowned tay as he ran upstairs. IKe knocked on
Madelines door Oh it's you again, look i told you that Madeline's...." "MUUUUM
do we have any milk i'm kinda in the mood for a chocolate milkshake" Ike
heard Madeline's voice travel from the kitchen "Madeline?" Ike called
despite the killer look he was getting from her mother "ike?" came
Madeline's voice before she appeared at the doorway "hi" she said
brightly and smiled "ummm hi i was wondering if ya wanted to go for a
walk or something?" ike asked Madeline looked at her mum "Mum can i
please?" she asked her eyes pleading "Darling i don't think it's such a
good idea, you need to rest, maybe another dayher mum said and walked into the kitchen "Meet me in 10 minutes
down the corner ok" madeline wisphered before she shut the door.
Ike decided to go home and change. He walked in his house. Zac was
playing segs with jessica. He went upstairs. Tay was writibg. "What u
writing?" asked Ike "UMmmm some," replied Tay "Well Im gonna meet
Madeline down the corner in 10 mins!" said Ike "Yeh so?" asked Tay "Well
if mum or dad ask where I am tell them ok" said Ike "Y cant the
babysitter tell em" said Tay "Coz.....look wots ur prob?" asked IKe
"Nothing bro ok" said Tay, Ike took clothes and went in the bathroom to change.
he saw Madeline at the corner and quickened his pace, "heya" he
said smiling "hey yaself" Madeline said with a smile. The pair walked in
a comfortable silence until they reached a park "Hey look i don't want to
be mean or anything but wat does ur mum have agaisn't me?" asked ike as
they sat on the swings "It's just that well mum's mum, she's just
overprotective of me thatz all and with my condition. She really is a
sweet lady...." Madeline trailed off as she stared out over the horizon.
As Ike stared at Madeline he couldn't help but wonder what it would feel
like to run his hnds through her hair.
to run his hands through her slightly limp brown (?) hair and wat
it would be like to kiss her sweetly on her rosy pink lips. With the sun
behind her face it created a glow that made her look like an angel, he
leaned forward and cupped her head in his hands and sweetly yet slowly
kissed her tenderly. They then pulled apart. "Do u believe in love at 1st sight?" asked IKe "Um
2bd sight," giggled Madeline they both laughd "Well lets go get a
milkshake," said IKe "K," replied Madeline as they walked to the cafe hand
in hand. They walked into the cafe and sat down. Julie came walking there way.
"Fancy seeing u guys together" she smiled "Yeh how r u?" asked madeline
"Im fine can i come over 4 a swin tomorrow?" asked Julie "Yeh good idea,"
said Madeline "Wanna come?" she turned to ike n asked him "Yeh n how
about I bring Tay i hear he likes u Julie," said Ike "Good idea," said
Ike looked at Madeline who watched as Julie went back to the booth
and sat next to taylor "Watz up?" asked Ike when he noticed the look of
anxiety on Madeline's face "Nothing" she said quickly and looked into her
her milshake thoughfully "c'mon, spill it" coaxed Ike "Well it's just
that Julie always falls for the wrong guys and she's been hurt way too
much in the past, i just don't wanna see it happen again" madeline said
softly "tay wouldn't do anything to hurt Julie intensionaly i know him IKe and Madeline were lookig over at Tay and Julie, they were only actig
as friends nothing else. Julie had been hurt to many times she never
rushed into relationships but all Tay could think of was her kissing her,
being with her, just holding her when shes be upset. All shed think of was
going swimming with tay, the mall or play basketball. "Hey do u mind im
younger than you?" spoke up Tay as he blushed "No not at all," replied
Julie they continued sipping on there milkshakes All of a sudden Tay looked over at Ike and Madeline they were kissing, he
quickly turned away "should I kiss Julie" he saaid under his breath then
he saw her get up. "I have to get going u wanna walk me home?" asked Julie
"Um yeh cool," replied tay as they walked out of the cafe. Madeline
quickly pulled away from Ike a tear came from her eye "Listen ike I know
mums over protective plz dont hate me eva coz of her, plz b with me,"
replied Madeline "Maddie you know Ill never leavce u coz of her" they
kissed again.
