In the End
A Story of Love
By MmmbopBaby

Chapter 1
Hi, my name is Debra Beaumont. I was born on October 18, 1983. I have a
sister and a brother both older than me. I am 14 now and I am in love
with the band Hanson. Especially Taylor. I live it Tulsa and I have
three best friends, Jeremy, Adrian, and Kailey. (Authors note: I based
these characters on my real friends, but these aren't there names!) I
was always really close to my friends. I knew everything about them. At
least I thought I did. Well, my best friend Jeremy, he was kind of
unique. He had that twinkle in his eye that made me think there was
something he knew that I didn't. And there was! O.K. back to Hanson. I
love Hanson. They are so talented and I knew everything about them. I
felt like they were my best friends. It was absolutely my dream to meet
them. That's all I wanted. Who knew that that very day, when everything
changed, that one thing that Jeremy told me, would change my life

"Hey Jeremy, What's up?" Debra asked.

"Nothin." Jeremy said with sigh.

"Guess what"


" I got a new Hanson magazine today!! It so rules!!"

"That's great!" Jeremy said, totally joking.

Jeremy was always tired of hearing me talk about Hanson. I sulked over
them day after day and Jeremy thought I was nuts. He never really talked
about them to me. For one reason only. He was afraid he would open his
big mouth and say something he would regret for the rest of his life.

" I wish I could meet them"

"Oh! They're really ni…" He stopped himself suddenly. Hoping that I
wouldn't ask any questions.

"There really WHAT?" I asked curiously.

'I can't hide it from her anymore.' Jeremy thought. 'She loves them and
I can't keep the secret much longer. She deserves it'.  He didn't know
what to do.

"Deb, I need to tell you something" He stuttered


"Your not gonna believe me when I tell you this but… Isaac Hanson is one
of my very best friends. Don't freak o.k. There just regular people

I stopped him so that I could catch my breath and gather all of my
thoughts in my mind. I thought he was playing some horrible joke on me
or something and it wasn't funny. I didn't know what to say.

"Are you serious, Jeremy? You can't be serious- I mean, HOW COME YOU
DIDN'T TELL ME??? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!" I yelled in the receiver of the

"I didn't tell you for the fear that you might FREAK OUT like your doing
now!!" He yelled back.

"I'm sorry."

"Anyway, would you like to meet them, IF YOU DON'T FREAK OUT!!"

"ohmygod! Ohmygod! Jeremy I would love to! I won't freak out I promise!"

Chapter 2

I still thought he was joking until that next day. He picked me up at
10am and we went over to IHOP cause that was my ultimate fav restaurant.
We went in the blue double doors and sat on the brown bench and waited
there until they called our name. He heart was racing and I could feel
my forehead getting hot. If this was Jeremy's unique way of getting me
to have breakfast with him, I was gonna kill him! Anyway, we sat and
finally they called our name and they seated me and Jeremy at a round
table in the corner. About 5 minutes later, after I had drank half of my
coffee, three blond, longhaired guys walked in but I hardly noticed
until they came up to our table.

"Sorry were late!" Isaac said

It took me a while to figure out who it was and then to grasp the
feeling that my all time favorite band was standing right in front of
me. I couldn't say a single thing. They sat down at the round table.
Jeremy introduced them to me and I shook their hands. We ate breakfast
and I had normal conversations with them. We decided that we should all
do something later. We all said our good-byes and we left.

Chapter 3
The Hanson house

"Do you think she's pretty, Tay?" Zac asked

"Yeah, I think she's pretty, do you think she's pretty?" Tay asked Zac

"I think she's fine!  You should go for her Tay!" Zac exclaimed

"Really!" Tay sounded surprised

"Why don't you call her." Isaac said "I have her number, if you wan't."

"O.K. I'll call her." He picked up the phone and dialed the number Isaac
gave him. It rang twice.

"Hello" I said

"Hi, Debra? This is Taylor."

"Oh! Hi Taylor, What's up?"

"Nothin'! Hey do you…ugh… maybe wan't to go get some pizza later today?"

"Oh, that sounds great!" I tried to contain myself.

"OK! I'll pick you up at 3, K?"

"Hey, why don't we blade over there, it's a nice day!"

He said OK and we bladed over to CiCi's pizza down the road. We both
loved that pizza place. Tay ordered a medium pepperoni and we ate. We
talked. While we ate our pizza, I got this feeling that Tay and me would
be really good friends someday. I guess he felt the same way because he
was giving me that 'I think your beautiful' look. I broke the silence.

"Tay, do you think that two of my friends could meet you guys. They're
not crazy, really."

"Sure. I guess. Why don't you bring them over to my house today." he

"OK! Thanks."

