Taylor in the Hottub

My good friend Rachel took the picture of Taylor in Miami Florida last year and she sent one of the copies she got to me. Rachel heard where they were staying in Florida and she had her dad drive her downtown to the hotel. Of coure she was armed with her camera and just tried to walk into the hotel lobby but they had people there asking to see their room key and whatnot. She didnt have anything to show them(dar) so they told her she had to leave. I guess she either heard from some other girls or saw them doing it too, but she told me she saw a back gate that was open. It led to an outside hall on one of the upper floors and it looked over the pool and courtyard. She said Walker was sitting in one of the lawn chairs with his back to her reading something and that Taylor was just sitting in the hot tub. There were a few other girls at the opposite end of the hall and they started screaming, scared the crap out of Taylor, making him look up. She told me she snapped the picture just as he looked up. Then I guess some of the hotel people heard them and chased them out or something because she didnt get anymore pictures.