Ike, Tay, and Zac went next door to go swimming, zac was already thinking
about how he could get a gf the next day. They arrived at the pool, Scott
was in the pool already as Zac jumped in, then Madeline and Julie walked
there ways.they were wearing bikinis they looked really good. "Guys take
off yr shirts?" said Madeline "Na we like swimming with tops," replied Ike
"where not gonna tell any1 how u look topless," said Madeline Zac took his
off n through it outa the water. "Come on guys dont b
dont be chikens," said Julie as they took of there shirts revealing there
6 pax. Madeline and Julie stood there with there mouths open as they
jumped intothe water, the girls jumped in after them.
Julie was up the deep end with Madeline tredding water when all of
a sudden it went all quiet "Ummm why's it so quiet Maddy?" Julie asked
nerviously "I dunno but it's pretty sus huh" Madeline said looking around,
Julie spotted Scott and Zac inside getting food but Ike and tay were
nowhre in sight. "Ok now i'm getting...." madeline was interupted by a
loud piercing scream of "CHARGE" before the girls could do anything taylor
and Ike ran and bombed tpouting that made Taylor want her even more "But not as cruel as
this!" with that comment both Julie and madeline dissappeared under the
surface of the water and circled the two guys "Ummm wat r they doing tay?"
ike asked amused "i dunno but it's weirdand kinda funniiiiiiiiiiieeeeee"
taylor was then sucked under the water quickly, he then syrfaced
spluttering "tay you're face was sooooooo fuuny!" Ike said between his
laughs "You weeeeeerrrrrrr." "you can say that again" taylor said wanting Julie more
than ever :)them in the pool, taylro and Ike came to the suface of the water
laffing "You guys were sooooo scared!" lafed Ike "That was pretty cruel"
Julie said.
Tay was swimming as he got an idea, all of a sudden he jumped in the pool
and waited under the water trying to breave "het tay didnt come up!" said
Julie "Shit um I mean TAY" shouted Ike "Oh no," said Julie Ike dyved under
and brang Tay to the surface, he was breaving but he kinda held his breath
so he looked blue "Should I give him mouth to mouth?" asked Julie "Aha,"
nodded Ike "Hurry up," said Madeline, Julie went to give him mouth to
mouth, and he kissed her she quickly pulled apart "You jerk you scared the hell out of us," frowned Julie as Tay started
crackimg up, "That was to pay you guys back, " laughed Tay "Well it wasnt
very funny," said Julie walking to the pool "gr8 now I've really blown
it," said Tsay "Well bro maybe now," said Ike pointing to Julie and
Madeline giggling "I bet shes happy u kissed her," he continued.
Oh my God! Did you see that he kissed me he full on kissed me!
watta scream!" Julie rambled on excitedly "i know i was kinda there juls"
madeline said with amusement, the smile fell from Julie's lips "What
happens if it was just a joke or something, what happens if i'm here
thinking he really likes me when he doesn't and then i go and tell him
that i'm starting to like him and then he's like well i don't like you and
then our friendship would be ruined. "JULIE! get a grip, i can tell he really likes you!" Madeline said
with a smile "How do you know?" Julie said frowning "Because he's over
there staring at you right now" Madeline said, immediately Julie looke
dover "he is too and he just blushed cos i caught him staring at me, he
likes me! WOO HOO" Julie said positivley glowing "yeah he does" "I really
like him Maddy wat happens if he hurts me like all the others" Julie said.