When we were done, we got up and bladed back to my house. Taylor didn't
come in, though I wish he would have. As soon as he left, I ran upstairs
and picked up my blue cordless phone. I dialed my best friend, Kailey's
number. I put her on three way with Adrian so that I wouldn't have to
repeat the story twice. I talked, they listened. They believed me and
later that day we were at the Hanson's house.

Chapter 4

"Oh hey guys!" Tay said

We all walked in and I introduced my friends to Ike, Tay, and Zac. As we
sat down in the living room, I noticed that Zac had his eye on Kailey
and was closing in on her. He liked her and it was obvious. They talked
while they sat on the couch. In the meantime, Adrian was just starring
at Isaac. She stopped when she realized what she was doing. She had
always liked Ike. She was overwhelmed because she got to meet her, and I
quote, 'one and only love'.  We all got along great. It was only a
matter of time before we would all get friendlier.

Me and Taylor did a lot of things together over the next couple weeks. I
became to be a little closer to him than I was before. We had so much
fun together. When we laughed together, I felt he was my soul mate or
something. It was that one-day, when our friendship changed, to
something more. We were down on 67th street walking around the strip
mall, trying to find my sister a birthday present.

"So, what does your sister want for her birthday?" Tay asked

"I dunno. The said something about the new Fiona Apple CD." I answered
as I looked through the window at the most gorgeous dress I have ever
"That dress is so pretty!"

"I bet it would look great on you, Deb!"

"Really?" I said questioningly.

"Yeah! Why don't you go try it on!"

I did just that. I went inside that store grabbed a small of the shelf
and went to try it on.  It fit perfectly! I opened the door to the
fitting room and there stood Taylor, his eyes wide open. He held out his
hand and I took it. He spun me around so he could look at the dress.
When he was done spinning me, I spun into his arms. I stood there for a
second, not wanting to let go. I looked at him and turned around. He
kissed me, right there in the store, on the lips. I would never forget
how it felt.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." Taylor stated

I peeled myself away from him to go change. When I came out of the
fitting room, I put the dress back on the shelf. Taylor took my hand and
we walked out of the store and on to Blockbuster music to get my
sister's Fiona CD.

Taylor and I were happy. He asked me out the next day. We were at the La
Fortune Park. I sat there on the bench; Taylor was holding my hand.

"Deb, would you be my girlfriend. I mean, do you want to go out with

He knew what my answer was when I kissed him. I didn't have to say a
word. I sat, in his arms, to watch the sunset from over the trees in the

Chapter 5

While me and Taylor were over here being happy, Zac and Kailey were
having there own version of Happy. Kailey challenged Zac to many games
of Mortal Kombat on Zac's Sega. Zac won all the games with an exception
of one. When Kailey won that one game, Zac freaked out.

"HAHAHAHA!! I BEAT YOU!! FINNALLY!!" Kailey yelled

"YOU DID NOT! I LET YOU WIN!" Zac yelled back


"DID TO!!"


It went on like that for a while. Kailey was 14 yet she still acted like
she was 5. All of there arguing was all in fun though. When they were
being serious, you didn't want to get near them. They seemed to be the
perfect couple. Kailey didn't realize it, but she was falling for Zac.
In the meantime…

"Hi Isaac!" Adrian said, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Hi." Isaac stated.  He was so clueless!

"So… what are ya doin'?" she asked, hoping for an answer

"Working on my novel." He said

"OH!" she sat there, watching him write.

That happened a lot between Isaac and Adrian.  Isaac didn't know
anything. He just sat there. He had no clue that Adrian had the hots for
him. Everyone else knew that she liked him, except for him. Taylor tried
to convince him that Adrian wanted him, but he wouldn't budge.

"Ike, haven't you noticed that when Adrian sees you she gets all mushy?"
Taylor said

"No, I haven't noticed." Isaac replied

"That's cause you don't look!" Zac yelled

"Well my main interest right now is not really on girls." Said Ike

"Why not? Ours is! I mean, Debra rules. I love her. And Zac… Oh well
that's obvious!"  Tay exclaimed

"WHAT'S OBVIOUS?" Zac screamed

"Well," Isaac said, "you and Kailey are kinda flurty."

"WE ARE NOT!!" Zac screamed again

"Shut up, Zac!" Tay yelled "Anyway Ike, she does like you, you just
don't see it."

"Whatever." Isaac said

See, Isaac had no Idea. They tried to tell him but I guess he was in
denial or something.

Chapter 6

Taylor and I were doing just fine. We always laughed and smiled. It was
kind of sad though. I mean after the press got a hold of the whole
situation. Tay and I both knew where it was leading. Fans started
digging right in between me and Taylor. We were just walking down the
street hand in hand, watching the sunset, and talking.

