Bliss Magazine - UK Sep 2000
from Kirstie

Just Imagine - if you had the chance to ask pop sensations Hanson just one question, what would it be? Well, we rang up 18 lucky Bliss readersand gave them the chance to do just that. Then we sent our reporter to BBC TV Centre, where Isaac, Taylor and Zac were appearing on Live & Kicking, to find out the answers on their behalf. so here it is - everything you wanted to know about your favourite pop trio...
Boys, how do you fend off really amorous fans?
Christie Forbes, 15, Northern Ireland
ZAC: What, like fans wearing armour?
TAYLOR: We have a lot of amazing fans who are really cool, but then sometimes you're like: "Why are you doing this?". One time, we were in Madrid and these girls were really persistent. THey kept coming into the hotel, time after time - it was just comedy. We'd open the lift doors and the girls woould just be there. Then we'd open the other door and they'd be ten more girls waiting for us.
ISAAC: Yeah, everytime the elevator went 'ting' you'd hear a load of screaming.
You've said you'd lie if you had girlfriends, but don't your fans deserve some honesty? What have you gotto hide?
Karen James, 14, Portsmouth
ISAAC: WE definately feel our fans derserve honesty.
TAYLOR: We haven't been lying - we're just saying that if we had a relationship that was serious. we wouldn't go shouting around about who that person was, because that would them in the public eye. WE'd be honest, but keep it under wraps. But anyway, at the moment we don't have girlfriends.
When did any of you last have a girlfriend?
Jessica Wickins, 16, Basingstoke
ISAAC: It depends what you consider a girlfriend to be. Going out on dates with certain people off-and-on, I guess that's what you would consider to be a girlfriend. There were girls we went on dates with here and there, and had a good time with, but no really major relationships.
What type of girl do you fancy?
Deepi Singh, 16, Aberdeen
ISAAC: I have to say we always hate answering this question, becuase there's no way to answer it. Every country has beautiful girls.
ZAC: Oh yes, man!
How do you think love feels?
Sally Tait, 16, Rochdale
ZAC: Love is like a good steak. It can be tough but it has it very juicy moments.
ISAAC: I've been in love with people when I was younger - big crushes, that sort of thing. What is love like? True love, in the end, is caring for the person no matter what - working things out and making comprosises.
TAYLOR: Like not leaving the toilet seat up!
What's the most unusual object a fans has asked you to sign?
Jayne Failey, 15, Potters Bar, Herts
ZAC: One had this rotten apple from a few years ago that she'd stolen from this table we'd been eating at. SHe;d kept it in a jar for tears, like a shrivelled ball.
TAYLOR: Underwear items.
ISAAC: The occasional bra strap.
What's your favourite CD?
Susie Girdler, 15, Enfield
TAYLOR: Where to start? I like Lenny Kravitz, Macy Gray, Train and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Do you ever chat to your fans on the Internet?
Hannah Simpson, 16 Carlisle
ISAAC: Yes we do. On our website,, we have a message board and chat and post messages.
You've laughed at the Backstreet Boys for not being 'boys', and not being a 'real' band? Do you think your music's better?
Davina Mashru, 22, London
ISAAC: We were just kidding. We've got nothing against those guys, they do a great job at what they do. Technically, I guess we are a boyband, but in essence, our music isn't.
TAYLOR: I don't think their music compares to ours, whether it's better or worse - it's just completely different. We don't listen to that stuff - it's just not our thing.
We did you cut your hair? And we didn't  Zac cut his?
Laura Southall, 15, Southampton
ISAAC: I just wanted to chop it off.
TAYLOR: That fact that we now have short, mid-length and long hair is a total accident.
ZAC: I may cut mine soon. THere's always a possibility.
What's the most rock 'n' roll thing you've done?
Emma Middleton, 16, Stoke
ZAC: Playing music! That, and I guess there was this one time we spat on a bald guy's head from our hotel room in France.
TAYLOR: We're not really into trashing hotel rooms. There's not really a lot of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to talk  about. WE'd rather watch a TV than throw it out the winow.
What do you fear most?
Michelle Walkington, 14, Brighton
ZAC: Losing my arms, or a limb, or something.
TAYLOR: We're very lucky. It's such an awesome thing to get to do something you love. There are certain fears you face, but that's life.
What's your favourite city?
Emma Norris, 15, London
ZAC: Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I live.
ISAAC: I don't really have a favourite city to be honest.
TAYLOR: Hey, London's cool!
Do you get fed up with having to share the same room when travelling?
Rose Trevellyan, 15, Newport
ISAAC: We don't always share a room. It depends.
TAYLOR:  We're not picky, but it's all about how many beds there are.
What did you mean by saying teens rule the world?
Tammy Jones, 17, Hull
TAYLOR: I'm not sure if we did say that teens rule the world exactely. It's more like we were referring to the fact rock 'n' roll was invented by teenagers. When you think about The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Chuck Berry - that was the advent of rock 'n' roll and it was all invented by teenagers.
Fame aside, what's the best thing about being a teenager?
Kerry Witherington, 19, Penzance
ISAAC: Now I'm 19, maybe I have a little less to worry about.
TAYLOR: When you're a teenager, you're not a kid, and you're not an adult. i guess that's the best and worst thing.
ZAC: Yeah, you can get away with some things - others you can't and they reel you in.
Isaac, is there anything about Zac that reminds you of you at his age?
Paula Sands, 17, High Wycombe
ISAAC: Yeah, Zac reminds me of me a bit... but I was pretty darned goofy and I still am. Certainly sense of humour-wise we are quite similar.
ZAC: I'm psycotic.
ISAAC: Zac is very intelligently psychotic. What people don't seem to understand is that Zac is just misunderstood.
I'm in a band and always dreamed of playing at Wembley. Where's the best place you've ever played?
Jodie Nash, 15, Middlesex
ISAAC: One of the louderst places we've ever palyed was Wembley Arena. Wembley was loud.
ZAC: Probably because they had whistles.
ISAAC: Yeah, for some crazy reason. I don't know who could have authorisd that!
Interview by Richard Arnold. Photos by Antonio Petronzio.