riendship would be ruined and i'd have to face him every day and
it would come out in interviews then all guys would think i'm really
stupid and i'll end up dying alone
> Tay walked up to Julie and looked at her. "Im sorry i kissed it it was
just......"he stoped "....I couldnt help my self julie I really like you"
said tay "oh<" said Julie "Do u hate me now?" asked tay Julie grabbed him
and kissed him "does this answer ur question?" she asked
> They pulled apart "you dont know how long ive wanted you to kiss me,' said
tay "Promise you wont hurt me, " asked Julie they kissed again
Their kiss was interupted by zac yelling "GUYZ COME QUICK I THINK
WE'VE BLOWN UP THE TELEVISION!" Julie's eyes flew open and she started to
pull away from taylor "Don't worry about zac he's alwayz joking around"
"Cept not this time!" Ike called quickly as he ran intot he house quickled
followed by Madeline, Taylor and Julie. "Maddy I'm really sorry!" zac said
his face crushed. "Oh god! EVERYONE DOWN NOW" Ike cried as everyone hit
the floor.a matter of seconds the yv exploded into a million pieces
"Madeline, im really sorry, i accidently spilt my drink on it, itw as an
accident, i'l pay for it i swear" Zac rambled on close to tears. madeline
gave him a big hug, "it was an accident don't worry our insurance will pay
for it" however Ike wasn't as quite forgiving "ZAC play outside NOW!" he
Zac decided to leave he felt rally guilty "Those stupid bros they think
coz they got gf'ds there the boss," he said as he spotted a girl playing
boomerang with her dog. "hmmmm" he thought to him seldf all of a sudden he
walked her way n started singing the song boomerang
"Theres something bout u babe, maybe its ur smile, but wen i see u, u here
the dial, bing bang u hit me like a boomerang the light went green n my
heart stopped pumping....." ghe startted as she looked his way "AHHHHHHH UR ZAC" she shouted "sure thing babve," he said trying to sound cool
After she calmed down he sat beside her
"Hey Wanna Go out sometime?" he asked "Ofcourse," she smiled "How about u
come to my house now?" asked Zac "Really now?" she asked YES now he sais
"Anyaway wats ur name?" asked zac "Im megan u??" she smiled "Like u
dontbknow??" they both cracked up UR ZAC" she shouted "sure thing babve," he said trying to sound cool
After she calmed down he sat beside her
"Hey Wanna Go out sometime?" he asked "Ofcourse," she smiled "How about u
come to my house now?" asked Zac "Really now?" she asked YES now he sais
"Anyaway wats ur name?" asked zac "Im megan u??" she smiled "Like u
dont know??" they both cracked up.
"Sooooooooo u umm wanna play on the playstation?" zac asked Megan
"yea ok but i'm warning you i can kick so major ass on this" she said smiling "Ok lets race" Zac said with a gleam in his eye "I'll give you a
head start" Megan said confidently "No I'll give you a head start" zac
"that way it would be fair when i kick ur ass" she said "Ok well lets make this interesting
caught zac off guard "you mean like kiss kiss you?" he said.
nervously "yep, unless ur chicken" megan said teasing "No way, ur on. lets spit on it" they both spat on their hands and shook screwing up their faces "ok lets rock!" shouted zac and they started racing.
"zac said "if i win u have to go out with me" zac said rembering
the bet he had with his brothers "and if i win you gotta kiss me" Megan said shyly.
"you mean like kiss kiss you?" he said
nervously "yep, unless ur chicken" megan said teasing "No way, ur on. lets
spit on it" they both spat on their hands and shook screwing up their
faces "ok lets rock!" shouted zac and they started racing.they raced and Zac won. "Hehe I won so u gotta be my girlfriend," smiled
zac "Hehe I know but u gotta kiss me to," replied Megan "But I won....."
started Zac "Yeh but If i have to be your girlfriend then you gotta kiss
me," smiled Megan "Ur jk I hope?" asked Zac "Im dead serious!" replied
megan all of a suidden they kissed
> "Um did i just kiss u" blushed zac but megabn went to kiss him again.WAY TO GO ZAC!" the two split up like oil and water, Megan turned
her head embarrassed by who had caught them "ummmm tay this is kinda a
private moment you know" zac said "Oh sorry bud i understand"Taylor said
trying not to laugh, he stopped when he saw the look of daggers zac was
sending him "So who's ur g/f zac?" Taylor asked "Megan" he said proudly,
taylor walked over to Megan and stuck out his hand "pleased to meet ya
Megan, zac's a wild.
"I have to go home, mum wanted me home by now" she said "k i'll walk ya" zac
said as he grabbed his jacket.Zac walked Megan home. They arrived at her house, "Meg ill um call u"
sauid Zac "ok here my number," he gave her some paper, he quickly gave her
a pecjk on the cheek and went home.