"So, when is your next performance?" Debra asked

"It's down by the strip mall on Saturday." Tay replied

Just then a herd of screaming girls came up and tore us apart. One of
them slapped me really hard and warned to stay away from Taylor. Taylor
tried to pull the girls off of me but they just hung on me and drove me
to the ground. They finally let go and ran off. I was just sitting on
the ground with the back of my shirt torn and cuts all over me from the
girls' nails. Taylor came and sat beside me on the ground. He had his
arm around me and I cried into his chest. My cuts hurt so badly, I had
to get home. Tay carried me home. I fell asleep in his arms on the way
there. The next thing I knew, I was laying in my bed with a few
Band-Aids on me, starring at the ceiling. I started wondering what I was
getting myself into. I fell asleep on that last note.  

Chapter 7 

I woke up the next morning to see Taylor sitting next to me on my bed. I
knew it was going to be a good day because I woke up to see Taylor's
gorgeous face. Little did I know! The day started pretty good. When I
woke up, I kissed Taylor. Tay and I were going to go to the movies today
so I needed to get ready. I took the Band-Aids off ,took a shower and
put on my boot cut jeans with white mini-tee. My face still hurt and I
had a few bruises. I was gonna live. When Tay and I got to the movies,
Tay had noticed I got sort of scared. He asked me what was wrong.

"What's wrong Deb?" Tay asked

"I don't know. I guess I'm kinda still in shock from that thing that
happened yesterday." I replied

"It'll be O.K." Tay said, kissing me on my cheek.

Tay always knew how to make things better. The movie was great. We saw
"Titanic." I have always loved Leonardo DiCaprio but I wouldn't tell
Taylor that. Taylor was watching this time to make sure no psycho maniac
fans came to attack me. No one did. Thank god! When we got back to Tay's
house, we sat on the couch in the living room and watched Zac and Kailey
play their Sony Playstation . They were so wrapped up in each other,
they never knew we were there. This is what we saw.

"I bet you I'll win!" Zac said, in great assurance that he was going to

"O.K." Kailey said, "What do you wanna bet?"

"I dunno!" Zac replied "OH!! I know! If I win, you have to give me a

"OK" Kailey said back

Tay and I both knew that Kailey LET Zac win for that one reason. Yes,
Kailey kissed Zac and they both enjoyed it to. They liked it so much
that they kept on kissing until Tay cleared his throat to let them know
we were there. They stopped and Zac turned cherry red.

"Uh…when did you guys get her?" Asked Zac, curiously

"Oh… About at 'I'll bet you I'll win'." Tay said, doing the best Zac
impression that he could.

"Oh." Kailey responded

They were embarrassed enough, so we decided to leave it at that.  Isaac
and Adrian were a different story though.  It really took Isaac a while
to realize what was going on.  But for a while it was just the same old

"Isaac?"  Adrian asked

"Yeah?"  Isaac answered

"What are you doing this weekend?" She asked again

"I'm taking the kids to the fair."  He answered again

The phone line started to get really fuzzy, so they both got
disconnected.  Isaac never did call her back. Adrian got really upset
that night, so I asked her if she wanted to spend the night so we could
talk. She said that was fine and she came over within the next hour.  We
got to talking…

"Why does that always happen to me!! I couldn't get a guy if I tried!!
He doesn't want me! I can't blame him!!"  Adrian was practically crying
by now.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. Isaac is just a little hard headed and he
can't take a hint. Do you want me to talk to him for you?"  I asked

"Well… I don't know if you should. I wouldn't want him to think that I
can't speak for myself." She answered back

"Well, if you don't hurry up and speak than he will never know!" I said

All of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring so Adrian and I went to get
the door. It was Taylor.

"Hey!" I said

Chapter 8

Taylor just came over to check on me. He was always worried about me
after that day in the park and sometimes he would use the excuse just so
he could see me.  After he left, Adrian and I talked a little longer and
then went to sleep.   We woke up the next morning to the smell of my
mom's famous pancakes with bacon and eggs.  My mom didn't always make
big breakfasts, only really when I had my friends over.  It was about
9:30 so we ate. By the time we were finished, Adrian had to go home so
she could baby-sit. It was about 10 o'clock so I went to my room and
called Taylor. Zac picked up the phone.

"Hey Zac! Is Tay there?" I asked

"Yeah, but I'm not sure I want you to talk to him." He replied

"Why not?" I asked again

"JUST KIDDING!! Hold on!… TTTTTAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! " Zac screamed in my
ear," PHONE!!!!!"

Taylor picked up the phone…

"Hello!" He said

"Hey babe!" I said

"OH Hey!" he replied

"What are ya doin?"

"Nuthin'" he said "OH Deb, I want to take you somewhere today! I'm not
gonna tell you where cause it's a surprise!" 

