This is the first picture that I took after I arrived at the Mall show at 7:00am!!
 They were singing, "Madeline" and I was so excited, They sounded GREAT!!
In Between songs they did interviews. This was a good time to Zoom in for more closeups.
When they were playing I was so excited that I was kinda started shaking with the camera and
it was hard to get alot of "on-stage shots". (You can imagine).
  Taylor was trying to listen to the questions, but he kept
getting distracted by all the fans in the front row.
The top DJ from KISS FM, Kid Craddock, must have said something funny to Taylor.
Zac was just enjoying himself.
It was back to the show after the first interview. They were playing "Man from Milwaukee".
When it came to Zac's "Walkee-Talkee" part, it seems that he forgot and Isaac was trying to
give him a clue that "IT'S TIME ZAC!!!". Zac looks like "Ah oops..."
This is Zac looking back at Isaac and shaking his head NO.
Either he was too nervous or wasn't ready yet.
I don't know what they were saying, but Taylor and Isaac were making some kind of
hand signal, and if you notice on the right, those are Isaac's hands.
Taylor listening to the girls screaming made him blush and he couldn't stand it so he covered
his eyes, then tried to talk to the audience.
"Shhhh, we're trying to do an interview".  ("Wait, stop screaming so I can stop blushing" )
Taylor has no problem answering questions- when he can hear them.
Isaac is Cosmic!
During the Last Song
Zac looked right at me filming him!
- Luv Ya Sweetie -
Wow, what a great show, I had a blast.
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