77th Street

By J.J.

Before you read this story........

~ This story is 100% fiction. Just something I dreamed up in Math class. ~

~I am in no way associated with Mercury Records or Hanson. ~





Jane Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Diana Hanson, and Walker Hanson had known each other forever. They grew up in the same town, started a highschool band together, went to the same collage, and now lived in the same town, on the same street. Walker, Diana, Stephen, and Jane new it would be that way with their children, their children’s children, and so on. Then on November 17, 1980 Walker and Diana had their first child, Clarke Isaac. Soon after came their second, Jordan Taylor born on March 14, 1983. Their third Zachary Walker Born on October 22, 1985. Then Stephen & Jane had their first child, Danielle Rebecca, born on October 20, 1986. Walker and Diana then had four other children, Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie, and the youngest, little Zoe.

Since Danielle didn’t have any girls around her age and her parents were such good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Hanson it ended up that she spent a lot of time with the three oldest Hanson boys and soon she and Zachary became best friends. Both families were very musical and their children were always singing or being sung to. In late 1992 the three oldest Hanson’s started to take their music seriously and formed a band. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Danielle didn’t take her singing as seriously but, like Clarke, Jordan, and Zachary could sing and harmonize very well. All of the Hanson kids and Danielle were home schooled by Mrs. Hanson.

So to bring you up to date it is the year 2000. Clarke, now known by his middle name Isaac, 19 is taking an at home collage course so he can still go on tour with his brothers. Jordan, also known by his middle name Taylor, 17 is graduating highschool this year and is thinking about whether to take at home collage like Isaac or not. Zachary, a.k.a. Zac, 14 is in 9th grade. Danielle, a.k.a. Danni, 13 is also in 9th grade with Zac.




Chapter 1


" No way Zac!" Danielle Wilson told her best friend Zac Hanson. " You’ll never beat me! I’m WAY better at rollerblading than you are!"

" You wish!" Zac shouted back at her as he tied the laces on his skates. "In your dreams Danni!"

" OK then....." Danielle told him. " I’ll bet you um.... three AirHeads and a um......"

" A Hershey Bar!" Zac finished.

"It’s a bet!" Danielle said as she and Zac shook hands to make it official.

This was just another normal day for the Hanson and Wilson kids. Just then Isaac came out side with a big manila envelope. Zac and Danielle stopped their arguing and looked up. "What’s that Ike?" asked Taylor as Isaac passed him on the front porch of their house.

" A paper for my Language-Arts course." Ike told them. " What’s all the yelling out here for? Someone lose at Sega again? Oh wait I know! Did you forget who’s turn it is to pay for candy?" he asked.

Isaac and Taylor laughed. " Nope, rollerblading. They were placing a bet on who will win but they were doing it VERY loudly!" Taylor told Ike. " Between

you and me Ike," he whispered. " Think it’ll be Danni."

" Ditto." Ike whispered back and sat down with Taylor on the porch.

" Tay! Say go! We’re racing to the Jonson’s house and back. Then just tell Zac that I won and to go get the candy!" Danielle said.

" EXCUSE ME! How are you so sure you’ll win!" Zac yelled.

" Here goes again!" Tay said. " Man, you two are the weirdest best friends I’ve ever seen!"

" Taylor," Zac said calmly. " THIS IS OUR WAY OF HAVING FUN!!" Zac screamed at him. They all laughed.

"OK, you guys I’ll say go." Isaac told them.

They lined up equal with the Hanson’s driveway. " On your marks, get set...." Isaac said trying to sound like one of those announcers with those big booming voices. " GO!"

Zac and Danielle sped off toward the Jonson’s driveway. Of course Danielle was in the lead but, Zac wasn’t far behind her. As they headed back Danielle burst forward ahead of Zac and crossed the finish line before him. "HA,HA,HA!!!!!! I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!" she said laughing as she sat down on the Hanson’s front yard. Zac sat down next to her and started to take of his skates.