"OOHH!! I love surprises!"

"Anyway, meet me at the East End of 60th street at noon, K?"  he asked

"OK, but it better be good!!" I said

"OH! It'll be GOOD!!" He replied with and evil tone in his voice.

I did as Tay asked and met him at 60th. We walked down the East End of
60th for about 15 minutes. We went through some trees and then came to a
clearing. We walked a little through the clearing and then he told me to
close my eyes.

"Close your eyes." He said

I closed them and he led me through a path. When he told me to open
them, I did. It was so beautiful. And all for me.

"Oh Taylor! I love it!!" I went to give him a big hug.

"I knew you would!" he said then kissed me.

There sitting in front of me was a huge picnic basket and sandwiches. He
made me the most romantic picnic lunch. There was a red and white
checkered blanket sitting on the ground with a huge basket. And to top
it all of, two candles in the center! He knew I loved candles. We ate
lunch and then laid there for a while. We watched the clouds move across
the sky and before we knew it, the sun was going down. We didn't want to
leave the safe comfort of each other's arms but we knew we had to get
home. We slowly got ourselves up, Tay grabbed the basket and we walked
home, hand in hand.

Chapter 9

He walked me home and kissed me in front of my door. I went inside and
watched him through the window as he walked down the street and out of
site. I slowly moved my way to my room and laid down on my soft bed. I
fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow, dreaming of Taylor and
enjoying every minute.

I woke up the next morning to a lot of yelling and screaming coming from
outside. I looked out my side window and saw Isaac, Taylor, Zac, and
Kailey playing soccer in Kailey's front yard. Just as I looked out the
window, I saw Taylor's baby blues lookin' at my window. I waved and
hurried up and got dressed. I put on my short cut-off shorts and a tank
top. I brushed my hair and teeth and threw on my Doc sandals. I ran
outside to see what was up. Tay ran over to me and kissed me on my
cheek. We walked back over to the game and Tay decided to take a break
and sit with me on Kailey's porch. Ike decided to drop our to so it was
just Kailey and Zac.

"Hey where did everyone go? I thought we were playing a game?!" Zac

"Sorry bud, we decided to sit down for a bit." Isaac explained

"Wussys!" Zac said "Come on Kay, let's play!" (Author's note: cool! That

The two of them played soccer, entertaining us with all of there
flirting. Tay and I sneaked away and went in my front door. We went up
to my room and I put on my Matchbox 20 CD. I plopped down on my bed and
laid down. Tay laid next to me. (AN: No we are not gonna do it!! You're
so nasty!) I got kind of bored so I went to look out the window at the
rather interesting game of soccer. No one was in sight. I went to
Taylor, grabbed his hands and pulled him up off of the bed. I dragged
him outside and we sat on my porch. We talked about anything and
everything. Until of course when the phone rang inside. I ran into get
it. Tay sat there for a while until I came running out in tears. I
jumped in to Taylor's arms because it was the only thing that made me
feel safe.

"What's wrong hun?" he asked

I had to calm down so I could talk, but in the meantime, Taylor just
held me.  

When I calmed down, I told him.

"They called Tay!" I said

"Who called?"

"The fans Tay, they called and cussed me out!!" I cried some more.

"It's ok sweetie!" He said. 'why do they do that? It's going to ruin my
whole relationship with Deb!' Taylor thought

I was still crying and eventually I cried myself to sleep. We were on
the porch and we were both sleeping in the wicker chair. I was sitting
on his lap with my head on his shoulder. We slept for a few minutes and
by the time I had woken up, everyone was back, sitting on my front porch
with Tay and I. Isaac, Zac, Kailey, and Adrian. They were waiting until
we woke up. I did and my eyes were all red from my crying. They all
noticed my distress but they dismissed it, fearing the worst. We all
walked over to the Hanson's house. Zac and Kailey jumped in front of the
Sega and played it forever. Tay and I sat on the couch and Ike and
Adrian, without noticing, sat across the room from each other. Ike
promised his mom he would take the kids to the fair so he went to round
up the little ones. Adrian invited herself to follow along so she did.
The kids all loved Adrian, as they did Kailey and I.  Tay and I sat
there watching the game that the two were playing. When the two were
done, Kailey stood up and gloated because she had won the game.

"HAHAHAHA! I am the queen of Sega! I beat you!" She yelled.

"You may be the queen, but I'm the King!" He said back. Taking her hand
and pulling her to the ground and into his arms. He kissed her on the
cheek real fast and she sat there in his arms.

