Hanson Hotline Past Messages
Message Files in RealAudio Format by Date

5/7/02 Isaac was caught in a typhoon? 
1/26/02 Tay gets emotional...yeah right lol 
12/05/01 Tay says happy holidays 
10/02/01 Standard message 
9/23/01 9-11 Tragedy: Isaac expresses their condolences 
8/18/01 Isaac talks about starting  the new CD
7/12/01 Taylor plays the piano
6/12/01 Zac talks about the Riverfest Show / New CD
5/22/01 Isaac talks about trip to Europe and the new songs
5/4/01 Isaac explains that the recording was Tay
4/26/01 Tay plays part of a new song!
3/27/01 Taylor  talks about the new music
3/15/01 Standard message from Isaac
2/14/01 Valentines message from Tay
2/12/01 Just a little song sample to Smile to
1/10/01 Standard from Taylor about the net sites...
12/14/00 Message from Isaac about MOE 10
12/01/00 Standard message from Tay
11/29/00 Zac says there is no news...so
11/23/00 Zac and his Turkey Game
11/16/00 Isaac calls from Rio / Brasil
10/18/00 Isaac talks about end of N American Tour
9/28/00 Message from Isaac...
9/10/00 Isaac talks about appearance on CBS
8/22/00 More by Isaac
8/7/00 Isaac talks more about appearances
7/21/00 Isaac talks about the Summer tour Dates
7/14/00 Isaac talks about being on TRL that week
7/1/00 Taylor talks about a busy week and the tour dates
6/25/2000 It's all ZAC this time!
6/15/2000 All 3 guys excited about getting #1 on TRL !!!
5/24/2000 Message from the guys about appearance dates
5/8/2000 Isaac and Tay get ready for NYC
3/18/2000 Standard from Isaac and MOE7 ships
3/8/2000 Isaac's not so standard message-listen to the end :)
2/11/2000 Taylor says they just finished the video...
1/28/2000 Message from all 3 guys =)
1/16/2000 First message of the year from Isaac
12/20/99 A New Years message from the band!
12/13/99 Talking about the final mix!
12/05/99 Isaac Standard about the new CD
11/22/99 Thanksgiving  message from all 3 guys!
11/05/99 Message from Ike
10/30/99 Halloween message from Ike!! muhahaha
10/24/99 Isaac talks more about Studio Guests
10/22/99 Isaac talks about Studio Guests
10/15/99 Zac this time!!
9/17/99 All 3 guys on this one talk - standard message