Breakout April 27 2000
(thanks Pascalle of  HansonRefuge)

Translation (Thanks Mimi)

So you are back, do you like it?
Isaac: yeah, its cool!
Taylor:We saw whole Europe, just in a few days. It sounds hectish, but we missed this way of life.
Zac:I cannot wait for going to Japan, There I can buy a Playstation2!

So you relaxed for 2 years?

Zac:Relaxed? Duh! We did very good things to the world! We helped people in Africa, we founded a drug for cancer and we went to Mars!

Yeah right.
Taylor: Come on now, Everybody thinks we only sat down, but thats not trough.
Isaac: We did a tour in 1998, After that we took a X-mas break. In 1999 we have written a lot of new songs. It was good for us to take it easy for a little while!

Didnt you like that time?

Isaac: We did! It was very cool, we had a good time, we were just tired. And we had to write new songs!
Taylor: Thats why we taked it easy this last year. And we have recorded THIS TIMNE AROUND in 3 months.

Does it sounds diffirent?

Taylor: Yeah! Our voices changed, but we tried diffirent things with the music.
Isaac: But its still the same HANSON-SOUND!!!!!!!!!

Well, IF ONLY is a love song.....
Isaac: Yeah, ok, thats something new for HANSON. We didnt make a LOVE SONG SINGLE before, I know.
Taylor: You are diffirent when you are in love. You want to have an answer for your love... Thats IF ONLY all about.

Since when do you have experinces with girls?
Isaac: Sometimes we date with a girl, But no girlfriends!
Taylor:We still are single!
Isaac:I like it to out with a girl, but I want a girlfriend, thats cooler.
To my regret..............

Can you do something you like on your road, your parents ere with you.......

Isaac: Thats right, but we can go away......
Zac:We just do weird things without our parents.........
Taylor:Our parents arent bad! They give us freedom

Arent you thinking you ve lost your old fans?

Zac: We cant help it, they can go away!
isaac:There s a big chance, cause it was all still about us for the fans.
taylor: I dont think so, the internet made it there are still a lot of fans!

Our site:
We showed them pics, and told them what we were doing all the time. There is a chatbox too.
Isaac: its a very cool club with fans, they like each other:) I was a lot of times oin the chatbox too...

Did they think thats cool?
Isaac: They didnt know it was me. I said i was someone else....When I say: Hi I am Isaac: They dont believe me!
There is an official chat in a few weeks! Check back! They made 3D figures! Its cool!