I wish it would be like that with Tay and I. I mean, I was in his arms
but I just didn't feel as close to him as I was before. We were being
torn apart but I couldn't figure out at first why or what was tearing us
apart. It took me a while to figure it out but I did. It was the fans.
It was all them. They didn't care what they were doing to Tay and I. I
thought for days on how I would handle the situation but I found no
logical explanation. It was killing me to think that all of Hanson's
fans hated me. I only found one thing that would make them stop. I asked
a ton of people what they thought of my idea. Kailey said I was nuts.
Adrian said that I should do what I think is right. I didn't know what
to do. I finally did what no one thought I would ever do. I talked to
Tay and I told him what I thought.

Chapter 10

My conversation with Taylor didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. He
freaked out like I never thought he would.

"Tay, I need to talk to you." I said, not really wanting to talk.

"What's up? It sounds serious." He replied

"The thing with the fans is really getting to me."

"It's ok. They'll stop soon." He said back

"Tay, I'm not so sure when 'soon' is going to be. I mean, I can't wait
forever for them to stop and in the meantime it's going to kill me to
listen to it." I said

"Deb, there gonna…" I stopped him right there.

"NO TAY, they're not gonna stop! I can't take it anymore! We have to
break it off before I kill myself! I'm sorry Tay." I cried

"NO, DEB, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" Tay screamed.

"It's ok sweetie!" I put my arm around his shoulder. He cried. I
couldn't understand why he was so upset. He sat there for a second and
then he got up and walked off the porch and down the street.

"TAY, WAIT!" I screamed, "TAY, COME BACK!"

He ran as I chased him. I gave up and went inside. I didn't mean to hurt
him but it was the only way. I got a call later that night from Ike.

"Deb, he's freaking out! Why did you do that?" He asked

"It was the only way. I didn't mean to hurt him. Tell him I'm sorry!"

"It's too late for sorrys, Deb. I can't help him, neither can Zac,
you're the only one and you don't seem to care." He said

"I do care, it's just…" He stopped me.

"I have to go help Tay, or try to, Bye." He said.

"Ike, wait…" He hung up before I could say another word.
Chapter 11         (AN: this chapter is from Kailey's point of view.
Don't get

I love Zac. He's so awesome and fun. I can't believe I like another guy.
I can't tell him. He would be so broken hearted. Greg is really nice
though. And, oh man, is he fine! But Zac is fine too. O.K. I know what
I'll do. I'll go out with Greg and if I like him, I'll see him again, if
I don't, I'll live happily ever after with Zac. Yeah, that's what I'll
do. I'll call Greg right now.

I dialed the number and the phone rang for a second. A guy picked it up.

"Hello?" He said

"Hi Greg?" I said

"yeah, who's this?" He asked

"It's Kailey" I said

"Oh, Hey!"

"Hey, do you want to go out with me tonight?" I asked

"Sure, let's go see The Man In the Iron Mask. I'll pick you up at 7,K."

"Ok Thanks, See ya tonight!" I said

"Bye." He said

Ohmygod! I'm going out with the hottest guys in school. I had to get
ready, I only had 5 hours. After I made sure every hair was in place, I
went downstairs and on my way down, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened
the door and there he was. We drove to the movies in his red viper
corvette. When we got there we got some popcorn and cokes and took our
seats. While I was planning my date, this is what was happening…

"Hey, We should go to the movies tonight!" Said Zac

"Oh, I don't really feel up to it." Taylor said

"Oh come on! It'll be fun! You've been sitting around the house all
day." Ike added

"Yeah Tay, come on!" Zac repeated

"Oh fine." Tay said gloomily

"Let's see The Man In The Iron Mask." Zac said

They went to see the movie. As I was watching the movie from my seat, I
heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around to see who it was. 'Oh
crap!' I said to myself. 'Zac is sitting right behind me. What am I
gonna do? He wasn't supposed to know about my little 'date' and now he's
gonna find out cause he's sitting behind me! Oh God! O.K. stay calm.
It's not the end of the world. I'll just finish the movie and act like
it never happened. Yeah, ok.

Chapter 12   (AN: This is from Zac's point of view. Don't get confused!)

I was watching the movie and I made a comment to Tay about it. All of a
sudden I see a girl turn around and look at me. I figured she had a
problem with me talking so I decided to shut up. For some odd reason the
girl looked familiar to me so I kept an eye on her. The guy she was with
put his arm around her and she leaned over to him. I noticed that hair.
It was about shoulder length and brown. It had a clip in the back. 'Oh
my God' I thought to myself, 'that's Kailey! Who's that guy she's with?
I can't believe she's with another guy!' I was beginning to get jealous
of that other guy I just didn't realize it. The movie was drawing to a
close and when the credits started rolling, I lifted my stiff body out
of my seat. As I stood up, I saw Kailey stand up in front of me. We
stared each other right in the eye for a second. She saw the pain in my
eyes. I couldn't believe it. We walked in opposite directions out of the
theater. We all walked out to Ike's car and drove home.  I couldn't
sleep tonight. I stayed awake all night staring at the ceiling from the
comfort of my room. All I could think about was her and partly the guy
she was with. He was so lucky. He had a gorgeous girl and she was smart
and funny and, well, she was perfect. I had her once though. She was
mine for a short time. Shorter than I thought.

