Caldeir緌 do Huck TV Show Brazil/4-2000

Hey Guys. I'm from Brazil and I couldn't to be more happy =) Hanson were here and it was amazing!!!!!! I've been on Caldeir緌 do Huck TV Show and it was awesome. Taylor shook his butt so sexy... hehe =P I took a lot of pictures and I scanned some. Tay also said: "Eu quero uma namorada brasileira", in English: "I wanna a Brazilian girlfriend". I wanna say that Hanson really rocks and they are more handsome live than on TV. They are nice. AHH!!! The pictures isn't so good 'cuz my scanner is a suck. The TTA is great I have this album since May 1st!!! But I gotta tell that I'm exciting to see the multimedia thing. Unfortunately my CD Room player is broken =( . Sorry for my English!!! More pictures coming soon.. hehe =P Thanks for coming Hanson!!! We'll never forget you. BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!! Kel*