~It’s a Hanson story~
By, Johann Golec

This was on of the best things that happened to me in my life. Going to see Hanson in Boston (Great Woods). I was so happy once I heard that Hanson was coming to Boston. I have been waiting for 2 years for them to come. It felt like 5 years or more. It took me 45 min to get the tickets for the concert on May 23. I kept on calling and calling to get the tickets and the line was bissy. I finny got through. I gave the phone to my mom to talk to the guy to get the tickets. She gave me this sad face like I’m so sorry Johann. When she said that I started to cry. I thought she was going to say. They’re all sold out. But there just wasn’t any seats left. I was so mad. But I was thinking I guess it’s better then nothing. I was waiting for this concert for 2 months after I got the tickets.

It was June 26. I was so happy for this day. I couldn’t sleep that whole night. I made a sign that said, "Ike will you marry me?" It took me 2 days to make it. My best friend and only friend that likes Hanson came over that day about 10:00 in the morning. We where so excited jumping all over the place. Saying. " Where going to Hanson." So we got are clothes picked out. We went to the mall the other day to get clothes for the HANSON concert. It took us about 1 hour to get are hair and every thing done. Then my other friends Cat, Diane (doesn’t like Hanson), and Brielle (kinda does). Well my mom had to work that day where where all ready and just waiting for her to come home. It was about 2:30 and I was wanting her to come home so bad. She finally got home. Then I made her get ready as fast as she could. Once she was done we got in the van. Cat and Diane in the back. Then Amanda and me in the front. Then mom was driving and Brielle was in the front front. We had Hanson up so loud. We saw all these cars with girls in them on the way to the concert we where like hey I think there going to the concert. What do ya know they where. Fight before we turned to go into great woods. There were these girls in front of us. There where some in the trunk. This one girl had her Hanson T-shirt on in side out. So when she flipped it u could see it she was doing that to us. I was like hahaha she’s going to see Hanson. Right when we puled in to great woods parking lot. I was crying. Don’t ask why. I just was so happy that I was going to see Hanson. Mom parked the van. I looked all around I saw all these girls with there hair braided like zac’s and Hanson T-shirts all over. I have never in my life seen so many Hanson fans. The line was getting bigger every sec. I was like mom lets go get in line. But she said NO we had to eat before we went in. She brought pizza for us to eat. But I wanted to get in line so we could get good lawn seats. So I grabbed a peace of pizza and went in line. I was this one girl I felt so bad. I was in line and she fell to the ground. Her mom was like here have some water. Then peeps came and took her away. I hope that she still got to see Hanson. Then after that. I looked up the next thing u see is these peeps that looked just like Hanson waving to all the fans in line. I thought it was Hanson at first. Amanda and me ran to go see them we where screaming. I never new I could scream so loud, The after I ran over to my mom and my other 3 friends. I could here Hanson doing there warm ups. Every one could here them singing and they could start to sing. It was so cool. Then they started to open the gates. I handed the guy my ticket and ran to go to the lawn seats. Some person yelled at me and told me to walk. So I went by her and then I started to run again. Their where peeps with their blanks down already peeps at the fence as far as they could go? Well we found a good spot. Put down are blankets. There where these girls in front of us that we where talking to. Then all the girls started to scream so I thought that Hanson was on stage. Witch they weren’t. So the two girls in front of me would put on of them on their shoulders and say no it wasn’t them. Than Almarl twins came out to play. All the girls where screaming. They kept saying we are Admiral twins not Hanson. It was funny. But they where good. Then about hour Hanson came out. I was screaming my lungs out. I was so happy to see them. I was on this bench I the back the 2nd to the last on up. The farthest away. Then they would play weird and every one was crying I would look around u would see all the girls crying it was so sweet. Once every one got quit I screamed ike I love u. then they played some acoustic songs. The best part I like was when Tay went to play the drums and zac was just running around the stage. They left the stage. And all the girls and guys where like "we want more we want more" So they came out and sang more. Yes. Ike’s song more then anything is soo sweet. I was like I want to here mmmbop. Then they played it once I said it. It was kinda funny. Well my friend Amanda thought so. The they said their good byes. "Hope to see you next time they come to Boston mass" Guess what? You will see me next timeJ . I never new I could scream so loud. I think I lost my hearing for 2 days. I have never seen any parents have so much fun. They where getting into it to. We where leaving I stopped at the souvenir stand and got the Albertane T-shirt. As we walked out of the exit their was this girl there about to get sick she was crying so much. She could barley talk. When we where driving away I was holding my sign I made for the concert out the window. Well my mom was. I was like she doesn’t want to marry ike I do. There was this guy sanding there with this flashlight. He was twirling it and I was like hey you. Zac can twirl his drumsticks better then u. it was so funny. Then I got home. My friends and I where up all night. Talking about the concert. I have never had so much fun in my life and im sure that next year I’ll have just as much. So I would say if you could go to see Hanson in concert. My mom even loved going. I love you Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.