Chapter 13   (Kailey's point of view.)

I couldn't sleep tonight. All I could think about was him. The pained
look in his eyes when he saw me with Greg. I like Greg though. But I
like Zac too. I told myself that I would go out with Greg and then make
my decision. I made my decision. I liked Zac more as a friend than
anything else. I really like Greg. I had so many thoughts in my head. I
thought I was gonna explode. I need to call Zac and explain it to him. I
did just that.

"Hey Tay, Is Zac there?" I asked

"Yeah but he probably doesn't want to talk to you. He saw you at the
movies with someone and he's a little upset." He replied

"Yeah, I know. That's what I wanted to talk to him about."

"okay, I'll get him."

I waited for a couple of seconds.

"hello." Zac said

"Hey Zac." I said

"Oh. It's you." He said

"Yeah it's me. I just thought I should explain the whole thing about the
movies and everything. I knew you were mad."

"yeah, I was a little mad! Ya think?" He said in a snotty voice

"Why should you be mad? It's not like we were a couple or anything. I
was free to do whatever I wanted, even if it means going out with
someone else! Why should you care? I'm not your property!" I said
"Well, I was hoping that maybe we could be a couple but I guess since
your going out with that guy that you don't need me anymore! I'm sorry
Kailey but it's either him or me. I can't be your friend knowing that if
I wanted to go out with you, which I do, I wouldn't be able to." He

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you think that way! I'm not your girl okay,
and if you keep on acting like that, I may never be!" I yelled and then
hung up the phone.

I cried forever that night. I knew that Zac wasn't serious about what he
said, or was he? I didn't know. All I knew was that I was confused and
there was no way that Zac was going to keep me from going out with Greg
or doing anything else. I was going to continue dating Greg and if Zac
had a problem with it, it's his problem, not mine.

Chapter 14  (Okay, were back to Debra's point of view.)

I sat up all night thinking of how I hurt Taylor. He is probably
thinking that he did something wrong, or that he didn't do enough. I
tried calling Ike back but their line was disconnected. I went the next
few days without a word from any of the Hanson family. I was beginning
to rebuild my life without Taylor but it was very hard. I would sit
around my house thinking of what I would be doing with Tay today if we
hadn't broken up. Why did it have to be this way? Why couldn't we still
be friends? I didn't understand. But neither did Taylor. Kailey is not
really talking to Zac right now. He's kind of mad at her and she is
still dating Greg. She broke his heart but I stayed out of it by not
saying anything. Adrian is still trying to get Ike to notice her but it
really wasn't working. Her hard efforts failed her this time. She almost
gave up at times but then I told her that if she really wanted him, to
try harder. She tried too hard. It became a matter of getting him to
realize it, before anything happened. One day she called him on the
phone and she did the craziest thing…

"Hi. Is Isaac home?" She asked

"Yes, one second." Mr. Hanson said

"Hello?" Ike said

"Hi Isaac. It's Adrian."

"Oh. Hi."

"Look Isaac, I know you kind of don't like me but I was hoping that you
would! I saw you the first time and I thought you were hot! I've loved
you since I first saw you and I wish that you felt the same way about
me! I guess you don't though or else you would be acting different!
Okay, that's it. I just needed to say that." She said

"wow," he said "This means that you like me and I've been ignoring you
forever. I have a confession to make. I guess I knew you liked me
because everyone said so but I think I chose to ignore you because I was
afraid of what might happen."

"what do you mean?" She replied.

"Well, look at Deb and Tay. They broke up because of the fans. Zac and
Kailey aren't talking anymore because she's going out with another guy.
I just didn't want that to happen to us so I didn't start anything." He

"That would never happen to us Ike. If we both love each other that
what's the point in NOT starting something. That is, if you like me to."
Kailey said

"I do, but…"

"But what? We've already started the whole thing so we have to finish

They discussed their situation and yes, they are going out. They seem to
be the only ones that are getting along at the time. I just wanted to
forget everything that happened but it was so hard. I was feeling sad
one day until I got a phone call from the one person that I didn't think
I would ever talk to again.