"Wait! You still gotta buy me my AirHeads and Hershey bar!" Danielle reminded him.

"Oh yeah! OK." he said lacing his skates back up. "Come blade down to the deli with me Danni? PLEASEEEEEEEE?" He put on his most pathetic looking puppy dog face.

"Kay but, NOT cause I feel bad that you lost! You deserved to loose that one! Only cause I’m your friend!"

As they bladed off to the deli together talking about which was bloodier, Mortal Combat II or III, Tay and Ike got up and started inside. " Hey Ike," Taylor said. Isaac stopped and looked at him. " You think they’ll ever get together?" Taylor asked.

"Who? Zac and Danni?" "Yeah." "Nah" "Why not?" " Cause.... um.... well... It’s Zac and Danni were talking about here, Tay!" " I see what you mean. Sorry that was a stupid question, Ike." "That’s OK." Little did they know!


Chapter 2

" Hello?" Danielle said into the receiver of the phone. "Danni that you?" the voice asked. " Zac?" She said. " Yep it’s me." "Hey Danni wanna come over I just got Street Fighter III. I haven’t even opened it yet and I thought we could try it out." "OK, be over in 10 minutes." " Bye." " Bye."

Zac and Danni weren’t really phone people. She started out the door but stopped herself. She was still in the clothes she wore yesterday! She walked back up to her room and put on her bootleg GX jeans, a white baby Tee with the Old Navy logo on it, a flowered choker, and a ring that Taylor had given her for her birthday. She pulled her long brown hair back off her face into a bun and threw on her shiny, copper, Doc Marten’s. It took her all of 5 minutes to get ready.

When she got there she didn’t even ring the bell. She walked right in like she always did. In the kitchen her mom and dad were sitting at the table drinking coffee with Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and Isaac. " Zac’s down stairs Danni." Mrs. Hanson told her.

"Thanks!" She said and headed for their basement. As she walked down she couldn’t help over hearing the conversation that Taylor and Zac were having. She stopped in the middle of the stairs and listened. " But do you think she’s pretty Zac?" Taylor asked.

" Tay! Danni’s my best friend! I can’t answer that!" Zac exclaimed. " But if she wasn’t would you think she was pretty?" Tay asked again.

"But she is my best friend!" " Zac! Just answer the question!" Taylor said. " Well..... um....." Zac lowered his voice and Danielle had to move down a few steps to hear. " Yeah." he admitted. " And would you go out with her?" Tay questioned, " I mean if she wasn’t your best friend." he quickly added.

Danielle felt really guilty for listening in on the conversation so with out waiting for the answer ran down the stairs. When Zac saw her he automatically stopped talking. Taylor looked at Zac and said, " We’ll finish our little talk later! I’ll be going up stairs now! You know, homework and all that!"

And with that Taylor ran up stairs totally clueless of what Danielle just heard. "Um.... Danni..... OK , how much of that did you just hear?" Zac

asked nervously. "Not much." She lied. " Now come on let’s play!"

After an hour the score was Zac- 11 and Danielle- 2. " You may be the Queen of rollerblading BUT, I’m the King of Sega!" Zac proclaimed proudly after he won his 12th game. " I’m on a ROLL!!!" But his luck ended after his 15th win. First he thought nothing of Danni’s 1 win but, after she beat him 6 more times in a row he decided it was time to do something else and not risk loosing his title as Sega King. " How bout rollerblading?" Danni suggested. "Fine with me but no races please!" Zac said. As they walked upstairs they passed Jessica and Taylor. "Zac, can we play Street Fighter?" Jessica asked. "Yeah sure." Zac said trying not to look at Taylor as they passed each other.






Chapter 3

"Man I’m wiped!" Zac said sitting down on the curb. After one hour of straight rollerblading they were both exhausted.