Ike and Madeline were sitting at Tulsa
park chatting as madeline felt sick. "I fel ill" said Madeline "Oh um
should I take u home," replied Ike "Yeah," said Madeline they started
walking home. "Ike I have to tell u something," said madeline "Um yeh?"
asjked Ike "If i get to sick my parents will put me in this hopital home,"
said Madeline "No they cant I love u," said Ike 'Look I just need to go
home," said Madeline as Ike and Madeline walked home.
"Madeline where have you been?" shouted her mother
"I feel sick," replied Madeline grabbing her pills
"And you young man may leave," shouted her mum
"But I need to make sure Madelines ok I love her," said Ike
"You wot?" asked her mum
"I love her, I love ur daughter," said Ike
"mum please let him stay," saoid Madeline
"Leave now," said Madelines mother as she shut the door in Ikes face. He ran
home pretty upset.
Ike walked into his room to see Tay and Zac giggling.
"See I told you Id get a girlfriend," said Zac
"Hehe cool," laughed Tay "Hey Ike zac has a gf," he continued
"I doint give a shit," replied Ike
"Whats up?" asked Tay
"Madelines ill she might b moving to a hospital home," said IKe
"Hospital home? wots wrong?" said Tay
"Look leave me alone," said Ike. He ran out of his house and to Tulsa park.
Madel;ine was there in Tulsa park sitting on the bench, sjhe had vomet
under her feet.
"Are you ok?" asked Ike
"I need to you to know something," replied Madeline as Ike sat beside her
"Um wot?" asked Ike
"Id prefer to die then go to that home...its in LA that means Ill never see you
again," she continued
"Madeline you're gonna b ok and youre gonna stay here," said Ike
"I finally found you and I cant leave I just cant," she cried
"What did your mum say?" asked Ike
"Thats Im going there ij the morning," said Madeline she pulled a pack off
pills out of her pocket.
"If I take an overdose Ill die," she said moving her hand close to her mouth,
Ike pulled it away and put pills in his hand,
"Madelkine if you kill yourself Ill do the same," he freterned
"Dont be stupid your healthy you cant let Tay and Zac down, Your in a band,"
said Madeline
"Atleast we'll be with eachother," said Ike
"Look dont kill yourself please," said Madeline
"If you do it I do it," said Ike
"Look please understabnd me please," said Madeline she got the pills and
put them in her mouth, as Ike saw oit he did the same he closed his eyes
if Madeline would die he would die too he quickly swollowed the pills and
lay down. Madeline then spat out her pills.
"Ike you right its pathetic to kill......." she stopped as she noticed
him dead, "NOOOOOOOOOO" she cried as she swallowed all the left pills one
after another. She lay beside him dead.
Tay and Zac were down stairs one morning eating breakfast.
"Hey wheres Ike?" asked Diana
"Hes still asleep," said Tay
"Zac go wake him up," said Diana. Zac slowely creaped up to the room
jumped onto of Ike.
"wake up," he giggled Ike lifted his head
"Where am I didnt I die?" he said
"heheh must have been dreaming," said Zac
"Madeline wheres Madeline?" asked Ike
"Madeline???? the Madeline in our song ike shes made up," said Zac. tay walked upstairs
"Why are u screaming Madeline? whos madeline" asked Tay
"It was a nightmare," said Ike as he went into the bathroom "But it was a good
one," he continued.
The next day they were doing a concert, In the front row there was a
girl that looked just like the Madeline is Ikes dream. She had shoulder
length dead straight brown hair and brown eyes, she looked seventeen, ike couldnt
keep his eyes off her the whole concert. "Madeline" he said under his breath
"Shes the Madeline, The madeline in my dream," he thought.
"Out my window a memorty im dying inside to know the way it should be, it
was something right infrount of me, something I just couldnt see yeah,
your lonely face, to your lonely eyes, im missing something i cant discuise,
its not just me baby you see it too, coz you know im inlove with you. Look
where we are gojng tell me what do I say were chasing our footsteps where
going the same way, madeline here we go aroud again, madeline here we go here
we go around again......"
The End