Chapter 15

The mystery phone call was from, you guessed it, Mr. Taylor Hanson
himself. He regretted losing me and he was mad at himself for letting it
happen. He wanted to talk with me but I didn't think it was such a good
idea. He disregarded my suggestion and he came to my house. He looked
so, well, different. He looked sad. Almost as if he had rose from the
dead. He had bags under his eyes and he didn't have the same usual smile
that I normally saw on him; or used to see. I let him in and he ran to
hug me. I couldn't help but hug him back. I missed him so much, as he
did me. We talked and then he left. No one knew that he came over that
day and we both preferred to keep it that way. Kailey and Zac were still
not talking. Zac gave up on her and only hoped that Greg would take care
of here like he would have. I admired Zac for his courage to let go of
her and still be there when she needed him. Kailey knew that Zac would
always be there for her. There wasn't a doubt in her mind. They didn't
talk for the few weeks that Kailey was dating Greg. I only talked to
Taylor a few times. We were starting from scratch and it was hard, but
we did our best. Isaac and Adrian were always together. They were the
perfect couple. Sometimes I would get jealous of them and wonder if Tay
and I could ever be that way again. Those two were always flirting or
holding hands. That was basically the story for awhile. Well, probably
longer than awhile. Taylor and I were a different story. We kept it a
secret. No one knew what was hidden behind the phone calls and
occasional visits.

Chapter 16

"Hey Deb." Tay said

"Oh Hey!"

"Do you wanna go out for coffee or something?" He asked

"Sure! How 'bout you pick me up at 10."

"Cool! See ya!"

Tay had just gotten his new car. He just turned 16 and he was very
excited about getting out on the 'open road' and he called it. I had
driven with him a few times before and he was a really good driver. He
didn't drive like my mom but didn't drive like my brother. He picked me
up in his Cavalier Coup at 10 am and we drove to the coffee shop. Well,
not all the way to the coffee shop.

"So, How's the family?" I asked

"Oh, there fine. Avie's birthday is in a month and she keeps talking
about that birthday party she's gonna have. Mackie is getting…."

"TAY! WATCH OUT!!!!!!" I yelled

It was to late. They came out of nowhere. A large group of fans. I just
lied there hearing the ambulance sirens and police cars. I heard Tay
yelling for me. I tried to yell back but it was no use. I was bleeding.
I couldn't feel any part of me. They finally got my frail body out of
the crushed car. I could slightly hear the yells and screams from the
Hanson family and everyone else that was there. I couldn't open my eyes.
I felt myself slip away. I couldn't hear anything now. I was leaving. I
love you Taylor. Don't ever forget that. I don't know what's happening
to me. By mom, by dad. I love you. Kailey and Adrian, I love you. I was
just to young to die. There were so many things I needed to do. But
until then, I'll be right back world, just give me time.

Chapter 17  (Author's note: From Taylor's point of view.)

It was all my fault. Now she's lying in some hospital bed with machines
keeping her alive. She was to young to die. She was a strong person and
I was almost certain she would pull through it, but if she didn't. I was
crying by now. Ike, Zac, and my mom and dad were watching me hold her
hand as if it were my prize possession. She was my prize possession. Her
parents were on their way. My parents ushered Ike and Zac out of the
room. I still sat there holding her hand.

"I don't know it you can hear me Deb. Your gonna be okay. It was all my
fault. Why did this have to happen to you? I would trade places with you
but we both know that I can't. I love you, don't ever forget that." I

"I can hear you Tay!," She thought," Get me out of this! I'm gonna
explode! It wasn't your fault Tay. I'm glad it happened to me and not
you. I would do  anything for you. Just don't give up on me now. I guess
I'm in a coma, huh Tay? I desperately want to squeeze your hand. I
can't. I'll try Tay, really I will. I love you." She thought some more.

All I could do was watch her go through this horrible time. My brothers
were there for me and reassured me when I had my doubts. My parents were
to. Debra's parents never for a second blamed it on me. That made me
feel better but at times I didn't believe it. They knew that I would
never hurt her. There was a period in my life where I cried too often.
It was the lowest point in both mine and Debra's lives. Deb almost
slipped through our fingers. Her heart stopped once and that was her
most depressing state. It was mine to. She was in a coma for 3 months.
The most depressing 3 months I have ever experienced. My brothers and I
basically put our career on hold until we all felt safe leaving her. I
visited the hospital today, on June 18, 1999.

I normally talked to her like she could hear me. Maybe she could. If she
did hear me, she definitely needed some hope. I held her hand all day.
And had one-ended conversations with the frail girl lying in that
hospital bed.

"The family is great. Everyone is cool. Avie's birthday party was cool
ZoŽ is really getting big. When you get out of this bed we are gonna go
have a picnic in the park and go see a movie, okay! I can't wait." I
continued to talk to her like that. After a few minutes, I felt the
slight squeeze of her hand.

them. She squeezed it again. We hovered over her for a while and then
the most amazing thing happened.