"Zac, Danni! Were going out to lunch soon! So don’t go too far!" Mr. Wilson shouted through the kitchen window. Danielle sat down beside him and they started to unlace their skates. When Zac was done he walked up onto the porch and sat on one of the big wicker chairs. Danielle stepped on to the porch and purposely sat on top of Zac. "Gawd skating really wears you out!" she said. Still on top of Zac she swung her legs over one side of the chair so she was laying across his legs.

"Zac," Danielle said. "So what was the answer to the question?" "What are you talking about?" Zac asked confused. "Would you go out with me?" she said.

He kissed her softly on the lips. "Does that answer your question?" he asked. She rested her head on his shoulder and he put his arms around her. And a few seconds they were both asleep.






Chapter 4

" Um.... Mom, Dad, ........um...... Ike ......... um........... anyone!" Taylor called from out on the porch trying not to yell. He was sent out to find Zac and Danni and tell them that they were leaving in 5 minutes. But to his surprise he found them spread out on the wicker chair on the front porch sleeping. " If this is a trick you guys are playing on me I swear I will beat the crap outta both of you." he whispered to the two sleeping bodies in front of him.

" What’s the matter Taylor?" said 6 year old Mackenzie as he stepped outside with Taylor. "I came out here and I found Zac and Danni sleeping." Taylor told him. "Oh," Mackenzie said. " Well can I help you?" "OK, Can you get mom or dad or Ike?" "OK!" Mackenzie said and before Taylor could stop him Mackenzie yelled out, " MOM, IKE, DA-"

Taylor covered Mackenzie’s mouth with his hand. "Mackie, they’re sleeping!" Taylor said. "Sorry." he said. Just then Ike came outside. "What’s goin’ on?" he asked. "Oh I see!" he said looking at Danielle and Zac.

"So what should we do with them?" asked Taylor looking toward Zac and Danni. "Um-" Ike started. They were interrupted by Mrs. Hanson who came outside with them. "Mom..... I came out here and found them sleeping. We were wondering if we should wake them up?" said Taylor. "Well were going to have to. Were leaving now." Mrs. Hanson said and walked back inside. "Can I wake them up?" Mackenzie asked. "Sure Mackie." Ike told him.

"One, two, three!!!!!!!" Mackenzie shouted and jumped on top of both of them. "Dog pile!" exclaimed Ike as he leaped on top of Zac and Danni trying to avoid squishing Mackenzie. Of course they woke up. "What the he-" Zac said startled. With that Tay jumped on top of Ike. "Ow!" Danni screamed. "Hello? OK... you’ve made your point were awake, crushed, but awake!" "Yeah! You can get off now!" Zac said from under the pile. Slowly Tay got off. Then, Ike. And finally Mackenzie. "OK thank you!" Danielle said getting up. She reached out her hand and Zac took it and she helped him up.

"Were leaving now." said Taylor. " Well thanks for waking us up but, please try to find a less painful way, OK?" Danni advised them. They all walked to the Hanson’s car followed by Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and Zoe. "OK half of you have to go in my car and the rest with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson on the way to the diner." Mr. Hanson told Isaac, Taylor, Danni, and Zac. "OK discussion of the teen people." Zac said laughing. "Today’s meeting topic.... which car to go to." Danni said. "I say we all take my car." Ike said. They all agreed. "Meeting adjured."

So Ike, Taylor, Zac, and Danni all piled into Ike’s car and every one else into the Hanson’s van. Ike drove of course because it was his car. Taylor sat up front with him and Zac sat in the back with his arm around Danni the whole time.


Chapter 5

"Hey!" Danni looked up startled. Before her stood a grinning Zac. "Oh, Hi!" she said cheerfully. "What ya doin’?" he asked her. "Oh nothing really." she said. Actually she was writing in her journal. "I needed to talk to you about something." Zac informed her. Just then Mrs. Wilson stepped outside. "Hi Zac," she said. "Your mom just called. She said there was a reporter from some teen magazine at your house and if you could come home." "Sure," he said and got up. "Danni wanna come?" "OK." she said getting up.

As they walked into the kitchen they saw Ike and Tay sitting at the table being interviewed by a by a woman in her late 20s. "Zac! Hi!" she said sounding a little too happy. "I’m Sherry from HipTeen magazine!" "Um.... Hi Sherry." Zac said trying to sound excited. He went into the cabinet above the sink and got out a package of Twinkies. "Anyone want one?" he offered. "Can I have a Ding Dong?" Danni asked. Zac got them out and tossed her one. "Thanks." she said.

"And who is this? A girlfriend?" Sherry asked hopefully, gesturing toward Danni.

"My best friend Danielle." Zac told her. "Oh." Sherry said disappointed. "If you want I can be the Queen of England!" Danni teased. Everyone laughed but Sherry. "Anyway..." Sherry continued. After about 20 minutes of discussing their next album, futures, and how they got started Zac said to Danni who was very quiet through the whole interview, "Gimme some of your Ding Dong." "Rudeness!" she said. "Open your mouth." He did and she ripped a piece off and aimed for his mouth. She missed and got up and handed him the whole thing, "Take a bite," she said "And let me remind you I said a bite not five!" He ate a mouthful and handed it back to her.

When Zac wasn’t looking she snuck some of his Twinkie. Zac didn’t notice until 5 minutes later when he went to have some of his Twinkie. "Hey, who to-" Zac said. "Rudeness!" Zac mocked her. "Ha, ha, ha! Very funny."

Mrs. Hanson walked in to the kitchen. "Danni, your mom wants you home now." said Mrs. Hanson phone in hand. "OK tell her I’ll be there in 5 minutes." Danni said. "See you guys later! Nice to meet you Sherry!" She got up and Zac said to her his voice low, "I’ll come over later so we can finish talking." "Ok." she said and left.

This is one of Danni’s journal entry’s.....

June 17th, 2000

4:36 pm

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. Well it all started with a very private conversation I overheard. See Tay had asked Zac if he thought I was pretty. I was at the top of their basement stairs at the time in case your wondering how I heard this. Zac said yes. Then Tay asked Zac if he would go out with me. By then I felt really bad for listening in so I came down stairs, Zac automatlicy stopped talking when he saw me. Then Tay went up stairs and he had no clue I heard their conversation. Zac was suspicious that I had heard some of it. I told him I hadn’t heard anything. Later when we were sitting on one of the chairs on their front porch I asked Zac what the answer to the question was. He was kinda confused so I repeated the question for him. Instead of answering he kissed me.. I really like him. He told me we needed to talk. That doesn’t sound too good if ya know what I mean. Then again......




Chapter 6

This is an entry from Tay’s journal...

June 17th, 2000

5:12 pm

OK..... I was just talking to Zac and he said that he was gonna ask Danni to be his girlfriend. I always knew he liked her! He’s gonna call her now and ask if he can come over. (He was gonna ask her over the phone but I told him that was a dating Don’t.) He’s scared that she’s gonna say no or laugh and think it was all a joke. I know she likes him too. They also flirt alot. Like the Twinkie episode today when that Sherry person was here. And the other day with the rollerblading. Man I can think of millions of other times. Well more on the results of Zac and Danni later.

Fifteen minutes later Danni was sitting alone in a booth at Pizza Hut waiting for Zac to show up. He had called her and told her to meet him

there. "Hey Danni!" a familiar voice called. Danni looked up and saw her three friends Eric, Stephanie, and Julie. "Hey! Didn’t expect to see you guys here!"

Danni said. Eric, Stephanie, and Julie all went to a local Tulsa public school. "Yeah we were just on our way out." Julie told her. "Hey what are you doing here all by yourself?" Stephanie asked. "Waiting for Zac." she told them. "OK, Well we gotta jet!" Eric said. "Tell Zac we said Hi!" "All right, Bye!" "Bye!" "Bye!" "Bye!"