"YOU GUYS LOOK! Here eyes are flickering. Oh my God!" She opened her
eyes faintly. She tried to speak.

"t…ay?" she said

"Don't talk babe." I kissed her on her forehead. "Go get Dad."

Chapter 17

She woke up from her 3 month a coma and she was really, truly getting
better. By that time her broken bones had healed but she had a little
brain damage. She went to therapy to learn to do normal things again. I
went with her to every session and stayed with her until she worked so
hard that she cried. Then I would hold her and tell her everything would
be okay. That was what happened.

(Deb's POV.)
On a better note, Zac and Kailey are talking now. Actually doing more
than talking. Hugging, kissing, flirting, the usual. This is a normal
accurence around our house. They are going out and everything worked out
just like I knew they would. A lot happened while I was gone. Ike and
Adrian are hotter that ever. The only thing was me and Tay. I guess what
happened to me was a test to see how much we loved eachother. I wished
it didn't have to happen that way. But, it all worked out for the best. 

Chapter 18

The way things were now, I knew it was to good to be true. Something bad
was bound to happen, it was only a matter of time. I knew that we all
would make it somehow. The fans and the phone calls have almost stopped
but sometimes we get an occasional ring. It was okay. Well, I was okay
and everyone else was okay, except Kailey. She was getting mysterious
phone calls and people would tap on her window at night. She was so
scared. She couldn't take it anymore. Zac and Kailey were sitting in
Kailey's room when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Kailey answered

"Hello Kailey! Is my Zachary there?" Mrs. Hanson said

"Yes." She said

Kailey handed the phone to Zac.

"Hello. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Sure. Fine. Whatever mom. Okay. Bye."

"What did she say?" Kay asked

"She said that her and my dad are going to a movie, Tay's watchin' the
kids, and that I'm on my own for the rest of the night." Zac said.

"That's cool!" She said

"Well, I better go home cause Tay's probably freakin' out with 3 kids

"NO! Please stay here. I'm kind of afraid to be alone with all this crap
happening to me. Can you stay? Please?" She said, giving him the most
pathetic puppy dog face.

"Okay. I guess I can." He said

They talked for a while and the fell asleep in eachothers arms. She was
so lucky to have him. He loved her so much and she loved him. It was so
sweet. Little did she know that she was in for a visit with a voice
she'd long since forgotten.


"Hello?" Kailey picked up the phone with a tired voice. It was midnight
and she had been sleeping for hours. She sat there on the phone in
silence for a few moments. Zac was still sleeping.

"Greg? Is that you? Leave me alone! Don't call here again!!" She hung up
the phone and cried a little. That was the last she ever heard from that
guy again. She didn't want him anymore. He was a piece on garbage
compared to her Zachary.

Chapter 19

So, there we have it. Isaac and Adrian, Zac and Kailey, and Tay and I.
That's how it was. The Hanson kids grew up before our very eyes. Jessica
was the prettiest teenager on the block. All the guys liked her, but her
brothers gave her some advise about guys and so did I. Avery was the
cutest. She was quite the bookworm. She read all the time and even said
that when she got older she would own a publishing company and publish
the novel that Isaac wrote. Mackenzie was a handsome boy. He had blond
hair and blue eyes. He looked just like Taylor. I guess that's why I
thing he's handsome. ZoŽ is only about 6. She looks more like her mother
every day. She would turn out to be a sweet girl. Isaac, Taylor and Zac
all have there own story, As do Adrian, Kailey and I. Actually, our
stories all fit together sort of like a puzzle. We all learned a few
lessons in our lives. One such, love has no boundaries. Tay and I proved
that to be true. I'm so glad that I lived the life that I lived and so
glad that I got to spend it with all of these special people.


Isaac and Adrian married first. It was a beautiful wedding and Kailey
and I had special roles, as do all best friends. They had a baby. A
little girl and her name is Emily. Emily Rose Hanson, born on April 21,
2003. That was the only child they had. Tay and I were married second
and had a lovely wedding. He never failed to make me feel special. And I
felt really special when he popped out that Diamond. We had 3 kids. 2
boys and a girl. The first was Joshua Tyler Hanson. The second Melissa
Emily Hanson. And the last, I'll never forget Jeremy. The person who
brought Tay and I together. I lost touch with him so I never got to
truly thank him for what he gave me. But in his memory I named my third,
Jeremy Jacob Hanson. Zac and Kailey didn't hesitate to get married after
everyone else did. The had an awesome wedding too. And they had 2 kids.
Leslie Michelle Hanson and Julie Marie Hanson. Yes, we all had fine
families. The kids grew up with lots of cousins. We were all as happy as
possible. We still had things to learn, things to understand, and most
important, things to teach. But it will all come with time, and we
cherish it all.