About 10 minutes later Zac walked in with Ike and Tay. "Sorry I’m late! These guys insisted on stopping at Blockbuster first. Ike, Tay can you go get the pizza or somethin’? We need to talk alone." "Were not eating here?" Danni asked. "Nah too crowded." Tay said. "OK well.....Bye!" Zac hinted for Ike and Tay to get lost. Ike and Tay walked off through the sea of teenagers and up to the counter. "Zac? What did you wanna talk to me about?" Danni asked.

"Danni you know the other day when I um......... and um.... Oh crap this is hard!" Zac struggled. Danni laughed at him. "Well um.... Danni..... see I really like you and ....... well..... I was wondering if you’d um..... be my girlfriend?" Zac said. He sighed in relief. Danni stared at him for a few minutes with a confused look on her face. "Wow that was not what I expected!" she said finally. "It’s ok I understand." Zac said disappointed thinking that she said no. "Wait Zac! I didn’t say no!" Danni stopped him. "Oh!" Zac’s eyes brightened again. "Well would you?" Danni smiled, "Yes!"

Isaac and Taylor sat down at a near by booth and waited for their pizza. They could see Zac and Danni but they heard nothing. "What do you think they’re saying?" Ike asked Tay. "I dunno." Tay answered. He secretly knew though he didn’t want to tell Ike. They looked away for a moment and when they looked back Zac and Danni were kissing.

"Woah man! That’s Zac! And Danni! Woah!" Tay said surprised after a few minutes of watching them kiss. "I’m gonna go pay for the pizza," Ike said. "You go over there and remind them to breathe or something!" "OK." Tay said as he walked over to their booth. "Hello!" Tay said to them. "I’m guessing your done talking." "Yeah sorry." Zac said not sounding sorry at all. "Well pizza’s ready!" Ike said coming over to them. "Let’s go!" And Ike and Tay walked out of Pizza Hut followed by Zac and Danni hand in hand.



Chapter 7

Monday night the Hanson’s and Wilson’s had dinner together again. Zac and Danni were flirting more than ever now. Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Wilson were busy discussing where to go on vacation. Mr. Hanson, Mr. Wilson, Isaac, and Taylor were talking about baseball. Mackenzie was telling Jessica and Avery how last night he was abducted by aliens while they tried not to laugh. Zoe was occupied with her dinner which by now was all over her lap. Yep, it was just another normal night for the Hanson and Wilson families.

After dinner the adults sat in the living room and drank coffee. Isaac and Jessica were trying to clean Zoe up. Avery, Mackenzie, and Taylor were eating dessert in the kitchen. Zac and Danni went out for a walk after dinner.

They walked down to the deli and bought fudge bars. They ate them quick and headed back to the house as the sun started to set.

As they rounded the corner of 77th Street Zac looked at Danni. "What?! Why are you staring at me?!" "It’s just that - you look so beautiful with the sun behind you like that." he said. She smiled and they kissed.

Chapter 8

It was one of the few times that Danielle Wilson had actually been able to see a Hanson concert from somewhere else than back stage. She had no idea how Walker managed to get her a front row seat. They were about to perform a capella version of a song from one of their independent recordings, "Stories." Her boyfriend Zac Hanson, whom she had known her whole life, came out from behind his drums and up to the front of the stage.

"When we were young stories were told, That I would kiss you sweet like, People said there was a connection between us, Now that we’re older stories are told, Of how I hold you tight, Whenever I see those people, I tell them they were right." he sang. Zac looked right at her and continued singing, "It all started on 77th Street, When we were just thirteen, I had no cares at all, Until I saw you in the corner of my eye, It changed my views, It changed my whole life." He smiled at her and she grinned back. "Stories will be told, From when our children are young, Until they’re old, About our endless love, We must have had a blessing from above."



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